So hello there people! Thanks for thinking about giving this fic a try atleast. ^_^

So first of all, let's make some things clear. This fic will mainly be AU and a NarutoxHarem fic (No incest though if some of you might be wondering), with around 7-8 eight women in it. Rangiku Matsumoto though is obviously in, the others I've decided and will tell you later.

Naruto in this will be his goofy self, but he will NOT be an idiot. Also, there will be lemons if some of you are wondering, but later in the story. The rest you will understand as you read this through.

Lastly, I would like to request you readers to please read this with a clear and open mind, specially in the first few chapters. There will be many concepts explained, and it would be better if you don't skim through these chapters.

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TIME FRAME- And oh, one really important thing, this fic will start in Konoha, one month before the academy graduation exams (the one in which Mizuki incident happens, i.e. it will be Naruto's third try).

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Chapter 1-The Birth of Deathcake

"Hey old man, your hands itching for preparing some ramen?," asked a twelve year blonde as he popped his head through the curtains of Ichiraku Ramen's stand, a light grin on his face.

"Naruto-kun!," a woman, possibly in her late teens spoke with a bright smile on her beautiful face.

"If it isn't my favourite customer! Sure! So, the usual right?," the previously addressed old man asked with a fatherly smile.

"Yep," replied Naruto with a grin as he sat on the stool while the female teen was looking at him with a smile, a light blush on her face.

"So Naruto-kun, how was your day?," she asked, her black shining eyes totally concentrated on him as he smiled a bit lazily at her.

"Fun as usual Ayame-chan. Pranked several people, got those Anbu and jounins trailing me and again as usual, they couldn't catch me," he spoke with a grin while rubbing the back of his head as the old ramen chef: Teuchi, prepared his ramen behind Ayame. A comfortable silence ensued between the trio when Teuchi spoke while preparing the noodles.

"Naruto, I've noticed that generally you are quite hyperactive during the day, but when you come here at seems as though you aren't your self."

"Oh c'mon Tou-san! Give him a break," Ayame spoke while glaring at her father when Naruto spoke.

"It's winter time oji-san, the breeze is chilly at night. I don't feel like goofing around. Besides, it's 10 pm, you can't expect me to yell and keep running when the streets are empty and people are sleeping," a chuckle escaping his mouth as he rubbed his hands together to produce some warmth while Teuchi laughed out loud with Ayame giggling cutely.

"That's right my boy! But you've got some stamina to evade all those Anbu and jounins at such young age. I just can't fathom the fact that you can get lazy," the old ramen chef spoke with a smile as he set the steaming bowl of ramen on the counter.

The heavenly set of miso ramen inhaling his nostrils, he grinned brightly before the grabbing the chopsticks.

"Itadakimasu!," he exclaimed out loudly before digging in.

"How's the academy going Naruto-kun?," Ayame asked with a smile as she watched him eat while Teuchi was cleaning the cooking slab.

A frown formed on his features, his oceanic blue eyes saddening a bit as he stopped eating.

"It would've been going fine if it wasn't for my chakra problem. It's been three years already and still I can't seem to get a hold of it," the blonde said as he sighed dejectedly while Ayame's expression saddened too.

"Still no progress huh? I don't understand, if you can manipulate chakra like other shinobi, then why can't you do those simple techniques properly?," she spoke while Teuchi had a grim expression on his face.

"I just don't know. I can build large amounts of chakra, but it's so difficult to control. I don't know how to explain it but, it's like my chakra is unstable or something. I have to put so much effort to just do the kawarimi and henge jutsus, but the bunshin one seems out of reach," he spoke as the frown on Teuchi's face deepened while Ayame stared at him with soft eyes.

"But don't you worry! I'll find a way around this and become hokage one day! After all, I got to have something special in me to outrun those jounins when I'm so young!," he exclaimed with a goofy grin on his face making Teuchi and Ayame smile at him.

Slurping up the soup, he spoke enthusiastically.

"Another bowl oji-san!"

Konoha: The Hokage Monument: Present Time

The full moon shining brightly, it was winter time in Konoha as a cool breeze swept through the village. Almost all the civilians were sleeping right now with the hokage and guard patrols full on alert.

Suddenly though, just above the yondaime hokage's head, the thin air began wavering a bit as a slight disturbance took place.


A non uniform small rift suddenly opened, bright light emanating from it as gusts of wind started to flow around the rift which was getting larger.


A person skidded across the surface of the yondaime's head monument, who had dashed through the rift which was now getting smaller.

"D-Damn," voice feminine, she appeared to be panting as sweat poured down her face. Propping herself on her elbows, she intook deep breaths before shakily standing up.

Her form reflecting the moonlight, now revealed to be a blonde woman of stunning beauty. She had long wavy blonde hair, shining blue eyes, thick attractive lashes, a beauty mark just below the right side of her full pink luscious lips which were now curled down to form a frown. Her face was heart shaped, her breasts voluptous, long slender arms and legs while she had a curvaceuos figure any woman would kill for.

