I loved this show unfortunately as some people say all good things must come to an end. Which I believed… Until fan fiction. Now all good things may be continued at our own imagination!

So basically this is my own version of a possibility of what could have transcribed had the show not been canceled. I wish it wasn't and I would have given someone else's limb for it to be brought back! This story will be as realistic as I can make it. This story will not be given a specific day for updates as I already have another story in process and I feel I owe it to that story to be my first priority.

A warning into this story is that it may be portrayed darker than originally because I simply love angst. I promise a Chloe and Alek ending and will be relatively happy although some people may have to die as a necessary process of their happiness.

Moments will be fun. Moments will be citrusy. Moments will be heartbreaking. And moments will be unfair. You have been warned. If you ever don't agree, to bad so sad and don't read if you must. It's my story and what I want to happen will happen and will not change because we don't have the same views.

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Ch.1 Death at Our Door

Falling Down – Story of the Year

Now I can taste

The war that I've been fighting

Start to fall but I'm still standing here

Behind the wall of dying faith

I can't forget

The fight that's growing stronger

Face to face with hopes of longer days

To build on something we should save

I stand alone

I'm on my own

My hands will bleed (my hands will bleed!)

I'm holding on to what is gone

What's left of me?

I'm falling down

But I should find my strength in this

A light that burns to reconnect

My heart for what it's meant to give

Chloe's POV

Truthfully I hadn't actually meant to kiss him, he leaned down and kissed me. And yet I was at fault. I knew it and no matter how many times Amy kept saying it wasn't didn't change anything.

I could feel the tears dancing across my cheeks and the tremble in my hand as I move his brown hair from his face. Yet all I could do was tell Amy to drive faster to the hospital and continue to whisper prayers in Brian's ear's that he had to come back.

Who I was praying to I had no idea. Do Mai's even follow God? What if it's not the same God. What if we were the so called god? There's so much I still didn't know and after killing another person because of my lips I didn't particularly care to find out.

I abruptly shook my head to clear my thoughts. How could I be thinking about this when a dead man lay in my arms. More importantly a man I cared about and killed.

I clutched him tighter to me as we neared the hospital willing him to be alive and pull through.

As we pulled up outside of the ER doors. I began to rush and pull his body with me when Amy yanked me to the side.

"Chloe! How do expect to walk in there with bullet holes and blood on your shirt and not be questioned?" Her eyes wide almost comically as she took in my appearance.

"I don't have time for this." I rushed forward again only to have Paul pull my arm back and turn me to meet his eyes.

The look in his eye's made me stop rushing for a moment and listen to what he had to say. "I'll take him in there. You can't go in there looking like that just go find Alek and tell him what's going on." As I went to interrupt him he started speaking again." Chloe, This is my duty as a side kick and I don't that responsibility lightly."

I would have rolled my eyes if time wasn't so precious at the moment. "Fine! Just hurry! Please…"

They rushed him into the building and I listened in as Amy frantically yelled that more people help them and Paul tried to talk over her letting them know that they went to meet Brian at the TROLLY MUSEUM but had noticed it was broken into and his car was parked outside. When they went in to find him they noticed him lying on the main floor. Paul then said they immediately brought him here.

I had to admit it was a good story and extremely believable only leaving out my participation in the whole event.

Not wanting to hear anymore I called Alek but he didn't answer and I doubted he would do to our conversation earlier. So instead I rushed to Valentina's.

When I neared their door I noticed it slightly ajar. So I pushed it all the way open and I immediately noticed Jasmine face down on the floor. As I rushed over to her, fear clawed its way at my throat and it was too much for one night and yet I had no choice but to put away my emotions and continue.

I filled her over and saw her eyes were closed and immediately felt for a pulse yet I couldn't find any.

"Oh God." This was all do to me. I knew it immediately and it only increased the desperation consuming my thoughts and body. I frantically crawled backwards from Jasmines body and suddenly felt my hand impaled by a sharp structure.

