Title: Mind Games

Genre: General/Hurt Comfort/Romance

Disclaimer: I definitely do not own any of the "Twilight" characters used in this story. That doesn't mean I can't use them for my entertainment though.

Rating: Ranging From T to M

Warning: This is Slash which meaning at some point this story will involve relations between people of the same gender. Could be male or female. Either way if that's not your cup of tea feel free I'd suggest you not read this then. I also have to warn you that this story may or may not be rather boring to you. As you will see below this story are the mental ramblings of a troubled boy whom is obsessed with psychology

OC's thoughts will be in Italics. Just thought you'd wanna know cause you're gonna see a lot of it.

Psychology was my major.

I had an undeniable interest in it. The study of the human mind and behaviors, it was fantastic. I was excited about my first year of college and the start of my education in Psych. Most people considered me weird because of my fascination with it.

I never really had any friends I was always alone and when I did get close to forming a friendship it ended because of me. I guess I didn't know how to have a friend. It was probably because I saw people as patients in my eyes asking weird questions, saying things that I didn't necessarily have any busy saying.

For example, discussing the death of a student's parent when I wasn't really close to them, getting girls to admit to anorexia before they could admit to themselves. I considered that a help, I could possibly had saved her life by pointing out her insecurities. Sometimes it led to violent encounters such as the time when I had suspicions of a classmate using steroids. I waited until it was just us two alone in the classroom I decided to explain to him the dangers and precautions of steroid use. He didn't find the information I provided as useful as I did and I ended up getting slammed against a wall with a steel grip around my neck. He could me that if I told anyone he was going to kill me. I normal person would probably had been scared but honestly, I wasn't. I was thinking about what could possibly have led to his steroid use. Maybe he wanted attention. It was lonely being an outcast and hurtful as well. Or maybe he wanted to be accepted. But, he doesn't know was that people are not seeing the real him. What they are looking at are the results of an illegal medication.

The human mind is confusing and yet intriguing at the same time and I intend to un-riddle the mysteries of the human mind. I should probably start with mine first though. Humans aren't lab rats that should be experimented with they have feelings and based on my experienced with the concept of friendship I could tell that most people didn't like being treated in such a way. Maybe that was something I could work on during my first year of college.

I huffed as I lugged my suitcase in my dorm room. I sighed, now to start unpacking everything. I looked around the moderately small dorm room. There was two queen sized beds situated in the middle. I dresser on each side, an empty wooden desk, a small closet and a bathroom with a sink and a bathtub equipped with a shower. This room was mediocre at best.

I wasn't really used to these living standards; I was born into one of the more wealthy families. My Father being a surgeon and Mother was a Lawyer, very busy parents as you can see. I never really received that much attention I just knew that I was expected to be on my best behavior for the sake of my family's reputation.

While I was younger I would purposely do little things like lying or misbehaving. When I was caught they would ask for an explanation. "Joseph! I received a call from your teacher, Mr. Letterman… U.S History does that ring a bell?" I would nod, "Yes because I'd done it on purpose?" He arched an eyebrow and looked over to mother. She would have rolled her eyes and sighed. "And why exactly would you do that?" She would ask. "I wanted to see how you would react". And I guess you could say that's where those mind games began.


I felt accomplished when I finally finished unpacking everything into my new dorm. I had all of my clothes neatly folded in the dresser my side, I used my silk sheets and blankets back from home on my bed, my book were organized on the book shelf and my laptop was currently charging on my bed. I sat down at the center of my bed wondering what there was to do now. Classes didn't start until tomorrow morning. And I didn't really didn't have anything or anyone to study at the moment until my roommate came in.

Jacob Black

If I remembered correctly I believe that was his name. I was looking forward to meeting him and how much I could learn from him. I started to find these new living arrangements rather convenient I would be learning something new every day.

I decided to read "Interpretation of the Human Behavior" as a past time. I had already read the book a hand full of times but it didn't hurt to refresh myself on something I already knew.

After an hour or someone knocked on the door. And nearly two seconds later the door opened and in came a short haired, tanned male.

Impatience, lack of patience; intolerance of or irritability with anything that impedes or delays. I was planning on getting up and opening the door for him but apparently he was in a rush.

