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Chapter One

Dr Death Defying's words were still echoing in her head as she stood alone outside in the old ambulance bay.

"Dr Death Defying here... Bad news from Zone Six. Killjoys, listen up..."

Sugar Fiend already knew what had happened before the words – those horrible words that she hoped she would never have to hear – were spoken. She cringed inwardly as she recalled the solemn and almost lifeless tone of Dr Death Defying's voice – it hardly sounded like the man at all.

Dark brown eyes glared ahead and the Zone Seven leader clenched her fists. She could almost visualise the Trans-Am pulling in slowly before her; Party Poison's lips moving slightly as he ran his fingers across the photo of Missile Kid that was taped to the dashboard before he stepped out of the vehicle.

But he was gone now.

Ghosted by BL/Ind, just like the others.

Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star had all fallen alongside their leader.

Today was a dark day indeed.

There was no doubt that Better Living Industries would soon be announcing the 'extermination' of the Fabulous Killjoys. Such a company would pride themselves on such an achievement. Not to mention they would most likely use the incident to set an example towards other Killjoys as a warning.

The Zone Seven leader's frown deepened and she let out a sigh, slowly unclenching her fists as she cast her gaze towards the ground just in front of her feet. Part of her still could not believe that Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star were gone. The small part of her that was gradually learning to accept it was struggling to think of what should be done next: How she was going to tell the other Zone Seven Killjoys. What she was going to say the next time she saw Missile Kid. And what was going to happen to the remaining Killjoys of Zone Six?

"But what am I supposed to do? What if you don't come back?"

"Carry on. The cause shouldn't stop just because we aren't there. Make sure the Killjoys stay true to each other and continue on against Better Living Industries. Carry on in our place and never give up. No matter what happens..."

Party Poison's words rang clear through her head. The previous night's discussion seemed even more logical now. The red haired Killjoy had pretty much given her subtle orders in advanced of his demise. Sugar Fiend could not help but snort a little and cock a slight smile at the memory and the messages behind it.

Closing her dark brown eyes, she inhaled deeply through her nose before exhaling through her mouth, trying to clear her mind. If she was going to make any decisions upon what to do next, she could not let her grief cloud her vision.

"Hey, Sugar Fiend! Don't tell me you fell asleep on your feet out he-WOAH! CALM DOWN!" Lady Luck almost squealed with fright, her green eyes were wide as she was suddenly met with the barrel from the Zone Seven leader's purple ray gun.

The red and black haired Killjoy stood unwavering, jaw set and dark eyes narrowed. After a moment, she exhaled sharply, withdrawing her weapon and returning it to its holster. "How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak up on people, Luck? You're gonna get yourself unintentionally ghosted one day if you're not careful."

"Sorry," Lady Luck apologised, playing with a strand of her long, wavy, dark brown hair, a pout upon her face. "I was just wondering if you were okay. Crash and I saw you leave the communications room looking a little rattled."

'Rattled' was an understatement.

The Zone Seven leader frowned. She was going to have to tell the others what had happened. They were going to find out sooner or later. And it would not be fair to keep news like this from them. After all, the Fabulous Killjoys were good friends of all of the Zone Seven Killjoys too.


Sugar Fiend snapped out of her thoughts, turning to regard her fellow Killjoy, her expression sombre. "I need you to gather the others, Luck," she instructed. "Get everybody to meet me in the basement. In the old conference room to the right of the old fire stairwell. A.S.A.P."

Lady Luck blinked as she looked at her Zone leader, a confused expression across her face. "What's going on?" she frowned. "Is this something to do with the emergency transmission from earlier?"

"You could say that," Sugar Fiend nodded her head. "It's pretty important. So, the sooner, the better."

"Mind telling me what's so important?" Lady Luck tilted her head. Things had been a little dull recently in Zone Seven. The wavy haired Killjoy would not mind a little Drac-busting action. Just the thought of some action brought a smile to her face and she bounced a little with excitement. "Are we going to bust some Dracs and rob some supplies?"

"No. At least not right now."

Another blink of Lady Luck's green eyes. "Then what's the big deal? Is Korse heading this way?"

"No," Sugar Fiend closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying not to lose her composure. "Can't you just wait and get the others?"

"But what if they ask?" Lady Luck ruffled a hand through her dark brown hair. "Because, y'know, things have been kinda boring recently. We've not done much since all that crap happened after we visited the letterbo-"

"You want to know so bad that you can't wait another five or ten minutes?" Sugar Fiend snarled as she closed the gap between herself and Lady Luck, pinning the other Killjoy against the cold, concrete wall. "Fine! Here's your goddamn newsflash: They're gone, okay? Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul are dead!"

