Young Girl

Chapter 1

The Borgias

A/N: I would like to say first off that I am not for or against incestuous relationships. I personally could not be in one. I just find Lucrezia and Cesare fascinating. If you watch the show, you know that Francois Arnaud and Holliday Grainger have excellent chemistry on screen which adds to my fascination. As I see it, they are two people who were meant to be together. They are each others soul mate and ideal lover but had the misfortune of being born siblings. That said I would like to add that the first chapter is very similar to the first episode so there is not a lot of creative writing on my part as I loved the scenes the way they were written. But this is a story more focused on the relationship between Lucrezia and Cesare and not so much the Papacy so a lot was cut. It will become more original as the story progresses. Thanks for reading

Beneath your perfume and make-up

You're just a baby in disguise

And though you know

That it is wrong to be

Alone with me

That come on look is in your eyes, Oh,

Young girl get outta my mind

My love for you is way outta line

better run girl, Your much too young girl

"There is a door behind that leads to the street." Cesare said as he pulled his nightgown on. He hoped she would leave quickly and not talk a lot. He disliked when they talked a lot.

"A back passage?" Cesare did not respond. She was going to talk. He pulled his black robe over his nightgown. "You are a cleric?" Cesare grunted.

"Didn't you notice?"

"There was nothing ecclesiastical about you last night." He didn't even know her name but it was in her favor that she knew the word ecclesiastic.

"By night I am who I want to be. By day… I am thus."

Knock Knock.

"Lucrezia." Cesare cinched his rob and left the room quickly. She would find her own way out. And god willing, would not find her way back in. He exited the room in excitement to see the light of his life. "Sister!" He cried when he saw her dart from behind the building he had been occupying.

"A fine lady." Lucrezia cried as she ran out of Cesare's reach. "Another one?" She ran around a pillar, staying just out of his reach. He pranced around with her, knowing he could catch her at any time.

"You know there is a punishment for spying?"

"What's that?"

"Oh I think you know." Lucrezia squeled as she darted away just as he darted towards her. Giggling in delight, she was caught by Cesare and pulled down to the ground. He laid just on top of her.

"Can I come to your wedding?" Lucrezia asked as she looked up into her brothers kind face.

"I'll never have a wedding, you know that." Lucrezia smiled. She knew it was wrong, but knowing he would never belong to anyone other then God gave her pleasure.

"No, you are betrothed to God. Don't you love God Cesare?" She ran her fingers over his scruffy face as he played with the hair behind her ear. Cesare smirked.

"More then I love you." He replied and she giggled.

"Don't be sad brother." She sat up beside him. "Maybe papa will become Pope and you can be who you want to be." Cesare gave her a sad smile and kissed her nose.

"If he does become Pope I will be who he wants me to be." Lucrezia didn't agree. She thought as Pope, her father would be able to set Cesare free, on to the path he wishes to follow.

"Can the Pope have children Cesare?" Cesare gave a gruff laugh. She was so innocent.

"I have heard it rumored that the Pope Innocent has twelve." Lucrezia smiled and pressed her hand to his face.

"But I have also heard it rumored that he is dying."

"There's no news in that, he's been dying for weeks now." Cesare replied.

"But if he does die, will our father wear his crown?"

"The new pope will be elected by the college of Cardinals, my love. And only God can predict the outcome."

"Well since you will have no wedding, I will pray for God to choose papa. I want to wear a beautiful white veil crowned with pearls for his coronation." Cesare smiled at his sister, still so in love with clothing.

"God will need some help then."


Gertrude watched through the window as Cesare played with his younger sister. She didn't understand their relationship and why Lucrezia can be of such importance to him. She was also painfully aware he did not know her name. She sighed in frustration and she sat back down on the bed. It would seem that they were too close. It was not proper. She pulled on her thick purple velvet gown and exited from the door Cesare had told her about. Her mother loved a good story so Gertrude was going to tell her about the closeness of Cesare and Lucrezia.


Cesare walked quickly through the crowd as he pushed his way to the front. There was mobs of people yelling. He got to the front guard. "What have they heard?" He asked quietly.

"The Pope has breathed his last." Was the guards reply. Cesare pushed open the elegant doors and stepped inside, shutting the doors behind him. Cesare continued to walk down the hallways until he encountered his father.

"We must get you out of here before they lock the doors." Was his fathers greeting as he hurried him in the same direction he had just come from.

"And so it begins." Cesare muttered. He knew his father had a plan for him to guarantee him papacy.

"You know what to do?"

"Yes father."

"Keep our family safe until the new Pope is elected. There will be anarchy in Rome."

"As you said father, I know what to do." Cesare could see the guards starting to seal the windows.