He didn't seem to notice my presence yet.

I suppose he wasn't very aware of his surroundings. Maybe he was distracted? Something important could have been on his mind or he possibly could have been engrossed at the task at hand. He seemed frustrated and exhausted.

He was carrying what seemed like two heavy suitcases, and dropped then near the empty bed on his side. He sighed in relief, "Shit that was fucking heavy". He gave the room a quick look before looking over to me. He seemed surprised.

Hmm… most likely he had carried those bags a long way so that would explain his frustration and his need to rush things. It was understandable. And that vulgar language. That could result from the modern trends of today and he could have inherited from his friends. I wonder why seemed so surprised by seeing me. Surely he was informed about having a roommate as I was.

"Err sorry about that, for some reason the elevator decided not to work today and I had to carry all of this by the stairs. Then with my luck our room had to be on the 4th floor but enough of all of my ramblings and stuff I'm Jacob Black and you are?"

I thought about how people strive to make the best first impressions so that would explain his apology. He seemed friendly enough though with his greeting.

I smiled in a socially acceptable way that should let him know that I had disregarded his earlier performance. "I know who you are, sometime during registration we were supposed to be informed." He rubbed at the back of his head.

A nervous gesture

"Yeah, I wasn't really paying attention, that orientation crap was boring. It was hard to keep myself awake during the whole thing. I did pay attention to the important stuff though. That's how I made it here obviously."

So he didn't care about whom he would be rooming with it seems. I wondered why, I mean I would care who I would rooming with for college as I do now. And why he nervous? Maybe he's afraid of me judging him incorrectly. That I would assume he was an idiot of some sort. I should say something that would reassure him that I thought otherwise.

"Don't be nervous, I don't think you're an idiot and nice to meet you. "I'm Joseph White" He replied with a confused expression.

It seemed like the air between us awkward. Maybe I shouldn't read him like that, or maybe I read wrong. If I did were did my mistake lie?

He seemed put off for a second and then he went neutral. "I'm gonna go unpack some stuff now" He said cautiously.

Maybe I intimidated him? Not physically but intellectually….. Mentally? I noticed that he was trying very hard that he was not to look my way. I observed the various items he pulled out of his suitcases. There were some clothes which ranged from wife beater, shorts, worn out pants, jerseys and flannels. He dressed like the typical male. He also pulled out a football which implied that it could had been a hobby, then these sewn blankets with an intricate pattern on them. I doubted he had sewn them himself but I could had been wrong. Maybe it was from his now distant family. It probably was away of feeling like he was at home. He pulled out a laptop similar to mine, and finally he pulled out a sweater and stared at it for a few seconds. I inferred that it had a special meaning to him. I sighed and placed it by his bed.

Jacob sighed and stood up stretching his limbs, turning to me. "I think I'm probably going to stay in tonight. I am way too tired. I drove all of the way from this place called Forks. You probably haven't heard of it before."

He's from Washington, then.

"I have, Washington?" I said knowing that I was correct but wanting to continue conversing with him. He nodded, "Yeah, it's this small town where it is always raining. It's pretty boring, a few beaches, some parks, it wasn't much but it was home though."

He's reminiscing. I guess that means he didn't leave home much back in Forks. It's understandable but there wasn't much for me at home to reminisce about.

"Are you going out tonight?" He said after a while. I shook my head, "No, I'm rather exhausted myself. I might go out to buy some supplies for the room though. I supposed we'll need a refrigerator in here in means for food." He smirked, "Well you mind if I tag along? It's not like I am doing anything here anyways. And besides… you definitely won't be able to carry fridge. You're so freaking skinny man. You gotta get some meat on your bones."

It seems he is trying to initiate a friendship of some sort. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to attempt a relationship with him. Inevitably, He will run away though. And apparently he was observing me as well as he noticed my slim figure.

I always figured it was due to my high metabolism. Even if it was I still didn't eat that in the first place. I was always distracted anyways.

"You're right; I wasn't thinking that far ahead yet. I'd appreciated it." He smiled and walked over to me, "Has anyway ever told you that you are weird?" He asked.

I pondered upon the question. It wasn't necessarily inaccurate to say that 80% of the people I've had the chance to converse with ended up saying the same thing.