A/N: I've noticed that half of my stories are actually one-shots. They don't deserve to be called stories! So, since one-shots seem to be all I'm good at, I am creating this. It's just a random series of drabbles with no list of words, word count length, or all that jazz. Basically, a dumping ground for all the little plot bunnies that attack me.

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Blue and Green

"I'm gonna do it," I announced.

Tucker and Danny simultaneously looked up from their PDA and telescope, respectively. "Do what?" they chorused.

I swear they rehearsed this.

I took a deep breath. "Dye-"

"SAM! YOU CAN'T THINK THAT WAY!" Tucker hollered, while Danny had rushed to his feet, chair knocked aside.

"Are you depressed? Who's pressuring you? I swear I'll kick their-"

"GUYS! Calm down and listen! I'm going to dye my hair!"

"Oh…" Red colored Danny's cheeks and he sat down slowly.

"What color?" Tucker inquired.

"Light blue and neon green streaks." I fingered my short black locks.

Tucker shook his head slowly, almost knowingly.

"What?" I muttered.

Danny, oblivious as always, spoke up suddenly. "Really? I would've guessed purple... that's your favorite color, right?"

I beamed at Danny; sometimes the fact that he noticed little things like that made me really warm and fuzzy inside.

Tuckers voice broke through my thoughts. "Wow," he said, stretching the word out. "Radioactive green and baby blue. What an interesting combination, Sam. Doesn't it sound familiar?"

I glared at Tucker, sending 'I'm gonna kill you' thoughts that he hopefully caught.

Danny's blue eyes trailed from Tucker to me, still clueless.

Tucker continued, "Almost a ghostly green, if you think about it..."

I resisted the urge to stuff my combat boots down Tucker's throat and resorted instead to stomping one on the ground childishly. "Shut it, Tucker."

He just shook his head at Danny, disappointed.

Danny's face was scrunched in concentration. "…Ghostly green," he pondered, ruffling his shaggy black hair. Suddenly, his eyes widened. "I got it!"

Tucker glanced furtively at me and then faced the now-jubilant Danny. "Seriously?"

Danny grinned and pointed at me. "Blue and green, for Ember! You're an Ember fan!"

I resisted the urge to face-palm.

...Nice, Danny. His cluelessness makes me laugh sometimes :)

If you hadn't noticed, blue and green stand for Danny's eyes as Fenton and Phantom.

In my opinion, I don't think Sam would ever do that. Dye her hair Danny colors, I mean. She'd probably do purple and blood red or something. But oh well!