Introduction to the Wizard World

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End of Chapter 3: Before anyone could answer Harry, there was a knock on the door.

Chapter 4


Harry said, "Enter."

Sharptooth opened the door and said, "Chief Ragnok requests your presence in the time chamber. That includes the five of you." He turned and left them shocked.

"Well we shouldn't keep him waiting," Harry said and grabbed Hermione and Susan's hands and disappeared, followed by Neville and Hannah.

They appeared just inside the chamber's door next to Ragnok.

"There is someone who wants to meet you five, so go to the medical area please. Dinner plans are changed so we will have dinner here." Ragnok said without expression and disappeared.

The five looked as each other and shrugged then walked to the medical area. When they arrived, Sirius said nothing but led them to a room.

Once inside they heard, "Neville, Harry?"

"Mum, Dad?" Neville said and passed out.

Harry caught him before he hit the floor and brought him around saying, "Great move Nev, see your parents and pass out."

"Hush prat," Neville said and slapped Harry's shoulder then walked to his mother's bed and gave her a hug being careful not to squeeze too hard.

"Harry, get over here and hug your godmother," Alice Longbottom said with a smile.

Harry did as he was told, and then introduced the girls. Frank was asleep while a muscle-building potion did its work. Sirius came in just as Frank woke up. There were multiple hugs and teary eyes. When Augusta entered the room, it started all over again. Even Hermione, Susan, and Hannah were teary eyed. Then the stories started to fill the Longbottoms in on the last ten years. Several decisions were made the first was that they would all remain in the chamber for a year. The second was Harry would remain at Gringotts but visit Sirius and Frank, Alice, and his other friends. They would visit him here as well.

Dinner that evening was a rowdy affair, and the wizards took to the Grangers and made them part of the family. Surprisingly, Alice brought up betrothal contracts and their advantages.

"That's all well and good for Nev, but my life isn't that simple. I need to have at least three boys for my side of the family. If I marry a witch that has no close male relatives, other than her father, and wants to continue his line that means its four boys that we need. If we want a girl that's five children only if we get the numbers that we want. If we have two girls first, suddenly we need six children. Considering most witches only want two or three children, and there's a problem up front. Personally, I don't want a baby-making machine for a wife. I want a partner who is free to do what she loves. While money is no issue, most women want an outside of home career. I happen to agree they should have one and be the best they can be at it. Of course, my wonderful guardian Ragnok says no problem you can have a wife for each house. That's Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Emrys, so including mothers-in-law that's eight women to run my life. I'm thinking of staying single until I'm 80 then marrying four 17-year old witches to take care of me in my senior years." Harry said with a crooked grin.

While the others laughed, Harry noticed Hermione and Susan didn't. He wasn't the only one who noticed that, both Granger adults and Madam Bones did also.

"The last part was a joke, but I can see I may have to have two wives. This of course, has its own set of problems. I have to find two women that get along, and are willing to join a multiple marriage without being jealous of each other or resenting me. I don't see that as an easy thing. Even under the laws that were stricken, blood status means nothing to me. While that broadens the field, it doesn't help the main problem much." A dejected Harry stated.

"Harry you're wrong about finding two women who could get along and share you while loving you without being jealous of the other woman." Hermione said as serious as Harry had ever heard.


"Susan and I of course, you dummy. Boys are such gits and don't have a clue Sue," Hermione said rolling her eyes.

"Hermione I think they're born that way, and it takes years for their brains to move up. Harry this is no surprise to Hermione and me. We've discussed it several times and came to the same conclusion prat." Harry received the look complete with the rolling of her eyes and shaking her head.

"You think we're old enough to make this decision? What about your parents Hermione, and your aunt Susan what will they think? I'm sure Madam Bones, and the Grangers are jumping for joy at the possibility of us in a multiple marriage. If I were Dan, I would be thinking of ways to take the boy out permanently." Harry replied and looked down at the table in front of him.

"Pay up Sue, I told you he'd think of us and our families first and himself last." Hermione said and held her hand out. Susan dropped two galleons in it as Hannah giggled.

"Hermione, Susan I'd be blessed and honored if that were to happen…"

"Harry, Emma and I have had this discussion after she overheard the girls talking about your situation. We can't say we're overjoyed with it, but we do understand the reasoning. Our decision was and still is to support Hermione and her decision. Neither of us sees this as your fault in any way it's a matter of circumstance or fate. But if this is what you decide you have our blessing and support." Dan Granger told Harry while looking him in the eyes.

"Harry what I want is unimportant, what Susan wants is what matters. This is far from unusual. Voldemort targeted certain lines, and the founders except for Slytherin were high on his list. Grindlewald did the same thing in his reign of terror. There's a Duke in Germany with six wives due to similar circumstances as yours. I'm sure Dan and Emma want his name carried on. Just like Susan and I want the same thing. The time to move on this is now, since the Ruling Nine are striking down old laws. The purebloods will start trying to force betrothal contracts with half-bloods and first-generation witches. Unfortunately, it's a long-standing tradition and not much can be done about it since most families have used them in the past." Amelia told them indicating her frustration with the system and parts that were too hard to change.

"Father Ragnok what's your opinion?" Harry asked.

"I see it as the best available option and method of protecting you, Neville, and the young ladies. But Harry the decision is yours to make not mine," Ragnok replied in his business manner.

"Sirius same question," said Harry.

"Amelia is right in all that she said Harry. I was under one but at the time, my younger brother was alive, so I told my parents to piss off. Bellatrix and Narcissa accepted their fates like good little Blacks. My cousin Andromeda ran off and married a first-generation wizard, and was formally cast from the family, so she lost access to her dowry. If it was I, and I'm certain James would agree, I'd get betrothed to these two ladies today without hesitation. While you may be able to delay a contract for a while, I'm not sure Hermione, Susan, or Hannah could. Neville can use the excuse that Frank is regaining his health, but that's only a short-term thing. It's truly a complicated mess Harry. I'm not sure if you know that anyone messing with the betrothed of the head of a Most Ancient Noble House can cause a blood feud if you don't kill them immediately. This brings your allies in which include those of us here, and Remus Lupin plus some others. The magic of the contract provides certain protections as well. The Grangers automatically falls under your protection. But even with what I said it's more complicated than that. However, as Ragnok said, it's your decision to make not mine. It's not something I would do if I had raised you, and neither would James. Lily was quite adept at the castration curse, and she practiced it on dummies at least twice a week." Sirius answered leaving the men cringing and the women giggling at them.

"Hermione, Susan are you sure this is what you want?" Harry asked the girls not knowing what answer he wanted, but hoped they said yes.

"Yes Harry I do," Hermione said followed by the same answer from Susan. Harry asked Ragnok to take care of the contract but ensure both parties were protected.

Neville and Hannah also became betrothed that day. The Gringotts Five trained six hours per day except weekends and studied three hours on class and other materials. The Bones and Longbottom house elves joined Dobby and Tina serving the families. The five thought it odd that they grew and their bodies changed, but they didn't look any older. When asked, Ragnok shrugged and replied 'goblin magic'. The adults were amazed at the children's grasp and use of wandless magic. While Sharpaxe still kicked their ass, they beat several apprentice warriors. Their hand-to-hand combat skills improved as did their magical combat skills. Together the Gringotts Five was a force to be reckoned with against others, including seventh year students.

