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Chapter 6 ā€“ Doing what we can

Running From Lions ā€“ All Time Low

Get me out of this place, before I cause more damage,

a small price to pay for building houses out of matchsticks;

and when things get too hot, you've got me to blame for,

every fire that breaks out in every lover's name, {so...}

Don't forget, we've got unfinished business,

stories yet to unfold,

tales that must be retold,

and I regret not knowing when to put an end to all this madness,

keeps me wanting,

keeps me wanting more...

Sell me out I'm yesterday's old news,

phrases left on paper,

black ink bleeding through

the pages where we made our history.

Call me foolish,

I feel hopeless...

Chloe POV

The night came and went far too quickly. I had gotten everything ready for our meet up and I can only hope we're doing the right thing. I continue to go over similar thoughts in my head as I hear my mom trudge down stairs.

"Chloe! You're up early for a Saturday." Her face surprised as she fumbles to pour a cup of coffee.

I chuckled and helped make her a bowl of cereal. "I know. Alek said he wanted to shop around town today to help cheer me up so I figured we could get an early start."

"Mhmm" She mumbled her acknowledgment through shoveling her food. Just as she finished with her bowl the doorbell chimed.

"I'll get it." I smiled at her and went to answer the door. As I opened it I noticed Alek was leaning against the door frame and peered into my eyes almost immediately.

As I looked back at him I felt my heart speed up and breathing falter slightly. He smelled so enticing. His body and face were practically healed and unless you had Mai eyesight you wouldn't notice anything different. Always the worrier I still glanced over his form just making sure everything was alright.

I took in his long sleeved dark blue shirt. The way it seemed to mold perfectly on his body but not overly snug. I could still make out his defined muscles and couldn't help but want to feel his arms encasing me in his over protective way.

As I looked back up to his eyes I saw this seriousness in them I had never seen before. In that moment I didn't feel like a high school teenager. I didn't feel like a Uniter for Mai and Humans. I didn't feel anything but desire for the man in front of me and I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

I watched as his eyes morphed from serious to mischievous in mere seconds. He took a step forward and instantly towered over me. I felt his hand gently slid into my own and he tugged ever so slightly. I tumbled forward just a little, still mesmerized by his eyes. His free hand slowly moved up until just the tips of his finger ran from my temple crossing over my cheek and jaw until he glided it down my neck.

My breath was coming in pants now and I was completely dazed with him. His smell was clouding everything else in that moment and I wanted more than I ever had before.

"Chloe, who's at the door?" I must have jumped a foot in the air and stumbled back a few feet trying to escape whatever hold he had over me.

I coughed and tried to look Alek in the eyes as I answered her "Just Alek mom!" I saw his smirk engulf his face and I narrowed my eyes in response. He knew exactly what he was doing to me.

I turned around and ran straight into my mother. "Whoa! Sorry dear. I'm running so late. If my head wasn't attached to my body this morning I probably would have forgot it." My mother laughed and I chuckled in response as did Alek. "I'll see you two later and try to stay out of trouble okay?"

"No problem. Chloe's in good hands." Alek was quick to say as I muttered a simple goodbye.

I turned around and jogged upstairs as I yelled back down that I was grabbing the food.

Once in my room I ran straight for the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I tried to convince myself that what had happened was a figment of my imagination but to no avail. I had no idea what had come over me and I was seriously hoping Alek would just let it go.

As I trudged back down stairs with the bags in hand I silently walked past Alek and grabbed my car keys. Without question he followed me out to the car and got into the passenger seat.

"So are we going to ignore what just happened?" He couldn't even last five minutes without making this awkward.

I huffed and stopped at a red light. "I don't know what happened okay? Can we not talk about this right now and just get to the place please?"

I heard his chuckle as he spoke again. "I know what happen but what I didn't realize was how in tune you were becoming with your inner Mai. Had I known I would have done this on purpose but I must say it was a nice surprise for the morning."

Glancing over at his quickly before I parked the car I became completely annoyed that he wasn't out right saying whatever caused me to go Alek crazy for a moment. "What are you talking about?"

He smiled and climbed out, walking over to meet me. "You know we each have our pheromones. And when we don't mask them by using cologne and such it's much stronger than normal. We tend to be attracted to certain pheromones more so than others." He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "I didn't mask mine this morning Chloe."

