Introduction to the Wizard World

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Chapter 1

Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 15 May 2166

One hundred eighty six-year old Harry James Potter leaned back and placed his feet on his large desk, then closed his eyes. Thinking back to the day he was introduced to the wizard world and before. Damn it's been nearly 175 years. He thought, and I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Meeting Hagrid

"All these ruddy owls are your fault freak, get your ass in the bloody car now." Harry's Uncle Vernon shouted and smacked him on the back of his head.

"Yes sir," Harry replied lowering his eyes and wondering if he would be beaten. He had rarely been hit except by his fat cousin Dudley, but the verbal abuse was constant. Harry had no idea where they were going or why. He knew the arrival of owls carrying letters to him was extremely odd. He thought the easy solution would be to let him read the letter, and the owls would quit. Although his relatives would deny it, Harry was quite bright, smart enough to fake his grades, so he didn't do better than the baby whale.

That night Harry looked around the dirty hut he was in, thinking, well this will be an unusual way to spend my eleventh birthday. They couldn't spend the night in a hotel it had to be on a ruddy rock a few hundred yards out in the ocean. Then add the storm that seems to be getting worse. Maybe one day I'll look back on this and laugh. One never knows I guess, strange things do happen around me. Or maybe being the smallest in class makes me an easy target.

Harry watched the watch, he had fixed the band on, after Dudley broke it. It counted down to midnight, and soon it would be 31 July 1991, and he would be 11 years old. In the dirt on the floor, he had drawn a cake with 11 candles, not that he would ever get one. At the stroke of midnight, he was jarred out of his musing.

BOOM, BOOM, Harry heard and saw the door shake. Someone or something is trying to get in,hethought.

BOOM, CRASH, Harry watched as the door fell in, and he saw the largest man he had ever seen. The bloke must be nine or ten feet tall and weigh 350 or 400 pounds. Harry thought.

"Sorry 'bout that," the big man said in a surprisingly kind way. He then looked at Dudley and said, "put on a bit of weight, since I last saw you Harry."

"I, I, I, I'm not Harry the freak is," Dudley stammered showing his fear in more ways than one. Harry thought he was about to piss himself and smiled internally.

The man looked around, saw Harry, and frowned. "Looking a bit peeked Harry, are you alright?"

"Yes sir, who are you?" Harry asked. He looked the man in the eyes and trying hard to not show fear.

"I'm Rebus Hagrid, Grounds Keeper and Keeper of the Keys at School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Just call me Hagrid like everyone does Harry."

"Enough of that rubbish, get out of here," an angry Vernon Dursley bellowed while shaking a shotgun.

Hagrid grabbed the gun and bent it in half then tossed it aside. He proceeded to tell Harry that he was a wizard and gave him a birthday cake slightly squashed. Even so, it was the first cake Harry had ever received, and he thanked Hagrid several times. Hagrid and Vernon argued over Harry's going to school until Vernon insulted the Headmaster, and Hagrid gave Dudley a pig's tail. The Dursleys left Harry alone with Hagrid after that. Harry agreed to go to school and Hagrid sent an owl, that he removed from a coat pocket, stating Harry accepted the invitation.

The next morning Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley to get his supplies. It took them nearly 30 minutes to get through the run-down old pub, called the Leaky Cauldron. A wide-eyed Harry was led to Gringotts Bank, where he got his second birthday surprise. He had a vault and money. Hearing it from Hagrid was one thing and seeing the key was quite another. The Goblin teller looked the key over and told them to step aside he needed to check on something. Hagrid frowned and watched the Goblin leave his station, and a dozen guards with spears surrounded them.

About five minutes later the teller returned with a regal looking Goblin and four more guards who made it clear they were looking for trouble. The other guards came to attention but kept their spears pointed at Hagrid and Harry.

"Mr. Hagrid I am Ragnok, Director of Gringotts Bank, and I have business with Mr. Potter. Go about your business and return in two hours." The gravelly voice was commanding, and indicated there was to be no argument.

"Professor Dumbledore said I must stay with the lad sir." Hagrid said, drawing himself up a bit taller.

"If you wish to start another war, you may try Mr. Hagrid. You are in Gringotts, and on Goblin Nation territory where I am the ruler. Do you understand the implication of that Mr. Hagrid?"

"Yes sir" Hagrid said dejectedly, knowing he had failed Dumbledore.

"Then go about your business, Mr. Dumbledore and I will converse about this later I am sure. Mr. Potter please come with me." Harry noticed the harshness in the first sentence Ragnok spoke and the softness when speaking to him. While the Goblins were different creatures, Harry felt safe for some reason so he followed Ragnok.

Ragnok and Harry

Ragnok, knowing the answer, asked, "Mr. Potter, how old are you?"

"I just turned 11 today sir," Harry said with pride.

"I see, have you been eating well. You seem small for your age?" Ragnok's tone indicated he wanted a truthful answer.

"No sir, I have never had enough to eat. Two pieces of dry toast for breakfast if I'm lucky, and a few table scraps for lunch and dinner." Harry's dejected voice replied.

"Mr. Potter there is something wrong here. The truth is I could invade your mind without asking your permission. However, I would rather you gave me permission. You sir, concern me greatly. I knew your parents well, and you are nowhere near the height and weight you should be based on your family history." Ragnok's kind voice seemed to flow over Harry.

"Will it hurt sir? I'm used to pain but would rather be prepared for it." Harry's small voice replied.

