By smawzyuw2

Author's note:

This is my first MLP FIM fanfic I have started writing. I wrote this for shock value.

This was in NO WAY inspired by the MLP FIM episode "Lesson Zero," as I got the idea for this fanfiction before it even aired. I found inspiration from several sources. A big inspiration came from the episode "Feeling Pinkie keen," in the scene where Twilight Sparkle had Pinkie Pie hooked up to some machinery in her lab, to try to document her "Pinkie senses."

Other, lesser inspirations came from "Conker's bad fur day" & "Salad Fingers."

WARNING! This fanfic contains long boring science lectures. And, oh yeah, it's gory, dark, and disturbing. Reader's discretion is advised.


Like how many stories begin, it was a nice, sunny day in Ponyville. But this was no ordinary day in Ponyville. This was the day before the third anniversary of Twilight Sparkle's arrival at Ponyville.

Spike was sorting books in Twilight's library, putting them in their proper order on the bookshelves. Twilight signaled Spike to come to her. "Spike, I'm planning a party, with just me and my five closest pony friends. There's going to be something there that concerns only the six of us. Sorry, you're not invited. However, you can send these invitations to them."

Spike sighed, "Okay."

After Spike left, Twilight took a sip of her favorite hot orangey-green drink, and spoke softly to herself, "Princess Celestia sent me here to learn about the magic of friendship. And tomorrow's the three year anniversary of my arrival at Ponyville. So I'm going to give her something special!" She finished with a cheery face.

Pinkie had nothing to do that afternoon. Lying on her couch, bored, she heard the doorbell ring. "Eeeek! A customer! I'll get it!" she exclaimed. Opening the door, she said, "Welcome to Sugarcube Corner. Home of Ponyville's finest pastries and- oh, hello Spike. Have you come to buy a cake?"

She saw the baby dragon handing her an invitation. "No. But here, an invitation from Twilight." She took and read it, "A party!? Today? As soon as possible? To learn more about friendship? I love that stuff!... Hmmm. But I'm the one who usually throws parties. Oh well. I'll be right there."

At Twilight's place, all six ponies were there. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Twilight. Spike was upstairs in his bed taking a nap, from the hard work he did all day. The party was great. Colorful balloons and confetti were everywhere. There was delicious cake, fun games, music and dancing, and gifts. Everyone was having a blast. Rainbow Dash and Applejack had just finished a game of pin the scale on the dragon, when they noticed Twilight sitting all alone watching the other ponies dance while having her usual beverage. Something was off about her. They couldn't quite tell what.

"Hey there sugar cube. What's up?" asked AJ, approaching Twilight along side Rainbow Dash.

"I had no idea you could throw such an awesome party Twi!" exclaimed Dash.

"Excuse me?" Twilight said.

"Be honest Twi." Applejack spoke, "Pinkie is the party throwing pony. Anyway, how's everything?"

Twilight was happy to respond, "Yes. Pinkie is the party throwing pony, isn't she? Hee.. Hee.. Parties, food and games are fine. But the bigger reason I invited you all here was so... Well, let's just say I planned something special for all six of us, to really learn more about the magic of friendship."

Several hours later the ponies were tired and worn out from all that partying they did. Yes sir, it was another satisfying party for the ponies. Thanking Twilight, they were about to head to the door to leave. But Twilight stopped them, "Wait! I've saved the best for last!" Rainbow Dash let out a sigh.

"Can't it wait, dear? We're exhausted." said Rarity.

"Now Rar, Twilight did say to Dash and I, that she was planning something special at the end of the party. Something tolearn more about friendship." Applejack told Rarity. Everyone paused. Then looking at each other they all agreed to stay.

Twilight was so grateful. "Thank you everypony! I'm happy to have such great friends!"

Twilight led all her five pony friends through a door. A short hall was on the other side, with two book shelves alongside each other, embedded into the right wall. Each shelf had books and laboratory flasks filled with magic potions resting in them, and a lantern hanging above them. The lanterns gave off a dim light. But it was still enough to see their way through. Passing through the short hall, they made a left turn and descended down some stairs. Fluttershy, however, was hesitant. But Pinkie turned to her, and gave a reassuring smile.

After making a right turn, then a left and another right, they finally arrived at the bottom of the long stairs and into what looked like a laboratory in a darkened cave. The only light in the room was coming from some lanterns embedded in the walls, and from the electricity running through some metal rods sticking out of some machinery against the cave walls. Various tree branches were sticking out of the walls, and coming out from the ceiling, extending to the ground. Some were wrapped around the machinery.

At the center of the room was what appeared to be a control panel. Five metallic tables forming a semi circle around the control device. They were tilted towards and facing the control panel, each about five meters from the control panel. The purple unicorn brought the laboratory flask filled with her favorite drink to her mouth, and took a sip. "Beautiful, isn't it?... What is everyone looking at?"

"Twilight? Did you just drink a potion out of that glass container, used to hold chemicals?" One of the other ponies questioned.

She answered, "It's one of my most favored drinks. You've seen me drink this before."

"Out of that?" Rarity asked.

"Don't worry. It's clean. I do not know why, but I sometimes just like drinking out of a lab flask. Weird, I know." replied Twilight Sparkle. No one thought much of it.