I hissed and pulled my hand up to look and noticed a broken vase piece was protruding out of my palm. I made quick work of pulling it out and looked around from the vase it belonged to. Yet what I saw was even more disturbing. The entire apartment was trashed. Broken items lie about and obviously Jasmine had fought for her life.

I whipped around to see how much damage had occurred and noticed another prone body and immediately saw that it was Valentina.

A choked sob escaped me as I clutched her body feeling for a pulse and for the third time tonight not feeling one.

I pushed her body back to the floor and my entire body shook with the despair I felt. I curled my knee's to my chest and wrapped my arms around them.

How could I let this happen? I knew already that the order was behind this and couldn't believe it had gotten out of hand this quickly.

As my breaths became even more labored my vision blurred and I knew I was on the verge of a panic attack. This would not help anyone. I was not a child, I was The Uniter for god sakes and yet here I was cowering from the aftermath of my causing.

I tried to calm down without much avail. I tried to focus and my mind immediately went back to when Alek had told me listen to his heart and focus solely on that.

Unfortunately he wasn't here but I did exactly that except it was my own heart that I focused on.

As I heard each beat I forced my breathing to regulate.

Thump thump. Breathe in.

Thump thump. Breathe out.

Thump thump. Breathe in.

Thump thump. Breathe out.

While still slightly choppy I began to calm myself. Not wanting to face reality just yet I continued to focus on my heart only this time something was off.



The temp was off. Not at all in sync as a heart should be pumping. Beats were over-lapping each other and the extra beats were so faint I could hardly tell they were even there. While I'm not a medical student even I knew it wasn't possible for me to be the reason for all the heart beats.

I abruptly stood up and looked around. Scanning every nook and cranny to find the source of the other heart beats I continued to find none.

Maybe I was going insane. It could be possible with all that's happened. Horror gripped me as I realized maybe I was already crazy. Maybe I never died, I was never Mai and none of this had happened to me and I was some psycho girl who made all this up to escape the reality of living in a padded room with a white jacket restraining my arms.

"Holy shit… I'm crazy…" I dropped to the floor and grabbed my hair in a worldwide known crazy person stance.

My eyes bounced around as I grasped this concept and I spotted Jasmine. Reality was once again working its way back into mind and I slapped myself to knock out this ridiculous idea.

Everything clicked just then.

The heart beats… There was a pair of heart beats, which meant that three people had to be in this apartment and there was. Only two of them I had thought as dead.

I raced back over to Jasmine and grabbed her wrist as I pressed my ear to her chest and simply shut my eyes to put all my focus into hearing her.

Just as before there were extra heartbeats. I could faintly hear it and still couldn't feel it but it was there. She wasn't dead yet. I also confirmed this with Valentina and let out a pathetic laugh of relief.

I wasn't sure what happen but I do know that they were alive. I moved them to Valentina's room and lied them each on the bed next to each other.

Only now I had no idea what to do. So I sat beside the bed and did the first thing that came to mind. I called Alek and again he didn't answer.

Much to my horror my mother popped into my head. Seeing what has happened already I frantically called her and hoped with everything that she answered and she was fine.

Ring ring ring

This continued on until I heard her voicemail. Not for the first time tonight dread filled within me and although I didn't want to leave Valentina's and Jasmine's side and leave them unprotected, I had to get to my mother.

As I started to run down the stairs forgoing the elevator because I couldn't just stand and wait for it to reach me my phone buzzed in my hand. I quickly looked down and noticed that it was my mom.

"Mom!" My breaths coming into short pants as I answered.

"Chloe? Is everything okay? You sound horrible." She sounded concerned and much to my relief nothing in her tone sounded like she was hurt or scared.

"Yeah. It's just been a hectic night and when you didn't answer I got worried. Where are you?"