Ragnok locked his features not wanting to alarm Harry, "No Mr. Potter it will not hurt. It should feel like a warm breeze in your mind." Ragnok was able to say calmly with kindness. However, inside was a raging inferno waiting to be cut loose on those who had harmed this child.

"All right sir. But, would you mind calling me Harry? When you say Mr. Potter, I'm expecting to hear my father's voice." Ragnok heard the sadness in Harry's voice.

"I can do that Harry, and you may call me Ragnok instead of sir. If you looked into my eyes, it will make it easier for you. Would you like something to eat or drink first?" Ragnok asked, hearing Harry's stomach rumble.

"Please sir, Hagrid didn't seem to need breakfast and the Leaky Cauldron was busy. The people all wanted to meet me, and I still don't know why. Hagrid said I was famous but not what for." Harry stated quietly.

Ragnok wrote on a piece of strange paper and placed it in a tray. To Harry's surprise, it disappeared, must be magic he thought. A short time later, a tray appeared on a table. Ragnok indicated Harry should eat. Harry enjoyed his first full breakfast but could only eat two of the three eggs, one sausage, two strips of bacon, and a piece of toast. The orange juice was the best he ever drank. When he finished, Ragnok gently entered his mind. Harry felt the breeze but it was gentle and caring. However, when Ragnok finished there was no doubt, the goblin was furious.

"Harry there's a problem someone has tried to erase parts of your memory. Wizards think this can be done, but they are wrong. What really happens is the memory is encapsulated and made unavailable to the person. If you were physically stronger, I could remove the capsules, but in your current state that would be painful. What I suggest is that you let us heal your body. This may take months Harry. However, there is a solution for that also. Goblins have long been able to manipulate time and slow it down in certain areas. A year in that area is just an hour outside of it. I hope it will only take about three months and not cause you the pain of growing too fast. Harry this is your choice. I can and will advise you, but the choice must be yours." Ragnok said in a tone kinder than Harry had ever heard.

Harry trusted Ragnok and replied, "I'm willing to do what ever is needed Ragnok. The idea of someone messing with my mind makes me shudder and wonder what else they have done that I don't know about."

Ragnok smiled and told Harry he thought it was a wise choice. He took Harry to a nice cart. Harry was thrilled with the speed, and what he imagined a roller coaster was like as the cart plunged down and made high-speed turns. They slowed down, and Harry saw his first dragons. Ragnok explained they provided part of the security for high-security vaults. Harry decided he didn't have to worry about that, since he wasn't wealthy but had enough to go to school. They arrived at an underground town where he was led to a small building. Ragnok introduced him to three healers and explained that they would do a full physical workup. Then the healers would notify him when Harry was ready to have his memory restored.

The healers took Harry to a room and had him take all of his clothes off then lay on a soft bed. All Harry saw was that they ran a hand from his head to his feet. He did notice that they frowned then did the same two more times. He didn't notice the quill writing on a piece of parchment stating what they were seeing.

Harry was told he would need to take four potions. One would restore his bones another would take care of his internal organs. The third would take care of the malnutrition and cause him to grow while the last would put him to sleep. The head healer said this would be repeated until Harry's body was healed, and he was the proper height and weight.

Harry was three feet, ten inches tall and weighed 55 pounds. He should have been four feet, four inches tall and weighed between 75 and 80 pounds. These figures were averages so an inch or so either way in height was expected, as were four to six pounds difference in weight. It took four months inside the time slowing chamber and 20 minutes outside. The head healer sent a message to Ragnok stating that Harry was now four feet five inches tall and weighed 80 pounds and that was his normal size.

Ragnok entered the chamber with two Goblins and a human woman. The woman was an older lady who wore a monocle in her left eye.

"Harry how are you feeling," the concerned Ragnok asked.

"Better than I ever have Ragnok thank you for asking," Harry answered politely.

"Harry I would like you to meet Madam Bones the Director of the DMLE or Department of Magical Law Enforcement. You might compare her to a Muggle police commissioner. The other two are mind healers whose name translates to Samuel and Terrance. They will be removing the bindings on your memory. Madam Bones is here as a Ministry of Magic representative to ensure we do what needs done and nothing else. She will also act as a witness to insure your memory is not tampered with in any way. She may aid us in discovering who did this to you." Ragnok explained and paused to let Harry assimilate what he said before he continued.

"However, in order to accomplish all of this, we need to project your memories as the bindings are removed. For this, we ask your permission to project them. Harry healers are under oath not to reveal what they see. Obviously, Madam Bones is different if this becomes a criminal case, since she will prosecute the case and will need to use the memories to aid her in bringing whoever did this to justice. Once again, Harry this is a decision only you can make."

"Ragnok I agree to do whatever is necessary to bring whoever did this to me to justice. Please do what needs to be done." Harry answered, his anger showing that he felt violated.

"Harry the healers suggest we do this over two months in here and ten minutes outside. How many memories are freed, and the time between them will be determined by what they are and the effect they have on you." The concern in Ragnok's voice was obvious to all.

The healers were shocked, as Ragnok was known to have little caring for wizards, even young ones. Harry sat on the bed as the healers began their probe going back to the first encapsulation. They had told Madam Bones they could determine within a month or two when the memory was recorded by the mind. Once Harry went to school or saw a calendar, the dates would be much closer.

It took three months instead of two because of some of the horror the lad was put through. Madam Bones discovered several things, but two stood out. First, Sirius Black could not have betrayed the Potters because he was Harry's godfather and still lived. Second, it was Dumbledore who modified the boy's memory. The look on Ragnok's face told her the Goblin may take his own brand of justice out of Dumbledore's hide and would probably be willing to go to war to do that.

