White Knights, Dark Knights and Darker Days

By Breech Loader

Breech: A seriously dangerous, realistic take on abusive boyfriends – and abusive girlfriends too. It's AU, and I warn you, there will be domestic abuse right off the bat, and rape, and other criminal activities. If you don't like those things, stop reading right now.

This story is very violent, and it's not just the rape. And it'll actually be kind of heart-wrenching in places. And dramatic. It's a work in progress but I do think I've got a good idea going here. But if you're looking for actual cuddly romance, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere because that sort of thing won't be kicking in for a while. This story will be focusing a lot more on Suspense.

Oh yeah, and despite the title, this has nothing to do with "Sonic And The Black Knight".

I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog and I don't own any related characters, and I don't make any money from the story. And I don't see what legal value this disclaimer has anyway. It's about as legally sound as toilet paper.


Sometimes evil is easy to fight. Sometimes a single white knight can charge into the dark tower on his noble steed with his shiny plate mail armour and his shiny sword and his heroic banner flying and save the enslaved princess from the wicked wizard, then ride, ride, ride back to your shining castle.

But sometimes it's not so easy. The wizard is just as wicked, and the tower is just as dark, but what happens when the princess doesn't want to be rescued just yet? And you haven't exactly got a shining castle to take her back to anyway. And you don't have plate mail, just tough leather. And your noble steed isn't exactly a Mustang; hell, it's not even a Pinto. You can't exactly haul her over the pommel of your trusty Harley Davidson and drag her away.

Okay, that's stretching the metaphor a bit. But what I'm saying is that... well, being heroic and noble isn't always the best way to go about things. Because the shiny, shiny good guys would never dream up the things bad guys will do, so they're not prepared. You need two knights - a White Knight to convince the princess she needs to get out of there, and a Dark Knight to put that wizarding bastard down for good.

In the end though, it won't work at all if the princess won't co-operate.

But you can't just stand by and do nothing. That's the worst crime of all.

~Shadow The Hedgehog~

Chapter One: Night Out

Scourge the Hedgehog looked in the mirror in his large apartment in Central City, preening his slicked-back green quills, "Looking good..." he murmured to himself, then turned around, "Hey baby! How long does it take for your pretty face to get ready?"

"Just a minute! I'm nearly done!" a young woman's voice rang out of the bathroom.

In fact it was fifteen minutes. Scourge was tapping his foot, clenching his fists and feeling really irritated, when she came out. He watched her with a frown for a few moments, studying her hard.

"Do I look good enough for you now?" Amy asked him, a big, but nervous smile on her face. She was trying to look into his eyes, but her line of sight kept dropping down... to his fists.

Scourge tilted his shades and looked over her tight-fitting red top and slinky jeans that showed off her ass. He broke into a huge grin, "You look absolutely precious, babe," he grabbed her, tilted her backwards and kissed her. Very long, and very, very hard, with his tongue. In his arms, Amy tried to squirm into a more comfortable position, and he tightened his grip on her hair for a moment. Eventually though, he had to let go and straighten up, "I don't know why you have to take so long! You'd think you didn't want to go out tonight at all! Ha!"

"Haha," Amy agreed, still wearing the smile. Her face brightened up though. Scourge seemed in a good mood, "Well, it's good to make you wait! All the better for the anticipation!"

"Yeah... come on, baby..." Scourge grinned, "We're going clubbing. Tonight is special."

"Oh?" Amy's face fell a little. The clubs Scourge liked were always horrid, seedy places, full of stoners and whores looking for a job. Some had strippers. Sometimes Scourge did business in them. And he didn't seem to be that bothered if Amy was there or not.

"No, no, is that a sad look I see in your eye?" Scourge grinned, hugging her, "This is a new place in Night Babylon. Brand new. My mate told me it was great. The dancers are really classy. No cheap dives for my baby, huh?"

Amy brightened up a little, "What's it called?" she asked.

"Club Rouge," Scourge grabbed her around the waist and hugged her close, "It'll be great. But I don't know anybody there, so be nice, okay?"

Club Rouge was indeed very, very new. Amy thought she could still see the wet paint. And it wasn't some cheap dive either. There was a proper bouncer on the door, instead of some thug who'd been hired for the night and was being paid with drinks.

The bouncer hedgehog had black and red quills, slicked right up instead of down. He glared at Scourge in his leather jacket and the scars on his chest that Scourge thought made him look tough, but just made Amy wonder who'd been tough enough to do it to him, "You're not on the list," he told him, folding his arms across the crisp black tuxedo, and Amy noticed that he didn't even check the list.

"Well, how about my girl?" Scourge pulled Amy forward, and pulled out a fifty, "She's lovely enough to be on anybody's wish-list," he grinned hugely.

Amy gave the bouncer seventy percent of her best smile. If Scourge wasn't let into this club... he'd be so mad when they got back to the apartment...

