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Ch. 3: And… Action!


Next round was going to start soon, and he was more than eager to find out about the delicious tastes the others had hidden in their cocks. "This is definitely going to be fun," he thought, before the next round began.

Draco kept looking over at Harry during the next rounds they went through; he barely noticed when Ron said it was his turn. "Wha- Oh, sorry, what did you say, Weasley?" he said.
Ron chuckled and looked at Harry, who hadn't at all seen Draco's lustful stares. "I just said it's your turn." Draco looked at the redhead, letting the words sink in, before giving out a grin. Then he turned to the werewolf. "Ah, I see. Wolfie, how about it? Truth or dare?" he said with a happy tone.
The wolf looked at him shortly, and grinned happily. "Why, dare, of course! Maybe I'll get some action, heh," he said, the grin widened more when he said this.
Draco looked around, noticing the longing and distracted gaze, that Sirius was giving the werewolf. "Well, since Black seems pretty obsessed with watching you, why don't you do a full round with him…? Maybe that'll wake him up," Draco exclaimed happily. "From the way he stares at you, I don't think he'd mind."
Remus looked over at his friend, who just turned away to hide his blush. "Oh, Sirius, don't be shy. At least let Harry get a good show, eh?" The statement made Sirius blush even deeper. Harry put a hand on Sirius' back, gently pushed his godfather forward, and made him fall straight into the waiting Remus' arms. "My, aren't you eager, Sirius?" Remus purred out.
Sirius struggled to get up, and with Remus' gentle hold still on his torso, it didn't get easier. "W-well, what if I don't w-want to participate i-in the d-dare?" Sirius stuttered out.
Draco shrugged. "Then you shouldn't have joined the game. You know the rules." The grown man clearly wasn't happy about the fact he had to have sex in front of his godson, but let it go and went with it.
He sat up and looked at Remus. "Alright then… But I don't bottom…" This just made Remus' grin widen; he really enjoyed making the animagus blush and stutter.
Remus let a hand caress Sirius' smooth chest through his shirt. "So, how do you want me?" This time Remus wasn't the one who grinned.

Instead, Sirius made an incredibly sexy smirk, which made most of the guys want to cum right then and there. "You know how I want it, Remus. You should have learnt that by now," he purred out to the werewolf. A few lustful moans were heard from the surrounding guys, when Remus blushed cutely; his body clearly wanted much more than sweet words.
With a single swing of his wand, Remus had both his and Sirius' clothes laid neatly in two piles a bit away from the circle. "Does anyone have any lube?" Fred and George grinned and reached for a box, which, until now, had been hidden behind them, and they dragged it over to the circle. Everyone stared at the box. Dildos and vibrators in various sizes, small boxes with different types of condoms, several kinds of lube, a big pile of cock rings and… Was that whipped cream?
Remus reached in and took the whipped cream; a grin passed his lips for a bit, before he started spreading the whipped cream out all over Sirius' chest. Slowly, he licked it off again, giving everyone a sexy show. "Gods, Remus… T-that tongue…" All the guys were staring with tents in their pants, as Remus made Sirius moan and shiver. His tongue couldn't possibly be any more sinful.

When the cream was all eaten up, Remus kissed down his friend's chest and belly, till he reached his prize. He kissed the leaking member, and drank in the moans the animagus gave out, as he licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. No one was surprised when Remus' face suddenly got frosted with the white, sticky cum. He licked his lips and grinned down at Sirius. "Mmm, grape taste, Sirius…? Never thought you'd choose that taste," he said and continued licking the semen up, that he picked off his face with his fingers. Sirius blushed at the comment; he had chosen grapes, because they're sweet, and gentle to the taste buds.
Remus laid down on the pillow covered floor, and looked up at Sirius. The animagus grinned at his friend and took out his wand. He flickered it and made the pillows beneath the werewolf turn into a bed, making Remus squeal when the bed appeared under him. A few clicks made everyone aware, that Remus was handcuffed to the bed, and that Sirius had some naughty plans.
A low moan was heard when Sirius pushed the lube-dripping vibrator into Remus' ass, and when it was turned on, the moans increased, and those whom had any clothes left on, discarded them; a few of them started touching themselves while they watched the two men.

