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Chapter Eight

The trip back to the Zone Seven hospital had been one of silent, mixed emotions.

Motorbaby had decided to travel back with Battery Bled and the Zone Seven Killjoys, the Zone Two leader riding her motorbike alongside Sugar Fiend. Considering how volatile the meeting had gotten at one point, Motorbaby felt that she needed some time away from her Zone to make sure her thoughts were clear for whatever decisions that she would need to make in the future. Better Living Industries' offer had really shaken foundations throughout the Zones. Motorbaby was still shocked that there were Killjoys out there – entire Zones – who were willing to give up and surrender for a 'fresh start'.

Behind the two Zone leaders, Mercurial Crash, Lady Luck, Rocketship Dropout, Wolf Venom and Battery Bled were all crammed into the back of the old military jeep as Space Biscuit drove, Little Red sitting silently next to her in the front. Despite nobody saying anything in the jeep, all of them were aware that every single Killjoy out in the Zones was going to be on edge: Better Living Industries had really started to drive them into a make or break situation. The power-hungry company had probably anticipated on their current move creating some sort of unrest and havoc within the Zones that surrounded Battery City. Their predictions had not been wrong: Conflicting opinions had already caused heated arguments between the Zone leaders during the meeting. And now, it seemed that some Killjoys were more than ready to fight each other to the death because of such strong feelings.

Space Biscuit let out a weary sigh as she drove, momentarily focusing her gaze on the two Zone leaders that were riding ahead of her; the jeep's headlights illuminating their backs as they travelled along the deserted road. Both Motorbaby and Sugar Fiend had said very little since the Zone Six meeting had been adjourned, though their exchange of heated glares with the Zone Eight leader – Quantum Kill – had not been missed. Things had, after all, gotten quite personal between the three Zone leaders during the duration of the meeting. Space Biscuit was certain that the tense situation between the three Zone leaders was sure to affect the feelings of their respective Zones. It only made her slightly happier to know that she belonged to the larger of the opposing groups. However, it was a grim situation that they were all in nonetheless.

Pulling into the covered ambulance bay, Space Biscuit was about to reverse into one of the empty spaces before Little Red put a hand on her shoulder.

"Wait a moment…" Little Red gestured ahead as Motorbaby and Sugar Fiend pulled to a stop, the Zone Seven leader nodding at the other rider before she dismounted from her motorbike and approached the old military jeep.

Winding down the window, Space Biscuit leaned out of the jeep, regarding her friend. "What's up, Fiend?"

"Meeting up on the rooftop in fifteen," Sugar Fiend informed. "I want everyone there," a pause. "Including Battery Bled."

Space Biscuit gave a nod of her head. "Understood. I'll tell the others. We'll see you there."

Sugar Fiend mirrored the nod before she headed back towards her motorbike, wheeling the vehicle into the main building, Motorbaby pushing her own motorbike alongside her.

Space Biscuit watched the two Zone leaders leave before she reversed the jeep into one of the empty bays, pulling the handbrake up and switching off the ignition. The pink haired Killjoy glanced at Little Red for a moment before she unbuckled her seat belt and glanced over her shoulder at the five passenger Killjoys who were crammed into the back. "Fiend wants all of us up on the rooftop for a late night meeting in fifteen minutes," her green-brown eyes focused upon the white-clad Killjoy who was sat in between Lady Luck and Rocketship Dropout. "That includes you too, Battery Bled."

The male Killjoy blinked in surprise, not quite sure what being called to such a meeting would implicate, before he gave a somewhat unnerved nod of his head.

Space Biscuit forced an out of place smile towards the occupants of the jeep before she opened the door and jumped out, hearing Little Red shut the front passenger's door just seconds after she did. Trusting the others to safely disembark from the old military vehicle, Space Biscuit headed into the old hospital, aware of Little Red following close behind her.

"You think this is going to be a continuation of the Zone Six meeting?" Little Red questioned as she accompanied Space Biscuit into the building. She paused momentarily to glance back towards the jeep, watching as Battery Bled helped Lady Luck out of the vehicle. She gave an amused snort before she turned her attention back to Space Biscuit. "Or do you think we're all meeting up to discuss what to do with our new Romeo out there?"

