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Years had passed since UBS and SODOM… the Gang had graduated from college now they all have different lives but they still continue to hang out with each other.

A loud bang came from the outer office of Tokiya Mikagami, but that said person did not bother to look up nor is he startled by the commotion. Because this has been an ordinary occurrence especially when it concerns a certain purple haired girl named Fuuko Kirisawa.

Looking up to see his harassed secretary just to inform him that Captain Kirisawa is here to see him without an appointment. He gave her a curt nod as his secretary went out with a glare given to the girl currently making her way towards his desk.

"Hey Ice Man" the boisterous gal yelled even if they are a mere meter away from each other.

Cringing at the nickname she had given him; he only grunted in response

As if nothing happened she sat down at the edge of his table totally ignoring the comfortable chair that is place in front of his desk.

He sighs in annoyance… he found himself thinking if she will ever learn the proper etiquette or manner that a lady of her stature should act upon.

Looking at the man sitting behind the desk who is buried behind a mountain of paper work she could only sigh. There he was the quintessential CEO, hardworking, driven and most of all BORING.

Outside the office, the infuriated secretary was taking it on her hapless keyboard. Never mind that GIRL ignored her, never mind that she has the gall to totally ignore the schedule, never mind that she has disrupted her work but the most unforgivable is the fact that she can just barge in the Ice Prince office like she owns the damned office and spend time with her Prince. Her Prince mined you… but No when it comes to her even if she is taking notes for the purpose of work he is absolutely reticent.

"What does she have that I don't?" she asks herself

"She is the boss special friend" come a voice from behind

The Secretary jumped at the sound of the voice, she gave that person a very fierce glare.

"Don't just come out of nowhere" she yelled at him then panicked as she looks at Mikagami's office. Scared that he might hear her yelling after all she had done her best as to be one of the most graceful, elegant and soft-spoken lady in the whole office. That is why it irked her to know that a brash, ugly not to mention a brute at that can get close to her prince.

Kaoru smiled apologetically at the startled secretary. "Is the boss inside?"

She raises her eyebrows at him "Yes! What do you want?"

"I need to give him the documents that he had asked me to bring, does he have a visitor?'

"Isn't it obvious? That shameless hussy is inside!"

With a quizzical frown he asked her "shameless hussy?" then it snapped "oh! You mean kirasawa san; not that I am agreeing to you calling her a hussy"

"Then what do you call a person throwing herself at a person who doesn't even like her then?" she asks with raised voice

"I got a question for you, if the boss doesn't like her do you think he would tolerate her being alone with him inside his office?"

That got her she just look at him with her mouth opening and closing like a guppy.

Kaoru just laugh at her expression, he waves at her and then proceeded towards Mikagami's office.

Inside the office Fuuko is starting to get bored, she had been sitting at the table for the past couple of minutes. But the human ice block is not even saying anything.

Then she saw Mikagami's personal assistant making his way towards the office. She smiled as she saw him. Looks like she won't be bored anymore with that she smiled wickedly.

Meanwhile Tokiya is busy ignoring Fuuko, and as he looks up he saw her wicked smile. And at the same time he saw his personal assistant approaching his office. A shiver of apprehension went up his spine at that smile on her face.

When Kaoru was mere inches away from the door Fuuko jumped from her spot on the table towards the lap of the distressed Mikagami. Then she quickly wraps her arms around his neck and proceeded on giving him a mind blowing kiss.

Tokiya was busy contemplating what is behind that smile; he looks up to acknowledge the presence of his personal assistant. Fuuko suddenly jumps from her seat towards his lap then quickly wraps her arms around his neck and to the shock of his existence she kissed him. For a moment he was there frozen he could not move an inch from shock. But the feel of her lips coaxing him to respond to her; made him almost forget where he was. He responded with fervent ardor as he licks the outline of her lips asking permission to enter. She opens her mouth a little and let him have his way. His hands were making its way towards the small of her back as he tightened his hold on her.

A sudden noise from the door has awakened them to their senses. Both of them had stopped then Fuuko smiled at the newcomer like nothing out of the ordinary has happened but she did not move from her place. Instead she gave kaoru a cheeky grin and completely ignores Tokiya's attempts to get her off him.

Kaoru was happily walking towards his boss office after he had successfully annoyed the office witch. As he walks thru the door he had gotten the shock of his life, for the Ice prince is at his table making out with the purpled haired bombshell. He drops the file he was holding as they both jump out of each others embrace. Then Fuuko turned to him and gave him a cheeky grin as if waiting for him to react.

He cleared his throat and looks at the window behind his boss. Just as to NOT look at the couple. He took a deep breath as he spoke with a little quiver in his voice.

"These are the documents you asked me to bring, I'll just leave it here" and with those words he turned around and walks away quietly closing the door. Outside he wipes his forehead and heaves a sigh of relief. He doesn't want to be in that same situation again.

Inside the office after the door was shut, Fuuko suddenly burst out laughing. Tokiya unceremoniously dumped Kirisawa at the carpeted floor. That earned him a glare from her then she looks at him then sat down on heap in a fit of giggles.

"Did you see his expression?' she asked with tears in her eyes

Tokiya cannot help but give her a grin in response, for the expression of his personal assistant was priceless even at the expense of his reputation.

"KIrisawa as much as I am having a good laugh at the expense of my staff could you please refrain from terrorizing my men."

"Spoil sport! She gave him a sassy grin. "You know what sub zero you're life is sooo Boring can't you just get the stick out of your sexy" then looks at that said anatomy.

"Don't patronize me, I am not amused besides what do you have against my life? You had been constantly nagging me to change".

She poked his chest, "because your life is so dreary Mr. Freeze I mean look at you you're starting to look like Dracula you've gotten so pale. I bet you haven't got out of this cave to just walk outside for some sunshine'.

"And how about you constant parties, endless neck breaking expeditions in the middle of nowhere do you sincerely have a death wish huh Turk?"

"Turk? Who is Turk?"

Mikagami just gave her a smile then put his hand at her back as he gently ushered her out of his office.

"Now you had your fun now please let me get back to my work and I'll call you probably at the end of a century. Then close the door gently behind her. Then he shakes his head in disbelief and gave a small smile white uttering her name.

Fuuko was about to turn around to ask him again but she change her mind she will leave him alone for now. She walks out smiling but a question still lingers in her mind … Who the hell is turk?


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