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Previously on Boredom…

He puts his head in his hands as he willed himself to calm down, now he had started to regret the prank he pulled. He was a goner now…


Fuuko knew people had been giving her weird looks but she doesn't care. She is walking barefoot with a shirt just covering her; but she had never felt this happy. She touches her lips remembering the kiss…

Strike one… two more strikes and you're out Rico; then she holds out a small keychain with a figure of a small penguin attach to it. He should watch out skipper =D

She smiles at the sun; tomorrow another day for revenge…

Tokiya Mikagami's office…

A lone figure can be seen inside the dark office… and that figure is Tokiya Mikagami. He has his face in his palms as he gave an inward groan. He knew that he had messed up BIG time. He had been walking on eggshells for the past few days. ALL thanks to the Gorilla girl, sighing as he vividly remembers the facial expression on the Board Members face when they saw the predicament he was in.

Eyes bulging with their jaws almost meeting the floor, well can he really blame them? After all even he has to admit he was TRAUMATIZED. How much more for those stuck up penguins?

At the sound of the penguin, he is reminded once again about the stuff penguin currently sitting in front of him. Trust the queen of the jungle to come up with these downright outlandish antics.

Massaging the bridge of his nose; he stood up to stare at the night. Fuuko still hasn't called him and it is REALLY pissing him off.

He had tried calling her, but no answer. He even resorted to blackmailing Recca, Domon and Fuuko's colleagues just to get a chance to talk to her but to no avail they all confesses that they have absolutely no Idea where Fuuko is.

How could that girl vanish? He knew of course that she had resorted to threats and bodily harm to the first person to tell him where she is. He has to admit she won this time.

Closing his eyes, he admits defeat ESPECIALLY after that kiss where he had literally forgotten where he was at that time. But what got to him is what she told him before leaving "strike 1" so she says it only means that he has to endure 2 more strikes. He continues to reflect while grumbling "Perhaps I should draw out my will"…

Two weeks… he had been on guard for 2 miserable weeks he had NEVER and he means never this paranoid before. Trust the Baboon lady to know just how to torture him. Even Koran Mori had nothing against Fuuko when it comes to torturing him or any other people for that matter.

The upside the people in the office seem to have forgotten the boardroom fiasco. As for the stuck up penguins they only need a slight persuasion on his part. After all they seemed to be keen on seeing THE GREAT KIRISAWA FUUKO in all her glory. He doesn't know why this thought doesn't make him happy; he had a sudden urge to smash their faces in.

His thoughts were rudely interrupted when a police officer and a fireman came in his office. A shiver of apprehension runs at the back of his spine; fearing the worse he looks up….

Fuuko was having the time of her life; she is currently running across the forest path. Trying to avoid the bullets coming her way; she evaded them by doing somersaults just to evade an incoming barrage of bullets.

Panting as she shoots at Raiha who is currently hiding behind the trunk of an old tree. He has this peculiar gleam in his eyes; suddenly he disappeared from her line of vision. She was looking around trying to find him then a tingling at the back of her spine. Turning around she came face to face with Raiha; shots where heard as the birds flies away from fight.

Fuuko was lying at the forest ground as Raiha looks in on her with a smug smile in his face.

"So how long are you planning on lying there?"

Stifling a groan "That really hurts you know" scowling

"Baby!" he teased

She grins as she reaches out to him; she is having a time of her life having a paint ball war with Raiha. She had persuaded him into coming with her for a well earned vacation and a quick getaway from the vengeful wrath of the one and only "ICE PRINCE".

"So tell me Princess, what mischief are you up to for the hapless Prince?"

With those words she had to cling to Raiha for support a bout of giggles came over her. Raiha smiles in amusement…

"So what did you do?" with raised eyebrows as he watches her try to stifle a laugh. Composing herself she enlightens him of her plan commencing at the moment.

Meanwhile at Mikagami's Office

Mikagami is not a drinking man, but for the first time in his life he wanted to resort to drinking till he forgets what had transpired just mere moments ago.

He was reflecting on how he can get he hands on Magilla's cousin when he was rudely interrupted by a police man and a fireman came in to his office.

He was about to tell them to leave when…

"Mr. Mikagami?" the policeman asked him in a serious tone of voice

"Yes" he answered in a bored tone

The policeman approaches him then reaches out his hand.

"Hi I'm officer Kowabara"

Looking at the policeman with distrust in his eyes he reaches out to shake his hand. Which turned out to be HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE; the said policeman grabs his arm then proceeded to handcuff him at his chair.

Then music came blaring from a stereo; which in turn caught the attention of the people outside his office. Of all the days he had to forget to close the blinds it has to be this day.

To his HORROR, the guy wearing the fireman suit began stripping his clothes one by one. While his hips adulate to the sound of the music the policeman also began taking all his clothes as well while grinding his hips along with the music.

The said policeman turns his chair the proceeded in grinding in front of him.

Tokiya is speechless, he just stares at them in the amazement to the dismay of the onlookers especially the women.

After he recovers from the initial shock; he tried to speak over the blaring music but the men seems to be in a world on their own. He was attempting to get to the phone the security.

When his assistant Kaoru came to his office, with his eyes wide he made his way towards his Boss.

Tokiya saw his assistant; if he wasn't handcuffed to his chair he could have gave the man a hug.

Kaoru reached Mikagami then whispered to his ear;

"What do you want to do Boss?"

Fighting the urge to yell, he whispered…

"GET THEM OUT OF HERE" he said in a very serious tone

With those chilling words Kaoru sprung to action; he immediately closes the blinds and then he pulled the plug. This seemed to gather the attention of the two men who are buck naked now.

Kaoru took the key from the policeman and proceeded to un-cuffed Tokiya.

With his hands free; he had the sudden urge to take the chair and smash it on the strippers head. But logic took the better on him he questioned the men…

"Who sent you?" he asked in his most chilling voice

"We are sent by you're boyfriend sir" they answered solemnly as they gather their clothes from the floor.

With those words the guy who is dress now in the same fireman outfit gave him a basket. The said basket is literally filled with all sorts of condom brand known to men. Along with it was an assortment of sexual enhancers with a card attach to it.

He flips open the card just to see a pill attach to the upper part of the card with the words VIAGRA embossed on the pill.

Mr. Freeze,

Just thought you want to heat things up, See you tonight!

Love and Kisses

You're Boyfriend



Strike 2!

Kaoru was reading over Mikagami's shoulder, upon seeing the pill and what is written on the note he had fallen on the floor in a slump. It seems the shock had gotten the best of him.

The two men jump towards the fainted assistant, they help him up as they take the hapless assistant to the nearest TRAUMA CENTER.

In there haste they have completely forgotten about Mikagami, which suit Tokiya really well. He had made a mental note to give Kaoru a well earned vacation with additional cash bonus from all the shock he had put him through. And the tab is going under the name of the Donkey Kong's fiancé.

A dark shadow looms as the surroundings turned colder. A smile grazing his face by the 3rd strike; the purpled haired baboon will regret the day she turned him into a homophobic. Shuddering as he recalls the scene he runs out of the office in search of much needed alcohol.

Little did Mikagami know that one that the purple headed baboon was laughing at his expression. She had secretly installed a small camera just to get his reaction. Priceless that is the most perfect word she can describe his reaction.

Sitting back on the lounge chair as she hums the song that was playing before while whispering.

"STRIKE 2 Happy feet"


NO! Strippers were harmed in making this fanfic just a hapless Kaoru under going therapy with a shrink named HIZOKA. Bless Kaoru's soul

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