"Frank what the hell will they be like with a wand that amplifies their power?" Sirius asked his friend.

"I'm not sure but, Ministry be damned we have to get them some control before they go to school. You know Harry carries Gryffindor's wand as well as Dumbledore's old wand. Who knows what will happen if he tries a levitation charm and hits Filius with it? Padfoot I've felt the magic roll off that boy when he's angry with himself. What will happen if he gets annoyed with a student who offends him or one of the girls?" Frank replied shaking his head. He knew was powerful for his age, but Harry was at a different level.

"Harry asked me to be his Head of House, but I'm not ready to be around that many people yet. I suggested Remus Lupin. I did offer to go in a non-school role, and he agreed to that. But I'm still not sure I like the idea of being there, for some reason. The cheeky little devil said, 'come on den mother you can handle fourth years and under surely, show your big bad grim side you mutt'. I threatened to kick his ass, and he disappeared and punched me in the ribs with a finger. I turned around and he wasn't there, well I couldn't see him. Frank the little shit called me 'Den Mother'." Sirius shook his head still mumbling as Frank lost it and laughed out loud.

"Better you than me Den Mum," Frank laughed some more.

It was that as much as anything that caused Sirius to write Remus.

Meanwhile, Harry and his girls were researching their grimoires looking for family crests or coats of arms. Harry found the Potter Crest, two griffins facing each other separated by a wand. The wand touched a sword lying horizontal with a Hungarian Horntail dragon under the sword. He decided the crest would go on the top row close to his heart. The Gryffindor crest was a standing lion and easy to obtain. The Slytherin crest was a snake shaped in the letter 'S' with a curl in its tail. Merlin's crest was three red dragons on a white background. Ravenclaw's crest was a standing eagle with its wings spread, and Hufflepuff's was a badger. The House of Bones' crest was two standing lions separated by a downward pointing sword. The House of Granger's crest was three white diamonds on a blue background. Harry would arrange them in three rows with the Potter and Granger on top, Bones and Gryffindor on the next row, Slytherin and Gringotts on the third row down, and Merlin on the bottom.

The girls fussed that they should be last, but Harry refused to hear it. Internally, they were pleased that he placed them above his ancestors. Ragnok argued that Merlin should go above Gringotts but Harry stood firm saying if he did what he originally wanted to Gringotts would be on top by itself. Taking a page from Sirius, Ragnok called him a hardheaded little shit in goblin. Harry smiled and called Ragnok Little Father.

"If you teach them warrior ways you must expect them to act like warriors," Ragnok said and chuckled.

It was a much healthier Sirius, Frank, and Alice that left the chamber with smarter and more powerful youngsters. Ragnok had filed the betrothal contracts, so they were all ready in force. Frank invited the group to Longbottom manor for a week since Augusta had turned Head of House duties over to her son. He in turn gave her proxy to stand-in for him at the Wizengamot. The official reason was he would need time to catch up with current affairs and get his health back to the point it once was.

Longbottom Manor

When they arrived at Longbottom Manor, the girls decided to share a room as did Harry and Neville. Neville gave the others what he called the ₲2 tour. Hannah was particularly interested in the greenhouse Neville had planned.

At lunch Harry asked, "Uncle Frank would you like me to add some parsel wards that will stop anyone with the dark mark?"

"Harry you can do that?" Frank asked in awe.

"Yes, the others can put up and take down most wards, but as a parselmouth if I do them only a powerful parselmouth can break them if he or she can get to the wardstone. That won't be easy since it will be inside the wards. Since Voldemort controls the mark, it will affect him as if he was marked. I'll admit it's a nasty bugger, much like being dunked in an acid bath. The only bad thing is that it suppresses magic from being detected by the Ministry." Harry said confidently.

"Please do it, maybe I'll tell Amy or maybe not, if anyone asks it's a goblin ward as far as I'm concerned. Family protection comes first, middle, and last in my book." Frank said showing he was pleased at the potential of snaring a Death Eater.

The adults and pre-teens watched as Harry worked wandlessly, and they felt the new ward go up. Then Harry stepped inside the ward and asked the location of the wardstone. Frank was awed once again, as Harry drew both wands and charged the stone until it glowed. The entire house occupants felt the magic and the wards strengthen then settle.

When they went back to the dining room Alice said, "Well you won't get in trouble the first time is only a warning for using your wand out of school Harry."

"Alice dear, think emancipated Head of House, member of the Ruling Nine, and goblin prince. Mafalda Hopkirk may be an idiot but she is politically wise to a point."

"My wands won't register anyway, one is Gryffindor's and was made before wands were traced and it's illegal to put the trace on it. The other is Merlin's wand that I took from Dumbledore and there's no trace on it. Since it's a trophy and the other is an heirloom I can legally carry both even without relying on Head of House status. Hermione can use her wand since it's an heirloom and not traced, but that leaves Susan, Hannah, and Neville out but the trace signature can't get through the new ward. The beauty is that that ward won't register at the Ministry. Any of us that can put up a ward could put up a wizard ward that masked the trace, but according to the law it must be registered. I'm sure the Death Eaters registered theirs so the law is used to monitor first generation wizards and many light purebloods won't let their children practice during the summer. In my opinion all that does is put the light behind and make catching up harder. I know for sure Draco Malfoy practiced with his grandfather's wand." Harry stated his distain coming through loud and clear.

"I assure you Harry that Amy and I are working on that problem. The one thing you forgot is that as your betrothed Susan has the same rights to wand usage as you and Hermione. As heir to House of Longbottom, Neville has the same wand rights as you, which now include Hannah. This is how Malfoy could get around the law even though his was a new house, which irritated him to no end," Augusta said with a smile but Harry and Hermione thought they need to spend some more reading time on laws and politics.

"Mum, where's my wand?" Frank asked.

"With Alice's over the mantle son," she replied.

Frank replaced his and his wife's wands with their St. Mungos bracelets swearing to himself someone would pay for their lack of treatment. He sent the elves to the basement for practice dummies and asked they be set up by the lake. They took their time walking to the lake since it was a beautiful day and they had been inside for a year.

"Alice please check the power measuring charms, it's been years since the dummies saw any use. They were kind of hijacked from the Department of Mysteries during a fire fifteen or so years ago," Frank said and sniggered.

"They're working dear you know the Department of Mysteries doesn't do anything by halves." Alice said.

"Thanks love. Now what I want you lot to do is use a low-level stunner wandless then with your wands. Then we'll go to mid level and last at full power," Frank said.

"We won't do more than 80 percent Uncle Frank and we only do that in an emergency. That leaves us 10 percent to get to the healers and 10 percent so we can be healed. It's a goblin warrior thing that translates to 'don't do the enemies job and kill yourself.'" Harry said and the others nodded.

"What maxim power are you comfortable with Harry?" Sirius asked his curiosity piqued.

