Title - Take it Away!
Disclaimer - The usual - I own the plot, theme, and parody. Disney owns the Ducks, unfortunately. Umm… The cheer idea is from Bring it On, and the song…well, I dunno who sings it, or what the name is, but…oh well. ^.^;
Rating - This is "R" rated for rather obvious reasons.
You Will Need - You will need a [sick] sense of humor, a strong stomach, an open mind and moderate knowledge of The Mighty Ducks.
Warning - Okay okay, warnings…lots. Charlie/Adam, Fulton/Portman, Russ/Ken, Guy/Connie, Guy/Charlie, Fulton/Charlie, Julie/Connie. Lime - parody - idiocy - slash
AN - It's my first attempt at Parody/Humor . . . Please tell me what you think =)

We're tough, We're cool
They think we rule the school
We're skatin', you stare
And it's enough to scare!
We're famous, We're known
Our minds are really blown!
Nothing will suffice
I dominate the ice
Who are we? Just guess!
You know that we're the best!
We autograph and wave
Although that's just our way
We bash 'em, We tromp
We all know how to romp
We lasso, We soar
And a W for WAR!
We score, we fly
We're never gonna tie!
Nothing's every good enough
We're satisfied by fucks
We are the ducks
We're The Mighty Ducks

The team roared as they seethed through the inlets of Eden Hall's various corridors. Adam and Charlie pranced hand-in-hand down the hall, and the rest of the team, idiotically clueless, followed closely. The team had been sticking closer together than ever. No one knew why - No one wanted to know.

"Hey, Charlie?" Adam giggled.

"What?" He crinkled his nose, trying to show affection.

Adam snorted as he inhaled, and threw Charlie into an empty classroom. Charlie, giggling waited for Adam to come. The rest of the team, unnoticing, marched onward to the skating rink.

"Finally…we're alone." Adam giggled again.

Charlie swooned, falling onto a desk.

Adam rushed to him, taking Charlie's head in his hands, and crushed their lips together in a fiery kiss. They started on the desk, moving to the floor. Charlie started humming. Adam crossly raised his eyebrows.

"Can that wait?"

"You reminded me of a song." Charlie covered.

"Oh?" Adam grinned.

"Yeah…" Charlie, teheing, stood up.

L is for the way you look, at me.
O is for the only one I see.
V is very very, extraordinary, and
E is even more than anyone that you adore
And love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a, game or twoO

Adam put a hand over Charlie's mouth, silencing the off-key screeches that had been ejected from it.

"That's very sweet, Charlie."

There was a knock at the door, and both Adam and Charlie looked up. Fulton was standing there, looking very unhappy.

"Are you guys coming?" He bellowed in his deepest possible voice.

Adam and Charlie followed him obediently to the rink, where they changed for their game.

Fulton brushed Portman's leg with his thumb, running the length of his thigh. Portman shivered appreciatively, and finished changing.

Russ and Ken were having a 'water-war'. Each took turns spraying water with their water bottles. They soon disappeared into an empty shower.

Julie and Connie, having left the room to change, took longer than the rest. Each took turns flashing the mirror, and wondered why it never said anything about it.

Since Connie was away, Guy was left to view his fill. His particular target of the day, was Charlie, whom his eyes roved to quite often.

Charlie stood in front of the door of the locker room. Suddenly, the door swung open, knocking Charlie onto his face. Connie stood at the door, and Julie was behind her. Charlie propped himself up on his elbows, and smiled charmingly.

"Thanks…I always said I needed a nose job." He motioned to his nose, which had been pressed flat on the cement floor.

The team filed dutifully out onto the ice. They warmed up, which luckily was uneventful.

The referee blew the whistle, Adam moved to face off with the opposing team's center.

The center for the other team, looked at Adam undaunted. Adam quickly decided that he would change that, and made a pucker with his lips, then his tongue flared from his mouth in lizard fashion.

The center was stunned, and his eyes dilated to the size of saucers.

The puck was dropped, and shoved into him, knocking him off his skates, and sending him sprawled onto his back.

The game was on.