Coming to her attire, she was wearing a black garb, her robes hanging loosely for her ample bosom to be revealed. She was wearing a thin golden necklace tucked between her cleavage while there was a long pink scarf on her shoulders. There was also a strange armband on her uniform's obi sash. On her back, was a an average sized sheathed katana which was tied to her. All in all, she was a woman of remarkable beauty standing at a hieght of 5 foot 8 inches.

"Where am I?," she asked to herself softly, her eyes wide as she gazed upon the large village in front of her.

"This isn't Karakura town. I can sense it, this even the right dimension?," she spoke to herself with a shocked expression. Taking out the Denreishinki (Divine Messenger Machine), which looked like a cell phone, she activated it as it's screen illuminated with a bright light.

"Hello, Matsumoto Rangiku, vice captain of tenth division speaking. I repeat, Matsumoto Rangiku speaking. Requesting for dimensional coordinates," she spoke but got no response, only hazy sounds which made her sigh.

"I guess there's no connection right now. I'll have to try again later. But what is this place?," the now defined Rangiku wondered to herself as she stood on the hokage monument.

"I don't know where, but I'll have to say this is beautiful," she whispered in awe upon gazing at the large village.

Her eyebrows though scrunched in concentration as she suddenly remembered what had happened for her to get here in the first place, a cute pout on her face.

'Damn them. Kuchiki-san was the one who was originally assigned to the Karakura town, why did Ukitake-taicho had to get more ill at such point of time?,' she thought to herself when a frown formed on her delicate features.

'But then, even with the Jigokuchō(Hell Butterfly) escorting me through the Senkaimon (World Penetration Gate), I entered Dangai which shouldn't have been possible. And then, most probably by coincident...I happened to be there when the Kōtotsu(Wresting Surge) was on it's weekly sweep,' she thought before sighing, it was just probably one of those bad days. Though being chased by that bullet train in Dangai they call Kōtotsu surely put her through some exercise, which explains why she was panting and all sweaty.

She gulped at the thought of what could've happened if she would've been caught by the sweep. Suddenly her face again adopted an expression of immense confusion as she thought this through.

'Also, being chased by Kōtotsu is said to create time distortion. According to that, I should've reached a dimension with a time gap of around 100 years and ultimately should've died because of my body not being able to keep up with the time skip. And here I'm standing completely fine without a scratch, possibly in another dimension,' she wondered while rubbing her temples.

Activating the Denreishinki again, she again began scrambling her fingers on it when she sighed in relief.

"Atleast the GPS (Global Positioning System) is still working. This will help me keep track of hollows, pluses and other shinigami...if there are present here that is. And the limiter seems to be working fine too," she mumbled to herself as her hair flew with the breeze, a yawn escaping her lips.

"Oh well, I'm sure everything will be okay! I'll sort this out tomorrow, but now I'm going to sleep. I wonder if there is any sake here, or any bars like the human world has. Hmm...but this world has humans too," she said to herself with a bright smile before adopting an expression of confusion, her easy-going personality now surfacing.

Shrugging to herself, she stretched her arms as her ample bosom jiggled with her movements.

"Oh well, I'll think over this mess tomorrow. There must be a place here where I can sleep," she shrugged to herself before again yawning. Using shunpo (flash step), the shinigami vanished from atop the monument, leaving only dust hovering in air.

Streets of Konoha: Present Time

"The moon's full today," muttered Naruto to himself with a smile as he gazed at the moon. He was currently walking through the streets. After apparently wolfing down five bowls of ramen, he had decided to take a walk around the village.

The blonde was currently wearing a black civilian jacket underneath which was a dark blue shirt, followed by dark blue shinobi pants. He sighed, his hot breath visible due to the chilling cold.

'Hi no Kuni my ass! I never understood why this country hosts such chilly winter every year, the name must have been kept by some noble idiot who sits by the fireplace masturbating while we ninja rot in this season,' thought Naruto with a 'huff' as he kicked a pebble, it's sound echoing through the vacant streets.

"Not that I'm a ninja right now anyway," he murmured to himself with a pout as he turned his head to gaze at the hokage monument behind him.

'Yeah, I'm gonna do something big one day. I will surpass you guys,' he spoke inwardly with a determined stare.

"Naruto-kun!," he snapped his head backwards to see a beautiful woman running towards him.

"Shiroi-san," the blonde spoke quietly with a smile as she stopped in front of him, a soft smile on her face. She was wearing a plain purple kimono with a black sash, a bit of her cleavage was revealed making him blush a bit. She had long silver hair, a heart shaped face, her shining eyes were light green in colour while her skin was milk creamy. The young woman looked to be in her early twenties though.

And most importantly, a black chain was protruding out of her chest which was hanging limply in front of her.

"How are you?," she spoke with a soft smile while he grinned back.

"As usual!," he replied with a thumps up making her giggle, who was taller than him.

True, he could see ghosts. These people who had died, he noticed that some of them had broken chains hanging by their chests, some had their chains connected to an object or some had it attached to a particular location.

