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~Chapter 1~

The sound of solemn footsteps could be heard as the passengers of the Carpathia walked out into the streets of New York. But these weren't just passengers, they were survivors. Survivors of one of the most horrible tragedies in history. They had survived the sinking of the Titanic. And now, these people, most of whom had lost everything, had to find a way to return home.

One survivor in particular, a young woman wrapped in a checked flannel blanket, with fiery red hair was slowly taking in what was around her. She couldn't believe how things quickly her life had been completely torn away from her. She was lost in her thoughts, as people in a hurry to get back to family and friends began to push her to move on. She snapped out of her state and walked mindlessly until she arrived to a small café. She brought her cold hand out of her blanket and quickly opened the door and gave a sigh as she felt actual warmth. She had been chilled for over a day and as she found a seat next to the small radiator, she continued with her thoughts.

Less than a week ago, she had been engaged to Cal, that self-absorbed bastard. At least she would never have to see him again. Her mother was bringing her here, to America, to continue their masquerade as wealthy women. In actuality, they had been in terrible debt. Her mother pretended they had money to burn even after her father had died and the money was long gone. Well, she would never have to deal with her either. As far as her mother and Cal knew, she had gone down with the Titanic right along with…Jack. Just thinking of him brought tears to her eyes. Jack Dawson, the man who changed her life forever. The man who gave his own life just so she could go on. The man who made her promise she would go on. How can I ever do that without him? At least his legacy would live on. When the attendants came around asking for names, she didn't tell them Rose DeWitt Bukatur, she simply told them, "Dawson, Rose Dawson." And that was the name she intended on keeping.

Just then, a man came up to her and said, "miss, can I get you anything?"

Rose looked up at the man waiting to serve her. She was starving and a hot cup of tea would be wonderful; but she had no money. Well, she actually had millions of dollars worth of money in her coat pocket, but she couldn't exactly whip that out of her pocket and say "oh yes, can I get change for this precious diamond?" Rose ignored her hunger and replied, "no, I'm fine," and snuggled deeper into her blanket.

He looked at her with concerned eyes. "Are you sure? You looked chilled to the bone." He studied her damp hair and disheveled appearance and looked out the window and saw the Carpathia in the harbor. Then he realized it. "Oh my God, are you from the Titanic?" He had read the horrific news in the morning paper.

Rose swallowed her pride and barely audibly said, "yes."

He looked at the young girl with such sympathy. "Here, let me at least get you a cup of coffee."

Rose was getting irritated, why can't he just leave me alone? "I have no money," she finally said.

He looked into her deep green eyes, eyes filled with sadness and loss. The same pain that still filled his eyes occasionally as well. "Hey, this one's on me. You've been through enough. I'll bring you some coffee and bread."

Before Rose was able to argue, the man disappeared behind the counter, preparing her food. Which did bring up a very good question. Where will I get food? She couldn't sell the Heart of the Ocean. It was the only memory she still had of Jack. The night she set her spirit free and let him draw her wearing the necklace, and only the necklace. As Rose thought back on the events that had taken place, she realized, it wasn't "that night", it was last night. Last night, before the "unsinkable ship" slipped out from under their feet. That freeing moment with Jack seemed so distant now.

Rose was again pulled from her thoughts as the man brought her the coffee and bread. "Thank you," she said as she took a bite of the roll. Trying her best to look ladylike and not ravenously scarf it down. Then Rose looked up and gave this unusually kind stranger a weird look. Why is he being so nice to me? Then she noticed how handsome he was. His beautiful smile, his gray eyes, the way his hair fell into his face, just like…

"By the way, my name is Christian Calvert," he said as he flashed his smile.

"Oh yes, I'm sorry, how rude of me. I'm Rose Dawson."

They shook hands and then Christian continued, "do you have a place to stay?"

Rose could take food from a stranger, but she couldn't bring herself to accept housing accommodations. "Yes, I'm staying with a friend," she lied.

"That's good to hear, you definitely need some rest." He nodded a goodbye and walked over to the counter and began to continue working his shift.

Rose had so much on her mind that she didn't really keep her attention on Christian for long. She sat in silence and ate the bread and sipped the coffee he had put in front of her. It felt wonderful to have food in her stomach. She was still hungry, but she didn't want to be rude and ask for more.

Rose knew with regret that she had to leave the cozy café and Christian was busy attending to another customer so she simply mouthed a "thank you" and walked out.

Now that she was out on the streets again, she would have to find a place to stay or at least to sleep for the night. Maybe I can find a job tomorrow, she thought to herself.

As Rose continued down the streets of New York, she notified it was getting dark and that unbearable cold was beginning to seep into her bones again. She tugged the blanket around her tighter and sat down on a bench. Just then, she spotted a rolled up paper that someone must have forgotten. Rose picked it up and her heart hammered against her chest as she saw the beautiful ship, in all it's proud glory, gracing the cover. In big, bold letters, the headline read; R.M.S. TITANIC SINKS IN THE MIDDLE OF ATLANTIC. HUNDREDS PERIL. Rose slowly read through the short article that followed. The newspaper hadn't had much time to put out a full report since Titanic sank only a few hours before deadline. Rose didn't intend on telling any reporters who she was. She had no desire to answer countless questions that would only bring heartache.

The cold night had come now and the sky was littered with brilliant stars and a cold wind from the harbor began to blow. Rose curled herself up and laid down on the hard bench. And with haunting memories of Jack, she softly cried herself to sleep.