The crowd turned to the twins, when they heard a loud moan from their direction, and saw them having fun on their own. One twin was on his back, while he clearly enjoyed rimming the other twin, whom stood on his hands and knees above his brother, while sucking off the dick below him.
Everyone in the circle was torn between the two pairs of males. Two hot pairs had sex in front of them, how could any of them choose who they wanted to watch?
A low thump made the unoccupied boys turn back to the two grown-ups. Sirius had taken the vibrator out of the werewolf, and had his cock all the way inside the other, both of them staying still to get used to the feeling.
Harry and Severus' low moans mixed perfectly when they watched the two men on the bed, and the sounds made Draco and Ron want to laugh. At least the potions master and the "Golden Boy" agreed on something; the show was fucking hot!
A scream of pleasure was heard, when Remus' prostate was hit violently. The twins were still too busy pleasuring each other to notice the others, so with the knowledge of four stares fixed on him, made Remus soar over the edge. With a low grunt, the animagus filled the werewolf, and then pulled his sticky dick out.
He bent over and kissed Remus, charming off the handcuffs, which made them fall to the floor with a low clang. The bed turned back into pillows, and the whole crowd gathered back in the ring, everyone turned to watch the twins, but they had stopped just before the two grown-ups were done, which disappointed most of them.

Remus' voice tore the silence. "Harry, truth or dare?" he asked, his voice clearly was a bit sore after the sex.
Harry looked at the man and smiled. "Dare. I already said I only wanted dares now." Draco snickered and murmured 'copycat', just loud enough for the crowd to hear.
Remus smiled softly. "I just got shagged, you can't expect me to have a totally clear mind. And as a dare, I dare you to have sex with…" He looked at the crowd and grinned. "… Ron and Draco, and in the middle of the circle! That's bound to be interesting."
It was clear to the crowd that Harry was nervous, and everyone knew he hadn't pretended to be shy and inexperienced. It was totally clear, that he was a virgin.
Ron and Draco looked at each other. Fred and George suddenly broke the silence. "Who gets to be his first?" Ron started battling in a staring contest against Draco.
Severus broke in, and spoke with a strict, but shaken, tone; the show had clearly shaken him. "How about Potter use his mouth to make Weasley and Malfoy feel good, the last one to cum gets to be his first?" Everyone nodded and agreed it was a good way to solve it.
Harry was curious now. He had tasted Draco before, but no one had tried Ron's taste yet. "So, how do we measure the time?"
Fred took a stopwatch from the box, which had been hidden under all the other things. "With this," he said and showed the clock around. "I'll measure the time. You just start." Harry nodded and looked at the guys.
He bent down in front of Ron and started licking and sucking on the hard dick in front of him, trying to make it good for the other. Ron was still on the edge from the show before, and it didn't take long until he came with a cry in Harry's waiting mouth. "Mmm, mango…" Harry purred out and licked his lips.
Fred grinned. "One minute and forty-three seconds, not bad." Draco moved a bit closer to the eager mouth, and waited for Harry to begin. "The clock's reset, just begin." As soon as Fred had said that, Draco moaned, as his dick was swallowed by the boy-who-lived's hot mouth.
The warm, soft mouth was too much for Draco, but he held on the best he knew. "O-oh god…" Draco moaned, and with a cry of pleasure, he filled Harry's eager mouth.
Harry kept the sticky mess in his mouth while he sucked Draco dry, merely to keep the sweet taste in his mouth as long as possible, before he swallowed it all and licked his lips to show the 'treat' was truly enjoyed.
Fred showed the stopwatch to the group. "One minute and forty-tree seconds as well." A few chuckles were heard. "You have to find out in some other way," he said.
George tapped his twin's shoulder. "Hey, I wonder who's a better kisser; Ronald or the Malfoy? We could let Harry judge. The best one gets to take his virginity." Murmurs were heard, as everyone seemed to agree with the idea. Ron was on Harry in a second, kissing him deeply, making the emerald-eyed boy blush. When Ron finally pulled away, Harry was panting heavily, and his cock was twitching with eagerness. When Harry had calmed a bit, Draco leant in and kissed him deeply, the gentleness making Harry moan, and Draco let his tongue tease Harry's, until they were locked in a passionate kiss, that everyone knew instantly was the winner.
Draco pulled away from the raven-haired boy and smirked at the deep blush he had on his cheeks. "Alright, you won, Malfoy," Ron exclaimed, his dick proving he had enjoyed watching the kiss.
Draco smiled to Ron. "Don't be sad. You get his wonderful mouth again." Ron blushed furiously when the memory of the blowjob reappeared, and he could have shot his load right then and there.