This time I focused more closely on how he smelled and found myself purring at the masculine scent he was covered in. It was strong and consuming and completely Alek. Then I understood what he was saying and regained my senses. "Wait! Your saying I'm attracted to you like a dog in heat? Like sniffing you and stuff? That's disgusting!"

He laughed out loud and composed himself. "No Chloe, I'm saying were extremely attracted to out Mai mates and once we find our mates and smell their scent there's really no turning back, were together for life."

I stared at him for a long minute and wasn't sure if he was just saying that as a joke or being truthful. I decided now wasn't the time to work through that so I just shook my head to dispel the thoughts and sidestepped him.

I grabbed the bags out of the back seats and turned back to face him. "So just stay here okay and I'll go meet with them." Trying to get out of an argument I quickly walked past him and trudged forward. As I heard his footsteps fall behind me I spun around to face him. "What are you doing?"

"You know we descend from cats right? Not from dogs, so I'm not going to obey when you bark commands at me. Especially ridiculous ones at that." He continued to walk this time with me following behind him.

I was so annoyed I decided not to comment and just hoped this wouldn't scare away the Jackals.

As we rounded the corner I saw Kai and the younger man that was here yesterday sitting on the floor both looking completely worse for wear. When they spotted us they both crouched slightly in a defensive pose but didn't look to begin a fight.

In response Alek had dropped to the same pose as them. I rolled my eyes and continued past him.

"Good morning!" I said over enthusiastically hoping to bring less tension to the plate.

Kai's eyes roamed over me and then over to Alek and he stood slightly. I was proud of him for having somewhat of a level head and not resort to fighting as Alek would have liked.

"Chloe." He nodded his head at me and after staring at the bags in my hands he got straight to the point. "My brother said you needed information in exchange for some food."

I nodded feeling terrible that I was bargaining their health for some information. "I just wanted to know if you knew anything about how your saliva affects Mai."

"That's what he said. Look, I don't really know that much about it but I did ask around and found out what I could. Its rumor that it does incapacitate Mai for some time if entered into their blood system but there isn't a known cure. It's said to get worse as it lingers in the blood system though." He was completely business as he gave me this information.

I tilted my head to the side contemplating what he said. "What do you mean gets worse?"

He cleared his throat and I tossed him a water. He chugged half of it down before he gave the rest of it to his brother. "I guess the longer it's in the system it'll start to eat at their health even more. Basically making the body deteriorate until it just fails."

"Right, Thank you." Letting this sink in I felt Alek's despair along with my own. Happy that they helped but at a loss at what to do. I tossed both the bags to them and felt somewhat rewarded by their grateful faces.

I turned around and looked to Alek who looked just as lost as I felt. Grabbing his hand with my own I pulled us back towards the car.

"Wait!" Hearing Kai's brother scream out halted me and I flipped back around to see him running at us. Alek suddenly pushed me behind him as he crouched and a snarl ripped from his throat.

His brother backed up immediately and held his hands up in a surrendering pose. "I was just gonna say I heard one more thing. But it just sounds so far fetched."

"What is it?" Anything that they heard could be helpful so I wanted to know everything.

Looking extremely uncomfortable he looked at me and answered. "Well it's all a cycle you know? Humans, Mai's, Jackal'sā€¦ So if Mai hurt humans and Jackals hurt Mai's and Mai's hurt Jackals then at some point it has to cure itself right? Like the circle of life in a sort of way?"

Not quite understanding what he was saying I just looked on confused when Alek spoke up. "Like a circle? So your saying Jackal hurts Mai then something else should be able to cure it?... Like humans?"

He nodded still looking on edge. "Right. Well that's what I heard at least."

Alek straightened up and nodded. "Thank you." And once again we were on our way to the car.

Alek suggested we immediately take this information back to Logan and I fully agreed. Once we told Logan and the doctor they were planning our next move right away. Logan was less than please about how we got the information. And immediately was lecturing us when the doctor had an idea.

"Maybe each one of us counter balances the other. And that could be the cure." My head was beginning to hurt thinking about all of this. "Maybe if the Jackals saliva caused this then Human blood can wash it out. I've been trying Mai blood and it's just getting infected as well."

I nodded as did everyone else as I finally started to understand what they were getting at. "So now we just need human blood. Who's just gonna give us that?"

Alek looked over at me with a smirk and spoke up. "We'll your friend Paul seems to really want to step into his side kick roll right?"

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