White Knight, Dark Knight

By Breech Loader

Breech: Ooooh, you guys will never GUESS what Scourge has planned. You're all much too nice. Okay, so you might guess ONE. But you'll never get the BIG one.

Chapter Two:

Amy didn't want to go back home to Scourge. But once the club closed, she didn't have much choice. Scourge didn't like her staying out late but what was she supposed to do? Sleep on the street? She didn't have many friends, and they hated Scourge but they couldn't keep him away from her. Trying to run away would just get her hurt.

He gets so angry about these things because he loves you so...

Like hell he does...

It was past midnight now. Amy tried to ignore the conflicting voices, and her shaking hands as she unlocked the door and tiptoed, hoping to just get to bed without waking up Scourge.

"You sure took your sweet time," Scourge snarled, rounding on her from the kitchen, "Getting a little action with those big bouncers, were you?"

"No!" Amy gasped. Scourge wasn't wearing his leather coat any more. Now he was wearing a grubby wifebeater and jeans.

Scourge narrowed his eyes, then nodded, "Baby, I know I went a little crazy in the club. But I made you the best offer you'll ever get, and you just... spat it in my face. You're the only one who makes me so angry like that, you know?"

It wasn't true; she'd seen him that angry at other people too.

"So where's that ring, anyway?" he asked her sharply, "You didn't leave it behind at that snobby club, did you?"

"I... of course not..." Amy pulled it out of her coat pocket and handed it over to Scourge.

"Prove to me you love me," he told her, "Put it on. Say you'll marry me and stay with me forever."

Amy opened the box and stared at the cold diamond, "It's just."

"Do it or so help me I'll cut your ring finger off," Scourge warned her softly.

Amy looked at the ring. Now that they were out of the smoky gloom of the club, it was actually pretty cheap for an engagement ring. Feeling like she was selling her soul, Amy put the ring on her finger.

Scourge smiled again, "So anyway," he gripped her hands before she could move, "Let's kiss and make up, okay? And everything is going to be okay, because I'll never have to hurt you again. And soon enough we'll be married for real and there will be a little Scourge Junior running around-"

"Why do you want a kid so badly, Scourge?" Amy asked him, pale at the thought of becoming a mother at just 18.

"I don't want just any kid," Scourge replied, "I want a boy. Every man wants a boy to carry on after him."

"What if it's a girl?" Amy whispered. If Scourge was so dead-set on a boy, he'd be so angry if it was a girl.

Scourge shrugged, "I'll think of something, baby," he replied carelessly, "Come on, let's make up..." he grabbed her and started kissing her, clearly not concerned with being gentle. Amy liked it gentle. Scourge knew she did. But he always roughed her up and tired her out anyway, because he liked it rough. Very rough.

Too rough...

Amy realised she was crying again, because Scourge was gripping her way too tightly, "Please, Scourge, you're hurting-"

Scourge stared down at her, "Why are you always so fucking SELFISH?" he screamed suddenly, and slapped her face. Then he smirked, "You're going to enjoy this, one way or another..." Amy cried out as he bullied her down onto the rough carpet and started to pull at her clothes. It wasn't easy... Amy wore clothes that, while sexy, also covered most of her body... and covered most of the bruises.

"Scourge-" Amy gasped as he punched her – not a sharp slap but a jaw-rattling punch that made black spots flicker in her vision and left her lip bleeding.

"Take it off!" he snarled, "All of it! Strip, slut!"

Crying, Amy started to strip, lying on her back. After a few seconds, Scourge began to pull her trousers off to hurry it up. He grinned again, and Amy shivered. What in the world had possessed Scourge to actually propose to her? He wasn't the type to want to settle down, "Scourge, please-" she started. He cut her off with another of his kisses, pushing his tongue into her mouth and groping her body – not lovingly, but hard. She knew there would be bruises tomorrow. In a day they would be purple-angry.

Grunting, Scourge tripped himself, pulling off his wifebeater and unzipping and dragging off his trousers rapidly. He wanted to get on the children thing right now. Even though Amy was still on the pill – Scourge had always refused to wear a condom, even back when their relationship had even resembled love.