People called him demon, an abdomination, cursed him, ignored him, beated him, glared at him and what not. These ghosts or spirits, who could not seen by anyone else were amongst the few ones which help him out of this solitude. Though strangely, most of the souls he sees would disappear after a day or two.

He rarely saw any ghosts here in Konoha anyway.

'It may be because Konoha is now peaceful and not under war. Hence the number of casualties are very less and the death rate is low. Add to the fact that there have been great breakthroughs in the field of medical ninjutsu in the past several years,' he thought, apparently having heard some lectures in the academy.

But the one in front of him, Shiroi...strangely was an exception who he remembered having met her two weeks ago. She was rude to him at first, seeing as he was the demon brat...but seeing that no one else could interact with her, they got to know each other. And boy was she surprised, he was like...the cutest and nicest kid she had met in her life. He was nowhere near of what she thought him to be, and was really funny.

However, he did remember when the first time he had seen a ghost several years ago. During the daytime, he had asked a guy about the strange chain on his chest, when he noticed that other people were just phasing through the guy, they couldn't see him! And he could, he could speak with him, he could hear him, he could touch made him freak out but slowly he came around that. He came to accept that he was different, and that was it. No one would believe that he could see ghosts, not even jij. It was just his little secret. And maybe that was the reason people called him a demon.

"Come here Naruto-kun," Shiroi spoke with a smile, snapping him out of his thoughts as he walked near her with some hesitancy.

She gently hugged him, a smile on her face as she tenderly rubbed his back while he initially stiffened into the hug.

"Relax you baka," she spoke with a giggle while his face was pressed into her ample bosom, a furious blush on his face.

'Damn this feels good,' he thought as he promptly closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her back gently.

"I'm sorry for treating you harshly Naruto-kun. I shouldn't have listened to the villagers back then. Even though we had never met, I still hated you," she spoke with a sad expression when he pulled back from the hug.

"It's okay I guess. You don't hate me now, that makes me happy. Atleast I was able to change one person. Besides you are among the few ghosts who atleast talked to me and gave me a chance," the blonde said with a smile when he a shivered a bit.

'And there's this another strange thing about me never getting sick like normal people do,' he thought with a sigh when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Let's go to your apartment Naruto-kun. It must be chilling for you to be staying out here," she spoke softly as they started to walk towards his apartment.

"It's not fair that you guys don't feel any cold. I wish I could do that," he spoke with a pout making her giggle at him as she ruffled his blonde hair affectionately.

'It's strange that I seek comfort from ghosts, which were amongst the few things I was scared from, instead of the living a life!,' he exclaimed inwardly in exasperation as they walked through the secluded streets.

Konoha: Naruto's Apartment: Fifteen Minutes Later


Opening the door with a click after unlocking it, Naruto and Shiroi entered the apartment.

"Ahh, home sweet home!," he exclaimed with a grin as he discarded his jacket while Shiroi looked around his apartment with amusement on her face.

"It's pretty cozy and clean, unlike the last time," she spoke with a smile when he huffed.

"Well a certain someone found it appealing to threaten me into cleaning the apartment," he said in annoyance upon walking past the corridor(connecting to the door) to enter the drawing room where Shiroi was standing.

"Make yourself comfortable Shiroi-san. I'll be back in a minute," he spoke as he went towards the bedroom when he heard her stern voice.

"Naruto-kun, how many times have I asked you not to call me that?," she asked with a light glare making him rub the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh right, gomen Shiroi-chan," Naruto spoke with a smile making her nod in satisfaction.

Opening the door to his bedroom, he thought he heard some light sounds. Shrugging, he switched on the lights before walking towards the bathroom as he began to sing quietly to himself.

"Uzumaki was kung-fu fighting! Oh Yo!"

"He was as fast as lightning! Uhuh!"

"Sasuke-teme was a little bitch trembling! Oh yeah!"

"His duck-ass foliage burning! Oh my!"

Opening the door, he continued singing...

"Ohohohoooo, sexy kung-fu fighter!"

"Kick the teme higher!"

He continued to sing in a quiet voice as he turned on the hot shower when suddenly he froze.

'Was bed sheets weren't black were they?' he thought with wide eyes before dashing out of the bathroom. He slammed to a stop like he had been instantly fossilized while his breathing hitched in his throat.

He immediately took out a kunai from a drawer besides him as quietly as possible, his eyes narrowed as he glared at the form laying on his bed comfortably.

His brain was running a mile per minute as he thought over what he should do.

'Who's this woman? Did she come here to kill me? But then why is she sleeping on my bed so soundly? Could it be another trick to destroy my apartment? She isn't a ghost as there's no chain coming out of her chest? Could it be a shinobi using transformation jutsu?,' so many thoughts took birth in his head like a wildfire.

Here in front of him was laying our busty shinigami, Rangiku Matsumoto, who was snoring lightly with her dim blonde hair sprawled on the bed. Apparently, she was still wearing her shinigami robes.

Naruto though blushed when he noticed her voluptous chest fall and rise with each breath, her revealed cleavage only increasing his blush when he shook his head to clear such thoughts.

