Author's Note: Warnings: This story contains yuri, and some minor elements of sci-fi I guess (they're Vocaloids, after all).

Operation One

What's So Great About Her Anyway?

"Okay, roll call!" Neru demanded as she flopped onto her throne, which was actually just a chair, but Neru had ordered them to refer to it as a throne, so now it was a throne. "New girl, you first!"

"M-m-me?" stammered the newest member, her blue and purple hair brushing against the floor as she whipped her head around to look at Neru.

"You are new, right?" questioned Neru sharply. "Obviously, that points to my meaning you. Hurry up, we have things to do."

"Y-yes!" The girl stood up, incredibly straight and stiff, and announced, "I'm Green is the Enemy's newest member, Aoki Lapis."

"Next," ordered Neru with a bored expression.

"Green is the Enemy's knowledge officer, Suzune Ring," said a blue-haired girl, not even bothering to stand up even when Neru glared at her. The blue-haired girl simply smiled in return.

"Green is the Enemy's supervisor, SF-A2 Miki," said the next girl, standing up with a polite smile to Neru.

"Green is the Enemy's networking officer, Megpoid Gumi," said a green-haired girl, standing up as required then returning quickly to her seat.

"Green is the Enemy's second-in-command, Kagamine Rin," continued a blonde girl, staring at Neru, who nodded in approval with a smile that made the blonde girl's cheeks go red.

"And I'm the leader of Green is the Enemy, Akita Neru," Neru finally announced. "Everyone is present and accounted for. Meeting begin."

Rin looked at the girls around her. Everyone was here because they had something they held against Miku. Neru said that she hated everything about Miku, from her appearance to her popularity. Gumi said she hated how Miku barely had to try for her songs to be hits and called her an attention hog. Ring complained about constant comparisons between her and Miku and how fans complained that she was just a rip off of Miku. Miki was less vocal about her opinions and had half-heartedly stated that Miku had so many fans that someone had to hate her to balance out all that affection. Rin was still uncertain as to why Aoki hated Miku, but she was new to the club so they might not find that out for a while.

Then, there was Rin. Rin was different from everyone else because, in actuality, she kind of liked Miku. She didn't hate the girl at all. The only reason she was here was because . . . .

"Rin," Neru said sharply, slicing through Rin's train of thought. "Pay attention, second-in-command, this is important."

"Right, sorry," apologized Rin.

She was here because of Neru.

For years now, Rin had liked Neru, but she could never find the right time to admit it. Neru was too busy to notice though. Neru spent all her time hating Miku, which had caused the formation of this club.

. . .

Rin had been watching television one day when Neru had leaped on top of her, literally, and grabbed her by the shirt collar, yelling, "I have a brilliant idea, Rin!"

"Really?" Rin had said, her face going bright red from being in such close proximity to Neru. She had been able to feel Neru's breath on her face, so had Neru been able to feel Rin's heart racing?

"You bet! I'm gonna start a club!" Neru had seemed so pleased with herself. Rin had almost broken out laughing right then and there from the expression on the girl's face.

"A club?" Rin had questioned, humouring the girl.

"Yep! It's a club dedicated to hating Miku! I'm gonna call it 'Green is the Enemy!' What do you think, Rin?"

Neru had been staring at her with such a hopeful expression. Still, Rin had been about to tell her how childish that was. Then, Neru had cut her off.

"And you'll be second-in-command, right, Rin?"

Rin had frozen at those words. If she was second in command, that meant she'd be spending a lot of time with Neru, right? Rin had peered at the girl's yellow eyes, considering this proposition. Of course, as a girl in love, the answer had been obvious.

"Sure, of course, Neru," she had agreed.

"Yes! I love you, Rin! You're the best! Let's go find some more members! I'm sure there are other people here who hate Miku!"

. . .

"Rin, quit zoning out!" Neru snapped, again retrieving Rin from her thoughts. "What's wrong with you today?"

"Kiyoteru needed some help," Rin sighed. "I couldn't turn him down."

"You're too nice for your own good, idiot," Neru sighed, shaking her head affectionately.

"I know. I'm sorry."

"Anyway, has anyone come up with any brilliant plans?" Neru questioned, returning her attention to the rest of the crowd. When no one spoke up, she sighed irritably. "Really? No one? Good thing I had prepared for this." Her eyes turned to Gumi. "Gumi, do you know anyone working in a zoo?"

"Neru, this doesn't sound safe," Miki pointed out on Rin's behalf, seeing the girl grow tense. Rin smiled gratefully, and Miki returned the smile.

