Title: Right as rain.

Summary: Set S4 shortly after Oz's departure. Giles wants to help ease Willow's heartache so he uses a tried and true method, alcohol.

Chapter 1/?

Chapter title: whiskey business.

Pairing: Willow/Giles

Note: I recently became obsessed with this pairing and this is my first attempt at writing it. Also the title is a line from the song 'ain't no love by David Gray.'

Rated: NC-17 (to be safe)

Disclaimer: These characters may not be mine, but I love them as if they were.

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The voice calling her name said it in a tone that made her believe it wasn't for the first time, just the first time she was registering it.

"Huh?"She replied pulling her head up from the tome in her lap. She hadn't turned the page in over an hour, still she had no idea what it said.

Giles was looking at her with concerned eyes behind his glasses. Willow's voice had been pretty absent from the scooby meeting. In fact if you asked her it was doubtful she would even be able to tell you what big bad had been the subject.

Was it Spike?

Or maybe the commando guys?

She was aware enough to know at least they were both hot topics of late.

"Oh, Giles." She said straitening up in her seat and collecting herself. She looked around the watcher's flat. No one else was there. "Where'd everybody go?"

"Home." Answered Giles.

"Home? When?" She hadn't noticed anyone leaving.

"About fifteen minutes ago." He informed, his brow crinkling in further worry. "Willow, are you all right?"

Hmm, good question. Was she all right?

No, she wasn't. Not even a little bit. Not since Oz cheated on her with that she-wolf slut, Veruca, and then just took off without a word.

No, all right she definitely wasn't.

"I'm fine." She said with a weak attempt at an assuring smile.

Giles sighed. His heart, where there had always been a tender place for the girl, went out to her. She had seemed to come so far from the timid self -conscious girl he had first met a few years ago. And now all that confidence she seemed to have racked up came falling down after what Oz did.

Seeing how heart broken the poor girl was gave Giles the urge to go after the mutt with a rolled up newspaper.

"Willow," He ventured gently. "I know that we're, you and I, are not accustomed to sharing the more personal facets of our lives, but I want you to know that I am here for you, if you need to talk to someone." he gave her an encouraging smile.

Willow was truly touched by his offer, but if the way her friends acted when she was lamenting about Oz was any indication, he probably didn't really want to know about it.

"Thanks Giles." She said. "But, I don't really want to talk about it, really. What I want mostly is to just forget it. Make the pain go away." She shrugged. "For a little while at least."

"I understand, completely." He sincerely replied. He blew out a breath and pushed back from his chair getting to his feet.

Rupert Giles was well aware of what it was like to want to black out heartache. And he knew how to do so, temporarily at least.

He wondered if he was being wise, as he went to the small kitchenette and reached up in the top shelf were he kept his liquor. Technically, Willow was not of legal drinking age in this country. But since he was British and this was his home...

Besides Willow is a very responsible young woman, beyond her years. She would be able to handle one drink and if it could help any in easing her hurt...Well it'd be worth it.

He grabbed two tumblers (because no one should drink alone).

"Now understand I do not advise you to use this method of pain soothing on a regular basis." He lectured as he poured a good amount of amber liquid into the glasses. "But, every now and then..."

He raised his glass to the wide-eyed girl.

Willow couldn't say a word. She just picked up the glass numbly and clinked it against Giles'.

He smiled. "Cheers." He put the glass to his lips and knocked it back.

She couldn't believe this. Giles was giving her alcohol. Giles? And after everything that happened with Buffy and the beer.

She eyed him and the glass wearily. But decided Giles was the closest thing to a responsible adult she had ever met and if he thought it was okay...well...

She took a gulp.

She fought not to gag.

The stuff blazed a fire down her esophagus. She was pretty sure it was liquefying her internal organs.

She coughed a bit.

Giles patted her on the back asking if she were all right and maybe he shouldn't have given her the blasted stuff after all.

"No, no." Willow protested after the sensation abated. "I'm fine."

She took another drink.

Then another.

And after awhile, it wasn't all that bad.

"What's wrong with me?" Willow wailed awhile latter and a good portion of the whiskey bottle drained. "Why didn't he want me? Why did he leave?" She looked up at Giles with lachrymose eyes.

He put his hand out over hers consolingly. "I'm sure it wasn't you, Willow."

"Yes it was." She argued miserably. "It was me. I'm not enough for him. I'm not sexy enough or pretty enough."

"Now, Willow that's just nonsense!" Giles objected sternly. "You are a very beautiful young woman, you should know that. And you shouldn't let the actions of some adolescent dog make you think otherwise."

Willow's eyes were full wide and she was looking at Giles with the hint of a smile. "You really think I'm beautiful?"

Giles cleared his throat and swiped off his glasses and began cleaning them. It was something about the look in the girls eyes and realisation of what he had just said to her might be inappropriate given their relationship( not to mention her age). It all had the watcher feeling suddenly very out of his element.

But he also knew he couldn't take the words back. It would be a blow to the girl's already fragile self esteem for sure.

"Well, um, yes." He said adopting a formal tone. "You are an attractive young lady. That any young man would be lucky to-"

That was as far as he got before Willow pounced on him locking her lips to his in a sloppy drunken kiss.

Giles made a muffled noise of surprise and the part of his brain yet to be muddled with the alcohol he had imbibed told him he needed to detatch himself from the girl immediately. But the(larger) part of him that was just acting on his natural animal urges returned the kiss with fervour and latched his arms around the lithe figure crushing against him.

She rubbed relentlessly against his groin and his body reacted. She felt it at once. It sent a surge of confidence through her, knowing that she had the power to make this older, more experienced man aroused so easily.

She slid a hand down to cup the hard lump in his crotch.

He moaned in her mouth and put his hands to her incredibly pert bottom. He lifted her so that her legs could wrap around him. Then with one hand secured around her waist he used the other to swipe the surface of the table clear, then laid her body down on it.

He worked the buttons of her shirt as she managed to undo his fly. Once her breast were free he bent down to suckle them each in turn. He pushed up her skirt and slid down her panties. He teased her hot wet flesh with a finger, flicking her clit.

"Oh, God!" She screamed. "Oh, please, please, Giles, fuck me, please!"

Never one to deny someone so in need, he released his rock hard cock and pushed it into her.

The noise he made when he entered her was purely feral.

God, how long it's been. Giles couldn't remember the last time he'd had a good shag.

And when he had on occasion been with a woman, it was always one that was much more age appropriate then the one he was inside now.

He forgot how tight the cunt of an eighteen year old could be. He thought it would have been almost in possible to move himself with in her if it weren't for the abundant self lubrication she provided.

He'd never been inside someone so wet. To think that he, an old man, had had such an effect on this young girl.

It drove him crazy.

He thrust into to her harder and deeper.

Willow's hands gripped his ass and encouraged him to take more.

"Yes, oh God, Gi- Giles, I'm com-, I'm going to-" She was panting encouragements like mad, then they all abruptly ended on a high scream as her walls began to clamp wildly around his cock.

The sensation lead Giles into his own release. He grunted animalistically as he emptied himself into her in a quick secession of hard thrust.

When he was finished he collapsed on top of her in a panting heap.

After a few moments he lifted himself up, taking her with him and took her up to his bed.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, more to come if you did.