'I can't waste time here. This is a serious situation! Though it atleast gives me reference for my sexy transformation jutsu,' he thought with a small smirk as he slowly approached her.

He suddenly stopped though upon noticing a sheathed katana laying by the side of the bed, opposite to the side he was standing in.

Walking around the bed sneakily, he carefully leaned his right hand forward. First he had to get the weapon away from her, just in case she tried to kill him; which probably was the case here. Just when his hand had barely touched the hilt,


He stood frozen there, his hand grabbing thin air while he watched the woman standing on the floor (on the opposite side of the bed where Naruto had come from) with wide eyes.

Rangiku's eyes were intially narrowed at him, the katana in one hand while the hilt was in the other when suddenly her blue orbs widened.

Meanwhile, Naruto had every muscle and bone locked tight in his body as they continued to stare at each other with widened eyes.

He suddenly jumped back with a kunai in his hand, his eyes cold as he glared at her. Though inwardly, he was praying to Kami to spare his life today. He had seen the crazy display of speed and acrobatics by the woman...atleast for him it was crazy. She had suddenly grabbed her sheathed katana out of the blue, before flipping back from the bed to land on the floor, all in a time frame of one second or even less!

Hardening his expression, Naruto steeled his voice before speaking, he did not want to give her an impression of a scared child after all.

"W-What do you want?," he mentally cursed himself for the stutter, kunai held in a reverse grip in front of his face defensively while her blue orbs zoomed out in surprise even further.

Rangiku though turned her head backwards, then sideways as if confirming that they were the only one present in the room.

Naruto's eyes though began twitching as he watched the strange woman, he thought she was here to kill him or something and not observe the architecture of his apartment!

Her widened eyes then finally again settled on him making the blonde visibly stiffen as they continued to stare into each other's eyes.

"You can see me?," Rangiku asked with widened eyes, her finger pointing at herself to emphasize her question.


Naruto fell face first on the floor, a groan escaping his buried face.

"Um kid, are you alright?," she asked while taking a step towards him when he sprang comically from the floor.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN IF I CAN SEE YOU! DO YOU THINK I AM BLIND? WHO DO YOU THINK I WAS TALKING TO LADY?," screamed Naruto, his face burning red in anger as he pointed an index finger at her when her eyes widened again. She was just acting like that Sasuke-teme, all cool and mighty.

"Whoa, you can hear me too!," she exclaimed while now Naruto's ears began to exhale steam as he took in a deep breath.

'Calm yourself Naruto! Calm yourself! This crazy lady's just playing with you,' he thought while taking deep breaths, the colour of his face returning to normal now.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong? I heard you yelling," his eyes widened when heard Shiroi's voice, the sound of her footsteps indicating that she was coming to the room.

Meanwhile, Rangiku couldn't help but be flabbergasted. This child, who was a living human as there was no chain of fate attached to his chest could see her, a shinigami. Closing her eyes for a bit, she concentrated on her senses before opening them, her eyes yet again widened in immense shock.

'No way! You mean to tell me this kid was the one who I earlier detected? Even with a physical body, he was releasing reiryoku (Spiritual Power)earlier. And now too, it seems he's subconsciously releasing a small amount of it. He must have huge innate spiritual energy reserves to release it without even him knowing. Being able to see us a bit hazily, even that is a rare phenomenon with a probability of one among millions of humans. But this boy, not only can he see me clearly, he can clearly hear me too. Add to fact that he was able to touch Haineko (Ash Cat) means that he can touch us, beings who are made of reishi (Spirit Particles). And I can also feel a tiny amount of reiatsu (Spiritual Pressure) his reiryoku is producing. Just who is this kid?,' thought Rangiku with a serious expression when she heard someone besides her.

"Naruto-kun, wha-," Shiroi stopped midway upon reaching the door to see a busty woman standing in the room, Naruto being on the further side, who was staring at her with wide eyes.

"Naruto-kun, who's she?," Shiroi asked with a confused expression while the blonde just stared at her, as if silently telling her that he'll explain later.

He couldn't be talking to ghosts when someone's here to kill him right? The blonde haired woman might make a scramble and start yelling that he's a freak or something. Who knows, another mob would be chasing him today then?

Matsumoto though turned her head to see a woman, a bit shorter than. Her eyes did widen in realisation though when she saw the chain of fate.

'So the boy must have befriended this soul. Or that she might be a relative of his,' thought the vice captain.

"You can see me?," Shiroi asked in surprise when she noticed that Matsumoto had looked at her.

"Ah yes. You're not alive anymore, I know," Rangiku said with a warm smile while Shiroi's eyes widened along with Naruto's.

"Y-You can s-see ghosts too?," Naruto stuttered, his mouth opened agape as he lowered his kunai a bit.

"Yes, I guess you can call them ghosts," said Matsumoto with a chuckle.

"See Naruto-kun! I told you there may be other people too who could see ghosts. You're not entirely different!," Shiroi said with a smile while Naruto lips curled up a bit.