"I just got home from the dinner. I was going to invite Frank over for a movie but I'll cancel sweetie. What time are you coming home?" This was the best news so far all night and I couldn't help the joyful laugh that slipped from my lips as I headed back to Jasmine and her mom.

I just the door and walked into the destroyed kitchen. "No mom, it's okay don't cancel. We can talk later about it. I'm not actually sure when I'll be home. I'm at Jasmines right now, her and her mom aren't feeling well so I was going to stick around for a while if that's okay?"

I heard her sigh and I could practically see her smile while she rolled her eyes."Ooookay I guess you can stay out. No later than 11 do you hear me?"

"Be there at 11 precisely! And mom? I love you." My voice ending softly and hoping she knew how much I mean't it.

"I love you too Chloe. Now I'm gonna go have me some Mexican." I heard her laugh loudly at her spill on words and laughed with her even though it was nasty to think about.

"Ugh! Mom that's so gross! Good bye!" Through everything that's happened she manages to make me smile even if it's for a moment.

Yet it soon faded as I looked up and remembered the chaos inside the apartment.

Life sucked.

I went into their room and noticed they were both exactly as I had left them. Which was good and bad, good because they weren't dead and bad because they weren't awake either.

After dialing Alek 3 times in a row and another fearful feeling growing inside of me I needed a distraction.

I started with sweeping. Everything I noticed was broken and irreparable I threw into a trash bag making sure none of it looked important. As I continued I found what was probably the cause of Jas's and Valentina's problem. Three small darts scattered on the floor.

They were quite long and all but one had blood on it. I put them into a zip lock while making sure not to let the needle area touch my skin.

I thoroughly moved couches and any tables that were left so I could clean all the pieces of debris that had scattered. Constantly visualizing the worst that could have happened.

Once I was done it only took about an hour of my time and I realized it was around 9:30 at night but it honestly looked as if nothing had even happened except for the six trash bags lined up by the door.

I walked down the hall noticing nothing but paintings that looked unique yet held no meaning for me, I knew Valentina was hard on Jasmine. Even so there wasn't a single picture of family or of themselves. This apartment was so devoid of emotion and at that moment I felt so cold.

I tried to think back if it always felt this way and I realized it did unless Alek was here it seemed so stiff. Somehow his demeanor always seemed to loosen up this place a bit and my mind was back to worrying where he was.

As I approached the sleeping duo again I noted that there still wasn't a change at all so I kept them covered and went about my next plan of action.

I had found Valentina's phone earlier near the kitchen counter floor and figured the only people she knew were Mai and hopefully part of her pride.

I looked threw her call log and noticed the name Logan was called the most next to Jasmine. I quickly dialed Logan and waited till he answered.

"Valentina?" The voice that I assumed was Logan was deep and rough while it flowed smoothly like dry sand rubbing against itself. He sounded older maybe around Valentina's age.

"No this is Chloe. We have a bit of a situation and I was hoping this was someone from her pride." I clenched my eyes shut I my free hand fiddled with the bottom of my blue shirt. My fingertips made contact with a rough patch and I glanced down quickly and noticed blood on my shirt. I had almost forgotten that I had died again just few hours earlier and with these thoughts I began thinking about Brian but quickly dismissed him from my mind.

That was another battle I wasn't sure I could handle at the moment.

"The Uniter?" His voice quickly became firm and authorative.

"Yes. I'm at Valentina's and I need someone here immediately." He didn't seem like someone who had patience for me beating around the bush so I went straight to the point.

His voice was still commanding but he replied instantly before he hung up. "I'll be right there."

I was nervous again. What if I had been wrong to call him? For all I know he was an enemy of sorts and I could have just brought him here to finish all three of us off.

This was becoming increasingly overwhelming again.

I hoped onto the counter and just watched my feet sway back and forth for a moment as I collected myself.

After a few moment's I called Alek again and still no answer. I've called. I've left voicemails. I've texted and still nothing. My mind was only beginning to conjure up all the horrible things that could have happened to him and here I was sitting down on a counter doing nothing.

