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**Chapter 6**

Warm crimson blood filled my mouth and poured down my aching throat reducing the almost unbearable burn there until I finally sighed in relief. It wasn't good if I waited so long to go hunting but in the last weeks I had been too occupied with handling my new relationship with Rosalie and dealing with my soon-to be ex-husbands crappy moods. Poor Jasper couldn't endure it any longer and so he and Alice were on a long vacation on Isle Esme right now. I wished it would be Edward who would take some time off. He says I broke his heart and that he's never going to love ever again. That's a pretty stupid way of thinking about things but after all he's constantly trapped in the mind frame of a seventeen year old. So what can you expect? There is someone out there; hopefully with a decent shielding power to block the mind reading, who will fall for him. I want him to be happy, happy like I am right now with Rosalie, but he's too bitter right now to move on.

It's difficult to live under the same roof with someone who was once so close to you but we have decided that like this it's the best solution for Nessie and her happiness comes first.

Alice has seen that it's going to work and I trust her. If anyone knows it's her. Still the situation is difficult for all of us. Emmett is still trying to talk Rosalie into a threesome while Edward constantly keeps shoving it in my face that my blonde lover never wanted for me to be changed. Like he did! What a fucking hypocrite…

"Mommy, are you finished with the elk?"

I nodded my head and wiped the rest of blood from my lips. Then I leaned back against the tree behind us and pulled my little daughter on my lap. Rosalie sat down next to us and leaned forward to pull several dried leaves out of my hair.

"You still haven't learned how to hunt without making a mess." She stated cheerfully, stroking down my cheekbone with her fingertips.

"I tend to get passionate now and then."

"I know how passionate you can be, my little dove."

Then she took a deep breath and turned her attention to her copper-haired niece who had her little head rested against my chest. She wasn't going to fall asleep out here. Was she?

"Renesmee, sweetie, there is something that your Mommy and I would like to talk about with you."

"Is it because I didn't eat the yucky human food Grandma made for me last night?"

"No, it's not because of that. But you still should try to eat more human food instead of drinking blood. It will make things a lot easier for you."

"But I don't like it," Nessie mumbled, her face turning into a frown.

"I know, sweetie. Look, what we wanted to tell you is that me and your Mommy, we love each other a lot."

"I love you too. You and Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Emmett and Grandma and my Jake and…," her little voice got lower and lower with every word she spoke. Her breathing slowed down and her eyelids started fluttering. When I lifted her palm to my face flashes of lights and colors entered my mind. She was always so very happy in her dreams and watching her dreaming made me feel calm and secure.

"See, I told you, she'd be fine with everything."

"She's too young to understand that there are different kinds of love."

"She understands that we are happy. That'll be enough for a while and when she's older we can talk about it again. Oh and in case that dog tries to show her a different kind of love he's going to be running without his hind legs."

I giggled and stood up from the ground, carrying Nessie on my left hip, while Rosalie took my hand in hers.

The sun was already turning into bright shades of orange and crimson when we made it home. I put the little one in her bed and planted a kiss on her snub nose before I closed the door behind her.

"Come with me," Rosalie whispered into my ear, grazing its shell with the tip of her tongue while she directed me upstairs where she had spent several hours each day re-decorating this part of the Cullen home.

"I hope you'll like it because I'm planning on spending quite a lot of time in here with you."

I looked around, realizing that she had arranged everything in purples and white. The crystal vases she had placed around the bed were filled with countless flowers and their scent filled the air around us, mixing up with the aroma of Rosalie's beginning arousal and I inhaled deeper through my nose to absorb it.

My very favorite scent on this earth…

Then I saw the thing she had adjusted right above the bed and my mouth fell open.

"Is that what I think it is?"

She hugged me from behind, suckling the skin on my collarbone between her velvety lips while she started unbuttoning my blouse with quick movements.

"It's a sex swing. You are going to love it."

I didn't know a thing about stuff like that and how it was supposed to work but the thought of testing this with her was making me all tingly.

My blouse fell down to the ground and I stepped out of my jeans, leaving me in nothing but my lace thong.