Matsumoto though was completely intrigued by this young kid. Normally kids his age in the other human world would cower in fear given the situation, and here he was standing with a brave front, his eyes cold.

"You can put that knife down, it's not like I'm gonna hurt you or anything ," she said softly, a warm smile on her face. Usually she would be free spirited and casual, but she had her soft and serious side too.

"Your katana first," Naruto spoke firmly as he tightened the grip on his kunai.

"Oh sorry!," Matsumoto exclaimed as she quickly sheathed Haineko before slinging it on her back.

"And this is a zanpakutou, not a katana," she spoke making Shiroi and Naruto look at her in confusion, but they just drank in their question about what she meant.

"What's your name boy?," Rangiku asked as he started to twirl the kunai absent mindedly around his index fingers making her eyes widen.

Naruto froze when he found his hand grabbed by Matsumoto, Shiroi having the same expression as they watched her literally vanish into thin air to appear behind him.

'Such speed! She must be a really strong kunoichi, though her dress code is strange I'll have to say,' Shiroi thought as she entered the room now.

"Hey, you shouldn't play with such sharp objects like that!," Rangiku said with a frown while Naruto blushed as he found her breasts resting on his head.

Grabbing the kunai off her hand he put one hand on the floor before flipping forwards, twirling himself in midair to stand in front of her, a frown on his face.

Matsumoto's jaw though dropped, a kid like him moving with such speed and performing acrobatics like that with such ease, it was astounding! In the other human world, she had never seen any kid like the one in front of him.

Though his speed was still painfully slow for shinigami like them, it was fast for a human child.

"How did you do that kid? Did you have training of some sorts?," Rangiku asked with wide eyes while a vein popped on his forehead.

"I'm not a kid lady! Show some respect here! It's Uzumaki Naruto dattebayo!," he yelled making the two women blink while in Soul Society, a certain silver haired captain sneezed.

Matsumoto giggled to herself in amusement while Shiroi too started giggling making Naruto pout as he crossed his arms childishly.

'He's a cutie,' the blonde shinigami thought with a smile.

"Ah sorry Naruto. My name is Matsumoto Rangiku," she responded making Naruto nod as he put the kunai back in the drawer.

"And for the record, that was a kunai and not a sword," he spoke making the blonde shinigami blink in confusion.

"What's a kunai?," she asked making Naruto pinch the bridge of his nose in what seemed to be frustration and annoyance while Shiroi too was looking at her wierdly.

"Which world are you even living in Rangiku-san?," asked the whiskered blonde sarcastically when she replied innocently.

"Well atleast not from this world," inwardly amused to play the innocent act while he just ignored her and sat on the edge of his bed, facing her with a serious expression on his face.

"Alright, enough of this. Since this is my apartment, I think I have the right to ask you that why were you sleeping on my bed?," he asked with a serious expression making Shiroi's eyes go wide in immense surprise while a light blush lit Rangiku's cheeks as she smiled embarrassingly.

'Damn I have to admit, this woman's really beautiful. But she doesn't hate me, or could it be that it's just a mask so that she could get through me. I don't know but I have to be extremely careful,' he thought with a light blush.

"Since you possess so much spiritual energy, I guess it would be better if you knew about the concepts of afterlife," she spoke seriously making his eyes widen along with Shiroi's.

"You mean what happens after a person dies?," he asked with a shocked expression on his face, Shiroi just as surprised while the blonde shinigami nodded seriously.

"For starters, I'm not a living human. You ca-,"

"Then do you mean to say that you're a ghost just like Shiroi-chan? But you don't have any chain attached to your chest," he said, his cheeks becoming heated a bit at the mention of her chest. Rangiku's eyes though started twitching, he hadn't even let her finish.

"No I'm not a ghost like Shiroi-san. In a sense I am, but not a normal one. I have special powers you know," she paused before taking a deep breath, this will blow the blonde away.

"I'm a shinigami Naruto," she said with a serious expression on her face. Naruto's and Shiroi's faces though looked like the world had collapsed in front of them, pin drop silence in the apartment.

"I know it's-," she suddenly emitted a tiny amount of her reiryoku upon noticing that Naruto was again about to interrupt her.

"W-What?," he was barely able to choke out when he found himself struggling to stand, his knees buckling.

'What is this feeling? It's as if the gravity suddenly increased. I can't even breathe properly, it's like the air itself has become heavier,' he thought, his eyes widened while his breathing came in short pants, sweat trickling down his face. Turning his head back slowly, his eyes further widened upon noticing that Shiroi was on the floor, panting as she struggled to even lift herself with her elbows.

Rangiku though immediately lowered her reiryoku. Naruto and Shiroi now felt like a heavy burden had been lifted off their shoulders, beads of sweat trickling down their foreheads while Shiroi panted heavily.

"W-What was that?," the blonde asked with a hint of anger in his voice, his breathing much more in control before he ran back to help Shiroi.

"That was for interrupting me Naruto. Don't do that until I'm finished. The burden, pressure you can say, which you now felt was the result of me releasing my spiritual energy. That pressure is called reiatsu," she spoke while he gently helped Shiroi to stand up.