"Usually no more than 65 to 70 percent, it balances power and regeneration speed." Hermione answered for them.

"Alright just tell us what percentage you'll use ok?" Frank said thinking they wouldn't know much at the end of the trial.

Wandless low level 20 percent: Hannah – 350, Susan - 362, Hermione - 375, Neville – 410, Harry – 525.

With wand at 20 percent: Hannah – 780, Susan - 850, Hermione – 916, Neville – 1138, Harry Gryffindor wand – 1362, Emrys wand off handed - 1618.

Wandless 45 percent: Hannah – 512, Susan - 533, Hermione – 588, Neville – 632, Harry – 708.

"Bloody hell, they're doing wandless at 45 percent, and already higher than most seventh years with a wand. I think we need to strengthen the dummies and increase the scale. Somewhere around 2500 the dummy comes apart even though the scale goes to 3000." Sirius shouted gleefully.

Frank adjusted the dummy and Alice increased the setting to 5000.

With wand at 45 percent: Hannah – 1563, Susan - 1712, Hermione – 1876, Neville – 2298, Harry Gryffindor wand – 2802, Emrys wand off handed - 3524.

Frank and Alice took care of the dummy again the measurement was not set to measure 7500.

Wandless 65 percent: Hannah – 863, Susan - 907, Hermione – 1216, Neville – 1418, Harry – 1612.

With wand at 65 percent: Hannah – 3116, Susan - 3418, Hermione – 4136, Neville – 5782, Harry Gryffindor wand – 6208, Emrys wand off handed – blown dummy.

"What the hell did Sharpaxe teach you lot?" a dumbfounded Sirius asked.

"Too focus and keep certain curses as compact as we can make them. Truthfully, I don't have a lot of faith in the measurement being used. For Sharpaxe at 50 percent you'd need to start with a scale to measure 20,000 or more. Besides power isn't everything, experience, time, stealth, attitude, cunning, and most importantly knowledge have to be factored in. If I was a wagering man, I'd wager our stunner is less than half the diameter of yours probably closer to a quarter. That means the effect of mine is more at the target because of the smaller area. A measurement of core power is probably a more accurate measurement of potential power. A wide area spell would probably measure 20 to 30 percent of what we just saw. When you factor in that power is not linear but a curve you reach a point of diminishing return. Yes I can throw five percent more at it but the effect on the target is less that point two point five percent so it's not worth the effort." Harry stated to the shocked adults then wandlessly blew up a dummy.

"That was a 20 percent powered stunner in parsel, did my actual power level change or did I use something that there is no measurement for. Do keep in mind Tommy is a parselmouth. Definitely, his results indicate he is a very powerful wizard and he has 50 years of experience. But a muggle bullet from over a half mile away could take him out before he heard the shot. For me it came back to how the old goat approached the last war and in my humble opinion he screwed up and got a lot of good people killed unnecessarily. If Tommy brings war to us again I will kill as many of his people as I can and him if I get the chance." Harry said leaving no doubt he was serious.

"Who is Tommy?" Alice asked.

Neville wrote Tom Marvolo Riddle in fire then rearranged the letters to I am Lord Voldemort. "Mum in French Vol de mort roughly translates to flight from death, indicating he fears dying. I hope to help him do just that. If they start again its time they lived up to their name and eat death. Because for me they'll find sympathy in the dictionary not with me," Neville said with a passion Augusta had never heard.

"If it starts again and the Muggles step in, and keep in mind that their population exceeded 50 million in 1951 and is over 55 million now. How many wizards are there in the United Kingdom? If there's 100,000, that's at least 500 to 1 odds then factor in the fact they have weapons that can unleash hell from five or six miles high and 20 or more miles away and place that in any window they choose. What chance would we have with wands against that? That doesn't consider bombs that can have the power to take out half of London and kill five million in less than ten seconds.

This is what Voldemort is messing with and he doesn't have a clue. These so-called stupid muggles have walked on the moon and they did that in the late 1960s. Give us three months and the proper weapon and we can take anyone out from over a mile away by putting a half inch hole in their chest but blows a hole the size of your head when it exits though your back and it will exit." Hermione said with fire in her eyes.

"Dan she's serious isn't she?" Sirius asked.

"Very and she didn't scratch the top of what we have. The longest recorded sniper shot was 2200 plus yards. That's over a mile and a fourth and the person never saw or heard who killed him and escaped. I wasn't a trained sniper and I could hit the center bulls-eye at 500 yards. And it was three inches in diameter. If I used my handgun at this range and hit you in the shoulder it would cause you to go down and not get back up for quite awhile because your body would go into shock. All I'd need to do is walk over and slit your throat and you'd bleed out while I walked away. And Sirius yes I've been there and done that and will again if necessary to defend family, friends, or country. Most of us feel the same." Dan said in a tone that said he was being truthful.

"Oh, and Emma would and could do the same thing and has." Dan added and Emma turned red and slapped his shoulder.

"Hey, I'm not the only one with a Victoria Cross in the family," Dan said.

"Think order or Merlin First Class for valor Sirius," Hermione said proudly.

"Seems we have two sleeping dragons in our midst Padfoot," Frank added.

While the others talked, the Gringotts Five worked through their charms text for first year figuring out how much power to use.

"Damn this is easier wandlessly," Harry said.

"Language Harry," said Hermione and Susan as one. They looked at each other and giggled.

Harry hung his head and mumbled something they couldn't understand.

"Say it out loud Harry we couldn't understand your mumbles," Susan said.

"I said I wouldn't stand a chance of getting by with anything with one wife and no chance at all with two." Harry huffed, and the girls rolled their eyes and Harry looked at Dan.

"I can't help you Harry even though I've lived with it for years. I just try to stay out of trouble with them and hope for the best." Dan answered Harry's look.

"But Uncle Vernon said the man ruled the roost, I heard that every time I mowed the yard."

"Yes, and he probably thought the king ruled the land. For every good man there's a good woman behind him with a cricket bat in her hand. My father told me all I needed to know about women is to keep them happy and never ever mess with the cook. He said if the wife is happy the family is happy if she's unhappy the family is miserable so keep the wife, or wives in your case, happy." Dan said and smiled at Emma.

"Oh, lord I'm so dead," Harry said and the others cracked up laughing, more with him than at him. He looked at Hermione and Susan, and they smiled a coy smile back causing Harry to shudder.

"He is so whipped," Sirius said.

"Any man who says he isn't is a fool or a liar Padfoot. If I remember right a certain red head had James, Remus, and you whipped. You had no excuse since you were just a friend and not her husband. How many times did she ban you to the dog house?" Alice replied.

"More often than not. Hell she seemed to know we were up to something before we knew it. And that damn wooden spoon hurt when she smacked us with it, even Mooney cringed when she took it out of the cupboard drawer." Sirius remembered with a faraway look in his eyes. They all knew even after all these years his friends deaths hit him hard. Some things you never truly put in the past and the death of best friends is one of them.