The pink haired Killjoy's lips twitched slightly in a brief, amused smile before she answered. "Probably a bit of both."

Little Red let out a deep sigh. "I would hate to be in Fiend's boots right now…"

A snort from Space Biscuit. "You and me both." However, the female Killjoy knew that there was more on Sugar Fiend's mind than what the other Zone Seven Killjoys would be thinking. And that, if anything, was more of a reason not to want to be in the Zone Seven leader's place right now.

"I could have given that arrogant Zone Eight leader a smack in the face though," Little Red growled. "I don't think it should matter that a bunch of you guys aren't originally from the States. Or what's left of her now. We're all in this together, aren't we?" she clenched her fists, a disgusted look crossing her face. "And at least we aren't chickening out to BL/Ind."

Space Biscuit nodded in agreement. "I can't see any of us in Zone Seven giving up."

'Fiend did give her word to carry on after all, didn't she?'

"You got that right," Little Red's determined voice pulled Space Biscuit away from her thoughts. "We've been through too much shit to even consider backing down now."

"Agreed." Space Biscuit grunted before she stifled a yawn. Part of her could not wait to get this meeting out of the way so she could get back to her room and rest. After all, today had been quite an intense day and her mind was still struggling to absorb all of the information that had been thrown at her.

Little Red seemed to easily read the signs of the fatigue in her comrade and she flicked some of her waist-length hair back over her shoulder. "Think we should just head up to the roof now? Maybe get things done with quicker?" she offered Space Biscuit a small smile. "And maybe a little fresh air would do us some good, huh?"

The pink haired Killjoy did not take long to ponder upon the offer before she smiled and nodded her head, abruptly turning on her heel and doubling back towards the direction of the closest stairwell. "Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?"

The walk up the stairwell was in silence. Both female Killjoys were tired and neither of them felt like further discussions towards any theories about the topics that may be involved in the upcoming meeting. Opening the rooftop access door, both Space Biscuit and Little Red were only mildly surprised to see that they were not the only Killjoys who had thought to make an early appearance to the meeting.

"Uh… What?" Little Red blinked as she stood there next to Space Biscuit; both Killjoys staring at Wolf Venom, Rocketship Dropout, Mercurial Crash and Sugar Fiend.

"We couldn't really think what to do with ourselves before the meeting." Wolf Venom explained with a simple shrug.

"That and watching Lady Luck and Battery Bled flirting with each other was making me feel nauseous," Rocketship Dropout huffed. "I mean, they guy only just arrived here earlier today… Gross!"

There was a collective chuckle from all six Killjoys up on the rooftop before Space Biscuit spoke. "Where are Luck and Battery Bled anyway?"

"Who knows?" Mercurial Crash shrugged her shoulders, her wavy, brunette hair bobbing slightly with the movement. "I just hope they remember to show up."

"Especially the new guy," snorted Wolf Venom. "Would suck to not be present for something that could potentially make or break his stay here in Zone Seven…" his head snapped up as Sugar Fiend cleared her throat rather sharply and the tattooed Killjoy immediately toned down his voice. "Sorry, Fiend."

"Hey, where's Motorbaby?" asked Little Red as she glanced around, also in an attempt to change the subject before tired minds led to any heated opinions.

"Sleeping," was the reply from Sugar Fiend. "This meeting concerns Zone Seven and she's had a busy day. She looked pretty wiped. And as a guest, it would be impolite of us to drag her up here into a discussion which would have been of no benefit to her."

"Oh, hey! Are we late?"

All six Killjoys turned at the sound of Lady Luck's voice as she walked through the door. Unsurprisingly, Battery Bled was close behind her.

"Nah, not late at all," Mercurial Crash gave them both a warm smile. "We just decided to arrive a little early."

Lady Luck gave a somewhat relieved sigh before she joined the rest of her friends, Battery Bled in tow as she sat herself down to join the circle of Killjoys that were already waiting under the night sky. There was an almost uncomfortable silence before Sugar Fiend cleared her throat again, drawing all attention as she started to speak.