"Are you okay Shiroi-chan?," he asked with concern in his oceanic eyes as she slowly stood up.

"I'm fine Naruto-kun. Arigatou," she said with a smile as they wiped their foreheads.

"We shinigami come from another dimension, a place called soul society. One of our main duties is to send the people to afterlife, that is soul society...or what you can say heaven."

Seeing that Rangiku had paused, he asked her with a grim expression. This shinigami part, he didn't understand a bit, nor did he find it possible or logical. Though there was one thing which piqued his interest.

"Spiritual energy. You said you released spiritual energy right? ," she nodded seriously.

"But what about physical energy? Chakra is a combination of spiritual and physical energy in equal amounts, then do you mean to say that you just released raw spiritual energy?," he again asked with wide eyes while the female shinigami in front of him blinked in confusion.

"Chakra you say. I've never heard of such thing," Matsumoto asked making Naruto narrow his eyes while Shiroi too was having a difficult time accepting all of this. Did Rangiku mean that she would be sent to this soul society place? She had earlier thought this was all the afterlife had to offer. That she would just linger in this world forever like a ghost. It was like their whole world had been turned upside down in just a couple of minutes!

Naruto too though was having so many thoughts running through his head. Like so many other people thought, he wasn't an idiot and actually had a decent IQ which could impress Shikamaru. He did have a goofy personality that made him look like an idiot, but he was not. And the academy teachers sabotaging his exams didn't help his reputation too.

'The way she has been talking until now, it all points to the crazy fact that she indeed has come from another world, or dimension of sorts. I mean, who wouldn't know of chakra and kunai in this world. Even civilians know of the basics of the techniques ninja use. And that reiatsu thing she pulled earlier, it wasn't chakra, so that flushes out the possibility of her being a shinobi. And a civilian definitely can't do that. Then could she really be a shinigami?...But in the books we read in academy had shown the shinigami as a viscious monster of sorts, large teeth, a knife in it's mouth...the one in front of me though is a woman, a beautiful one at that,' he thought, his mind working at it's full capacity as he tried to process these facts, beyond the boundaries of logic.

Matsumoto though patiently waited for them to speak, it was a huge thing she knew. But considering the boy's spiritual energy reserves, he would be prone to attacks by dangerous hollows, and he should know about them or atleast how to control his reiryoku.

Just when she was about to speak, the denreishinki began to beep drawing the attention of two other occupants.

Naruto and Shiroi watched in fascination as Rangiku took out a strange device before her eyes widened upon checking it or something.

'It's a hollow! It's location though...,' her thoughts trailed as she suddenly opened the window behind her. Jerking her head out, her eyes widened to considerable proportions when she saw a black rip, specifically a garganta open in the sky above Naruto's apartment.

Getting back inside, she ignored the confused looks of Naruto and Shiroi and activated the GPS on denreishinki.

'There are no other pluses except the one in front of me within a mile radius from here. How did a hollow even come here, they shouldn't know the way to this dimension from Hueco Mundo. I myself ended up here accidently. I sense no other spiritual energy sources in this town which could quench a hollow's thirst. Then could it be that...,' her eyes widened in realisation as she stared at Naruto and Shiroi.

Naruto's and Shiroi's breathing though suddenly hitched in their throats when they heard a scream, a howl...they didn't know. But they could practically feel the negative emotions; anguish, pain in the voice.

"What's this?," Shiroi asked as she looked above where the scream seem to be coming from.

'I have to take them away from such a densely populated area. There I can take care of it,' Rangiku thought to herself before she suddenly appeared in a blur in front of the duo.

"Hey!," Naruto exclaimed when Rangiku effortlessly lifted him to sling him over her shoulder.

"What are you doing?," Shiroi asked with an embarrassed blush when she found herself on the shinigami's other shoulder.

Without responding, Matsumoto used shunpo to exit his apartment while the hollow now had completely emerged out of the garganta.

Outer Forests of Konoha: Quater Mile Away: A Minute Later

'This far should be fine,' Rangiku thought as she skidded to a halt in a large clearing of the forest.

"What's up with you?," Naruto half yelled, half asked as he found himself shivering in the chilling cold, this time not even wearing his black jacket.

Setting both of them down gently, Matsumoto glared at him while emitting some of her reiryoku again to shut him up.

"Quiet Naruto. You're town would've been in danger had I not dragged you here," the blonde shinigami spoke sternly as she turned to face the direction from where she had come.

"What's a town Rangiku-san? The place we came from is called Konohagakure No Sato," Shiroi elaborated making the shinigami faulter a bit.

"Eh, a village?," she asked with surprise written all over her face.

'Is this some kind of medieval period going on this world?,' she thought before shrugging. Oh well, it didn't mater. So far, she found the place to be quite beautiful and peaceful.

"I'll go ahead and think that you don't know what a village is," Naruto spoke non-chalantly making Shiroi giggle a bit while Matsumoto stared at him with amusement, a soft smile on her face.

