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Ch. 1: The Game Begins.

Harry mumbled low protests, why did his friend drag him out of bed at this time? He had barely fallen asleep! "Ron, it's almost midnight, where are we going?"
Harry frowned when his friend didn't answer. "Here we are!" Ron suddenly exclaimed.
Harry looked up at the massive wooden door. "Ron, what're we doing here? This is the door to the Room of Requirement."
Ron grinned at his friend. "And I'm bringing you in for a game. The others must be impatient by now." Harry looked confused at his friend, but he quickly understood, when the door was opened and a few guys were sitting in there, waiting.

Harry looked around. Fred, George and… Draco? Ron dragged Harry in with him. "I got him here. Now we can begin."
Harry looked confused at the guys. "Begin what?"
A snicker was heard from Draco, and Ron turned to face his friend. "It's a male only, adult truth or dare. But a more extreme version, than the ones girls does!"
Harry looked at the guys. "Extreme version…?"
Draco looked up at Harry. "If you don't do the dare or tell the truth, the one who gave you the dare is allowed to choose a punishment for you, which the others can do to you," he said.
Ron dragged Harry over to the others. Harry looked around, the room was very cozy, and a lot of pillows and blankets were scattered around; probably to stay warm if it got too cold. The Room of Requirement was merely the size of one of the common rooms, but still, the walls were a nice, calming, deep red color, the floor was covered with a soft carpet, and it was almost impossible to not step on the pillows and blankets. Oh well, at least he wouldn't be sitting uncomfortably. "Okay, I guess I'm in, since Ron already ruined my sleep…" Fred and George smiled to him, and Draco shifted around impatiently, waiting for the game to begin.

Harry had barely gotten comfortable, before game began. "Fred, George, truth or dare?"
The twins looked at each other. "We choose dare." As usual they said their words at the same time.
Ron leant over to Harry and whispered to his friend. "They have their turn together. They don't want to do it alone."
Draco, who was going to give them a dare, smirked. "Make out for at least three minutes. This can give the golden boy an easy start to the game."
Harry gaped at the words from the snake's mouth, making the twins make out was an easy start? Nonetheless, he soon noticed the twins, all over each other, mouths molding perfectly on each others' lips. He could feel lust pool in his belly, but he tried to ignore it.

Ron grinned. "Draco, I dare you to flirt with Harry until your next turn!" Harry looked at the redhead. Wasn't he allowed to choose whether he wanted truth or dare?
Fred and George looked at Harry's confused expression. "He chose he only wanted dares," they explained in unison.
Harry nodded and blushed slightly when he felt an arm snake around him and a soft, sexy voice rumble in his ear. "Come here, Potter. You're not trying to get away from me, are you~?" Harry weakly struggled against Draco's hold, but failed, slipped and just felt into the other's lap. "My, my, aren't you an eager one, Potter?" Harry blushed even more and sat up, trying to ignore the Slytherian's hand on his thigh.

Fred and George, done making out, looked over at Ron. "Truth or dare, Ronald?" they said, yet again, in unison. Ron seemed very proud of himself when he shouted out 'dare'. The twins looked at each other, then at their younger brother. "We dare you to flirt with Harry." Fred said. "Flirt with him, as if you want to steal him from Malfoy." George added.
Harry could feel himself get even redder when he felt the redhead's hand pull him closer to said boy's body. "And Harry, truth…" Fred asked. "Or dare?" his brother added.
Harry groaned; two people, two turns. "Uhm, well…" He looked at the two guys snuggling up to his body and touching him, then sighed. "I take truth." The twins smirked evilly. "Are you gay?" they asked together. Harry murmured a low 'I don't know', and they left it at that.

