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It was an ordinary meeting for the nations of the G8 that just so happen to be taking place in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. Suddenly, in the middle of today's meeting this morning, Alfred F. Jones, the personified nation of the United States of America, or simply called America, stands up while the G8 nation meeting is still going on, with the personified nation of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, or simply called England, is in the middle of his presentation, and randomly yells out of nowhere, "Enough! I can't take this anymore! Heroes like me shouldn't have to deal with this!" The other 7 nations of the G8 all look at America before France says, "What are you talking about Amerique? Is there something wrong and if so what is it? Is it Anglettere's disgusting accent and voice?" England shoots an annoyed glare at the Frenchman in response to that. America responds to what France asked him, "No, it's not that France, it's just that over the past several months recently, I've started to feel on my 'hero's backside' intense stress and tension and pressure, for some reason, and it keeps causing me pain." England says to his former colony, sneering in a mocking tone of voice, "Awwww, do you have a little 'boo-boo' on your 'hero's backside' that I need to kiss and make it all feel better?" The American sighs and gives the island nation a look that says, "I'm being totally serious about this, Britain, so knock it off because it is totally not funny."

Out of sheer curiosity, Germany reluctantly asks America, "What does all that stress and tension and pressure feel like to you?" America answers, "It feels like, I dunno…..the cause of all of it is….I think…. like tension and stress is going on between someone who now lives and works in California, but is originally from one of the G8 nations and someone else who now lives and works in California with the person I just mentioned before, but who is originally from another one of the G8 nations." Russia asks America, "Do you know which two different nations those two humans are from, comrade da?" America nods as his answer. To Both Italy brothers now ask America which two nations it is and America answers by pointing with one index finger of one hand to France and pointing with the index finger of his other hand to Japan. Both Japan and France now look at the rest of the G8 nations at the meeting, questioningly and confused at them. France says, "How can that be? Japon and moi are both friends with each other now and there aren't any problems we are facing with each other as nations." America responds by saying, "Well that may not be the case for you two guys, but someone who was originally born and raised in Japan in Tokyo who is a Japanese citizen just so happens to work here in Cali, has some serious problems of stress, tension, pressure, etc. with a coworker of theirs who was born and raised in France in Paris who happens to be a French citizen, for some strange reason or reasons to me." After hearing this, Germany ends today's G8 meeting early for the day.

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