Author's Note:
The first few chapters for this fic will be short. Roughly 400-500 words. But they do get longer over time.

"While you're beneath my roof, you'll live by my rules, Thor!"
"Your roof? And who pays for this roof over our heads, father? Certainly not you!"

It's been like this for as long as Loki cares to remember. Well, longer than that really, since he hasn't cared for much of anything since he was a child.

"I am the one who goes to work, I am the one who pays our bills, and by those laws you should be getting off your good for nothing ass and doing what I ask!"

Mother's death had shaken them all, what with the suddenness of it, and their father had taken it.. Well, not the worst, but his particular kind of mourning was definitely the most destructive.

He'd stopped working entirely as soon as Thor hit an age where he could get a job, leaving him wanting of absolutely any academic career, and developed a chronic drinking problem that was incredible if only because he'd never landed in the hospital because of it.

For what it was worth, Loki sided with his brother. But, as Odin liked to rub in his face on his worse nights, the opinion of a bastard child mattered about as much as the stains in the carpet.

"You say nothing to Loki, and he does not work!" The white-haired drunkard bellows as he waves his paper bag-wrapped bottle around in a grand gesture, much as a king would his scepter.

But their father is no king, and a three dollar bottle of wine does not earn respect.

"No, but Loki is actually making something of his life." Thor responds with more pride than he's ever gotten from his so-called 'father', and it never fails to surprise him just how much his oaf of a brother appreciates the worth of his intelligence. "He will become something grand and important, a lawyer or a diplomat, while you sit there in your chair and collect dust!"

"Father, brother, please. I doubt either of you can even recall where this argument started." The smallest of the three says as diplomatically as possible, his notebook set aside for the third time that evening.

He knows how the fight started. Loki getting too involved in his schoolwork to remember the dishes, Odin calling him worthless, and Thor—big, lovable, idiotic, Thor—jumping to his rescue just as he always does with everything. He was rarely the cause of their conflicts, at least as far as he could tell, but when he'd spent so much of his time trying to keep them from clawing at eachother's faces, this step back was rather frustrating.

"Brother, you have work in the morning, and father.. I am sure you would much rather be spending your time with your bottle and the television."