'He acts far more mature than he looks. Though he has his childish moments, I can't help but compare him to Hitsugaya-taicho. And add to the fact that I have never come across a pair of such vibrant shade of blue eyes, and the spiky blonde & whisker marks only accentuate his features,' she mused before turning her head back when the ground they were standing on itself began to shake.

"It's near. Naruto, take Shiroi-san and get away from me," Rangiku said making the duo look at her in confusion.

"What is-,"

"Please trust me Naruto," she turned her head to smile at him, her eyes honest while Naruto blushed a bit as he gazed at her beautiful features before he nodded.

Taking Shiroi's hand, he pulled her with him to run towards a large tree while Rangiku took out her sword, a deep sigh escaping her lips.

'I hope this hollow is not strong. Though considering that it tore it's way through the Hueco Mundo to this unknown dimension like this, it must be strong. It must've detected the reiryoku Naruto was releasing. And with the limiter sealing off eighty percent of my reiryoku, I can't use shikai...but I should be able to handle it. Without further orders from Seireitei, I can't release the limiter. Who knows those old geezers at Central 46 might find out about this and arrest me or something,' she thought while pulling out her zanpakutou from the sheath, the shaking now getting more violent.

Naruto and Shiroi though could again hear that howl like painful scream.

'What is going on here? Why can't my life be peaceful for once,' he thought as the duo were standing behind the tree, sneakily looking around it.

"Naruto, what's happening?," asked Shiroi, her eyes were wide while her hands were trembling.

Grasping her shaking hand gently, he squeezed it making the attractive woman look at him.

"Don't worry Shiroi-chan. I'm just as shaken in this as you are. We'll sort this out together, and I wouldn't let anything happen to you," he spoke in a determined tone while she smiled a bit hesitantly at him as she squeezed his hand back.

His eyes widened a bit when he felt that pressure again, though it was less this time, maybe because they were at some distance away from the shinigami.

Focusing back, he turned his head back when his whole world froze in shock, a look of horror on his face as he stared at the...creature in front of Rangiku.

'Wh-What is that thing? Is it some kind of summon? ,' the whiskered blonde wondered in astonishment as the saw the giant hollow, it's size almost four times as that of Matsumoto. It had a large white mask on it's face, four limbs in addition of eight extra large tentacles sprouting from it's back.

"Aahhh, I can practically taste that delicious reiryoku in air. Though it's not coming from you shinigami," the hollow said with a demonic like voice while Rangiku gripped Haineko tighter.

'Damn, it's an evolved hollow. He would not be easy to deal with in my current situation,' she thought before shunpo'ing in front of his mask to finish this one blow, Haineko reared back as she plunged her zanpakutou forwards at blurry speeds.


'He blocked it! Such speed! This is definitely not a normal one,' Rangiku thought with wide eyes, as prior to it's huge size, the creature had moved it's clawed limb at surprising speeds to block her zanpakutou.

Raising her spiritual energy, Haineko began to pierce it's claw making the hollow howl in pain.


"Rangiku-san!," Naruto yelled involuntarily as he saw her get hit by one it's tentacles, making her fly back as she skidded to a halt just besides the tree Naruto and Shiroi were standing behind.

"Stay here Shiroi-chan!," he exclaimed before dashing from behind the tree towards the shinigami.

"Are you alright?," Naruto asked while Rangiku stood up slowly, holding her gut where the tentacle had slammed into.

"Get back Naruto!," she hissed angrily while suddenly standing in front of him.

"I'll kill you for that shinigami! And the next is you brat!," Naruto watched with wide eyes, their forms now shadowed as the hollow was now standing in front of them.

"RAWRRR!," it roared before it's large clawed hand lunged towards them.


"G-Get back Naruto," Rangiku said through gritted teeth as Haineko grinded against the large claw.

'I'm already using the twenty percent reiryoku here. All of my abilities are severely limited. A hollow this strong is very rare in the other human world,' she thought as she was now on her knees while Naruto took some stumbling steps back, his eyes widened in horror as he clenched his fists.

"N-No! I can't leave you here! You'll die!," he yelled, his voice stuttering a bit as bit his thumb.

'C'mon Naruto! You can't stand like a coward! She's among the very few persons who have treated me nicely, and she's fighting to save me and Shiroi-chan! I can't run like a pussy!,' he thought as he quickly took out a kunai, an extra one he always kept for defence.

"Run Naruto!," Rangiku yelled, beads of sweat pouring down her face. She was already tired due to using her reiryoku in escaping from dangai.

"Naruto-kun no!," Shiroi yelled from behind the tree, drawing the attention of hollow while Naruto dashed towards Rangiku who was now on her knees.

The female shinigami's eyes widened though when the blonde jumped over her.


"RAWWWRRRRRR!," the hollow screamed in pain when Naruto had pierced the flesh of it's arm with the kunai.

'This kid...,' Rangiku thought in amazement as she had quickly grabbed Naruto and jumped back.



"What did I tell you about running away?," Rangiku asked with a glare, who strangely was panting a bit while he was holding his head, an annoyed expression on his face.