The next four days saw the Gringotts Five working on charms and transfiguration with and without wands. The adults saw the light come on showing them with transfiguration a wand provided for better detail and used a lot less power. Harry, Hermione, and Susan went back to Gringotts and spent time in the evenings with Ragnok and Meia. Harry bought his girls three compartment trunks and charmed them in parsel like his. Then he redid the charms on his trunk. The only time they left Gringotts was to attend the Wizengamot sessions.

There was a new underage magic usage law that was fair to everyone. At age 13 you could carry your wand anywhere if you had an EE or above in charms and transfiguration and tested on the law and the Statute of Secrecy. Dobby and Tina had their trunks packed and would take them to Hogwarts so all Harry, Hermione, and Susan had were bottomless back packs that would weigh no more than two pounds.

They spent Friday night with Madam Bones. Saturday they spent with the Grangers and Sirius. Sunday morning they faded the Grangers to just inside the barrier at King's Cross Station at 10:00. There they met Amelia, the Longbottoms, the Abbotts, and Sirius. Harry faded to the last compartment and sealed it in parsel, and then joined the others. As the train started to move they gave everyone their final hugs and faded into the last compartment.

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – 1991

"Harry I like the inside windows we can see out but the reflection from across the hall shows our compartment glass is mirrored." Hannah said and looked at the reflection again.

"Yes it allows us to see out, but no one can see in, many muggles use something similar. If we want disturbed, I can release the charm," Harry said with his crooked grin knowing they didn't want it down.

"No way leave them as they are," Nev said and added, "I see you have the privacy wards up as well."

"I thought we may want to plan how we want to do this. After lunch, Hermione and I will fade to the wardstone and assume control of the castle. Sirius will be at Hogsmeade station, with the owner's carriage waiting for us unless you want to see Hogwarts from the lake the first time. I'll leave that up to you just give me time to let Sirius know. We'll be sorted into the founders' house first which will piss some people off, oh well. They'll be even angrier when we resort, and they don't get into our house."

"Harry did we get all the horcruxes?" a concerned Hermione asked.

"Yes dear, Ragnok got the last one. It seems Tommy boy made a damn snake a horcrux. Snakes feel vibrations from all directions, have a good sense of smell, and detect heat well. Their sense of smell is narrow and therefore, limited to what's in front of their noses. Ragnok came at it from the back, used a stunner and one swing of his sword, and the snake is history. He said he only got a minor scream about one-half of mine, which confirms that not much is left, and he has to rely on Quirrell's magic.

But he's still an experienced wizard that knows a huge number of spells. We figure on taking him out tonight so keep your shields up and don't look at Quirrell in the eyes. Ragnok and his crew will take him back to the bank, get some pictures, and have Aunt Amy and Kingsley witness his demise. The Goblins get the credit, and we stay out of it, so there's no hero B.S. for us to put up with. Remus Lupin will be there to take over Defense with Sirius taking the three days a month he's down for the full moon.

The next thing we worry about is the school, and what is and is not taught. However, if necessary, Hermione and I have agreed to fire the lot of them and start over. I want everyone to keep an open mind but evaluate all Professors. What bothers me is that as dumb as the Ministry was they had backups if someone got sick, hurt, or had an emergency. Yet from what I've seen there is one Professor for each subject. And unless someone has their finger in the pie, there is plenty of money for more teachers and subjects.

I mean we're 11 and soon to be 12, in Hermione's case. We can see the bloody problem. Why can't the so-called educated professors see it? Which means we need to research the Board notes. It's not impossible the board is the problem. Questions, disagreement, or comments please." Harry said wanting to get things at Hogwarts straightened out, he and his wives could take a long honeymoon. Harry's mind drifted until…

"Harry are you asleep?"

"No Nev, I was just thinking."

"What about mate?"

"I was thinking of taking these two lovely young women on a year-long honeymoon around the world once or twice. Then coming home and letting them support me while I raise a dozen children." Harry said cheekily causing the girls to blush.

"You're too young to be thinking those kinds of thought Harry."

"No Nev I'm too damn young to do anything about them. And there is a huge difference in the two. Thinking and doing I mean," Harry said with a smile, and wrapped his arms around Hermione and Susan and leaned his head against the back of the seat. Then he told Hermione it was time to set the wards and let go of Susan, and the two disappeared. They appeared in the room that held the wardstone and was the heart of the castle.

"Welcome Lord Gryffindor-Slytherin and Lady Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff." The castle said.

"Thank you My Lady. Please inform Alistair we want us and our three friends sorted into the founder's house and to do it first so the house can accept worthy students."

"Yes My Lord it is done, and he agrees."

"Thank you My Lady, now let's take care of the wards." Harry said and showed Hermione where to place her hands.

They felt years of magic and knowledge pass to and through them. When it ceased Harry and Hermione pulled their wands and charged the stone until it glowed red then quit. The castle shuddered and seemed to glow. Minerva felt her control of the wards leave her then return but different than before. Harry and Hermione faded back to the compartment.

Harry asked if they reached a decision how they wanted to go from the train to the castle.

"Well we all said we agree with you on the plan. But we would like to take the boats across the lake." Hannah said and hugged Neville.

"Sure no problem, that's what we'll do. Expecto Patronum!" Harry answered, and then whispered something to a sliver stag that threw its head high, and pranced down the length of the train and disappeared.

Towards the front of the train, a tall man wearing old robes saw the stag and it brought back memories and a sense of peace. He wondered who had the power to cast what looked like a solid stag. He decided to take a look to see if he could spot Harry, Sirius said he looked like James with Lily's eyes. When he reached the last carriage, he hadn't seen anyone that remotely looked like James. Then he spotted the last compartment and thought it odd the windows were mirrored. So he took a chance and knocked.

Harry looked up and said, "heads up, I think Remus Lupin is at the door."

"Just a moment please." Nev yelled while Harry waved his hand and took the wards down, then got up and answered the door.


"Yes Mooney, come on in," Harry answered.

Neville scooted into the corner, and Hannah was almost on his lap so Remus had plenty of room across from Harry, Hermione, and Susan. Harry sat back down and put his arms around his ladies.

"I saw the stag and thought I'd check to see if anyone was in trouble and who sent it." Remus said.

"I sent Padfoot a message telling him the ladies want to take the boats across the lake instead of the owner's carriage. Now how have you been? I'd tell you that you look like shit warmed over, but the full moon was only a day ago." Harry said and smiled at Mooney's shock.

"I see you know of my problem."

"Your furry little problem, yes we know, and I've known for awhile. The five of us have few secrets and none that really matters. Oh hell Potter, remember your manners. Remus Lupin on my right is the lovely Lady Hermione Granger-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff. On my left is the lovely Lady Susan Bones, and yes Madam Bones is her aunt. Across from us is Neville Longbottom the heir of the Most Ancient Noble House of Longbottom, and his lovely betrothed Lady Hannah Abbott. Ah yes before I get beat up these lovely ladies next to me are my betrothed. I am Lord Harry Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Emrys an emancipated minor whose guardian is Chief Ragnok of the Goblin Nation, my Little Father as I call him. He calls me Young Warrior, well all goblins do actually. Padfoot can fill you in on most of the details," Harry said with a chuckle.