"I do not like your tone Cesare. I have waited a lifetime for this moment. We will go over it again. I will send word on the wings of a dove if the first vote fails, with the names of the Cardinals that need… persuasion. God will forgive us my son. But I will not forgive failure from you or your brother." Cesare turned around and started to leave when his father called out again. " And Cesare, your mother told me you have been spending significant time with Lucrezia. You should be wary of gossipers."

"You just worry about conclave father." Cesare replied before exiting into the waiting sunshine. Cesare was upset as he walked away. He did not care what the gossipers said. He would spend all of his free time with Lucrezia. The clanging of swords brought Cesare out of his mind. It was too early for a normal battle therefore it could only be one person. "Juan!" Cesare called as he strode quickly into the crowd that had gathered. He grabbed a sword from anothers waist, just as a man was about to make Juan a Spanish trophy for his parlor. Cesare swung the sword up to the mans neck. "My brother speaks before he thinks." Cesare said calmly to the man holding the sword. He knew in his heart that it was Juan who had caused the fight. "He begs your pardon." The man stepped back and Cesare hauled Juan up by his collar. "Let us go younger brother." He said as he strode away. Juan scrambled to follow.


Black smoke blew out over Rome as the first vote was passed. A new Pope had not been chosen. Shortly after a dove was sent out to Cesare. He read the names his father had inscribed onto the parchment and set about finding the servants for conclave. He promised each of the Cardinals a title from the Borgia estates and inscribed each on a separate piece of parchment. Juan and himself were able to find a servant and bribe him with some gold to direct them to the dishes that were to be served to the Cardinals in question. Cesare slid a piece of parchment into a well cooked pigs mouth and was quickly led over to a rabbit. He was able to hid the parchment amongst the rabbit. Juan handed the servant his gold and Cesare sent a quick prayer to god that the parchments not be discovered. He had done what his father had asked, now it was in the hands of God.


Again the black smoke blew over Rome and Cesare knew his father would want him to double his efforts. He sent Juan to collect all the valuables from the Borgia churches and went about making promises to more Cardinals.

"Why the dove Cesare?" Lucrezia asked as she walked up behind him. He looked over at her and debated whether to tell her the truth. He did not want her to be corrupted by their father as well.

"It has a dual purpose, my love." He replied vaguely as he continued to tie the parchment around the dove's ankle. "Like many things in life, it serves as both a symbol and a messenger."

"A symbol of what?"

"Of the uncorrupted soul." He smiled at her. "Like yours, my love." Lucrezia gave him a brilliant smile.

"And a messenger of what?" Cesare groaned on the inside. He did not want to lie to her.

"Of corruption."

"You mean to say, it bears news of how many votes we need to buy in the Papal election?" Cesare laughed out loud.

"You are criminally well informed Sis. I trust your soul is still of the purest white."

"How many votes must we buy him Cesare?"

"You know too much already don't you?"

"You're wrong." Lucrezia protested as Cesare started to walk away with the dove. "I know too little." Cesare smiled at that and released the dove into the air. He took Lucrezia's hand and pressed a kiss into her palm.

"That is the way I shall keep it."


Finally the whitish smoke blew over Rome and Cesare could hear the crowds cheering from his home. He sat on a chair by the fireplace, beside his mother who was writing at her desk. Lucrezia was watching out the window and Gioffre played with a wooden horse on the rug. His mother looked up at him with an unreadable expression.

"He has won." Was all she said as she went back to writing a letter. Lucrezia let out a whoop for joy and ran over to Cesare.

"You may wear your white veil crowned with pearls my love." He said as he took her chin in his hand. He looked into her large eyes and she looked back at him with a smile on her face.

"How can you be so sure that father is the one who was chosen?" She asked him as she sat in front of him on the floor.

"Father never loses." He replied. "And God had help." He released her chin gently and looked back up at his mother. She was giving him a look.

"Do not talk of such things in front of Gioffre." She said but continued to stare at him and Lucrezia. "It is past your bedtime. Gioffre and Lucrezia, start to get ready for bed." Both rose and headed out into the hallway, Lucrezia stopped to wave to Cesare before darting off.

"Cesare it is wrong. Do not look at her thus." His mother said as soon as they were alone in the room.

"I do not know what you are talking of mother." Cesare replied. She stood up and walked over to him.

"I know how you feel Cesare, but you must hide it. Bury it someplace where you can take it out and remember in dark privacy, but never in the openness of the light."

"I am sorry mother, but you do not know how I feel." He got up and started to stride out of the room.

"Your father will use her to help Rome. She is a beautiful girl and she will soon be married. What then Cesare?" He did not reply and left in a swirl of robes.