I heard someone step onto the balcony I quickly launched myself into the hallway. With my back pressed up against the wall I looked across the room to see the intruders reflection. It was only this easy because someone had broken down the door's leading to the balcony in the struggle that happened earlier.

It was three men and they each were clearly defined. Two wore jeans and tennis shoes while the one in front wore black cargo pants and combat boots. All had on dark colored shirts and seemed nicely kept.

They made no move to enter the apartment and seems on high alert.

"?" It was the same voice that had answered the phone and the leading man wearing the combat boots.

Not moving myself an inch I stayed hidden. "Maybe, Who wants to know?" Feeling wearing of everyone I couldn't recognize I somehow wanted some reassurance from this man.

"My names Logan Cowell. I'm the second in command In the San Diego pride I'm accompanied by beta's Jeremy and Allen." He sounded so formal and businesslike but the way they introduced themselves just seemed silly.

Deciding it really didn't matter if I hide or not because they could easily find me I stepped out into their line of sight. I smiled nervously and gave a small wave. "Hello… I'm Chloe King, Uniter and commander of ship Major Issues."

When no reaction came except from a twitch of lips from Jeremy the man on the left who was skinnier and had brown hair and brown eyes and a really crooked nose I realized they didn't really have a humor or simply didn't get my lame attempt to lighten the mood. To remove the awkwardness I cleared my throat and put some trust into them.

"Follow me." I turned around and led them to the Valentina's room. As they walked in Logan immediately went to Valentina and shook her a bit and tipped his head to the side no doubt listening for the heart beats.

I had moved to the side near the bathroom on the right side of the room to stay out of the way as the other two walked into the room.

Logan looked up at me and narrowed his eyes into deadly slits while calmly talking to me. "What's wrong with them?"

He was seriously intimidating. "I'm not sure. I was attacked earlier then came straight here because Alek wasn't answering his phone and I just found them like this. The entire place was destroyed so they had a stuggle and when I cleaned I found these." I walked over to the nightstand and pick up the ags with the darts in them.

Logan motioned his hand for me to and them over. As I did so he looked over them and began to question me again. "Who attacked you?"

"I'm not sure but best guess? The order. It's not really important at the moment I had extra lives to save me but they don't and I can't get ahold of Alek." I was beginning to feel that anxiousness and if I didn't get out of here soon and look for him I didn't know what I would do.

"Extra lives? Did you die again?" His grey eyes seemed to pierce me and I simply nodded. "That only leave 7 left. Why did your protector even leave you? We need to find him immediately." His last statement addressed to the 'Beta's' or whatever and I noticed them turn to leave and I was getting aggravated at this point.

"Wait! Look I get that you're the second in command or whatever but right now I'm using my role as Uniter. I have a couple things I need addressed before I'm left in the dark." I raised an eyebrow at Logan daring him to challenge me because no matter how scary he seemed I wasn't letting this go without making sure certain aspects were going to be taken care of.

He just raised an eyebrow back but let me continue. "I want to make sure someone is watching over them and monitoring their condition. I need someone watching over my mother and I have some friends that need watching to. With that being said I want a group out there looking for Alek and I'll do the same. I need to be kept on information if anything changes." I huffed out a breath feeling kind of silly demanding that but if I'm the Uniter I need to start using it.

"Well well well… stepping up into our role are we?" His demeanor slipped a little to slightly arrogant but seeing I wasn't budging he pursed his lips and nodded his head. "I can have someone watching your mother. I will definitely have a group here and another one looking for Alek but were really stretching our capabilities already so I can't afford any one else watching your friends."

Hearing the tone of his voice I knew it was the best I was going to get I accepted it. "Okay but I will be updated right?"

"Yes. I'll let you know if anything changes. You're going to look for Alek also?"

I narrowed my eyes suddenly suspicious of why he wanted to know. "Yes."