"Ragnok I realize this is an odd request, but would you teach Harry how to protect his mind and push these memories to the back of it?" She asked cautiously since if her request had ever been done it would be extremely rare.

"Madam Bones I was thinking along those lines, and we will do so if Harry agrees. But I think Rebus Hagrid is involved in this somehow, and I want to question him when he returns for Harry. You wizards may not be able to enter a half-blood giant's mind, but we damn sure can, and I will do so without hesitation. If he is innocent in this, he will be compensated for the invasion. But if he suspected what he was doing was wrong I'll turn him over to you for trial." Ragnok replied no longer trying to suppress his anger.

"I tend to agree with you Ragnok. Hagrid is a Dumbledore lap dog. He will do as he is ordered, even if he knows it is wrong. Minerva McGonagall should have been the one to show Harry the wizard world not Hagrid. Something is going on, and I don't like what it is. To me, it smells of a conspiracy to keep Harry weak and dependent on Dumbledore," her angry reply was forcibly stated.

"Madam Bones if Dumbledore enters Goblin territory he will be held until we discover the truth, and I will use any method necessary to find that truth." Ragnok stated with the power of the leader of a nation behind his words.

"I agree, but my first concern is young Harry. For now I'll go and do some investigation and may have a man to free that has been held far too long." She stated and left the chamber not bothering to hide her anger.

Harry lowered his eyes and asked, "Ragnok, do you think Hagrid meant to do me harm?"

Ragnok smiled and answered, "Harry from what I know of Rebus Hagrid, I think he is a large child. I doubt he would intentionally harm you. However, I think he owes Dumbledore something, and is easily used by what he sees as a great man and his savior. Harry if you admired your Queen would you do as she asked?"

"Yes sir" Harry answered without hesitation.

"I believe Hagrid sees Dumbledore in the same way you see Her Majesty. That is if you thought, the request was reasonable you would do your best to see it done. However, if you were asked to harm an innocent you wouldn't do that." Ragnok said kindly.

"Ok I see what you're saying. I know Hagrid loves magic but for some unknown reason he was expelled from school in his third-year Ragnok. He said Dumbledore got him his job, and he makes enough to get by. He never told me what happened, but it must have been bad."

"Harry there are two ways we can teach you to protect your mind. One is almost instantly but is weaker than the slower version. What you will be taught is how to detect the most subtle invasion and then how to protect your memory. Using the second method we can teach you how to trap the invader and make them wish they had never tried to invade your mind. This method also will allow you to send false memories to the invader and read his mind as well. Based on your power and determination it can take from three to six months." Ragnok said hoping Harry would take the longer method.

While Harry was thinking his choices over, Ragnok sent a message to his security chief stating if Dumbledore entered the Goblin Nation, he was to be detained. Ragnok knew the old man was in Paris and scheduled to return later this afternoon.

"Ragnok I think the longer method is the best, but I have a question."

"Harry you may ask me anything, and if I can accommodate you, I will."

"Since I could learn to defend my mind quickly could the same method be used to teach me Goblin customs, and the language as well as wandless magic? Hagrid said even if I have a wand, that I can't use it out of school until I'm 17 and considered an adult. Based on my memories if I'm forced to return to my relatives, I'm defenseless. They don't love me, and I don't love them. Based on what I saw I no longer call #4 Privet Drive, Little Winging home. It's not a home it's a bloody prison." Harry's words showed bravery but his body language indicated otherwise.

"Harry you are very different than most wizards. You're polite, humble, and sincere to us unlike many others. Once you have your shields in place, we will teach you our magic. If I may place my hands on your head, I'll teach you our customs and language now. This will help you learn our mind and wand-less magic much faster." Ragnok sang out with a huge smile, he liked this strange boy more every time he talked with him.

Harry reminded Ragnok more of Arthur Charlus Potter than James Harold Potter, the boy's father. James was courteous and polite, but this request would never cross his mind. Harry gave his permission to pass what Ragnok wanted him to know and the Goblin passed not only gobbledygook, and the Goblin customs, but much of their history as well. He left Harry with his new teacher, contacted his chief of security, and arranged for Harry to be taught by their best trainer and warrior.

Gringotts, Hogwarts, and the Ministry

In the Headmaster's office at School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, several instruments had begun to fail. They measured the status of one Harry James Potter and the wards placed on his home. Some monitored his health while others tracked his location and use of magic. One showed his magical strength, and another indicated his potential strength. The ward monitors showed the status of the wards, including the blood ward. These were the normal wizard repelling, anti-Portkey, anti-Apparition, and other protection wards. Then there were the compulsion wards to ensure the boy was never loved or treated well.

It was into this mess that Ragnok had sent his number-one curse breaker and warder. Muggles couldn't see them as they inspected the wards and wrote their report. Suddenly the blood ward fell taking the others with it leaving the house like any other in the neighborhood. The two goblins departed for the bank, finished their reports, and forwarded them to Ragnok.


At the Ministry Amelia Bones, was furious for several reasons. First was the way Harry Potter had suffered. That was closely followed by the status of Sirius Black, whom she thought to be an innocent man incarcerated in the hellhole known as Azkaban. She decided to use only those she could trust that had no connection or faith in Dumbledore as a god or super being. She told her secretary, she wanted to speak to Kinglsey Shacklebolt and Nashira Thomas immediately. The two Aurors reported within three minutes.