Rosalie's mouth closed around one of my nipples and I moved my hands between her thighs, caressing their insides in small circles until I felt the moist fabric of her underwear against my fingertips. A groan left her throat and I slipped first one, then a second finger underneath the thin material.

"You are wet." I whispered hoarsely. "You are so incredibly wet for me. I can't wait to put my mouth on you. Do you want that, my beautiful? Because I love feeling you come all over my tongue when I swirl it around your little pearl."

"Bella, please, oh please." She moaned, twisting her hands into my hair in order to push my head down between her legs.

I kissed her belly button and shoved her skirt down together with the pair of ruined black silk panties before I kneeled down to plant a tender kiss on her quivering inner lips. So beautiful, I thought and so very tempting at the same time.

Slowly I started moving my tongue up and down between her folds, lapping up the tartly sweet essence of her lust before I focused my attention on her clit. Carefully I sucked the tiny pearl into my mouth while I shoved two of my fingers inside of her slick tightness and started thrusting them in and out in a fast going rhythm.

"Yes…oh Bella…I'm going to…oh fuck…,"

Her pussy started to tighten around my fingers and her clit pulsed against my tongue while she rode out the waves of her climax. In her lust she was beyond gorgeous and I raised my head, replacing my tongue with the fingers of my other hand because I loved watching her face so much. My thumb massaged her clit and a few moments later her second orgasm hit her, stronger than the first one.

I wondered how often I could manage to make her come in one night and my own clit throbbed between my legs.

"Your turn, baby." she murmured, ripping the soaked thong from my body. The feeling of her mouth against my folds was like magic. The way she kept thrusting her tongue in and out of me made me see stars in front of my closed eyelids. Then I heard the humming of the vibe and when she shoved it inside of me, stretching me until I was filled completely, every single muscle in my body went ridged. I was close, so very close and then suddenly she pulled the toy out of me.

"Not yet," she whispered, pulling me up on the bed although I tried to protest. I wanted to come so badly, I needed to come…

She lifted me up and adjusted the strings of the swing around my hips and my ankles, spreading me open for her. Warm air waved against my dripping core and it was almost enough to bring me over the edge.

"My little dove wants to come, doesn't she?"

"Rosalie, please…stop teasing me. I can't…I need to…I…oh please let me come."

She kissed my mouth and tasting the essences of our lust mixing together on the tip of my tongue made me moan against her lips.

Her fingers started massaging my outer lips and I moved my hips back and forth to get them closer to where I needed to feel more friction now so desperately.

"I'm going to take you with the harness," she whispered, pulling the belt with the adjusted dildo out of the night stand. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes again while I heard her fumbling with the toy.

"Open your eyes, I want to see them when I give you pleasure."

She rubbed the dildo up and down between my folds; coating it in my wetness before she shoved it about two inches inside of me, her fingers drawing lazy circles over my clit at the same time.

Then she grabbed the strings of the swing and pulled me closer against her body, making the dildo slip inside me so deeply that I gasped for air.

"Oh Rose…oh fuck, fuck…oh God…oh my God…,"

Lights flashed in front of my eyes while my body moved back and forth on hers. My clit throbbed and when she suckled one of my nipples between her lips to bite it, I came hard. Her name left my mouth in a loud groan and I felt my inner walls pulsing against the toy in me. Next thing I realized was a fine dust raining down on my hair and my face. The swing broke out of the ceiling together with pieces of cement, leaving a huge hole above our heads.

"Doesn't really seem to be vampire proof this thing," Rosalie chuckled, while she wrapped her arms around me, helping me to get out of the leftovers of our newest toy.

"I'm going to build something that's a little bit more…stable."

"I don't know if that's a good idea. We already damaged the house enough. Esme will be furious. I wonder why no one is here yet. The ceiling breaking down must have alarmed someone.

"This room is soundproof. I thought you'd be more comfortable when you know that no one apart from me can hear your moans."

She knows me so well…

I kissed her mouth tenderly, then her forehead and the little silky hairs of her eyelashes. She was so beautiful and she was mine, all mine.

"I love you, for now, for forever and maybe even longer." I whispered before her soft lips found mine again.

*****The End*****