"Quite a colourful way to say thank you woman," he grumbled making her blush in embarrassment when suddenly she fell to her knees as she held her stomach where the hollow's tentacle had hit her, piercing her flesh a bit.

'It must be a special ability of this hollow. I can feel my mid region going numb,' she thought.

"Rangiku-san, what happened? Are you alright?," he asked frantically as he patted her back gently.

'I'm getting low on reiryoku. Naruto has plenty of it but a human can't harness spiritual energy properly in physical form. What if I?,' she thought, her eyes narrowed as she considered her options.

They suddenly snapped their heads when they heard a feminine scream.

"SHIROI-CHAN!," Naruto yelled with wide eyes while the hollow was holding the white haired woman in it's remaining large hand.

"You dare cut me you little brat! I'm gonna devour you all, starting with this one!," it stated with a booming voice, his tone angry while Rangiku's eyes widened when she sensed it's spiritual energy increasing.

"Shit!," Naruto exclaimed as he prepared to run to her aid.

"Wait Naruto!," she grabbed his hand, stopping him as he looked back at her angrily.

"I have to save her!," he growled making her eyes narrow.

"And you'll just get killed if you engage that hollow right now," she spoke sternly.

"Well, what choice do we have then?," he exclaimed as he looked back at the hollow who was about to devour Shiroi.

"Hado no Sanjuichi: Shakkahō! (Way of Destruction 31: Red Fire Cannon)," Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the shinigami release a red type of ball of energy from the palm of her hand which slammed onto the hollow's other arm. It howled in pain as he dropped Shiroi to the ground.

"What the he-," he was suddenly pulled by his shirt to face the dire serious expression of Rangiku.

"Now listen carefully here Uzumaki Naruto. I'm going to transfer some of my shinigami powers to you. It will be temporary and with your abundance of spiritual energy, you should be able to take it down. Do you agree?," she spoke while he gulped audibly before a look of determination replaced his nervous expression. Looking back to see Shiroi laying on the ground unconscious, his eyes became fierce as he turned his head back.

"Do it!," he spoke seriously, and besides it was only temporarily.

Releasing him, she stood up before pointing her zanpakutou at his chest making his eyes widened.

"What are you doing?," he asked in horror and nervousnes sas he stumbled back a bit.

"This is the only way!," she almost yelled making him freeze, before he snapped his head at her.

"Then hurry up and get this over with!," he said, a bit of desperation in his voice as he again gazed back at the laying form of Shiroi while the smoke from the blast was covering the hollow's form.

"Aagh!," his head turned back, Naruto suddenly screamed in pain when he felt his chest being pierced. Looking back, he found her katana, which now was glowing white due to Rangiku's reiryoku being channeled through it, completely piercing through his body. Strangely though, he didn't see any of his blood.

"Matsumoto Rangiku," he heard her voice. Lifting his head, he saw her smiling softly at him while Haineko continued to glow brighter and brighter with each second.

As if his mouth opening on it's own, he muttered...

"Uzumaki Naruto," the white glow now beginning to cover their forms.


A ground shattering explosion of white light shook the cores of the forest, wild gusts of wind making the trees rustle violently while the hollow stared in surprise, the smoke now cleared as his eight tentacles waved behind him.

"W-What is this reatsu? It's huge!," it exclaimed as the resident of Hueco Mundo could feel the enormous pressure in the air. Increasing it's own reatsu to the fullest, the burden it was feeling was released a bit, but the pressure was still affecting it.

The white glowing light though quickly died down for the hollow to see the silhouette of two figures through the dust screen that had been induced around them. The strange thing was that both looked to be adults, the kid was no where to be found.

"What happened to me?," the hollow heard a matured baritone voice from the smoke as opposed to the high pitched voice of a child it was hearing before.

"Did the world suddenly become small?," again same voice came from the smoke, which now sounded confused.

A soft breeze, which had been typical of these winter nights, blew across the area to clear the smoke.

The obstruction completely gone now, we could see Rangiku standing in a completely plain white garb, her eyes were as wide as they could get as she gazed at the form in front of her.

In front of her, there was a tall young man reaching to the hieght of almost six foot, taller than her. He had wild spiky blonde hair reaching to his oceanic blue eyes, three whisker marks on each of his cheek. He was wearing a typical black shinigami garb with a violet sash around his waist.

"N-Naruto?," Matsumoto asked with a stutter, shock practically dripping from every syllable while she had an expression of extreme disbelief written all over her face. He was also casually holding a huge zanpakutou, it's size that of a zanbato, over his shoulder while it's sheath was tied to his back.

'This, feels amazing,' the blonde haired figure thought as he clenched his other hand into a fist. The shinigami though looked to be quite young, like he was in his late teens.

"Naruto, i-is that you?," she again asked, not having an idea of what was going on.

Turning his head back, she saw his face as a blush lit her cheeks upon gazing at his handsome face while he had a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, Uzumaki Naruto. Who's the kid now...Rangiku-san?"

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