"Auror Thomas I'm going to put up a silencing charm while I talk to Auror Shacklebolt, I'll do the same for you when we speak. The charm looked like a bubble that covered Madam Bones and Kinglsey Shacklebolt. Nashira Thomas pulled her Auror manual from her robes and leafed through it while the Director talked with the senior Auror. Madam Bones face took on an we're here to do important business look.

"Kingsley what is said here stays here," Amelia said in a business-like tone.

"Yes Ma'am."

"What is your honest opinion of Albus Dumbledore?"

"I don't think he sees the trees for the forest. I believe his grand plan to redeem the unredeemable cost us far too many good men and women. Personally, I wouldn't follow the old bastard to lunch and definitely not into battle. He has at least two too many jobs and is stretched so thin he doesn't know if he's come from someplace or going there." Kingsley said with passion and fire.

"If given a chance to pull him down from his high chair would you take it?" she asked in as softer tone.

"Oh, hell yes Director. That man is so full of himself that he thinks the world needs him as their leader."

"Very well you may get the chance to help bring him down. One last question what is your opinion of the Goblins?"

"They're different from us but not in a bad way. They deserve more respect than most of us give them. One on one, I doubt many wizards would stand a chance against a Goblin. They're obviously a profit-driven race but fair and look for win-win situations. We trust them with our money but not as individuals, which doesn't make much sense to me. I may not get along with an individual Goblin but not because he was a Goblin. An ass is an ass regardless of his race." Kingsley stated.

"Good man, now I need to ask the same of Nashira Thomas." Amelia Bones said and took the ward down. And motioned for Thomas to come and sit at her desk and Amelia put the wards back up.

"Nashira what is said here stays in this room."

"Yes Madam Bones."

"I'm going to ask you several questions, and you will answer them honestly including those that require your opinion." Amelia Bones stated then paused for an answer.

"Of course Madam Bones."

"The only effect these questions will have is if you qualify for a special duty. Either way it will not change your status since it's just another duty."

"I understand."

"What is your honest opinion of Dumbledore?"

"He's an old bastard who should retire and give the world a break. He rules the wizard world behind the scenes and can't see individuals only what he sees as the big picture. He claims he does everything for the 'greater good' but can't explain what that greater good is and how it relates to the rest of us. He has too much information he refuses to share or listen to ideas that are not in line with his. Not even bloody Merlin would take on the Headmaster of Hogwarts, the Chief Warlock, and Supreme Mugwump positions. Each of those is or should be full time jobs, and that doesn't consider the potential of a conflicts of interest.

I agree that he is a powerful wizard and defeated Grindlewald nearly 50 years ago. Mum and Dad think he goes too easy on the Death Eaters, saying they can be redeemed is bullshit in my opinion. A leopard doesn't change its spots and a rapist and murderer will do it again if give the opportunity. Death Eaters are animals and rabid ones at that and they should have been put down permanently." Nashira stated hotly and with venom in her voice. Amelia Bones had asked for an honest opinion and got what she asked for.

"Nashira what's your opinion of the Goblins?" Amelia asked and received an opinion similar to Kingsley's.

Amelia took the ward down then placed it on the four walls and asked Kingsley to join them. She laid out her concerns and told them what she wanted, she noticed Nashua's eye light up at the mention of Sirius Black then remembered he was her distant cousin.

"Nashira will you have a problem with this because you and Sirius are related?" Madam Bones asked softly.

"Other than working harder, it's absolutely not a problem. I never thought he was guilty, and you're giving me an opportunity to fulfill a dream and one of the reasons I joined the corps Ma'am. I also have no problem working the graveyard shift when many around here are napping or away from their station bullshitting. At least here in our department we have things to keep us busy."

Amelia Bones looked at Kinglsey Shacklebolt, and he nodded indicating what she said was true. Those words could take a back burner because they help them in their mission.


He was in the second month of slow time when Harry built his mindscape which Sharptooth said was the most difficult part. The first month had been learning to detect the most subtle probes seeking his thoughts and memories. Harry's mindscape looked like a castle complete with turrets and towers. Below the castle in vaults like those he had seen on his way to the chamber were his memories. The most important ones were in the lowest level protected by wards and dragons.

The outside of the castle was a threatening place and the closer you got to the castle the more dangerous it was. The first sign of defense was a simple warning sign stating to continue you did so at your own peril. If you continued, you ran into walls that looked like a child had built them. Of course, Harry was a child, and they served the purpose of giving the attacker confidence he or she was dealing with the mind of a child who was learning Occlumency.

Once you breeched the last wall the castle and land around it slowly lifted from its anchors and began to float higher and higher. If you turned back, all you would see was a void and no way to leave except through it. To continue forward was worse but there was no indication of that fact. After you worked your way through a maze, you had to round a corner, which caused you to face large green eyes reflected from a mirror. These were not Harry's eyes but the eyes of a basilisk that petrified you.

Once petrified your mind was returned to your body and was useless until you were given the mandrake potion to free both your body and mind. If you found a way around the mirror, you came face to face with a Hungarian Horntail dragon. Should you turn around to run, you faced another Horntail and both were nesting females the most dangerous of beasts.

Harry told Sharptooth what his mindscape was like and the Goblin taught him how to take a guest with him to view his protections. Harry gave his teacher a tour then led him back to the entry.

Sharptooth smiled at the young human saying, "Harry, I have never seen anything like that especially the detail from one so young."

Harry explained, "Sharptooth, my escape from the Dursleys involved a lot of reading which I enjoyed. I enjoyed stories of King Arthur and Merlin as well as the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars."

