Alright, I have never really written a Twister fic before. But it's my all time favorite movie from when I was little. Besides, while at school. I'm bored so I thought why not write a fanfiction of my favorite movie. I found the perfect script from the movie and have seen it over a million times, so much that we had to get a new dvd of it. You may recognize some parts from another fanfiction called Learning To Fall, it somewhat relates to it. This is my take to my favorite type of Twister fanfiction; The Daughter. But for me it just happens to be, the Twins.

I don't own the movie Twister nor any of it's characters! I only own Noah, Melanie, Faye, and Brent. And whatever other characters you don't recognize.

Bill Harding drove his Red Dodge Ram Truck down the highway. His bride to-be Melissa Reeves beside him. Along with one of his daughters and their boyfriend. Melanie and Noah in the back seat. They drove down the dirt road with quite a few of pot-holes. They were heading to a spot in the field that Bill was sure his ex-wife Jo Harding was at with her department. They needed the divorce papers if Melissa and Bill were to get married. Melanie wasn't so happy with the fact. She was mainly coming because she was quite sure that her twin Faye would be there with their mom.

Melissa said to Bill, "Um, and honey. Are you sure she's gonna be here?" Bill nodded and continued to drive. Finally, he answered her.

"If I know Jo, she's already dragged her entire department into the field. Ah, hell, a day like today, it's to be expected. She forgets everything except her work."

Melissa saw his anxious expression. He was seeing his soon-to-be ex wife and his other daughter Faye. He hadn't seen her in years, he usually just had Victoria, his sister and the twin's aunt, to drive Melanie over to visit. Since Faye never wanted to see him again, and basically acted as though he wasn't her father. Melissa hadn't met Faye yet.

"You're nervous about seeing her, aren't you?" Melissa stated.

"Nervous? No. Why, do I look nervous?" Bill asked. He was nervous. Who wouldn't be? His daughter wouldn't speak to him.

Melissa started to shake her head but then she saw her fiancé's face. It was nervous. "No. Well, yeah you do, a little." Then she changed the subject. "Does Faye know about the engagement?"

Bill shrugged. "I haven't talked to her or Jo in a while. So, I'm guessing she doesn't. " Melanie stared at her father, of course Faye didn't know! Her father wouldn't even let her tell Faye the last time they had visited which was last night by webcam. All she knew was that Bill was dating a new woman.

"Jo said she signed the papers, right?" She asked. Bill didn't know. Last time he talked to Jo, she said she had.

"That's what she said." He told her. Wasn't she there when the conversation between him and Jo took place?

"You don't think so?" Melissa asked worriedly. The marriage ceremony was coming up and she didn't want to reschedule the date once again.

"No," Bill smiled. "I think so. Give me a kiss" Melissa leaned over and kissed the side of his mouth and Bill continued to drive. Melanie rolled her eyes, Noah just laughed at her and kissed her cheek. Melanie was the funniest girl he ever knew. He was anxious to meet Faye, wondering if she'd judge him because he was dating her sister.

Faith (Faye) Harding was the other twin. She had gone with their mom when the divorce happened and Melanie ended up with Bill. Her mom, Jo Harding, chased twisters along with her research/storm chasing team: Dusty, Rabbit, Beltzer, Haynes, Sanders, Laurence, Preacher, and Joey.

She was now 16 years old and has been out chasing storms with her mom since she was 12. Her dad, Bill Harding, had left when she had turned 11 taking Melanie with him. Faith had dirty blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. Like her father, she was stubborn and like her mother, she loved science. Everyone called her Faye unless she was in trouble.

As the sun shone, she laid in the back of her blue truck. Her hair fell into her eyes, which were closed. Dusty had told her about the papers. It was sad that if she wanted to know anything she had to go to Dusty or Rabbit.

"Oh, fuck! This thing is useless!" Jo yelled suddenly which scared Faye. Her eyes shot open and she sat up. She saw her mom on top of a van, messing around with a Doppler-Radar.

"Sorry, Jo." She heard Beltzer say. Then it started moving. "Wait, wait, wait. Beltzer!" She banged her foot on the roof. "That's good. Give me a reading!"

Beltzer got of the van, grumbling. "Okay, boss lady, hold your horses." He went over to his lap-top that was connected to the radar. "Which way do you want it, Jo?"

Jo, who was sitting on her feet, stood up and looked at the sky. Then she told Beltzer, "Looks like the dry line has stalled. Give me a sector scan west, northwest, look at mid-levels for rotation and increase the PRF."

Faye rolled her eyes and went over to Dusty. He was sitting in his van listening to 70's music and watching weather forecasts. Dusty, aka Dustin, was the dad in Faye's life. But, he was more fun and way more awesome. Whenever she got detention, he covered for her.

"If I mistreat you girl," He was singing. "Sho' don't mean no harm..." Then, he noticed Faye. "Oh, hey Faye." She gave a small wave. She usually visited everyone or texted Mel when she was bored.

Next, she visited Rabbit and Laurence. Rabbit was giving Laurence a lecture about how we're not supposed to fold the maps. But, roll the maps instead. Only Laurence folded them, although he denied it.

Nothing seemed interesting so she walked over to her mom who was trying to get something that was under her truck. When Faye got over there, she put her hair in a bun, reached under the truck, and pulled out her mom's pack of gum.