"Scourge, why do you want a baby?" Amy shouted out, "A baby is a lot of work!"

Scourge glared at her, naked and panting, "Are you suggesting... I'm incapable of being a loving father?" he growled, and grabbed her by the neck, "If you are..."

Amy couldn't speak. She shook her head desperately.

"Good. So let's get going, huh?" Scourge pushed into her harshly. He hardly ever bothered to give her even a few minutes to get ready. He was always in a hurry. Maybe he just wanted to thoroughly tie her into the relationship...

Amy began to cry out as the unlubricated Scourge pushed his way into her, licking his lips as he began to grope at her breasts roughly. She often did during their sessions. Scourge didn't try to stop her... although one time, she remembered that he had suggested a 'game'. She had been too nervous to refuse... and he had used duct tape to tie her up and gag her, and had fucked her so hard that night...

Grunting, Scourge gazed down at Amy as he thrust in and out of her. She was beautiful, and her body was in great shape for all that she had gone through in the past six months. But what he liked best about her was that she hadn't entirely given in. When she didn't like something, she still fought back, even with just screaming, even though she was shit-scared of him by now. It was a shame that she wasn't pregnant already, but to his disappointment the pill had worked and she hadn't forgotten to take it. Now, however, he could demand she came off it. She couldn't question him if they were married.

Still, he wanted that body of hers as much as he wanted the baby. He didn't intend to stop fucking her once he did get her pregnant. He began to kiss her again, with her back rubbing painfully against the carpet. He no longer cared what she thought about the matter. Soon enough all his problems would be over.

He began to laugh wickedly at the idea of that, his blue eyes shining madly as he stared down into Amy's emerald green eyes, and railed her mercilessly. As he became more and more excited, he bent forward again, not to kiss her, but starting to bite and suck at her neck with sharp teeth.

And he didn't feel even a speck of remorse; only the sense of power and lust.

"You shouldn't have done that, Sonic," Shadow glared at his flatmate and co-worker as they entered their small shared apartment on a street that bordered the slums of Central City.

"Done what, Faker?" Sonic asked him cheerfully.

"Given that pink hedgehog your number."

Sonic frowned, "Her name is Amy. And besides, you gotta admit she's cute."

"You'd say that about a floormop if there was nobody else around to flirt with," Shadow muttered, even though silently he agreed with Sonic. He took off his tux, "But you saw her boyfriend. The psycho type who beats on anybody he can get his fists into. Unless, of course, they can fight him back."

"Exactly!" Sonic pointed out, "So she could use some help, right?"

"Yes," Shadow admitted grudgingly, "But not from us! All that flirting you did will just get her into more trouble with her boyfriend when she gets back to him. People like him don't need a reason; they just need an excuse."

Sonic studied Shadow's disgusted expression, "Got any experience?" he asked cheekily.

"More than I'd like, less than I need," Shadow replied, "The point is that green cretin is holding her prisoner and you giving her your number won't help. And the cops are fucking useless with Domestic shit."

"If he's beating on her, they can lock him up," Sonic pointed out, looking uncertain.

"For how long?" Shadow replied, "A few months? A year, tops. That's if she testifies at all. It takes months for these things to go through, and all the time he'll be whaling on her, and she'll probably withdraw. Besides, you didn't see what I saw."

"What did you see?" Sonic asked, curious.

"Long sleeves. And a high neck," Shadow replied, "Chances are she's hiding it. She's a lost cause, Sonic. You and your hopeless crusades..."

He gave a grunt of displeasure just thinking about it, and looked around at the apartment they shared. They'd moved in six months ago when they'd both really needed to move in a hurry. Way too many people thought there was something more than that. But right now he didn't want any kind of relationship, while Sonic appeared to want every girl he met, and had dated most of the women at work – not cheating on them exactly, but dating them all and not thinking twice about it.

There was only one real bed in the apartment. Sonic used that, especially when he brought girls home, while Shadow was happy enough with the sofa-bed. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but better than sharing a bedroom with Sonic. That would just be too weird. Shadow didn't bring so many girls back home.

