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Alright my first M rated story! Try not to be too harsh. I don't think it's too graphic but everyone has a different definition.

This is what I want to happen after all the fullbringers are killed… I mean "defeated"… no I want them dead. I want this stupid arc to be over.

I know this scenario won't happen (damn Kubo) but that's what fanfiction is for.


"It's all so different."

Oddly enough that was Rukia's first thought as she looked around the room while the occupant slept, clearly exhausted after the complicated day.

Well, perhaps "complicated" didn't quite sum it up.

In the past twenty-four hours, his friends and family had their pasts manipulated by that bastard Tsukishima, the group known as Xcution had betrayed him and stolen a portion of his power, then she had returned his shinigami powers to him and now all the fullbringers were dead.

It would make anyone want to sleep.

Rukia looked over his still form. He really didn't look that different, still the same warm, stubborn brown eyes and ridiculous orange hair. Other than the fact that he had grown taller, to her immense displeasure, he looked exactly like the fifteen year old boy she had first transferred her powers to.

Amazing how much had changed in two years.

He now slept on the opposite side of the bed, the blue comforter with a cross embroidered on it being replaced with a striped teal and white one. The desk was still in its place but next to it was a metal shelf that held a bunch of records and a new stereo. The wooden dresser had also been moved so it was closer to the bed.

Slowly she walked toward his closet, which a part of her mind still saw as her closet. A pale hand moved to open it but stopped with irrational fear. What if it were as different as the rest of his room? What if it looked the same? She couldn't decide which scenario was worse. Fortunately, before she had to decide, a thick groan filled the small space.

Rukia moved back to the bed before he was fully awake. Those deep eyes that had haunted her dreams from over a year opened and stared directly into hers. For a moment neither said anything.

Only their heartbeats could be heard.

"It was real then," Ichigo whispered more to himself than to her.

"Idiot. Of course it was real. Can't you feel everyone's reiatsu flowing through your veins?" When in doubt, go for an insult. At least that's how their relationship usually worked. But it wouldn't work this time.

"Yes… but one is stronger than the others," he replied with utter seriousness, his eyes never leaving her face.

The intensity of his gaze, honestly, frightened her.

"You should get some rest," she said, trying to avoid the confrontation that she could feel was coming.

He shook his head. "No, you might disappear again. We need to talk."

"Ichigo, I'm not going anywhere. Whatever it is can wait till the morning," she turned away from him but he sat up and grabbed her arm, forcing her to look back.

She had never seen him so serious outside of a battlefield but in a way this was a fight. Just a mental one instead of a physical one.

"No, I'm tired of waiting. I've had to wait for seventeen months… you know how I feel about you."


"And I know you feel the same way," he said without a shred of doubt.

Rukia hesitated for a moment before sitting down on the edge of his bed. "You make it sound so simple. This can't happen and you know it."

"You make it sound so complicated. Why? Is it because I'm human? I'm not exactly human anymore."

Violet clashed unwavering with chestnut. "I'm dead. You're alive."

His warm hand moved from her arm to cup her trembling face. She was afraid. Afraid of what would happen. Afraid of change. Afraid that she would disappear from his sight again.

"One question Rukia: during all this time… were you thinking of me?"

Now her entire body was shaking. She didn't want to tell the truth but she wouldn't lie either.

"You were my first thought each morning."

Her face was down and her voice was barely audible but he heard all seven words.

She opened her mouth to speak again but was not prepared for Ichigo grabbing her and laying her flat on her back, his knees by her hips, his hands pinning her wrists on either side of her head.

Rukia was taken by complete surprise by his bold action, her breathing shallow while he remained in control.

The boy she knew would have never done this but… he wasn't a boy anymore… he was a man…

He head began to lower, coming closer and closer to her face.

She knew what she should do. She should tell him no. She should tell him that this was never going to work. That Soul Society would never allow it. But all she could focus on was the warmth of his body over hers… the cinnamon scent of his skin hitting her senses…

Before she even realized it, his mouth was on hers, gently trying to coax a reaction. She froze at first, her mind trying to figure out what was going on, but then began to focus on how surprisingly soft his lips were.

Unconsciously she began to move her own lips with his, both sets of eyes closing as their sense of touch took over.

Soon the gentle motion was not enough to fulfill their needs and the kiss became more passionate, more intense. He let go of one of her wrists, moving his free hand into her now short hair. She did the same, weaving her fingers through the bright locks, both pulling each other closer.

Oxygen was becoming an issue so Ichigo reluctantly removed his lips from hers, gazing down at her flushed and panting form.