Lady Luck stood there in shock, still pinned against the wall, her mouth hanging open as Sugar Fiend's words hit her. Hard.

"Wh-What...?" Lady Luck's voice was barely above a whisper. "What are you saying?"

Sugar Fiend's dark eyes narrowed into an almost emotionless glare. "You heard what I said the first time," she said, her voice low as she finally moved away from the other Killjoy. "Now, just do as I say and gather the others. I want them all down there in five minutes."

Hesitating only for a moment, Lady Luck was quick to nod her head before scurrying back indoors, nearly knocking over Wolf Venom in the process. The latter Killjoy watched his spooked comrade hastily leave with a calm expression upon his face before he glanced in the opposite direction, letting out a small sigh.

"Was that really necessary, Fiend?"

The red and black haired Killjoy visibly tensed at the sound of Wolf Venom's voice. He did not sound disgruntled, however she was not sure how just long he had been listening. Not to mention, she did not feel like having to repeat the bad news over and over again. Hence the reason why she wanted to hold the meeting. Turning to face the male Killjoy, Sugar Fiend straightened her leather purple trench coat, lifting her head slightly. "It's necessary when people don't know when to stop asking overexcited questions despite being given a direct order to round up the others."

"I see..." Wolf Venom stepped outside into the disused ambulance bay, leaning against the wall next to Sugar Fiend, shoving his hands into the pockets of his grey jeans, looking outwards at the distant horizon. His grey eyes scanned the skies for a moment before he spoke again. "Do you know what you are going to say to the others yet?"

Sugar Fiend's head snapped up and towards Wolf Venom, surprised that he had overheard the terrible news and yet seemed to keep so calm about it.

Removing one hand from his jeans pocket, Wolf Venom ruffled at his black hair, fiddling idly with the piercing on his ear. "I have to say that it's times like this when I don't envy being in your position, Fiend," he said, his voice still maintaining its calm sincerity as his grey eyes met her dark brown ones and he let out a small sigh. "It's going to be a dark day today. The question is if it's going to be the calm before the storm..."

"I don't know," Sugar Fiend replied, leaning back against the wall next to her companion. "I think it's safe to say that many Killjoys won't take this act from BL/Ind lying down. And I'm not just talking about the Zone Seven Killjoys."

"But what will you make our next move?" Wolf Venom enquired. He cracked a small smile. "I mean, I hope you aren't going to make all of us march into Battery City on a revenge killing spree, are you?"

Sugar Fiend could not help but give a small snort and a smile, despite how she was feeling. "I don't think I have reached that point of insanity yet," she replied. "To be honest, I'm not really sure what we should do next. Though, Dr Death Defying did say over the radio that he would be contacting us again within the next few hours. I have Space Biscuit watching over the emergency radio. Just in case. I haven't told her why though. Not yet."

Wolf Venom nodded his head. "Hence the meeting."


Grey eyes shifted to look at the Zone Seven leader. Wolf Venom took a moment to study Sugar Fiend for a moment. He was pretty serious when he had mentioned about not being at all envious for not being a Zone leader. He could only imagine what was going through all of the other Zone leaders' heads. Having to break such tragic news to the rest of their tam and then set about what to do next. He figured a lot of Killjoys might want to seek revenge. After all, Killjoys did not just give up, did they?

... Did they?

The black haired Killjoy shuddered, unable to suppress the feeling of doubt that suddenly washed through him. He hated any sensations of foreboding. Mostly because such perceptions seemed to have very real repercussions. At least that is what he had always found from his own personal experiences.

"You alright?"

Wolf Venom inhaled sharply, nearly jumping out of his skin when a hand placed itself gently upon his shoulder. Turning his head sharply to the left, he was met with concerned, dark brown eyes.

"Hey. Are you okay?" Sugar Fiend repeated, an anxious expression on her face.

Grey eyes blinked before Wolf Venom gave a smile, scratching his head. "Huh? Yeah, I'm okay. Just a little lost in thought, I guess. Nothing to worry about."

Sugar Fiend seemed to accept his explanation with a small smile of her own before she jerked a thumb back towards the emergency room doors. "C'mon. We should get going. I'm sure the others will be waiting for us."

Wolf Venom gave a nod of his head before he followed the Zone Seven leader back indoors, pausing only to glance back over his shoulder at the skies behind them, still unable to completely shake the bad vibes. He could not help but think that this was the clam before the storm...