Shadow put the sad-looking pink hedgehog out of his mind, and stripped down to his boxers. At work his colleagues would have been surprised to realise that Shadow was almost as messy as Sonic, dropping his clothes anywhere as he pulled out the sofa-bed.

Life was better than it had been; that was all that mattered to him right now. He wasn't sure that it was perfect, but right now he could think of no better way it could be.

Sonic headed out to the kitchen, smearing peanut butter over his sandwiches for tomorrow. Nice girl, that Amy. He wouldn't be surprised if that creep called Scourge was beating on her, considering the way he'd gone for her with that glass. Shadow seemed convinced of it already.

"You really think he's beating on her?" he asked Shadow, leaning over the back of the sofa-bed and looking down at the black and red hedgehog.

"Yes, I do," Shadow replied.

Sonic didn't ask how; he doubted he'd get much out of Shadow when the hedgehog was in this mood, "So why don't we do something?" he asked.

"Firstly, because we don't know where she lives to give that Scourge asshole a good fork in the eye," Shadow stabbed the air venomously, "And secondly because she's probably the type who doesn't want help. He probably beats her every few days and then goes down on his knees and promises he'll never again do such a thing. And she doesn't really believe him, but she has nowhere to go. Or she's too shit-scared of him to do a damn thing. Or maybe she's just a pushover and thinks leaving him will hurt him too much."

"Yeah, but-"

"We're never going to see her again anyway, Sonic," Shadow pointed out drolly, "Except maybe, when her boyfriend whacks out totally and stabs her, and she ends up on the news."

"That's cold, Shadow," Sonic told him.

"What do you propose we do, Sonic?" Shadow asked mockingly, "Charge in on a white stallion, sword drawn, banner flying, slay the dragon and rescue the princess? Like in some sort of fairy-tale?"

"That's what heroes should do," Sonic replied.

"Yeah! Right before they burst into flame!" Shadow took a deep breath and sighed. He did sound cold, "Sonic, if I could snap my fingers and do something, I would do so. But face the facts. She's not a princess in an ivory tower guarded by some sort of dragon. And we're not knights in shining armour."

"Well... we should be," Sonic replied.

Amy shivered in the bed. After Scourge had released into her downstairs, he had dragged her upstairs, given himself a few minutes, and done it again, leaving her aching all over and so exhausted she couldn't think straight. Then he'd punched her because she didn't orgasm, calling her a chilly bitch and making her .

What did I ever see in him? she asked herself silently, I must have been mad!

He was sexy. He was funny. He was charming. He was generous. He was ever so good in bed. You stupid, stupid cow. And when he hit you at first, you forgave him. If you'd ran out then, you might have gotten away but as soon as he realised you weren't going to tell he really got his hooks into you.

Yeah, it hadn't been until about two months after they had started dating that he'd slapped her first. The sex had always been rough, but it had once been good, and had actually felt like love. And that first time, after he'd been to a sleazy bar, he'd gotten on his knees, begged her forgiveness and promised her it wouldn't happen, not ever again.

And like a chump you fell for it. Over and over again.

Amy wanted to cry, but Scourge was now snoring softly, lying half on top of her, his naked body still pressed against her own. And if she woke him up, he'd be mad at her and beat her, or worse, he'd feel rested enough to start again.

And again she wondered why he wanted to marry her and have a baby. Babies were expensive and noisy. Maybe he just wanted to tighten his hold on her? Considering all the messing around he had done, she wasn't entirely convinced by that explanation, but it was the best one she had right now.

Well, it wouldn't tighten his hold on her. Even if he did manage to make her have a mini-Scourge, or a mini-Scourgina, like hell was she going to let him anywhere near to turn the child into his likeness, or equally bad, to start beating it. No, even if she couldn't get away herself, she would have to find a way to get the child out.

But by now, she knew it wasn't going to be as easy as all that. No way was Scourge going to let his fiancée just walk out the door.

Silent tears began to drip down her cheeks, until finally even the aches and fears weren't enough to keep her awake, and she dropped off into a restless slumber, filled with nightmares.

Breech: Argh. Oh dear. How's Amy gonna get out of this hole? Also, thanks for the reviews!