Draco took the lube and coated his fingers. "Hands and knees, Harry," he said, and Harry instantly obeyed. Ron leant in and caught Harry's lips in a gentle kiss, but pulled away with a cry of pain and a bleeding lip, when Harry bit down. Ron wanted to shout, but when he saw that Draco was using his fingers to fuck Harry, he was so stunned he couldn't do anything.
Draco pulled the ginger into a kiss and licked his lip, to soothe the pain. Ron gave out a small moan, and they first broke apart when Harry started whining for attention. Ron moved in front of the boy-who-lived, and started kissing him again, while Draco continued stretching his ass.
Harry cried out in pleasure when Draco hit something in him. "Heh, guess what I found!" Draco grinned proudly, as he rubbed the spot and made Harry scream in pleasure. Draco pulled his fingers out, and as soon as they were gone, Harry whimpered at the empty feeling.
Ron kissed him, and smiled. "Don't worry, Harry, just relax and you won't be empty for long," he said reassuringly. Harry nodded and calmed himself, but he couldn't help but tense, when he felt Draco's thick dick push inside. It hadn't looked as big as it felt, that was for sure!
Ron carefully guided Harry's attention to his dick, and Harry immediately let the dick before him fill his mouth, until his nose was being tickled by the orange pubes. "God, Harry, you suck my cock in so good…" Ron moaned out, and let Harry get full control.
Harry couldn't remember ever feeling so full and content. Even though they had several guys staring at their bodies, he couldn't help but love the feelings he felt. He loved to feel Ron's cock in his mouth; to feel the throbbing as he slid it down his throat a bit and then pulled back, just to repeat the move, and he loved to feel Draco in his ass; the fast, hard thrusts hitting his special spot, making him moan and see stars.
Harry wasn't the only one feeling good. Draco was fighting to control the situation, and avoid spilling his seed in Harry too soon, and Ron was already too far out for words.
The three grown men were moaning and touching themselves, as they watched the scene in front of them. The twins were too busy making out to even notice any of the other men. And with a cry, Harry came, followed by Ron and Draco, who filled him up in both ends. The three men moaned, and the sticky mess went all over the floor.
Draco and Ron both pulled away from Harry, and took in the beautiful sight of the spent boy. Draco pulled Harry into a hug, and kissed him gently.

Severus suddenly stood up, all of his clothes properly on his body again. "It's getting late, and I think we should end it for now. Five of you have classes tomorrow after all." Everyone grumbled a bit, but they still cleaned up and got dressed.
Draco walked next to Harry to the door. "Are you joining next time, Harry?" Harry shivered at the seductive way his name rolled off Draco's tongue.
Harry put a hand on his new friend's shoulder. "Let's just say I won't be easy to get rid of." With a low chuckle, they walked together, until the point where they were forced to part. "Draco…" Harry said, and the blonde stopped, while the others kept going, leaving them alone in the hall. "I think it's stupid to be enemies, when we seem to be able to have it so good together, so why not be friends? We can still be rivals, you know, friendly competition and such, but I'd really like if we could be friends from now on." Harry stepped a bit towards Draco, hoping he would agree.
Draco just smiled softly at first. "Alright, we're friends. But just so you know…" he said and grinned. "I won't let you have my ass until you get to know more than me about sex. Which is quite impossible, Harry, because I am a Malfoy, and we're born with these skills!" Harry stared at Draco for a bit, then chuckled.
He leant in and gave the blonde a quick kiss. "Challenge accepted," he said and they parted. He couldn't wait until next time the game was on.