He looked over her, and a slight blush came to his intensely pale cheeks. After a few seconds he nodded and pocketed the fifty, "Have a good time, Mr and Mrs Smith," he told them with a smile that was just barely a twitch of his mouth, "Play nice."

Scourge smiled properly again, and continued to hold onto Amy, although his smile flittered a little at the smile the bouncer had given her. Even though it had only been a twitch.

"I knew you'd be able to get us in, baby," he told the pink hedgehog, "You look really classy. Not like your old street-trash boyfriend, huh?"

"Oh, Scourge, you know I like to rough it," Amy smiled hastily. Scourge was worrying like that. Really worrying. One moment he'd smirk nastily at saying she wasn't good enough for him, then he might make a crack about him not being good enough for her. And the next, he'd be possessive of her like she was just going to run out the door.

No matter how many times she said she'd never leave him, he always brought it up. And it was terrible when he did. Because first he'd go soft and dangerous, then he'd start yelling, right up in her face, and then... then he'd lash out... and then he'd make up. Whether she wanted to or not.

But it was true; she knew she'd never leave him. She didn't dare to.

First he bought drinks for them, and they sat down. Amy looked around again. It was definitely very classy. There was a proper DJ, for a start. There was another bouncer at the bar, dressed in plain clothes but she had spent enough time in Scourge's bars to know a bouncer when she saw one; he was dressed in a white tuxedo, and he wasn't drinking alcohol. He was also more alert than a patron would be, looking around the club for trouble while he flirted casually with the lilac cat serving drinks.

He was also a hedgehog. Almost a mirror image of Scourge, and easily as good-looking, except Scourge was green with baby blue eyes that looked sweet and innocent until he hauled one off. The other hedgehog was blue, with wicked green eyes that didn't look innocent at all; they looked sharp and street-smart.

When he saw Amy looking at him, he winked at her. She blushed and looked away before Scourge noticed. He could get twitchy about things like that. About any guy looking at her the wrong way. Or at all. Even though he was flirting with a waitress right now.

"So, um... what's with the lovely new club?" Amy asked him after they had drank the drinks.

"Oh, I felt like partying with my babe, and the guys down at the club are being assholes right now," Scourge spouted easily. He was lying, Amy knew it. What he meant was that he'd started a fight and he was hiding from them for a few days. Or maybe he owed one of them money. It wouldn't be the first time.

Scourge had terrible taste in friends.

A part of Amy thought that Scourge's friends had terrible taste in friends. She shooed the thought away in a hurry. Scourge was looking at her sharply and she always felt like he was staring into her thoughts when he looked at her like that.

"Well, to be honest babe, I did have a bit of an ulterior motive," Scourge grinned hugely, "I've been thinking. You and me, Amy. We've been going steady for over six months now."

Steady? It didn't feel like steady. Scourge was always flirting with other girls. Not for fun either; he'd do it properly. Right in front of Amy. And sometimes he came home unsteady. Drunk. And angry.

Scourge dug in his pocket and pulled out a box, and opened it, "Marry me, Amy Rose," he said suddenly.

It was a ring. Not big and huge but very definitely an engagement ring.

"What?" Amy asked, shocked.

"You heard me. I've thought it all out," Scourge finished off his beer, "You marry me, we'll settle down properly, hey, maybe make a baby or two... if it's a boy we can call it Scourge Junior. I've always liked the sound of that."

Part of Amy wanted to jump up and shout 'Yes!' to him. Then her brain kicked in.

He's violent.

No, he's strong and brave.

Brave enough to hit you to the floor every other day, sure. And strong enough to pin you down and fuck really roughly whenever he likes. Whether you enjoy it or not. And you don't enjoy it rough.

He's handsome.

Handsome enough that he's cheated on you three times since we started dating. That you know of. Of course, you're so stupid that you forgave him because he sniffled and promised you he'd never do it again.

He's so protective of me.

Totally insane, more like. Unbelievably posessive; if you even look at another guy he goes nuts. He terrifies you. And you know he's a criminal. He deals drugs. Pawns stuff that definitely isn't his. He's a killer; you know it deep inside. He terrifies you.

I love him.

He likes power over people and he's got power over you. And did you hear him? Children! Children with him! You're 18! Besides... what if it's a girl? He wants a boy. Can you imagine any boy growing up with him as a father?

I don't want to be alone.

But you don't want to be alone with him either.

Amy closed her eyes and suppressed a shudder, but an image of a little Scourge Junior came up. She was going to have more nightmares tonight about that; she knew it. A life with Scourge would be nothing short of a never-ending nightmare.

Thank god for sanity, "Scourge... isn't it a bit soon to be talking about marriage and babies?" Amy asked him, "I'm only 18. And you're only 21. We've got so many things to do with our lives before we totally settle down. And weddings cost a lot of money!"

"I've told you before, don't worry your pretty little head about money, babe," Scourge leant back lazily, "I've got it all worked out. It'll be a dream."

