Title: Mind Games

Genre: General/Hurt Comfort/Romance

Disclaimer: I definitely do not own any of the "Twilight" characters used in this story. That doesn't mean I can't use them for my entertainment though.

Rating: Ranging From T to M

Warning: This is Slash which meaning at some point this story will involve relations between people of the same gender. Could be male or female. Either way if that's not your cup of tea feel free I'd suggest you not read this then. I also have to warn you that this story may or may not be rather boring to you. As you will see below this story are the mental ramblings of a troubled boy whom is obsessed with psychology

OC's thoughts will be in Italics. Just thought you'd wanna know cause you're gonna see a lot of it.

We ended up taking Jacob's truck; chances were that a fridge wouldn't fit in a ford focus. We decided on stopping a nearby Wal-Mart.

The ride was very silent, which was strange because he didn't seem like a quiet person back in the dorm. I was quiet by default; I was a listener by nature. I wonder what he was thinking about. His eyes were trained on the road, eyes occasionally glancing at me thinking I wasn't paying attention. He obviously wanted to say something.

"So…" He began tapping the wheel, and sliding down the windows.

I thought about whether I was making him nervous or not. I wasn't really being that sociable at the moment but, my body language was neutral. I was leaning back against the leather seat, with my eyes to the road. To anyone else it would seem like I was relaxed and not thoroughly examining them mentally.

I turned him, "Do you have something to say?" I asked. Jacob's grip on the steering wheel tightened. He sighed heavily, "Look man, it's just really weird. We just met and I don't really know to say. I'm not usually like this. It's just that…."

I guess I can understand why he was feeling that way. This was a completely new place for him and seeing that he was used to being home, I understood why he was feeling that way. I began thinking about how I could maybe make him more comfortable.

His next words were obviously going to be about something negative about me, and I eagerly awaited them. I liked criticism, a lot actually.

"….I feel like you're reading me like a book, and that if I make a single mistake you're gonna think I'm some idiot or something so…" I continued for him, "It's easier to be quiet?" He nodded, and then his eyes widened. "Yeah! See what you just did? Can you read my mind of something dude?" He asked completely serious.

He seemed to really care about my opinion.

"Jacob, I assure you that I'm not reading your mind. I'm not really sure if that a possibly seeing that there's not much evidence proving that it is indeed possible. And also I am not… judging you or anything of the sort. I told you earlier remember? I didn't think you were an idiot." He chuckled, "Yeah, well enough about me, tell me some stuff about you?"

Not many where interested in my life I as were in there, this was somewhat unexpected. I didn't what I could say. And even if there was something to say, there wouldn't be much.


"I'm eighteen" I said quickly.

He wouldn't be the first to be surprise by my age. "Okay, I know it shouldn't be surprising that you are 18 seeing that you are in college but geez, you look 16 or 17. Well, I'm 18 too. "

"Hobbies? Other than Y'know reading my mind." He said with smirk.

I decided to humor him "Well, aside from reading your mind which we both decided I can do…. I usually find myself reading, writing, listening to music, and traveling but that's usually a family matter."

Jacob nodded, "I've never been out of state before that must've been pretty cool."

"Yes, it was pretty eventful." I agreed.

We kept going back and forth with questions for one another. Well, it was mostly me asking to questions to be honest. But, surprisingly he answered them all confidently. I didn't really find any vital about him though. I was trying to be discrete and not straight forward by asking personal questions. I was looking for a flinch, or even one second of hesitation but there was none to find. You'd think that he wasn't as dark and bottled up as I thought he was but I knew something up. I wasn't a cocky person; I just knew when I was right.

A few seconds later, there was a faint sound of vibrating. I assumed it was his cellphone. He quickly pulled it out is pocket keeping his left hand on the steering wheel. After examining the phone he sighed, and shut it.

I wonder what that was about? Obviously he wasn't pleased with whatever the text he received. I didn't have enough information about him to figure what the problem could had been but, I could be stereotypical and guess. Now, what is a normal issue for a 18 year old guy, in college?

"Girlfriend problems?" I asked. And I was happy to see that I was right when his eyes had widened in surprise.

He opened his mouth to say something but then closed it. "I'm not going to even ask how you even knew that. "

Jacob sighed and leaned back again the driver seat. "Her name is Leah Clearwater. We're not really together like that at the moment. We are taking a break and I don't really wanna talk about it right."

I nodded. Even though I was very curious and looked forward to questioning him about the situation in the future I respected his space.

After we finished our business at the store we decided to stop at a McDonald's. Jacob was apparently starving and hadn't eaten a full meal since he left home. He ordered a large amount of food and I just ordered a drink, we sat ourselves at that back of the restaurant.

"So... are you excited for class tomorrow?" He asked as he started eating his fries.

I shrugged, "Not necessarily, and I am pretty curious though." I replied taking a sip of my diet coke.

He arched an eyebrow, "Curious... about what?" He asked.

"Well, it's college... The time for new experiences, maturity, meeting new people...I could go on but I think you get my point."

He seemed surprised about my response. I guess that was reasonable. I didn't exactly put out a social able aura. If anything I did the opposite and people tend to stray from me whenever possible. In high school I apparently was the dark mysterious and brooding young man sitting alone at lunch time. But, that's alright now... I can make a new and better impression now maybe be more social able. Besides, there was something in it for me anyways.

They could think they were making a friend and me...

I just found the human mentality fascinating.

"I wouldn't peg you for the a guy who actually looks forward to meeting people... But, anyways you should probably keep low for a little bit. You're a small guy and no offense but you kind dig into stuff you have no business with in the first place. I mean, everyone's not as tolerable as I am."

I almost wanted to laugh, or smirk. What was telling is true. I've been through various situations where the victim wasn't as tolerant as I thought they would be. No matter, I've learnt from my mistake. Verbal conversations weren't the only way to gather information on the subject.

I nodded, "Thank you for the advice, but I've been in that situation before. I normally get myself out… unscathed."

I thought about his advice. He was looking out for me. Was it really possible that he was letting his guard down already for me? Or… maybe this could tie into his past somehow. Maybe there was someone he needed to take care of and ended up failing in the end. Maybe I am a means of redemption for him.

Jacob chuckled out of nowhere.

I glanced at him patiently waiting for his explanation. Was I doing something humorous? Or was humor his way of covering up an emotion.

"Dude, seriously… sometimes I think I can hear the gears working inside your head man. And then, you were making this funny face. Oh, man…" he continued laughing.

Hmm… a funny face? I would have to spend to some personal time reviewing my social able facial expressions.

Even though his laughter his at my expense I wanted to make it seem like I was enjoying his company. So, I smiled and hopefully it was acceptable and not "weird" looking.

After his laughing fit Jacob finished his meal and offered to get rid of our finished meals.

It was confirmed. I had officially gotten to him. Now to figure out what exactly had I done to accomplish this.

"Thank you, Jacob I appreciate your assistance."

He turned away, shifting back and forth from both feet. "it's nothing" He muttered.

Obviously he was nervous. He was he nervous about me thanking him. Maybe I should be more cautious when thanking him or do it in a different way….

Physical Contact, a handshake ,maybe… It wasn't too physical that it would make a another male uncomfortable.

I raised my arm.

He arched an eyebrow.

Was he confused? Did he not understand what I wanted? I thought this was a normal among males.

"I want to shake your hand." I informed.

He stared at me for a second before taking my hand in his larger one and shaking it. "Thank you, Jacob" I said once again and this time he smiled.

"Call me Jake, okay?"

I nodded feeling satisfied that I managed to him little bit. "Alright, Jake" I said smiling back.