"I may kill the mutt, he told me you were betrothed but not to two lovely ladies." Remus said and sniggered then shook his head.

"James would be so proud and Lil's would be after him with her wooden spoon and threatening castration." Remus said and reached in his robes and handed Harry a matchbox sized package and added, "The box needs expanded, but it contains every picture of your parents, and you, that I took and could find from others Harry."

They all saw the tears form in Harry's eyes. Frank and Alice had given him a few as had Sirius. Sirius told him he had more but they were someplace he couldn't remember. Most probably, that place was under the Fidelius charm. They talked until the girls ran them out so they could change into school robes. Harry and Neville simply put theirs on over their street clothes. Remus said he would see them later and made his way to his compartment. The Five waited until the rush was over then got off the train. Harry and Neville jumped down then offered their hands to the girls who were pleasantly surprised.

When they got to the lake, they were the last to enter a boat so Harry expanded it for the five of them. Harry stayed behind the other boats until they saw the castle then asked, "Are you ready?"

At the four nods Harry moved the boat around the others then put some speed to it and passed Hagrid.

"You can't do that and there are too many in that boat." Hagrid yelled as they sped across the lake then faded inside the outer doors.

"Good evening Headmistress do you know everyone with me," Harry asked.

"Yes and welcome to Hogwarts, I felt the wards change. I suspect you two have taken ownership of the school."

"Yes Ma'am, but you still have control of the wards, at least shared control, what you can't do is add your own. The wards are cleaner and more powerful than they have been for the last eight hundred years or so. One thing Hermione and I would like is access to the board notes for the last three hundred years. To be honest neither of us is happy about what is not being taught. But we have time to discuss that once we get the information we need." Harry said in his business mode as the others called it.

"Here comes Professor Flitwick our Deputy Headmaster," Minerva told them then introduced them to Filius leaving their titles aside. Harry and Hermione weren't sure how they felt about that yet.

The Five entered the Great Hall, and Harry immediately picked up on where the warriors and Ragnok were but kept his face neutral as he looked around. The founder's table was at the back, and that would be the first change after Voldemort was gone. Harry didn't want his friends close to him, which was one of the reasons he wanted Tom taken out tonight. Harry sat in the center of the table with Hermione on his right and Susan on his left with Neville and Hannah next to Susan.

The older students started filtering in and gave the Five questioning looks. The Five didn't acknowledge the looks or the students behind them. They waited until the doors opened then fell in behind Flitwick and marched to the front. They listened to Alistair do his song about the houses and unity.

As Professor Flitwick started to unravel the roll the hat said, "I will sort the founders and friends first Professor. Lord Harry Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Emrys come forth to be sorted please."

Harry strolled forward and sat on the old stool Flitwick put the hat on his head, and the hat said, "Founders House. Lady Hermione Granger-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff, please come forward to be sorted." Hermione went to the Founders House.

"Lady Susan Bones… Mr. Neville Longbottom heir of House of Longbottom ... Lady Hannah Abbott… when the first years are sorted the second through fourth years will be resorted and given an opportunity to enter Founders House." The hat said and waited for the first years to be called. They got eight more of the fifty new students, including Daphne Greengrass, Tracy Davis, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Michael Corner, and Eddie Carmichael. During the resorting they picked up Katie Bell, Angelina Johnston, and Alicia Spinnet, Leanne Douglas, Alice Mahon, Betty Stacy, Veronica Lake, Annette Francis, Marylyn Monroe, Shelly West, Loretta Lynn, Cedric Diggory, Ernie Macmillan, Curtis Wright, Robert Presley, Miles Belchley, David Spencer, Warren McKay, George Straight, Gene Watson, Jerry Naylor, John Cash, and Tom Cash.

Minerva started the opening feast and after dinner, she made some announcements, especially the one about the third floor. As she started to excuse the students, Harry interrupted her.

"Excuse me Headmistress but I think we need to introduce the heads of the Founders House, and also it might be nice to introduce the new owners of Hogwarts and the surrounding 200 square miles, including Hogsmeade."

"Very well Mr. Potter…"

"Its Lord Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Emrys Ma'am and you damn well know it. Perhaps you might want to join the previous Headmaster, that can be arranged rather quickly. That's twice you've slighted one of the Ruling Nine this evening, and I'll damn well not put up with it. Now Professor Flitwick may take your place as Headmaster and Professor Sprout is his new Deputy. Do you wish to continue teaching Transfiguration because if not I have two qualified to do so standing by. I do believe you forgot I was taught by my father, Ragnok Chief of the Goblin Nation, and an affront to me is an affront to him. And neither of us will stand for it, from you or any other. Did I make myself clear Ms. McGonagall?"

"Perfectly clear Lord Potter–Gryffindor-Slytherin-Emrys."

"Thank you, Lord Potter will do in the future. Now if Lord Sirius Black, member of the Ruling Nine, and Mr. Remus Lupin would enter please." Sirius and Remus entered the Great Hall.

"These two ex-Marauders are the heads of the Founders House as such they may take points and give detentions. They, nor the owners, will put up with bullying and certain pranks are just that. If you do not like this feel free to leave and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. If you leave, see teller number two, at Gringotts in Diagon Alley for a full refund of tuition. Be warned this is not a damn playground it is a school, and we are here to learn. If you are not you may leave. There are new wards put up as of this afternoon, hex someone and be imprisoned it's that simple.

The girl's dorms are for girls, and the boy's dorms are for boys, there will be no cross visits. That is what common rooms are for, to meet your housemates. Broom closets and unused classrooms are sealed, as are unused hallways and other parts of the castle. The astronomy tower is closed after dark. At curfew, all common rooms are locked down and the Heads of Houses receive a report of who is out and where they are and the offender is frozen in place."

"The days of no expulsions are over. They ended with the ex-Headmaster. Break the rules twice and you're gone. It's that simple. And to those who play Quidditch read the rules and play by them, or you'll be ejected from the game, second time, and you're off the team. If you can't tell a person's head from a bludger don't play. One other thing there is a basilisk that roams the forest now looking for food. For those who don't know, she can kill you with her eyes or petrify you and store you to dine on later. That's only one of the reasons the forbidden forest is forbidden."

"By a show of hands who knows the penalties for messing with a betrothed person..."

"Not many, damn. All right the simple answer is don't. The more complicated answer is it is determined by the parties involved in a betrothal agreement. Basically, that says if I'm betrothed to Susan, she is the beautiful red headed niece of our lovely Minister. You mess with either of us, I can decide to put you to death or send you to Azkaban for two hundred years. I may even have you flogged in Diagon Alley. Now I am betrothed to Lady Hermione Granger-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff and to Lady Susan Bones. The Heir Longbottom is betrothed to Lady Hannah Abbott. Mess with any of us and shoveling dragon dung in the bowels of Gringotts will appeal to you as heaven."

"Take him now!" Harry yelled and Quirrell went stiff and a cocoon formed around him.