Their eyes met for one moment and that was all that was needed for them to decide.

Together they decided to break the ultimate taboo.

Together they decided to ignore the rules.

Together they decided to follow what their hearts had been telling them since that first night.

Desperate to feel her flesh, Ichigo moved his head to her jawline then down her neck, tasting the vanilla skin beneath him. He spent a great time on her thundering pulse, sucking and nipping at the sensitive spot. Somewhere in the back of her mind that was still, miraculously, functioning she realized that this was in response to what she had said earlier.

She was alive.

She felt alive.

He released her other hand and both of her arms moved to his torso. She could feel the muscles that he had earned from all the battles, his heart pounding in his chest. She wanted more.

Rukia may have been small but that didn't mean she wasn't strong. She pushed him back easily and sat up. Ichigo looked confused for a moment until her hands reached the hem of his shirt. Realizing her intent, he helped her remove the piece of cotton.

She had seen him shirtless many times… but this was so different that she couldn't find the words…

Her pale hands rested on his tanned skin, moving from broad shoulders and down muscular arms. From the planes of his upper chest to his abdomen, delicately tracing each scar. The ones he received to save her, the ones he received to save their friends… to save their worlds…

Her lips moved to his throat, repeating what he had done for her. Ichigo was not just sitting by ideally. His hands moved to her black robe, undoing the folds of fabric, taking special care to untie the lieutenant's badge on her left arm before placing it on his nightstand, until her upper body too was bear.

Gently pushing her back onto the bed, his eyes gazed over the sight before him: her small breasts heaving with ragged breaths, her tiny waist, the curves of her hips… the three scars that marred her otherwise pure flesh…

Rukia did not feel one ounce of self-consciousness; she was so far gone that she doubted she would notice if a hollow burst into the room. Again.

He raised his hand slowly, his fingers brushing first over the mark on her left shoulder. He then moved to the one directly between her breasts and finally the last scar on her right hip.

Their eyes meet once more in understanding. He no longer blamed himself for her injuries and she no longer blamed herself for his. Every mark was a testament to their choices as well as proof that they were still here.

He moved to untie her obi and looked up once more. She raised her pelvis in response until the hakama landed on the floor.

He ran over her stomach, feeling the muscles contract at his touch. She could tell he was pleased at her reactions.

He moved along her thighs before separating them and touching her most intimate flesh. She gasped as he began to part her folds, rubbing the little nub above her entrance. This was the same boy who had been mortified when Matsumoto-fukutaichou lifted her skirt?

Through hooded eyes she saw his own arousal pushing through the fabric of his pants. She began to undue them before he took over. Soon enough the last article of annoying clothing was removed. He moved between her legs, his face level with hers. Both their breathing was harsh but he hesitated, wanting to be absolutely sure this is what she wanted.

Her arms went around his neck, dragging his head down as her tongue shoot out to trace his lip. She felt his groan before she actually heard it, his mouth opening to her.

He entered her slowly, trying not to cause too much pain. There was some discomfort but the feeling of him inside her was more important than anything.

They stilled for a moment, both relishing the feeling of becoming one. They were now connected in every way: mind, body, and soul.

Ichigo began to rock his hips back and forth as all thoughts were pushed aside. Neither had any experience with this sort of thing but they simply let their instincts take over.

His bronze hands were on her hips as her ivory ones traveled down his toned back, their lips meeting every few seconds.

Soon the slow rhythm was not enough for Rukia and she began to meet his thrusts midway, their chests rubbing against one another.

It was a good thing no one was home otherwise they would have heard the increased moans, pants, and whimpers coming from both.

Their bodies took complete control as their movements became erratic. Coherent thoughts were no longer possible but both realized that their reiatsu were fluctuating together, black and white.

No, black melding into white.

It was becoming more difficult to breath as their lungs filled and deflated at an alarming rate.

Rukia began to shake uncontrollably before her vision went completely white, a high scream escaping from her mouth.

Feeling her walls tighten around him, Ichigo's eyes shut and squeezed together almost painfully, a thick groan leaving his throat, and she felt a sudden warmth fill her, sending another wave of pleasure coursing through her system.

Two gasping sounds echoed through the room as Ichigo fell onto his elbows, trying not to crush the small woman beneath him. He felt her trembling hands caress his wet face.

He managed to gain enough self-control to lie on his back, but unwilling to let her go even for a moment, he pulled her toward him, their arms and legs intertwined.

Their eyes meet once more, a deeper message portrayed in her violet gaze than words could ever manage.

Neither knew what was going to happen next but they would never be separated again.


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