"I know everybody's tired from today's events, and most of you are probably still trying to absorb the full impact of what those bastards at Better Living Industries have thrown at us…" Sugar Fiend paused to regard each Zone Seven Killjoy separately before she continued. "But I just wanted to make sure that the decision that I had made earlier today to not accept Better Living's offer of amnesty was one that each and every one of you are in full agreement of." She hesitated, her posture tensing for a moment before she took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly; part of her hoping that some of the stress and anxiety that she was feeling would ebb as she exhaled. Her dark brown eyes met those of her fellow Killjoys as she spoke again. "If anybody has any queries or differences of opinions, I would rather know about it now before things get out of hand."

Her offer for the rest of the Killjoys to voice any conflicting concerns was met with silence.

That was until a small cough from Space Biscuit broke said silence, drawling everybody's attention towards the pink haired Killjoy. Waiting until she was sure that all focus was upon her, she finally said what was on her mind. "I'm not sure about our friends who we have met on our travels after BL/Ind decided to maroon us here during our holiday, but I think I can speak on behalf of Crash and Luck," she gave the two mentioned Killjoys a wry smile. "Do correct me if you don't agree with what I have to say, ladies." As soon as she received an understanding nod from her two comrades, Space Biscuit continued to address the rest of the Zone Seven Killjoys. "We've been through an awful lot since we were stranded here. And we only have Better Living Industries to thank for that. Plus, let's not forget their recent, so-called broadcasted 'show of strength' in which they were more than proud to show everyone – especially us Killjoys – that they have 'exterminated' the Fabulous Killjoys. Our friends…" her hands clenched into tight fists at the haunting imagery that she knew was not going to leave her mind for a very long time. "So, in taking all of that into consideration, I strongly agree that we should not give in to the demands of such tyrannical and murderous cooperation."

"I agree."

All attention diverted towards Mercurial Crash at the sound of her quiet yet determined voice. There was a look in her grey-blue eyes that further asserted her affiliation alongside Space Biscuit and Sugar Fiend.

"They killed Party Poison and the others. And then they put out the security footage for everybody to see…" Lady Luck's voice was unusually low, her gaze dark. "That's not something I'm going to just forget about."

"The Fabulous Killjoys were our friends," Rocketship Dropout added, her usual, cheerful features replaced with a serious expression. "If we give ourselves up and surrender, we might as well have been the exterminating squad that ghosted Poison, Jet, Kobra and Ghoul."

Little Red nodded her head almost furiously in agreement. "What Dropout said," she snorted. "I'd rather be dead than to give in to Better Living Industries. They've already taken so much from all of us."

All eyes diverted themselves towards Wolf Venom and Battery Bled; the latter of the two Killjoys seeming to fidget nervously whilst the other male Killjoy kept a stoic posture and expression. Grey orbs shifted momentarily at the white-clad newcomer before Wolf Venom decided to voice his personal opinion on the subject at hand.

"I joined Zone Seven because I made a promise to a specific missing Killjoy to keep our Zone leader safe, no matter what," Wolf Venom glanced briefly at Sugar Fiend. "Whatever decision is made, I will stick by you, Fiend. And right now, I believe you have made the correct choice."

Sugar Fiend acknowledged the feedback from everyone with a grateful smile and a nod, feeling some of the tension start to ebb from her shoulders as she let out a small sigh of relief. Hesitating only for a moment, the red and black haired Killjoy turned her attention towards Battery Bled, offering him a somewhat comforting smile; a silent message to tell him that he was not in any sort of trouble. Satisfied when Battery Bled responded with a subtle nod, Sugar Fiend drew in a deep breath before she moved on to the second topic of the meeting. "We need to discuss a possible new addition to Zone Seven."

Battery Bled tried not to appear too uncomfortable as he suddenly felt several pairs of eyes upon him. He almost jumped out of his skin when he felt Lady Luck's gentle fingers touch his knee, the female Killjoy regarding him with a concerned expression before she looked back towards Sugar Fiend.

"So, are you going to let him stay, Fiend?" Lady Luck enquired almost too innocently, causing Rocketship Dropout to roll her eyes and pull a face.