"Witches and wizards may I present Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as Lord Voldemort. Tommy boy here is neither a Lord, nor a pureblood. His mother was a squib that was the last of a minor Slytherin line, and his father was a rich baron's son who lost his title. Tom's mother died shortly after he was born 31 December 1926, and he was raised in a Muggle orphanage. He went to Hogwarts, and was sorted into Slytherin. Trust me Tommy the ring doesn't like that fact or what you did to it.

Slytherin was once a proud house steeped in honor and tradition. Salazar took first generations, half-bloods, and pureblood students and treated them equally well. He looked for those of ambition and cunning, people that wanted to get ahead. And he threw bullies out as fast as I will. Now there is a segment of our population who looks down on non humans such as our goblin friends. Well guess who just captured you-know-who. Voldemort means flight from death in English. Well, Tommy the goblins captured your ass and are going to see you fly to death not from it. And yes Tom your trinkets and snake are gone and I wear Salazar's ring."

Except a very few Slytherins, the entire hall stood, clapped, and cheered.

When it finally got quiet Harry continued, "Professor McGonagall and I had a slightly different plan, but I could see Quirrell better than she could, so I had to alter it somewhat to keep his attention on me. My father Chief Ragnok, for those of you who don't understand that try adoption on for size, saw what was happening, and moved his men in place then signaled me mentally. It's a form of legilimency people. Good lord don't you study. Nymphadora Tonks you know these answers don't you cousin.

"Don't call me that you little shit."

"Yes dear. Welcome back to the House of Black, by the way Dora. See one of some five hundred knows what I'm talking about. Now as for why I kept using Tommy boy it's because he absolutely hates being called that. As far as the third floor goes, Hagrid will take care of that after dinner. As far as the basilisk goes, she is here and belongs to me. So keep in mind what I said about messing with those of us who are betrothed. I'll not tolerate it. Now someone has a Marauder artifact if it is in Lord Black's or Mr. Lupin's hand by noon tomorrow there is not a problem if I have to ask Lady Hogwarts where it is, there is a problem and not one you want."

"Lady Hogwarts do you know where my map is?"

"Of course, my Lord Gryffindor-Slytherin."

"Thank you My Lady."

"Headmistress, if Founders House has enough players to field a Quidditch team, including first years may we join the rotation?"

"Yes if your first years have parents or guardians permission and Lord Potter, I already have your permission so you do not need to contact him. Professor Flitwick just confirmed your coded message to your father, so I won't kick your ass, as I believe you so aptly phrased it for tonight. However, I do reserve the right to change that, if it should happen again."

"Yes Ma'am, and just so you know I will be properly chastised this evening I'm sure. And to you, blokes who think I'm lucky to have two beautiful ladies I can agree with that sentiment. But think about what happens when they're both angry with me at the same time. Because believe me, I can feel their anger for messing with the Headmistress. If I may suggest Headmistress with the entire country celebrating, tomorrow we might do the same at Hogwarts. I'm sure the pictures of his demise will be in the Daily Prophet in the morning, especially since we are several hours ahead of our plan."

"I think you're wrong Lord Gryffindor-Slytherin. You erred in saying one day. It shall be three. Now let's eat," McGonagall replied and the food appeared on the tables.

After dinner, Sirius and Remus held the Founders House students so the others could clear the hall. It gave them a chance to meet each other.

"Excuse me Lord Potter, I'm George Weasley, and I believe Fred, and I have something to give you. But could you tell us who they were?"

"Sure that's a fair trade. Prongs was James Potter, Padfoot is Sirius Black. Mooney is Remus Lupin, and Wormtail, we don't talk about because he was a traitor, but I believe you knew him as Scabbers."

They handed the map over to Harry, and he whispered, "For such good service you'll get the updated version 7.3," and laughed when their eyes went wide.

"You know Lord…"

"Its Harry guys and welcome to Founders House."


"We want honorable people in our house, and you proved you are honorable. Based on what we observed earlier your other brothers won't make the cut so to speak. Does the young one even chew his food? Whom do you know that would make a good Keeper? And no Oliver Wood is out we want hard workers not fanatics. I shudder to think of him as a captain. You'd be practicing in sleet at two in the bloody morning."

Finally, Sirius said, "Come on you lot, follow me and read this on your way." He handed a folded paper back to Fred. It read: the Founders House is on the first floor. Simply pull the left side of the frame when you see the portrait of the founders.

As they approached the area, the portrait came clear and Sirius opened it. They entered a huge common room. There were several overstuffed couches and single chairs. A large window overlooked the lake and Hogsmeade. The amazing thing was everything was on one floor, and everyone had his or her own room. Each room had a desk, queen-sized bed with nightstands, full bath, and wardrobe. After changing into jeans and a t-shirt that said 'I belong to Hermione and Susan' Harry went back to the common room.

"Pretty nice pup."

"Hermione and Susan helped quite a bit. The lady's rooms are about the same. I like the idea of the clusters by years, but we can still communicate with each other. Ah here are the others."

"Let's get started by introducing ourselves and tell us about what you like and don't like, if you use a nickname, that kind of thing. I'm Harry Potter, which you already know. Now about me, well a bunch of people think I lived through being hit by an ~Avada Kedavra~ maybe, maybe not I don't know, and no one else does either. I damn sure didn't kill Tom or kick his soul out of his body. I was 15 months old and don't remember it. It's very possible Mum or Dad did something that saved me. That's more likely than me doing anything other than messing my nappies or wetting on him. I detest this boy who lives crap as much as the 'you know who' bull crap. Hermione."

"I'm Hermione Granger…

"I'm Susan Bones… I also answer to Sue.

"I'm Neville Longbottom … some call me Nev, and I answer.

"Ok now who wants to learn magic, and I mean to learn it… good. Now don't get miffed when I say the first years have an advantage here, but it's true. We start with wandless magic, and not the bull you see some do. Show them Nev please." Nev held his hand out then handed Hannah a dozen roses of different colors.

"Those are the everlasting roses that never die, fade, or need water."

"That's magic, now who can disappear?"

They all looked at him like he was strange, then the Five disappeared. And one flipped Daphne's hair, and Harry turned Sirius pink.

"Damn it Harry Potter."

"What? I was in my room getting these books. Now that's the kind of magic were talking about. Cedric hit me with a stunner."

"Are you sure?"

"Time out Harry, Cedric. What is the house rules for intra house betting? ₭5, ₴1, ₲1. I think it should be reasonable but fun." Hermione said.

"Well for fun stuff I'd think ₴2 or ₭10 should be good. It's small but enough to show interest. For a pool like when is James going to ask Tonya to be his girlfriend then up it to 5 or ten sickles because you have a larger audience and more time to take bets." Sirius said.

"That's good I've got ₭10 that says Harry doesn't get hit," she looked at Harry and said, "if you do get hit, I'll hit you also. I'm still pissed at you."

Harry shuddered and said, "yes dear." The others roared and broke the tension and started bringing the House together.

"Whenever you're ready Cedric," Harry said and turned his back. Cedric said, "Stupefy"

They all saw the red beam start for Harry then bounced up and hit the ceiling. Harry disappeared and appeared behind Cedric and yelled, "Booo!" Cedric jumped, and Harry took his wand.