"Calm down, I just wanted mice," Neru sighed, casting Miki an annoyed look.

"Wouldn't a pet shop be more logical if you only wanted mice?" Ring pointed out.

Neru glared at Ring, who stared at her with her omnipresent relaxed smile that seemed to imply that she found everything in the world amusing and that nothing ever bothered her enough to make her frown. Neru continued to glare at her, waiting for Ring to back down, but Ring just stared at her. Rin grew concerned. She was going to make Neru lose her temper. This wasn't good.

Then, right before Neru was going to explode, Ring averted her gaze submissively, though she still smiled easily. Neru seemed satisfied enough and then turned back to Gumi. "So, Gumi? Can you get me some mice?"

"Of course I can," said Gumi indignantly, then she turned away and started talking into her Bluetooth.

"Neru, what exactly are you planning?" Rin questioned, though she feared she already knew.

When Neru smiled at her, she knew she was right. "Oh, Rin, isn't it obvious?"

. . .

"Rin and Miki, decoy Miku, okay?" Neru commanded a few days later. "Ring and Gumi, act as back up in case Miku gets away from them. New kid,"—Aoki squeaked, jumped, and turned to Neru, who rolled her eyes—"you're with me. Grab a box. Okay, everyone, get into position."

As Rin and Miki wandered the halls, trying to find Miku, Miki caught on to Rin's disappointment quickly. "I'm sure she just wanted to train Aoki," Miki offered.

"I know," Rin sighed. "But I'm second-in-command. I shouldn't be working as a decoy. I should be with Neru, doing the hard stuff."

"You're still Neru's favourite, Rin," Miki insisted. "She's not going to fall for Aoki just because they worked together once."

Rin smiled half-heartedly at her friend, grateful for her reassurance. Miki had always known about Rin's feelings for Neru, and Rin still couldn't remembering telling her about it. She'd probably guessed it. Miki seemed to have a knack for knowing who liked who. Heck, she'd known that Yuki and Len liked each other even before the two themselves had noticed. She'd guessed that they'd start dating immediately after the two first met and, lo and behold, the two had been dating for over a year now.

"Miku!" Miki called, waving Miku over as she caught sight of the teal-haired girl.

Miku cautiously walked over to them, staring at Rin suspiciously. Rin couldn't blame her. As second-in-command of the Green is the Enemy club, she normally wouldn't even bother acknowledging Miku's presence. Miki was looser, however, and maintained a friendship with Miku, which put her out of Neru's favour.

"Rin wants to learn how to make tenpura. Can you help me teach her?" Miki questioned.

Well, Miki was creative, Rin could say that much. Miku hesitated for a moment before smiling at Rin and giving her heartfelt agreement. Rin was going to be sick from guilt. She felt terrible for what she was doing to Miku, but she had to. For Neru.

. . .

"Took you guys long enough," Neru grumbled as Miki and Rin joined the rest of the club around the corner to Miku's room.

"My fault," said Miki. "My distraction was too distracting."

"I don't even care enough to ask what it was," replied Neru.

Then, Miku's scream ripped through the air. Neru pushed everyone out into the open as Miku fled her room, slamming the door shut before one of a hundred white mice could escape her room. Neru broke out laughing, along with the majority of the club. Rin only felt sick as Miku locked gazes with her. Miku's teal eyes were filled with tears as she shouted at Rin, "What did I do to deserve this? What have I ever done to you?"

"I'm sorry."

The words didn't make it past Rin's lips, though, as she stared at Miku. Instead, she just stared at her pathetically. Miku's tears spilled as she dashed down the hallway, out of sight. Neru patted Rin on the back and then pulled her into a hug, but Rin was too guilt-ridden to appreciate it. Poor Miku. But it was for Neru. Rin stared at the yellow-haired girl who laughed so joyfully.

For Neru.

Author's Note: Look for 2-3 updates a week for this story. And I know we call in tempura but my Japanese teacher told us it's called tenpura so I'm gonna go with what she said. Anyway, this story is the story of many one-sided pairings of girls who seem to see no point in falling in love with boys :P Well, except for Yuki, but yeah. You'll see what I mean later. Also, the character thing says Rin and Miki because it switches between the two views and they are the protagonists. It doesn't mean they're the canon pairing. Oh, right, and Ring and Aoki are Vocaloid3, not OCs. I'm including Vocaloid3 just because I can. Actually, no, I just like loving all Vocaloids. Seeu will be a regular later on in the series. M'kay, that's all. Please review!