"Harry I have taught you what I can, and you have mastered the art of probing other's minds, so they can't detect you. We have worked on your physical shape, and you're stronger than when we started. My father Sharpaxe will join us tomorrow to teach you wandless magic. He will teach you how to fight hand to hand. He will also probably measure your power and teach you how to enhance it without straining yourself. Harry he is our best and fiercest warrior and not one to trifle with. I will stay and aid him and help you as well, are you all right with that?"

"Of course Sharptooth I think of you as a friend and enjoy your company. Besides you have taught me a lot it would have taken me years to learn on my own."

"Thank you Harry. I also consider you a friend. Did the healers tell you that they removed a piece of Voldemort's soul from you that was draining your magic?"

"Yes, but I filed that away and haven't thought much of it. Is it important?" the curious young boy asked.

"The soul contains memories that may have passed to you Harry. This could be very important you should take the time at least to view them. You could learn something important that may help you in the future. You know how to do this, so I will leave you for awhile and write my report to Ragnok." Sharptooth said and left Harry wondering what could be important, but he knew there was only one way to find out.

Harry went into his mindscape and went straight to the vault containing Voldemort's memories. He sorted through them and some of what he found almost made him physically sick. Two things came to mind. One was he needed to contact Ragnok, and the other was he wanted to meet this Snape character that set him and his parents up. He left his mindscape totally pissed off.

"Sharptooth I need to see Ragnok as soon as possible. Voldemort isn't dead." An angry Harry said.

"What? How?" Sharptooth asked his voice showing his shock.

"He made soul containers out of a diary, a ring, a cup, a locket, and a tiara or diadem. He had a knife with him and meant to use me to make another. So part of his soul may have latched onto me to survive." Harry said and shuddered.

Sharptooth sent a message to Ragnok saying Harry needed him, as soon as he was available. Ragnok and Sharpaxe arrived within ten minutes. Harry explained what he had discovered.

"The diary was given to Lucius Malfoy. The cup was given to Bellatrix Lestrange, and the ring was hidden in his grandfather's hut a man by the name of Marvolo Gaunt. The locket is in a cave protected by zombies he called Inferi and a poisonous potion that must be drunk. The tiara is in Hogwarts in a room on the seventh floor called the Come and Go room. He walked three times in front of a wall thinking of a place to hide things, and a door appeared. The wall is directly across from a tapestry of dancing trolls I believe he called them." Harry told the two goblins.

"Harry, can you find out where the cave is. These horcruxes must be destroyed as soon as possible." Ragnok asked showing his concern.

"I'll have to go deeper into his memories. He first went to the cave when he was about ten and at the orphanage." Harry said picking up on the goblin's concern.

"Harry, take your time. I need to contact Madam Bones. Sharpaxe, look at the Gaunt's old records and locate their last home. Sharptooth I want the Lestrange vault inspected, and that cup found. Once it's found, strip it of any dark objects then turn the vault over to young Harry. Furthermore, lock down the Malfoy vault and search it for a diary horcrux. Tell Griphook to find all the Lestrange and Malfoy accounts, including foreign Muggle ones. I also want twelve warriors to accompany Madam Bones and me to Hogwarts with her Aurors. Harry I'll send our best trainer to get you started on wandless magic while Sharpaxe and Sharptooth attend to their duties."

Harry watched a king in action calling out orders knowing they would be followed without hesitation. Harry decided he needed to learn how to choose faithful friends and leaders of others. Harry went into his lotus position and meditated looking deep into Tom Marvolo Riddle's memories, and then he found it. They were at a place called Kirkcudbright Bay, and it was Southwest of Castle Douglas, and on the north side of the bay near a point. He hoped that would give them enough information. Harry decided to read the book Sharpaxe had given him on wandless magic, it paid to read ahead.

Ragnok's office became a busy place, especially when Madam Bones came in with two Aurors. Ragnok made a decision, an unpopular one and one he didn't want to do but there was no choice.

"Madam Bones I have information of a very sensitive and highly dangerous nature. I'm sorry, but I must ask each of us to vow that what is said between us stays between us and us alone. This information if it got out could destroy the world, not only ours but the Muggles as well. I swear on my life and magic what is discussed about certain dark items in this room will remain in this room forever. So I say, so it shall be."

Madam Bones followed by Kinglsey Shacklebolt and Nashira Thomas made the same oaths, although after hearing what Ragnok had to say they wished they were anywhere but in his office.

"There are two I need your help with, Malfoy and Hogwarts. The cup in the Lestrange vault was definitely a horcrux and had Voldemort's magical signature as well as a piece of his soul. Is Harry's or my word good enough to get a warrant to search Malfoy Manor? Based on what we found in the Lestrange vault the treaty of 1238 gives us the right to inventory all suspicious vaults. We are using that to search all suspected Death Eater vaults. If not I'll use the treaty of 1398 to search specifically for a horcrux, but that is a last resort."

"I'll take your evidence to Croaker, since he's the acting Chief Warlock and hates Malfoy. He has a subtle way of saying 'Imperiuse Curse my ass' when he's near Malfoy. He hopes one day that Malfoy will draw his wand against him."

"Thank you Madam Bones, I'll get Dumbledore secured here later today when I take Hagrid prisoner for awhile. He has something Dumbledore wants so he will rise to the bait. I hate to dump this on you, but I believe it was necessary." Ragnok said in a voice and demeanor showing his sadness and hesitation to share this information with them.

