A/N: I always found it a little funny when people in fanfics made Danny have these extreme overreactions to being called Dan.

don't call my name

Danny leaned back into his chair, stretching his arms and legs as far as he could. He heard his bones crack and sighed loudly. "How much longer do we have to wait?"

"Patience is a virtue," his mom replied without looking up from her Home Arts magazine. "I'm sure he's just running late."

Danny grumbled, shifting in his chair again.

Finally, finally, a woman in Looney Tunes scrubs walked out into the waiting room. "Dr. Smith is ready to see you," she said, quickly checking her clipboard, "Dan?"

Blood pounded in his ears. On the outside, he barely even blinked at the name, but he was seeing red. "What did you call me?" he asked calmly, almost disinterestedly.

The nurse looked a little taken aback to see a short fourteen year old adolescent glaring at her. "Um... Dan? Is that not your name?"

Danny's breathing picked up speed. His eyes must've flashed neon green because the nurse jumped in shock. Leaping to his feet, Danny knocked the clipboard out of the lady's hands. "Don't call me Dan," he growled.

Maddie put a hand on her son's shoulder, which he violently shrugged off. "Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.

Hot boiling tears tracked down his face as he continued to stare at the clipboard. His hands were clenched so tight that he could feel the skin break, making angry welts. "I'm not him, I'll never be him."


"DON'T CALL ME DAN. DON'T CALL ME DAN!" Danny raised his arm and, in one fluid motion, burned the clipboard with a quick energy blast.

The nurse started yelling hysterically and his mom pulled a huge ghost bazooka seemingly out of nowhere. "What is going on, Danny?"

"I WON'T BE DAN!" Blind with rage, Danny let the two white rings wash over him and flew to the top of the room. With one deep breath, he let out a ghostly wail so insanely powerful that everyone and everything in a 20-mile radius dropped dead. His eyes burned with red ghostly hatred, his skin turning paler by the second. His white hair seemed to billow out like fire.

How ironic.

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