Chapter Three

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It had been almost twelve years since Nemu Kurotsuchi first came to the Soul Society with her father, Lord Mayuri. Before anyone had seen her, Nemu was strapped onto a table and her father was able to fix her body and also did numerous experiments on her. He had forced her body to age until she looked like she was eighteen years old. He even add things to her body that made sure that in case anything should happen to her, she will survive it. The only thing that her father liked about her, were her green eyes.

But there was one thing that bothered him was why doesn't Nemu have a Zanpaku-to of her own. Mayuri did a few test and found out that her Zanpaku-to was destroy years ago. But it did not matter to him as mod souls don't have Zanpaku-to, so her being a mod soul that he created on accident was more believable.

In his own way, Mayuri showed her that he did care about her. Nemu was happy that someone cared about her. As long as he cared for her in his own weird way, she would do everything that she was to do without any complaining and would take any type of punishment from him if she did not do what she was told to do.

Mayuri was very happy that he had someone that not only follows his orders without complaining and he could use her for any experiments that he had in mind. He rarely let her out of his sight, but if he did, he would make sure that she would stay in the Twelfth Company. As he does not trust the captain of the Eighth Company to keep his hands to himself. And now Mayuri has to worry about that Quincy boy who has taken interest in his daughter. After making sure that she was ready to become known to the Soul Society, he made sure that she would not mention anything on how she was a real soul, not just a mod soul. So no one really knows about the secret behind Nemu, but he did find that the idiot Aizen sticking his nose where it didn't belong, thanks to Nemu finding him in their Data Room.

As the years went by, Mayuri did even more experiments on her to make sure that she would be always there with him. And if she was taken for some reason, he would always find her as he made sure that he put a tracking device in her to make that possible. Because of her ability to take orders without questioning them and of her brilliant mind, she was priceless to him even more so after the Winter Wars ended. He even made her, his vice captain of the Twelfth Company. Little did he or anyone knew that the secret behind the appearance of Nemu Kurotsuchi was soon to be discovered.

(Scene Break)

"Are you sure that Fawkes can find her, Headmaster?" A man with greasy hair asked the a very old man with a horrible sense of fashion.

"Of course, Fawkes can find anyone anywhere. We need her as she is the one that the prophecy points to. She is the one that can save us all from Voldermort," The Headmaster said as he gave the letter/Portkey to the phoenix to deliver.

"She might not want to help us as her idiot parents took her magic, gave it to her brother who was born a squib, and gave her away because she did not have any magic in her. I will understand if she does not help us at all," Severus Snape snapped at the man.

"She will help us as it is for the 'Greater Good' after all," The Headmaster said as he watched the phoenix flame away. His plans were going as planned after he found out that the Potter boy lost his magic and was once a squib and that Tom pointed out that Sammy Potter was the one who defeated him in the first place.

(Scene Break)

Nemu Kurotsuchi and her father, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, were experimenting on one of the weaker hollows that they were able to capture, when a bird appeared in a ball of flames. Mayuri saw it was carrying a letter and ordered Nemu, "Nemu, get that letter and see what its about and capture the bird as I'm interested in finding out what it is. Its not everyday that a test subject comes to me."

"Of course, Father," Nemu said as she took the letter and was about to grabbed the bird when it flamed away.

"Hmm, I guess that the bird was not that important, we can see if we can find it again later. Now, hurry up and open the letter and see what's about," Mayuri snapped at her.

When Nemu opened the letter, they noticed a strange energy coming off of it as Nemu disappeared from his view. Dropping what he had in his hands, he raced to the computer to track his daughter, just to see her signal disappear in Scotland in Avalon territory. Cursing up a storm, he raced out of his Barracks and made his way to the First Company to tell the Head Captain what had just happen.

(Scene Break)

Nemu watched as her father disappeared from view as the letter took her away from him and dumped in the middle of some sort of office. Looking around she noticed that there was a very old man with a long beard which was not taken care of like the Head Captain's and also there was a younger man with greasy hair and a sneer on his face.

"Ah, Miss Potter, I am glad we were able to find you. Lemon Drop?" The last question caused the younger man to snort. Nemu figured out that they were speaking English.

So she asked the old man, "Where am I? And why did you take me away from my father?"

The two men stiffen when she said the word 'father'. The older man answered, "You are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, my dear girl. I'm the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore and this is one of my professors, Severus Snape. Your father lives in England as does your mother. They would be so happy to know that you are safe."

Nemu looked at the Headmaster and stated in a voice that held no emotions in it, "I'm not Miss Potter, my name is Nemu Kurotsuchi and my father will be very displeased that I was kidnapped from him. May I return to my father?"

Severus Snape was surprised that this girl had no emotions on her face and in her voice. From what she is wearing he figured that she must be living somewhere in Asia like Japan or China. And also she looks so different from her father, but she still has her mother's eyes.

Albus frowned at her denial and said more forcibly, "You are Sammy Potter and you are soon going to go and join your mother and father at your home."

Nemu shook her head, "I don't have a mother as my father, Lord Mayuri was the one who created me by accident."

Albus sighed as he took out his wand and pointed it at her and said, "Oblivate!"

Blinding white light struck Nemu in the head, but that was about all that it did. As she looked at the old man who had a smug look on his face and said to him, "If you are going to try and ease my memories that is going to be impossible as my father made sure that could not ever happen to me."

Snape was shock that the Headmaster would try and ease her memories, deciding that was far as he let this continue, he stepped in and said, "I think it would be best for everyone if I take Miss Kurotsuchi and make sure that she has somewhere to stay for the time being. Please follow me, Miss Kurotsuchi."

The Headmaster watched them leave as he tried to figure out new plans as his old ones are now ruined.

(Scene Break)

"So let me get this straight, Captain Kurotsuchi. A phoenix shows up and gives Vice Captain Nemu a letter and when she opens it, she disappears to Scotland which in Avalon territory. Why would someone kidnap your daughter?" Head Captain Yamamoto asked him. He has a feeling that he does not want to hear the reason why.

Kurotsuchi shifted around nervously before he answered, "She may have been a living soul when I found her in England twelve years ago. And she may have followed me back to the Soul Society and gave me her complete loyalty if I become her father."

Yamamoto glared at the Head of the Research and Development Department as he felt a massive headache coming on. He was not surprised at this news as Kami told him what Kurotsuchi had done all those years ago when Nemu first appeared in the Soul Society. Kami even told him about the prophecy that pointed to her and to leave them alone for the time being. Apparently, Kami knows what is going on here even if others of the Soul Society think otherwise.

"I will get permission for you and some others to travel to Avalon and help out Nemu with the task of completing a prophecy about her," Head Captain Yamamoto dismissed Captain Kurotsuchi before sending a message to Kami and Avalon that would aloud them to travel there and do what is necessary.

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