"That's easier on Cedric than Expelliarmus and knocking him back. Ok everyone relax, and take deep breaths through your nose and hold, exhale from your mouth. Breathe in, hold, out. Relax and close your eyes and find your inner magic. You should feel it then follow it to your center or core. All cores are different mine is a light, but the closer you get the more you can feel it. When you think you have it, tell your magic to float you above your chair or couch. You have to believe you can do this and then convince your magic to do what you want, and you want to float above your seat." Harry kept talking in a soothing tone and told Padma to open her eyes and look down.

She said, "I did it" then dropped back to the couch.

"All right stop, and open your eyes please. As I said, the longer you've used a wand the more dependent you become on the wand. Everyone in this room did wandless magic only it was called accidental magic. The difference one is controlled, and the other isn't. Padma learned that for levitation, you must not break your concentration. Think of the advantage of being able to shield with one hand and cast with the other."

"Now for tonight's exercise, I want you to clear your mind. And no that doesn't mean to get rid of all thoughts it means concentrate on something large like a field of flowers, a lake or the sky. I use the night sky. When you have that then look inward again and search for your magic. When you find it, and you will, return to your clear mind, and relax and sleep. This is the first step in mind magic and when we are finished, damn few wizards can invade your mind. Now I do believe my ladies want a word with me. Most probably several words so I'll say good night, and if I'm not at breakfast search for my body please."

Harry entered one of the conference rooms, and closed the door and put wards up.

"Alright ladies who won?"

"We split one each. I got the part we were moving the schedule up, but Sue got the part Minerva was in danger. We both missed the part the warriors were moving in."

"Ok what do we call Tom for the prank?" Harry asked.

"I'm thinking Moldysquirrel I'm not fond of Moldyshorts or Voldeysnorts," was Hermione's reply.

"I could go with Moldysquirrel or Voldeysquirrell," Sue said.

"Nice start on the wandless magic earlier Harry, some of them will never get it, you know that right?"

"Yes I know Hermione, but at least they will have had the opportunity. Are you ladies ready to go to bed?" Harry asked.

They looked at him and giggled, "Together, one at a time, or separately?" they chorused.

He turned beet red, and Sue grabbed his left ear while Hermione grabbed his right, and they took down the wards and opened the door.

"Harry James Potter don't you ever talk to the Headmistress like that again you've been taught better than that." Hermione almost shouted.

"Yes dear."

"Couch. Now. You'll sleep on it until your manners improve. Not this one you git, the one in your room." Susan shrilled, stamped her foot, and pointed toward the boy's dorm.

"But, but, but."

"Bedroom couch now!" the girls said together. Harry hung his head and mumbled 'women'.

"We heard that Potter, keep it up and there'll be no flying." They shouted as one at his back while he hung his head and smiled. As soon as he entered his bedroom, he put up his privacy wards and shifted to the bank's lobby next to Ragnok.

Gringotts Bank

The lobby was full of reporters all yapping and yelling questions.

"Silence! If you do not remain quiet, and orderly, you will be removed from the bank immediately. You are here for one purpose only, and that is to witness the trial of one Tom Marvolo Riddle known to you as Voldemort. The panel of judges includes the Minister for Magic Madam Amelia Bones, the Chief Warlock Croaker, a member representing the Ruling Nine Lady Augusta Longbottom, the Head of Gringotts Security Sharpaxe, and me Chief of the Goblin Nation Ragnok. Bring in the accused." Ragnok stated.

Six goblin warriors brought in the cocoon that held Voldemort and stood it in front of the judges. The back of Quirrell's head clearly showed Voldemort's face. Photographers went mad taking pictures. The cocoon rotated so the head faced the judges.

"A brief history before the trial begins. For Voldemort's spirit to possess someone, they must allow it willingly. What Quirinus Quirrell may not have realized is that this possession causes a human body to begin deteriorating, and it will die in less than one year. By allowing Voldemort to possess him, Quirrell signed his own death warrant, and nothing can stop that. A trap was set at Hogwarts to capture Voldemort, and it was carried out successfully this evening by my warriors and me with Lord Potter and the Headmistress providing a distraction. At no time was any student in danger. The trial of Tom Marvolo Riddle is now in session."

"Mr. Riddle can you hear me clearly."

"Yes," the face said.

"For your information, the cocoon you're in forces you to tell the truth." Ragnok stated.

"Do what you will, I am immortal and shall return." Tom replied.

"I'm glad you think so, but your trinkets have been destroyed." Ragnok answered.

R "Is your name Tom Marvolo Riddle?"

T "Yes"

R "Are you known as Voldemort?"

T "Yes"

R "How many people have you killed or ordered killed?"

T "Thousands including goblins"

R "Are you admitting your guilt?"

T "Yes"

Ragnok and the other judges conferred then Ragnok stood and said, "It is the decision of this panel that Mr. Tom Marvolo Riddle be put to death by sending him through our veil of death with the panel as the only witnesses. However, photographs of the execution will be provided to the press. Mr. Tom Marvolo Riddle may your god have mercy on you because we have none. This concludes the trial of Tom Marvolo Riddle. If you sit quietly, we will provide the photographs when we return. Take that trash to the death room please." Ragnok commanded and the panel plus Harry followed the guards.

Deep within Gringotts, they entered a room. Its only unusual feature was an arch covered by a veil.

"Mr. Riddle that veil will send you to your final judgment. You'll find your quest of immortality will end like all previous ones. That ending is your death and final judgment." Ragnok told Tom.

"Good bye Tommy boy I hope you don't enjoy hell. One day perhaps Dumbledore will join you, and you can discuss where you both went wrong." Harry stated with a smirk.

The cocoon was levitated slowly toward the veil and then through it. They all heard the scream "Nooo". The wizards and goblins relaxed, shook hands, and even hugged each other. What they didn't know at the time was that Tom used the mark to draw magic from his followers in an attempt to save his worthless life. As their magic left them through the mark, they died a painful death.

In the Gringotts dungeons, Draco Malfoy looked in horror as his parents screamed and grabbed their left arms then died in pain. Draco was alone and scared. He knew he should be going to Hogwarts to learn magic and follow his father's footsteps serving the dark lord. Now all he had to look forward to was shoveling dragon shit. He yelled for a guard crying that something had happened to his parents.

A guard entered the cell and removed the left sleeve from the adult Malfoy robes showing a dark red mark. "Stupid humans tying their magic to another person is never a good idea. Well, he used it to try to save himself apparently. Shame this, we could have got at least 120 years of work from them. You're healthier perhaps we can get longer out of you."

The guard levitated the bodies and mumbled something about dragon food and dung as he left the cell. Draco sat on the stone slab that was his bed, with his head in his hands wondering how dumb his parents were. He sat for hours reviewing his life and that of his father and mother. What he saw wasn't pleasant as he realized his parents had dishonored the House of Malfoy. He wished there was a way for him to return House Malfoy to honor.

As the reporters were receiving their photos, Harry faded to Hermione's bedroom where Susan waited with her psuedo sister.