In response to Lady Luck's question, Sugar Fiend arched an eyebrow, a mildly amused expression upon her face. "Well, I think we should all be asking Battery Bled what his feelings are on this situation, shouldn't we?"

At her words, a sheepish look crossed Lady Luck's face. She glanced at Battery Bled, the male Killjoy also regarding her with an amused look before he coughed and deviated his attention back towards the other Zone Seven Killjoys. "Well, it's been really nice of all of you to take me in and tend to me. I have to say that I've never actually committed myself to an actual Zone, but if you're all happy to have me, then I don't mind staying," a slightly nervous smile crossed his face. "I'll try my best not to get in anyone's way," he hesitated before he let out a small chuckle. "I mean, if you don't mind having me around."

All of the Zone Seven Killjoys glanced at each other as if silently communicating their decisions.

A frown crossed Lady Luck's face and she let out a loud, impatient huff, her lower lip sticking out in a pout. "Well, I think you should stay," she sighed. "Plus, I think it would be cruel to kick you back out there when Better Living are clearly upping their efforts to take out Killjo-"

"Nobody's kicking anyone out!" Little Red snarled at Lady Luck, looking clearly offended. "That's the point of having a meeting about this, Luck. So we can discuss things. You shouldn't just assume what the rest of us are thinking."

"Red's got a point," Wolf Venom said in his usual, calm voice. "Though we're all understandably tired and likely to upset each other if we let things drag on for longer," he let out a small snort. "Tempers have already been frayed enough from today's events."

Space Biscuit nodded her head understandingly. "Well, I don't have a problem with Battery Bled staying with us."

"Neither do I." Mercurial Crash added.

"Nor I!" Rocketship Dropout contributed cheerfully.

"Well, I've already made my point that we don't simply kick people out without a good reason…" Little Red was still glaring at Lady Luck quite heatedly.


Wolf Venom blinked and looked up at the sound of his name, glancing at Sugar Fiend. "Yes, Fiend?"

The Zone Seven leader tilted her head at the tattooed Killjoy. "What do you think? Are you happy to let Battery Bled stay?"

The male Killjoy let out a sigh. Inwardly, he still did not trust the newcomer, however he still had no reason to reject Battery Bled. Not to mention, even if he expressed any concerns now, the general consensus of Zone Seven was in favour of letting Battery Bled stay at their base. And that could make him look jealous and untrustworthy himself.

Wolf Venom's grey eyes met with Sugar Fiend's dark brown ones and he gave her a somewhat forced smile. "No problems with me, Fiend. It'll be nice to have another guy here to chat with."

Sugar Fiend confirmed his words with a short nod before she turned to Battery Bled a tired smile upon her face. "Well then. I guess that settles it: Welcome to your new home, Battery Bled. There's not too much to it, but I'm sure it's better than sleeping rough and constantly on the run from BL/Ind. Plus, you'll have the 'safety in numbers' rule here too," she gestured at Lady Luck. "Since you seem to have acquainted yourself the most with Luck, I'm sure she won't mind showing you around. You can take whichever vacant room suits you best for your own quarters."

Battery Bled responded with a grateful nod and a smile. "Thanks, Fiend. Thank you all. Seriously, you have no idea how relieved I am to finally find a safe place and some decent people."

"Not a problem at all," Sugar Fiend waved a hand dismissively before stifling a yawn. "Though the night's getting on now and I guess we should all be getting some rest. It's been a very eventful day. For all of us."

At her words, Wolf Venom was the first to his feet, followed closely by Rocketship Dropout and Mercurial Crash, both female Killjoys also covering up a yawn.

"We'll catch you in the morning, Fiend," Rocketship Dropout waved, tiredness seeping into her generally bubbly voice. "Hope you find a decent bed, Bled."

Wolf Venom watched Rocketship Dropout and Mercurial Crash leave before he made a small snort, nodding his head at Sugar Fiend, Space Biscuit and Little Red. He paused as he regarded Battery Bled and Lady Luck with an unreadable look. "Good night…" he mumbled – mostly towards the newest addition to Zone Seven – before he made his way towards the rooftop access door.

Little Red seemed to hesitate for a moment before she stood with a yawn. "G'night, all!" she announced to the remaining Killjoys, shooting Lady Luck a final glare for good measure before she retreated from the rooftop, heading back to the safety and comfort of her quarters.