"Ragnok you did what you had to, just as I would have shared it with you. We know a lot more now than we did earlier and can make good plans to be ready if Voldemort returns." Amelia Bones told the Goblin kindly and offered her hand. Then the three wizards left his office deep in thought.

Hawkclaw, Harry's new trainer had three months to get the lad up to speed on basic wandless casting. He thought, at least Harry had no bad habits or wand usage to fight his way past.

Harry proved eager to learn and didn't tire easily either. Hawkclaw found the boy to have quick reflexes and good eyesight. Harry's stinging hex packed a punch, so he had power. At the end of week three, he was levitating and moving various items into the path of Hawkclaw's stinger. During week four he had learned the disarming charm and paid the price of being stung when he used it at the wrong time. Hawkclaw now had Harry working on basic shields and shifting from one spot to another. Harry for some strange reason called it fading because he disappeared just before he moved from one place to another. The goblin equivalent to disillusionment was stronger and more effective wandlessly than with a wand. At the end of the three months Hawkclaw would be able to report to Sharpaxe that Harry would need to be evaluated before going further.

Once their time was up, Hawkclaw took Harry to Ragnok's office for lunch. When they arrived at the office, Hawkclaw excused himself to find Sharpaxe. Harry told Ragnok what he discovered about the cave being near Kirkcudbright Bay, Southwest of Castle Douglas, and on the north side of the bay near a point. Ragnok brought out some detailed maps and marked two points of interest. He told Harry if his team got within a mile of the horcrux, they could locate it. Harry told Ragnok how the locket was protected and about a boat and to make it rise.

Ragnok laughed heartily and told Harry, "Tom Marvolo Riddle is a fool Harry. His traps are only for adult wizards not others. The boat, Inferi, and the wall he erected will not recognize us, and that we have magic. A powerful freezing charm on the lake and the Inferi are useless. The only difficult part will be draining the potion, unless we can find the ever-filling source. You can conjure a cup and water but not a complicated potion. Magic has laws just like nature and those cannot be broken."

They ate lunch, and Harry tried some of the spicy goblin food. Ragnok smiled when flames came from Harry's nostrils. Harry wasn't as sure that it was funny. When Ragnok showed him the memory, he decided he looked funny with flame shooting from his nose.

Right after lunch Ragnok was told Hagrid was in a holding cell and bellowing that he must talk to Dumbledore. Ragnok told the guard to let Hagrid send the old wizard a message and to prepare to lock down the bank. He called for Sharptooth and told him where he wanted his invisible guards stationed.

At 1022h, Hagrid walked into the bank expecting to see Harry. He had been honest with himself and was concerned about the boy. He looked like an eight-year-old not and 11 years old. Hagrid was ushered into the bank being told Harry was with healers. The next thing he knew he was in a holding cell, and his umbrella was gone. Hagrid started yelling. He needed to see Dumbledore.

"Mr. Hagrid I am called Sharptooth. I have parchment and quill for you to write your Headmaster. You are being held for aiding in the child abuse of one Mr. Harry James Potter. Goblins treat all children with honor, and hold abusers accountable Mr. Hagrid. Shortly, you will be questioned, and it is in your best interest to answer honestly and to withhold nothing."

"I did nothing to Harry but take him to his Aunt and Uncle's under Dumbledore's orders, so he could be properly protected. I haven't seen him until last night when I was told to find him and give him his school letter and bring him to Diagon Alley for his supplies."

"So you were instrumental in sending Mr. Potter to where he was starved, treated worse than a house elf, and severely beaten multiple times Mr. Hagrid."

"No," the frightened half giant said, "Dumbledore, said he would be loved and protected. I thought he was a little small for his age, but some children have growth spurts later than others do. Every time, I asked Dumbledore how he was doing, I was told his childhood was normal. And that the wards protecting him ensured he was safe and well cared for." The fear was now angst hoping he hadn't helped Harry be hurt.

"Why didn't he go to his godfather as his parents wanted?"

"Dumbledore said Sirius couldn't protect him and was single. He told me Harry needed the influence of a mother and father, not a jokester like Sirius. I thought this was odd, since Dumbledore and I was both at the christening when Sirius took his oath, as did Alice Longbottom. I still don't know how Sirius could be alive after breaking that oath, unless he is a powerful dark wizard." An almost sobbing Hagrid answered.

"Perhaps he didn't break the oath Mr. Hagrid." Sharptooth said, he had all he needed to know. "I will report what you said to my superior Mr. Hagrid but know this, Harry was abused, and in another year would have been beyond help. His life span would have been severely limited and probably would not live to reach fifty." He was glad Hagrid was concerned for Harry and had only followed Dumbledore's orders because of his faith in the man and concern for his job.

"Minerva said they were the worst sort of Muggles. Dumbledore should have listened to her." Hagrid moaned and sat on the stone bed holding his head in his hands like a broken man.

Dumbledore had a lot to answer for Sharptooth thought as he made his way to Ragnok's office stopping to send Hagrid's message to Dumbledore. Amelia Bones stepped out of the floo and joined Sharptooth in his walk to Ragnok's office.

In the office, Amelia Bones listened to Sharptooth's report, "Chief Ragnok, Mr. Hagrid did take Mr. Potter to the Dursleys on the orders of Dumbledore and having been told it was the safest place for the boy. He was guaranteed by Dumbledore that the child would be well cared for and needed both a father and mother to guide him. He seems to care a great deal for young Harry and couldn't believe Lord Black could betray the Potters and keep his life.