"Very well. You'll have Jeremy and Allen at your side. You've already given up one life we don't need you being so careless again."

More than a little offended I spoke my mind. "No! I'm not going to be babysat I get that I need a protector but two of them practically holding my hand? No way. I can do this on my own."

I was defiant. It actually wasn't because I was just being stubborn but these guys weren't my protectors. Alek was, and it almost felt like betrayal to have some guys replace him. "You're not being given a choice. I mean no disrespect but they are being assigned to you."

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms but wasn't arguing back because it felt useless. "What are we going to do about them?" I nodded to the sleeper's on the bed and his eyes immediately looked at Valentina.

He sighed and started to walk out to the living room. "There isn't much we can really do. We do have a doctor so I'm going to bring her over and see what she can figure out about them and the darts." With that I gave him my number and he went straight onto his phone barking order at people.

We started out searching from the balcony going aimlessly. Jeremy and I took to the rooftops and Allen followed us but along the street. I realized I was hitting close to the time I needed to be home so I went heading in that direction when I felt my phone buzz. I looked at it and noticed Amy and Paul had been calling me, my stomach clenched violently and acid built up in my throat. I choose to ignore the call and deal with it when I got home and in privacy.

We never once talked, all of us strictly looking for any sign or scent alerting us to Alek's presence and much to my dismay found none.

"We heading to your house?" I looked over at Jeremy surprised that he knew where I was heading. "At one time or another most of us had to watch over you. Alek does need some sleep you know." He was teasing but I instantly felt guilty for never thinking about it that way.

"Oh. Yeah I was supposed to be home by eleven and I need to keep up appearances." I jumped across the theater and landed hard on my feet almost losing my balance while Jeremy jumped gracefully next to me and Allen instantly met up with us on the roof.

"We've only been searching for an hour we need to continue and if dealing with your human is going to get in the way then we should have just taken you home." Allen was going to get a United ass kicking if he talked about my mother like that.

I step up to him my anger immediately rising and he held a defensive position in front of me just as I did, Shoulder's locked and jaw clenched, hands at our sides and our legs poised to to attack. Before anything could happen Jeremy pushed us apart and spoke. "Knock it off now. Allen continue foot on the ground. We'll go towards your house and you need to play the part and then we leave again. We really need to continue so this has to be quick." I nodded and hurried my pace to reach my house.

Once we arrived they went to the roof and I walked into the front door. I was so nervous about how to quickly say hi to my mom and make a good enough excuse to get her to not check on me for the rest of the night.

"Chloe is that you?" She sounds happy and I hear her talking to Frank so I walk straight towards my room, hoping if I'm dramatic then she'll leave me alone.

"yeah." My voice is sharp but quiet and I hear her walking faster towards me.

"Chloe?" She grabs my arm gently and I spin around to look at her and make sure my face looks forlorn which is surprisingly easy considering how my day went. "Oh sweetie… Are you okay?"

I shake my head and then hug her. "Can I just be left alone mom? Just for tonight no bugging and then in the morning we'll talk about everything?"

She pulled back first and looked at me worriedly but nodded and I knew she wouldn't check on me till morning. "Thanks."

I quickly walked to my room and then grabbed out my phone and dialed Amy. I can't put her off any longer no matter how much I didn't want to know what I had caused.

"Hey" She's quiet and I clench my eyes tight because I know it's bad.

"How bad is it?" I whisper and then hear her sigh.

"You sure you want this over the phone?" When I don't answer she sighs again and accepts that she has to tell me now. "He didn't die Chloe… But he's in a Coma. They say they don't know what caused it but there's no brain activity… I'm sorry." She sounds so sad and I'm not sure how to feel.

I feel numb and in shock. "Okay." I hung up and sit on the bed unsure of what to do with myself.

I snap out of my stupor when I hear a noise from behind me. I jump up and land in an attack pose and look toward my closet where the sound came from.

Not expecting what I see I gasp. "Alek?"

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