Sugar Fiend let out a sigh as she watched the departures of her comrades. Even though nothing had been said directly, it was pretty obvious that there was some tension between a few of the Zone Seven Killjoys. Inwardly, she hoped that things would settle down soon: At least that would be one less thing to worry about.


Sugar Fiend blinked and glanced at Space Biscuit. The pink haired Killjoy looked a little worried.

And that she wanted to discuss something with her friend. Without an audience.

"You look pretty tired, Fiend," Space Biscuit continued, standing up and offering the Zone Seven leader a hand. "Let's get you back inside before you catch a cold," she snickered. "Hell, before we all catch a cold!" She waited for Sugar Fiend to take her hand and she glanced back at Lady Luck and Battery Bled as she pulled the red and black haired Killjoy to her feet. "Luck. Bled. Don't stay out here too long. And don't forget that you both have to find our new friend a place to make his own quarters."

Lady Luck and Battery Bled both nodded their heads in response, watching Space Biscuit and Sugar Fiend leave. The two remaining Killjoys sat there in silence for a moment before Battery Bled let out a deep sigh. "Well, that could have gone better than it did…"

Lady Luck's frown deepened even more at the new Zone Seven Killjoy's words. Giving Battery Bled a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, she offered him her most comforting smile. "Give them a little more time, Bled. Everyone's a little tired and fed up from today. They'll warm up to you soon enough. Trust me." She stood up, motioning towards the rooftop access door. "Now, what say we find you a decent place in here for you to claim for your own quarters, huh?"

Battery Bled nodded his head, mirroring a smile before he also rose to his feet, following Lady Luck back indoors.

"So, there are some pretty decent free rooms on the second floor," Lady Luck suggested as they made their way down the stairs. "And a few on the third floor. Though, Little Red has the room with the best view there."

"I see," Battery Bled said thoughtfully. "Well, are there any other occupants on the second floor? I've kind of gotten used to my own space and privacy."

Lady Luck seemed a little disappointed by Battery Bled's preference to having his own personal space. However, she was still grateful that he was staying within the Zone Seven base. The wavy haired Killjoy pondered for a moment before she replied "I believe the second floor is very vacant. The rooms aren't too bad either."

"Thanks," Battery Bled gave a grateful smile and a polite nod. "Though it's getting really late now and you look very tired. What say we hold off on the tour of this place until tomorrow? I'm pretty beat right now so I think I'm just going to do a quick scout of the rooms on the second floor and find a place to crash for the night."

"Are you sure?" Lady Luck pouted almost childishly.

Battery Bled nodded his head. "Very. I make better decisions when I'm much more awake and alert. That and I will remember my way around more in the morning too," he smiled warmly at Lady Luck. "Seriously, I'm gonna be fine. You get some rest."

"Alright," Lady Luck sighed almost too loudly. "But if you need anything, my room is here on the fourth floor. Just look for the haematology clinic. I'm in the on call room next to that clinic."

"Will do," Battery Bled nodded again before giving her a subtle wave. "Good night, Luck."

"Yeah," Lady Luck returned the wave before she exited the stairwell. "Good night, Bled."

The white-clad Killjoy watched her leave before he continued to make his way down to the stairs to the second floor, cautiously opening the doors that led away from the stairwell and into the main concourse. He was unable to shake the shiver that travelled down his spine as he walked guardedly through the corridor, glancing around. The deserted hospital was a pretty creepy place, though he was sure that he would get used to it soon. After all, he had experienced much worse.

Opening the door to one of the old on call rooms, Battery Bled looked around. The room looked safe and secure enough for his liking. Plus it satisfied his choice of privacy away from the others.

Shutting and locking the door, Battery Bled walked over to the bed, sitting down on the corner of the mattress. The white-clad Killjoy hesitated as he glanced around the room again before he reached into the inside pocket of his white leather jacket, pulling out a small transmitter. Sucking in a deep breath, Battery Bled brought the miniature communications device to his mouth, keeping his voice low as he spoke:

"This is a message from Mike Pedicone. I'm in."

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