His failing is one of having too much faith in Dumbledore and following his boss without questioning Dumbledore's decisions. He owes a lot to Dumbledore for getting him his position at Hogwarts. He was innocent of the charges of opening the Chamber of Secrets 50 years ago."

"Madam Bones I think we'll hold him as bait for Dumbledore, and then release him unless you wish otherwise." Ragnok said in a flat tone, his dislike for Dumbledore unsaid but growing.

"I think the poor soul is punishing himself more than we could ever wish to." Madam Bones said sadly, she liked Hagrid knowing him as a gentle giant among men.

"Sir there is one other thing, a Minerva told Dumbledore that the Dursleys were the worst sort of Muggles indicating to me Dumbledore was warned about them."

Ragnok looked to Amelia Bones, who said, "Minerva McGonagall, and Dumbledore's Deputy Headmistress. She probably did all she could do if Dumbledore had his mind made up. The man listens to no one even if the advice is the best option. Knowing her if she had seen Harry's condition, she would have hexed Dumbledore in the bank and to hell with what you would have done to her. If she gets her ire up Dumbledore may win the battle, but he damn sure would know he had been in a fight for his life."

"Sounds like a wonderful woman to me," Ragnok chuckled breaking the growing tension. He looked at Harry and said, "Harry you will not be going back to the Dursleys, I offer you asylum and will educate you here before I allow you to go back to the abuse."

"Thank you Ragnok, I accept your offer sir." Harry stated then smiled.

"Harry you may have another option. Your godfather was sent to prison without a trial, and that will be rectified within a week. Ragnok, I have the warrants we discussed and Croaker will join us when you're ready to serve them. I also got one to search Hogwarts with your team and Croaker. If you take Dumbledore, Croaker issued an open warrant for him that gives you the right to capture and try him. He's covering the Ministry in the press, and smoothing the way for the uneducated wizard with respect to Goblin treaties," She said with a huge smile.

"It seems our bait was taken as Dumbledore is approaching. Madam Bones if you would like to watch stand in front of the portrait on the left side of my door. Harry you can join me if you wish, or stay here it's your choice."

"I'll come. I want to see the man that caused me so much pain Ragnok."

Harry, Ragnok, Sharptooth, and 11 guards left Ragnok's office for the lobby as the bank was quietly locked down, and customers moved to safety. The first thing Harry saw when they entered the lobby was an old man wearing hideous purple robes. His white hair and beard reached his waist. Harry's first impression was not a good one.

"Ah young Harry come with me please," the old man cooed.

"No, I don't know you who ever you are."

"I'm the Chief Warlock and leader of the light, now do as your told boy."

"No, you've told me nothing, and I have no reason to go with an old man I don't know." Harry shouted back.

Dumbledore slid his wand into his hand but before the hand could close around it, it sailed into Harry's left hand. Harry held it by the tip and offered it to Ragnok.

"No Harry, you won it it's now yours. We do not use wands, and it's against wizard law and our treaties for us to do so. Wrap your hand around the handle and see how it feels but please keep it pointed down."

Harry did as Ragnok said and when his fingers met his palm around the wand, he felt warmth travel up his arm to his core and the wand seemed to hum to him. He felt powerful but normal somehow almost as if he had met a match, and the wand was made for him. What the others saw was magic flow between the wand and the boy as the wand became his without question.

"Harry, return my wand please."

"No it says it belongs to me, and you are evil."

"Guards arrest Dumbledore for drawing a wand against the leader of the Goblin Nation. Take him to the lowest holding cell. He will be tried according to our treaties with the wizards, which is at our convenience wizard. As Chief Warlock, you should have known not to attempt to draw a wand in the bank and especially in my presence." Ragnok stated relishing in the fact Dumbledore made what was happening easy and much more lawful from the Goblins point of view.

Sharptooth was beaming with pride in Harry, and got one dig in at Dumbledore when he asked, "Wizard how does it feel to be disarmed by an 11-year-old boy trained by this Goblin?"

"You'll find I have much power in the wizard world Goblin," Dumbledore said smugly.

"You're not in the wizard world, wizard. Here you're just another proud wizard with few rights. Guards take this trash from the lobby and resume business as normal," Ragnok's commanding voice said.

Surrounded by spears pointing from his waist to his neck Dumbledore was led away knowing that he was in deep shit having made a stupid move attempting to draw his wand in the bank. He would have to use his political knowledge to get out of the mess he had created. He couldn't understand how Harry was so healthy and strong. He was concerned all his plans for the boy were for naught but that just couldn't be. He was the only one who should lead the boy to his destiny. Well at least Cornelius Fudge would push for an early trial and attempt to get him released to the Ministry.

Meanwhile, Ragnok was telling Harry, "You have excellent reflexes Harry. You beat my men into action against a very powerful wizard, Young Warrior, and I thank you."

They talked as they walked back to Ragnok's office to meet a smiling Amelia Bones.

"I can see the headlines now Harry, the Boy Who Lived, takes down the most powerful Wizard," Amelia Bones said still smiling.

"Madam Bones, who is the boy who lived?"

"I'm so sorry Harry, I forget how little you know. The press has called you that for nearly ten years. The curse Voldemort used against you and your parents was the Killing Curse, and no one has ever been hit with it and lived except you. It gave you that scar, and the reflecting curse stopped Voldemort and blew away your bedroom." Amelia Bones said sorrowfully.