Founder's House – Hogwarts

"It's done and he's gone for good, here are our copies of the photos. Not much to see really, the only sound was his scream as he passed through the veil. Come hug your future husband good night and sleep well my ladies."

They did as Harry asked and were surprised when he told them he loved them. Harry left for his room but made a detour to the Great Hall. He slept in until 6:45 a.m., then got up and showered. He put a set of cheap school robes on then went to the common room.

"Good morning everyone, Voldemort is dead. Really dead this time, I watched him being sent through the goblin's veil of death last night. Who managed to clear their mind?"

All the first-year student hands were raised along with most second-year students. Third and fourth years knew they would need to catch up.

"That's great ladies and men. What I propose is that we study magic in the morning the next two days then have fun in the afternoon and evening. Sue will work with the firsties, Hermione with the second years, Hannah and Nev with the third years, and I'll work with the fourth-year group. I don't know if you've had a chance to look around our wing, but we are set up better than the other houses. The door next to Salazar's portrait opens to stairs. If you go down, there is a full potions lab stocked with everything you'll need for classes. Our elves are distributing books that explain ingredients and how to prepare them. It's a how to and why book that you should have been told to purchase. The previous potion Professor was less than adequate. Sirius and Remus were both outstanding potion students."

"Up stairs are four more levels, immediately above us is our library. It is like no other, because you'll find some scrolls written by Merlin and the founders. While you may read and make notes, they cannot leave the library. The third floor is classrooms and three dueling rooms so you can practice for your OWLs and NEWTs. The top floor is our game room and ballroom as well as meeting rooms. Now the kicker, mixed couples can meet and snog, but it goes no further than that unless you're married. You can bring guests from the other houses to the common room, but you must lead them by the hand. When they leave, they will have no memory of the common room's location. Let's go to breakfast."

They entered the Great Hall and found their table was at the front parallel to the head table. They were jumbled up instead of sitting by ages. Harry sat between his ladies in front of Minerva. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as the students chatted and ate until the Headmistress entered.

A trumpet sounded, and the Great Hall ceiling flashed and showed fireworks as the Great Hall torches dimmed. Then large words began scrolling from the front to the back.

At 2107 hours, 1 September 1991

The trial of Tom Marvolo Riddle

It began in front of five judges.

Chaired by Chief Ragnok

Judges included

Minister Amelia Bones

Chief Warlock Croaker

Ruling Nine member Augusta Longbottom

Chief of Goblin Security Sharpaxe

Chief Ragnok questioned the defendant

Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Moldysquirrel or Voldeysquirrell

Under questioning Tommy boy admitted guilt

After conferring, the judges sentenced him to death

At 2123 hours, 1 September 1991

Tom Marvolo Riddle was sent through the veil of death

This message was presented by … someone!

As the last line appeared the Slytherins hair and robes turned to green and silver stripes. The other houses laughed. Then the Ravenclaws hair and robes turned to blue and bronze, followed by the Hufflepuffs turning to canary yellow and midnight black. The Gryffindors turned to scarlet and gold, while the Founders turned to royal blue and gold. At the head table, the Professors smiled until they changed to polka dots that included all the school colors.

The ceiling showed fireworks again and then everyone read: The Marauders have returned!

"Sirius Black, Remus Lupin detention, my office after breakfast." Minerva yelled.

"Excuse me Headmistress but you can only give detention to students. Besides that, Remus and I are not guilty of this. In seven years here, we were never able to change the ceiling you are being misdirected just as Lily used to do. Remember it was Lily not James and I that changed your robes."

"Alright I apologize. While I have the floor, notice the two students sitting at the small table to my left. These two decided to check out Mr. Potter's statement about getting caught out after curfew. As you can see, they were caught. Their punishment is a month's detention with Mr. Filch for a week, then the heads of house for a week. If they're caught again they will be expelled. Since Tom Marvolo Riddle is dead all students may visit Hogsmeade on weekends from 08:00 until 16:00 on Saturday and Sunday if you are not serving detention. However, you need your parent's or guardian's permission. Adult students may travel anywhere they wish from the end of their last class on Friday until 16:00 Sunday unless you are serving detention. Keep in mind this is a privilege and not a right. Saturday 14 September, the school will hold an open house for all parents, this includes muggle parents. All parents will be invited to attend Quidditch matches as well. We will treat all of our guests with respect, now I believe Lord Gryffindor-Potter has something to say."

"Good morning. I said last night that a basilisk roams our grounds, what I didn't say for obvious reasons is that her name is Sadie. I do control her as Salazar's heir, since he hatched and raised her. Sadie has graciously offered to let us ride her back and tour the forbidden forest. Her main job is the protection of Hogwarts, its students, and staff in that order. She will hood her eyes so that it's safe to see her head. Be warned she seems somewhat of a prankster with a sense of humor."

"Harry she's huge at least 60 feet long."

"I know Hagrid I met Sadie earlier this summer. Tommy boy used his blood status to control her and kill Myrtle. But my status is higher than his was, so I now control her. I suspect the Acromantula colony has been thinned a bit? She says they are tasty but stringy and don't smell very good. Oh I almost forgot. Ollivander wants to see you about getting you a new wand."

Hagrid cried and blew his nose causing a roar of laughter.

"One last thing, beginning at lunch the house tables will be replaced with round tables seating from six to twelve. There will be no house designations during those meals. This provides a chance to meet your peers and get to know them. Remember its good business to meet possible customers or partners. And limiting yourself to one-fourth the student population is not good business. Thank you Headmistress."

Harry sat down, as Fred stood and began to clap he was followed by George then the others. Soon, everyone except a handful of Slytherins was clapping for Harry, who was beet red from his head down to his toes.

End of flashback

May 15, 2166

The old man returned his thoughts to the present deciding it had been one hell of a way to be introduced to the wizard world. He remembered his wedding on his 16th birthday 170 years ago, but it seemed like yesterday to him. He slumped in his chair. He lost Sue on 2 May 2166, and Hermione nine days later. They had good years and had five sets of twins that included eight boys and two of the three girls, 44 grand children, 112 great-grand children, and 206 great, great-grandchildren. All lines were secure again. Ragnok had retired and turned the Chief duties over to Sharpaxe. Harry wasn't surprised to find out Ragnok was 202 years old when they met.

Three dark lords had raised their ugly head, one in North Africa, another in New Zealand, and the last in Brazil. A mixed force of wizards, goblins, and elves, quickly and publicly took them and their few followers out. Harry knew it would happen again but not in his lifetime since it was nearly over.

Harry stood and walked to his quarters. He put his funeral robes on and lay on his bed not bothering to cover himself against the cool evening air. "Well I've kept my ladies waiting too long." He said and closed his eyes one last time.

Harry's grandson Harry James Gryffindor found him and said, "Rest in peace granddad you deserve it."

At a place, some call heaven two twenty-year-old women waited with their parents and family including James and Lily Potter. Padfoot, Mooney and their wives and family waited nearby as a tall man with messy raven hair appeared. He looked to be twenty-two or so and was fit. He moved with the grace of a jungle cat. His smile reached his eyes as he held his arms open for his ladies.

The End of Introduction to the Wizard World.

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