More like a nightmare, "I... can't," she said, closing the ring box, "Not yet. I'm just not ready..."

Scourge sat up, looking sharp, "Why not?" he asked her, his eyes narrowing.

"I told you, I'm not ready to marry anybody," Amy tried to smile, but she could feel her throat drying up. Scourge was leaning forward, starting to loom.

"I think I've been really patient with you, Amy Rose," he said icily, "I forgive all the fights you start with me, and all the times you nag at me for just playing with other girls, and how you're always playing around with other men like a tart. So what's your problem?"

Amy swallowed, "No problem, Scourge, but I'm just not ready-"

"You do love me, right?" he growled, starting to pick up his glass, "I saw you flirting with that jumped up hedgehog at the door. And that idiot at the bar. Are you messing me around again?"

"No! No," Amy tried to calm herself, "Of course I love you, Scourge! I'm sorry, I'm just-"

"Then let's hear the right answer," he snarled, and brought the glass down on the edge of the table, smashing it expertly. Amy screamed, and she wasn't the only one. He must have forgotten he wasn't in his usual dirty dives where that was a regular occurrence...

A gloved hand tapped him on the shoulder, "Hey, buddy," he turned to look at the blue hedgehog, who was standing behind him, "I got a question for ya. Will ya leave with a beating, or without one?"

"Oh, so you want some too?" Scourge sneered, lifting his glass. Before he could make another move, Sonic's fist slammed into his face, knocking him onto his back. He stared up at the blue hedgehog, shocked. Usually nobody could lay a finger on him in a fight. He gritted his teeth and started to get up.

Then the black and red door bouncer stepped up to stand beside the blue hedgehog. He didn't look like the sort of bouncer who just knocked people down. He looked more like the type who would make sure you stayed down. He put his foot on the glass, and stepped down hard, breaking it.

"Get out. Now," Shadow ordered Scourge, his red eyes narrowed.

Oh please Scourge, know when to back down for once, Amy begged mentally.

She needn't have worried. Scourge was, like all bullies, a coward at heart. He was happy to take on one of them – either one – with a broken glass, but now that it was two against one he didn't look so smug, "Fine, fine," he snarled, "Just let me grab my things-" he reached out to grab Amy.

Shadow moved in front of him, standing firmly between him and Amy. He knew this sort... "I said..." he grabbed Scourge's arm before he could touch the pink hedgehog, "NOW!"

There was a flash of blue light, and Shadow reappeared in front of Club Rouge, still holding Scourge, who was staring at him, "What the hell did you just-"

Shadow punched him so hard he spun around. Then a second punch to the gut, making him throw up. And finally an uppercut that knocked him onto his back, "Never let me see your ugly face around here again, you little punk," he snarled, throwing Scourge's fifty dollar bill at his feet before he vanished in another flare of blue light, back into the Club.

Sonic was patting Amy's hand, "You don't have to go anywhere, Amy," he told her, "Just that green creep."

Amy stared at Shadow, who had just appeared again, "But... Scourge is my boyfriend..." she picked up the little box with the diamond ring in it, "My... my fiancé..." she muttered. She was so scared right now...

"Boyfriend?" Sonic looked surprised. Shadow looked disgusted.

"Dammit Sonic, she's one of those stupid 'lost cause' chicks," Shadow growled, "Quit flirting with her; you'll get her into trouble."

"Hey, I'm just being nice, Shadow," Sonic pointed out.

"We're not in a job where 'nice' is a factor, Sonic," Shadow replied, "She can stay in the club until Time. Or she can go home alone. Or she can run back to her creepazoid boyfriend... fiancé... master... Whatever he is. I dumped him just across the road."

"I can't go home alone," Amy whispered sadly, "We live together..."

"Shit..." Sonic growled.

"Great! Typical!" Shadow threw his hands up in the air, "This isn't our business, Sonic. Give up. And get back to work."

"You're not the boss of me," Sonic growled at him.

"No, but right now Rouge is, and she'd say the same thing," Shadow glanced at Amy. She looked like she was about to cry, "Listen, girlie-" he started, his voice softening a little.

"My name is Amy Rose," she corrected him sadly.

"Amy. If I were you, I'd leave him tonight," Shadow informed her, "But that's just the opinion of a total stranger so you do whatever you feel you have to do..."

"Thanks for keeping him from grabbing me, Mister Shadow..." Amy whispered.

Shadow paused, "My pleasure," he said finally, stepping back.

"Hey," Sonic scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Amy, "If things don't work out between you and mister Glass Happy who's lying in the street in a puddle of his own vomit, call me and ask for Sonic."

Shadow rolled his eyes, "Fucking tease..." he muttered.

Breech: That's the first chapter. Horrible things start to happen next chapter. PLEASE, I really need to know if you think this story is worth continuing... because I've got some great ideas... and some really evil ones...