"That's alright Madam Bones. I don't remember being called that ever before. But how could I do anything but mess my nappies. If my Aunt was correct, I was only fifteen months old at the time. My Dad or Mum must have done something to protect me or something else happened that night. I sometimes dream of a green light but that's all I know about it."

The Killing Curse is the only green curse, thought Amelia but said nothing.

"Well I guess I don't need to buy a wand now that I have this," Harry said.

"Harry you can carry that wand because you won it, but you aren't supposed to use it since it has no trace on it. All student wands are registered with the Ministry to detect underage use of wands during times away from school except Hogsmeade. So you still need to get another wand, and if I might I would also suggest a different style of clothing as well."

"Those are his cousin's hand me downs Amelia. We'll get him taken care of shortly I assure you. You do realize that if his family ring fits him, he will be the head of the House of Potter and can use magic anyplace an adult can. While not a full adult he still will have certain rights under your laws," Ragnok stated firmly.

Harry looked up at the ceiling and mumbled something.

"Share those words with us, please Harry," Ragnok said kindly.

"I just said I have so much to learn, and so little time to do it, and that my relatives are right I'm not normal." Harry replied sadly.

Ragnok replied, "You may not be normal, but you certainly are not abnormal Harry. Many young people find themselves in your situation as head of a house at a young age. We will help you learn so that when it is time to assume your role in the wizard world you'll be prepared. In the meantime, you need to concern yourself with being a young wizard. You need to learn to find good friends, and to have a fine time while growing up. These are the things you have missed in your life, and that wasn't your fault. You have made more friends here than most other wizards make in a lifetime, Harry. I offer you the opportunity to remain here with us as my ward while you learn."

Amelia's eyes shot open so wide her monocle fell out. "Harry in my life time I have never heard of this honor being offered another wizard," She stated showing her awe at the offer.

[It my pleasure to accept the honor Ragnok, I hope I can become worthy of it.] Harry said in the Goblin tongue surprising Amelia even more.

Ragnok filled out a piece of parchment and signed it then handed it to Amelia, who added her signature and passed it to Harry and showed him where to sign after explaining that it made him Ragnok's ward and allowed him to live as such.

"What about my godfather?"

"Harry he can visit anytime he wishes and be involved in your life. But the place he's been in is horrible, and it will take time for him to recover before he can help you. And before you ask, his situation is different from yours and the time chamber would not help him, and could even harm him." Ragnok lamented knowing how curious Harry was about Sirius.

"Harry he will have to go to the wizard hospital St. Mungos for several months. But as soon as he is able we will let you visit him." Amelia added also sadly, Sirius had worked for her, and she would be surprised if he wasn't mentally beyond help.

"Ragnok I just thought of something. While I was going through Voldemort's memories looking for the horcruxes he mentioned Peter Pettigrew as the one who betrayed my parent and spied on something called the Order of the Phoenix. If he can be caught it might help Sirius Black."

"We will check that out, Harry thank you," Amelia Bones said smiling at the youngster. Silently, she was cussing Sirius for killing Pettigrew, even if he had reason to.

Sharpaxe returned and handed Ragnok a ring. In gobbledygook, Ragnok told Sharpaxe what Harry did to Dumbledore.

Sharpaxe smiled and said, "My Young Warrior couldn't wait for me to capture his first wizard. I will have to evaluate what my son has taught you I see. Since you provided the information for us to destroy the abomination this ring now belongs to you Young Warrior wear it proudly."

Sharpaxe handed Harry the ring, and suggested he place it on his left index finger. Amelia was surprised when the ring glowed and shrunk to fit Harry. Then Harry stiffened, and magic filled the room. A parchment appeared on Ragnok's desk.

"The rightful heir of Slytherin has been found by the right of the blood of a minor house and the defeat of the heir who attacked a family member. Let it be known by all Harry James Potter-Slytherin is the heir." Ragnok read to the others as Harry woke back up.

"Wow that was awesome. Tom Riddle was an idiot. He used this ring for a horcrux rather than to open Slytherin vault. Once he did that he lost his rights as the heir of Slytherin and control of Sadie." Harry said almost bouncing in his chair.

"Who is Sadie," three voices asked.

"She is my basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets and guards Hogwarts or did until Riddle took control of her and caused her to kill a student. I need to tell her it's not her fault but his, so she can return to her duties as a guardian of the school and will be harmless to the students. I can speak to snakes and freed one at the zoo in London in June." A hyper Harry replied.

Amelia shook her head while Ragnok and Sharpaxe chuckled.

"Harry no one controls a basilisk and depending on her age, she may be rather large," Amelia replied but had to grin at the happy boy.

"Salazar Slytherin raised her as a pet and taught her to guard the school, and she is to obey the heir if he or she speaks parsel. The ring says that because I now wear the ring Riddle has lost any control he had over her. The idiot didn't even ask her name, or if she had one and that is how she will recognize me as the heir because I know her name." Harry said gleefully.

They were interrupted by a knock on Ragnok's office door.


"Chief Ragnok we have the locket, and the Inferi have been destroyed." The Goblin warrior said and handed Ragnok a locket.

"Salazar's locket," Harry said.

"Mr. Potter I am Sharpclaw and that is still a horcrux. We couldn't get it open, and it may have to be destroyed."

"Please call me Harry and I can open it. It takes a parselmouth to do it."

"Let's take this abomination to the chamber. I want a dozen shields around my ward and the rest of you to destroy the spirit when he opens the locket. Harry I'll be at your side son."

"Oh shit!" Harry exclaimed.

End of Chapter 1