"Thanks kid." She smiled. Jo never called her daughter Faith; it was either, kid or Faye. But, Faye didn't mind. She was at home chasing tornados. Where the lab was nature.

Then she heard Rabbit yell, "Hey, I don't believe it! Who is that handsome devil?"

"Gentlemen" She heard another voice say. It sounded familiar.

"The Extreme! IT'S THE EXTREME!" Dusty yelled. Faye headed back over to her truck and laid in the back again. She closed her eyes. Then she felt someone jump on the back.

"Faye, where are the papers?" Mom asked me. Behind her, was a man. He had dark brown hair and blue-grey. Just like Faye's.

"Glove department." She grumbled then she stood up. Faye walked over to her mom's yellow truck and got the divorce papers from the glove department. She tossed them at her mom, who caught them with no difficulty.

"Hey, Faith." The man said. Then, she recognized him. It was her dad, Bill. Of course, he was only here for the divorce papers. Not for her or Jo.

"Hey Bill. It's Faye." Faye said. Feeling awkward, she looked over at her mom who was reading through the last page of the pack of the papers. Faye knew her mom avoided that page from keeping the divorce final. Jo had by no means stopped loving Bill, even though he stopped loving her. She had told Melanie this.

"What are you doing?" Bill asked her. Jo turned her head toward him and answered, "Can I read it first?" Bill sighed once again. What was the rush, Faye thought. Oh yea, he probably didn't want to be here.

"No! It's the same as it was in December." Jo then responded lying. She had read every page a few times over, some even out loud. "I didn't read it in December."

"Christ," Bill sighed. "Would you just sign it so we can get out of here? Please?" Who were we? Oh yea, probably a girlfriend or something. But she also looked around in hope. Hoping that her sister had come with.

"We?" Jo asked understanding. "She's here?"

"Yes, she's here, she's over with Dusty. Now would you please sign the document?" Jo took this as a solution from getting out of signing the divorce papers.

"You left her with Dusty? What's the matter with you?" Jo left the papers and started to walk over to Dusty's van. Faye gave her dad a confused look then she walked after her mom. Bill, after grabbing the papers, followed too.

"The suck zone- it's the point- basically at which the twister sucks you up, but it's not that technical therefore obviously, but-"Dusty was saying before he got interrupted by Jo.

"Hi." Jo said. "I'm Jo Harding." She held out her hand for the black-haired woman to shake. "Oh hello," She said, getting up. "Nice to meet you." The woman shook her hand.

"Bill just told me the happy news." Jo said. Wait, Faye looked at the woman's hand. It had an engagement ring on her ring finger.

"YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED?" She yelled just as Bill walked over with the papers in hand.

"That." Jo said, hiding her hurt. "It's happy news." Faye looked at her mom disbelievingly. The mom she knew would sometimes stay up all night crying that her life was pointless since her dad was dead and Bill left.

" I guess, uh, it probably seems kind of sudden." The woman said, fidgeting.

Jo said, "Seems sudden?"

"Dude, you takin' the vows? That's sweet!" Dusty said. He had always avoided girls when they were sad, depressed, or angry. But, he knew that Jo had feelings for Bill.

"Well, we- we just wanted to get it done before Billy started his new job." The woman said. Billy? Seriously, thought Faye.

"That's right, that's right, right, right, right. Weatherman!" Bill then replied, offended, "What?" Then Jo said innocently, "What?" Then they got into a small argument. It wasn't as big as it usually was but still…

Then, someone's phone rang. Faye looked around and saw the black-haired woman answered her phone. "Dr. Melissa Reeves here? Uh-huh?" So, her name was Melissa, thought Faye.

Faye spotted a cherry red Dodge Ram and walked over to it. She heard footsteps behind her. When she turned around, Bill and Jo were behind her.

"New truck?" Jo said. "That's right." Bill said. Faye hated to be around them when they talked. It was always awkward.

"Boy oh boy. New job, new truck, new wife...It's like a whole new you" Jo said sarcastically. Faye just walked away. It was very awkward being around them. She went back to her truck, stepped in, and listened to music. She stopped however when she heard a knocking on the glass. She turned off the music and gestured for the person to come around to the passenger side. She couldn't believe it! She opened the door. She took a good look at the girl in front of her. She was basically unrecognizable. It was Melanie. She screamed "MEL!" And Melanie screamed "FAYE!" They hugged, and Mel rolled down the window, gestured for someone to come and then muttered to them something about a tote. The person left and came back with a bag that Faye thought was the tote.

Mel took the bag, and told the person to come closer with a coy look. Then her and the guy kissed, and said "We'll be out in a sec. And Faye, that's my boyfriend Noah." Faye looked shocked and hugged Mel, saying "Congratulations!"

Then she rolled up the windows, and put up a sheet she had gotten from the bag on the back windows. They hopped into the back and changed into the identicial clothes. Black band tees with silver jeans and black high-tops. They put their hair into a side braids. They took black rectangular framed glasses and put them on.

Unknowest to their father and his girlfriend. The twins were practically blind. Before Bill had taken Melanie from Jo, Jo and some of the team went and got them contacts. They sighed at their work, and took the curtain down, and putting it away in the back seat, ready to leave at a moment's notice. They left the truck to go join the others.

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