Draco and Ron were finally allowed to stop flirting with the boy-who-lived, whom was happy they stopped. "Why am I not surprised, Potter? Though, I thought you'd know your sexual orientation by now." Harry blushed even redder than before. He wanted to answer back at the blonde, but he didn't know what to say.
"So, Malfoy…" Harry said and smiled a bit. "You only accept dares?" Draco grinned and nodded. "Well then, I dare you to tell us all who on Hogwarts you like the most. As a crush, I mean."
Draco paled, if that was even possible. "That's not a dare!"
Ron looked at Harry. "Sorry, mate, it's too close to be a truth. You have to think of something else."
Harry looked at Draco. "Damn, I thought that'd work to make him spill some secrets." Ron leant in and whispered something to Harry. "That's very good, Ron! Thanks!" Harry turned to the blonde and grinned. "I dare you to make out with the next person who enters the room." Harry turned back to Ron. "Wait, are we expecting any more people?"

Ron shrugged. "Well, Hogwarts is a big school, and a big ring of guys know about the game. Neville sometimes join in. Sometimes even a certain ex-teacher joins into the game…" Harry stared at the group in disbelief, as Ron continued. "The werewolf is a great kisser, Harry. You should definitely try next time he joins in."
Harry shivered at the thought. Remus Lupin was a very attractive man, so thinking about making out with the man made another stab of lust hit his lower regions. "It seems Potter Junior wants to play." Draco said in an amused tone, when he noticed the tent in Harry's pants. Harry blushed again and tried to cover his groin.
Ron put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Don't hide it; it's the whole point of playing the adult version." The other three guys nodded, and Harry relaxed a bit. Ron grinned and clapped his hands to get everyone's attention again. "Alright, let's continue the game."

Harry was getting a bit nervous about the game. He wasn't even sure of his sexuality yet, and right now a naked Malfoy was rubbing against him and kissing him. "Two minutes over, you can stop now, Malfoy." Harry felt the relief flush into him, as Draco got off, but why didn't he take his clothes on again?
Draco merely took a blanket and cuddled up with it. "Harry, truth or dare?"
Harry looked at Draco. "I think I'll just stick with dares from now on…" So far, he had been forced to tell all about his non-existing sexual experiences, his sexual dreams and his crushes. When he had denied saying the last one, he was punished with the chore of taking off all Draco's clothes. He didn't want to be humiliated anymore.

"Alright, then I dare you to jerk off in front of the rest of us. You've been sporting that erection quite some time now, and you haven't touched it at all." Harry blushed furiously, and before he was able to say anything, Draco spelled all his clothes off, leaving a naked and nervous Harry, sitting in front of the others in all his glory.
Ron patted his friend's shoulder. "Just close your eyes and think you're alone, and think of whoever you like." Harry closed his eyes and tried to focus his thoughts. It didn't take long before his inexperienced body jolted in pleasure. He rarely ever touched himself, so this time was no exception, when it came to being sensitive and cumming fast.

A low chuckle was heard from the door. "Well, I knew you were playing tonight, but I didn't know you'd greet us with such an erotic display."
Harry felt the blanket being put over him, and when he moved it off his head and around his body, he saw Remus, whom he had heard talk, but also Sirius and Severus were there. "Why did I agree to this?" Severus groaned annoyed.
"Because you lost our bet, Snape." Remus answered.
Sirius sat down next to Harry, forcing Draco to move away. "Hey, Harry. How've you been? Enjoying the game?" Harry blushed and nodded a bit.
Remus dragged Severus over to the ring, and made him sit down between the twins and Draco, while he sat himself down on Harry's other side, forcing Ron to move a bit. "Nice to meet you again, Harry." Remus said sweetly.
The twins chuckled when Harry blushed. They had really talked a lot about Remus and his 'big pride'. "Well, since you're here now, we can knock it up a notch." Harry shivered a bit. So far, the perverts had made a lot of sexual dares, so he feared for the following round. Sirius was there, he could help.
But just then, Harry remembered something. Sirius had entered the room to join the game. "I'm so screwed…" Harry thought, as another round started.