Rarity pointed out three skeletal models of ponies up against one of the cavern walls. One of each kind of pony, supported by poles. "Those are just plain... creepy." said Rarity.

Twilight was glad someone took notice of them, "Oh, you like them? These pony skeleton models weren't too difficult to make. I've even given them nicknames. The first is a model of a male earth pony. 'Doc Brown-mane' is his name. He's a hot one. The second one is a female Pegasus pony I've named 'Derp-stick.' And the last, 'The Trixter,' is a female unicorn. They're all such cuties!" Everyone just stared at Twilight awkwardly.

Pinkie spoke out, "Say Twilight. Isn't this the same room where you tried to collect data from my 'Pinkie senses' in the 'feeling Pinkie keen' episode?"

Applejack gave Pinkie a confused look. "Episode? What the hay 're ya talkin' 'bout Pink?"

"Yes it is, Pinkie." Twilight said, answering Pinkie's question.

Fluttershy was looking around the cave. "W...what are we going to do in this... unsettling place, Twilight?"

"Science experiments." Twilight responded.

"Science experiments?" Dash complained. "Give me a break. Science isn't my thing."

"Rainbow Dash!" scolded AJ. "We said we'd stay to learn more about friendship with Twilight. And if science experiments are how we're going to learn, then by golly, we'll participate."

Pinkie nodded in agreement, "Yeah Dashie. Don't be a science party pooper scooper!"

Dash gave in, "Sigh. Fine. Let's get this done with."

Twilight gave Dash a happy look, "Thank you Dash! Trust me. You'll find this interesting."

"Alright everyone. Get on the tilted tables." Twilight told them.

Rainbow Dash began to get nervous and was hesitating, "Um, Twi?"

"Something wrong, Dash?"

"Oh, heh. Nothing... except, this is reminding me of a dream- NO! Nightmare I had two weeks ago." Rainbow was looking at Pinkie Pie uncomfortably, while Pinkie just smiled back obliviously.

Twilight tried reverse psychology on Dash. "Don't worry. I'm sure this will be nothing like your dream. But... I understand if you're scared."

Dash was indignant. "WHAT?! I am not scared! I'll... I'll prove it!" Dash zoomed to the table and laid on it. "See!?"

"I knew you could do it!" Twilight said as she directed everyone else where to lie.

Everyone lay on their assigned tables, except for Fluttershy. Twilight questioned Fluttershy, "What are you waiting for Shy?"

Fluttershy had an unsure look on her face. "Well, it's just, um, it looks, well, restricting, and... scary. And, well, yeah. I'd rather not."

"You don't have to be afraid. I'm your friend. You trust me, right?"

"Yeah. Well, I'd still rather not." Shy said timidly.

Twilight had a look of disapproval. "I see..." Twilight's horn started to glow. She used magic to push Fluttershy onto the metal board. A purple aura surrounded the cuffs that were on the tables, cuffing all five ponies' four hooves, assuring that they could not escape from the platforms.

Fluttershy, being as sensitive as she is, didn't take the sudden impact into the metallic platform well. She started crying. Rarity grew angry. "Twilight! That was simply rude and unnecessary. And why are we cuffed to these boards? It's so tight. I can't move."

Rainbow Dash began to find the situation unnerving again. "Okay Twilight. This is really getting to be like my dream."

A disappointed Twilight said, "I'm hurt. Don't you all trust me? I promise everyone will benefit and learn well from this experience. So, what do you say? Please? For me?"

Rarity spoke. "Well... Alright. Sorry dear."

Fluttershy's eye's cleared up. "Me too... I guess."

Rainbow Dash: "...okay...I... I trust you Twilight."

"Thank you everyone. I knew I could rely on you." Twilight said with a cheery tone.

Twilight placed electronic helmets on each of her friend's heads, and strapped them on tight. Wires were coming out of the top of the helmets and connected to some machinery with large monitor. The ponies found the helmets slightly uncomfortable, but they tolerated it.

Twilight pushed a button on the central control panel. On the counter at the side of the monitor arose five containers made of glass and electronics, with wires extending out of them, connecting to the monitor's side. To everyone's surprise each container held an element of harmony.

"Twilight, how did you get-" Rarity was interrupted.

"Please, no interruptions" The purple unicorn said.

Twilight was ready to explain, "Now. What these experiments will do is to help us better understand who we are as ponies. To do this, we shall study and carefully analyze the element of harmony each of us represent. The helmets on your heads detect and record all sorts of things about each of you. Namely your hearts rates, respiratory rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, body temperature, and brainwave activity. But they also are linking you with your own respective element. The containers containing the elements have sensors that pick up on the magical energy that these necklaces posses, and thus, the effects you all will have on them."

Dash felt a little better. "Oh. Okay. That's not so bad. That actually sounds pretty fun! Even interesting! Though I still don't know why we need to be cuffed to these planks, but I trust you."

Twilight was pleased. "Great! Let's start with Pinkie Pie."

"OOoooOOOoooo!" Pinkie said with an excited voice.

To everyone's surprise, Twi gave the happy pink horse a long passionate kiss on her tender cheek. "I love your body... I'll be back." Twilight said before leaving to a back room. Pinkie waited in curiosity and anticipation.