Chapter 13

Final Chapter

A/N: This is the final chapter for my Lucrezia and Cesare story. I would like to thank everyone for reading and submitting their input. It is much appreciated. I'm glad I finally figure out how I wanted this to end. I hope you enjoyed it as I wrote it.

Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you.

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

Cesare waited impatiently outside of the house he had bought. He was not allowed inside as Lucrezia got ready for their wedding. Guilia and his mother were in there helping her out. He was stuck outside with Micheletto, Juan, Gioffre and his father who had decided to forgive him. They were pretending that Lucrezia was Micheletto's sister. Since they had moved to the fishing village, she had been going as Lucrezia Corella. And today, once again she would become Lucrezia Borgia.

His mother stepped outside and Cesare looked at her eagerly. She smiled at them and held his baby son up.

"He wanted to see his father." She replied as she handed him to him. Lucrezia had just given birth to young Giovanni less then a month before. She would not marry him before that as she did not want to be fat in her wedding dress. Cesare held his precious bundle up to his face and breathed in his clean baby scent. Giovannu cooed at him. "Now stop crowding the house. She will be another hour at least. Go for a walk or something." She shooed them away. Cesare kicked some stones on the ground as he walked out of the gated entrance to his home.


Two hours later.

They had found a preist in the village to perform the wedding. Their father did not want to as he wanted to watch it. Cesare stood at the make shift altar his family had made outside. It had flowers hanging around it. The priest stood waiting like him. He couldn't help but tap his foot anxiously. He heard the door to their house click open and he looked up eagerly.

His mother had her arm around Lucrezia's as she walked her outside for their outdoor wedding. Lucrezia was wearing a gown of gold gauze and white silk. She had a crown of pearls around her head like she always wanted and a long veil that hung behind her. She smiled at him and his heart stopped. He had never seen her look more beautiful aside from the moment after she birthed his son, holding him to her heart.

They walked slowly down the aisle towards him. It felt like it took a century to him. Finally she reached him and they stared eagerly at each other. He said all the things the priest told him to as did she. Finally he was able to kiss his bride. He leaned in close to her and whispered always against her lips before pressing his more firmly to hers.

He heard the applause of his family vaguely as he kissed Lucrezia eagerly. She pulled away gently and smiled happily up at him.

"I love you." She said as she hugged him tight. He felt his heart swell inside him and knew he was the happiest man alive.

"And I love you my little love."

The rest of the day was spent in celebration. Catherine took care of little Giovanni as the family applauded the young couple.

"I have news to share with everyone." Rodrigo announced as he sat at the head of the table outside. They were dinning on fine meats and wine. "I have decided that Juan will leave for Spain to meet his new bride and rule from there and Cesare, well he can be the head of the Papal army. He can do most of the work from home and travel when necessary as this town is not so far from Rome."

Cesare let the huge grin on his face explain how he felt. He felt Lucrezia place her hand in his and he squeezed it gently.


That night he laid in bed with Lucrezia naked beside him. She rested her head gently on his chest and played with some of the hair there.

"It is funny that I am now a Borgia again." She smiled as she peeked up at him. He kissed her head.

"You will always be a Borgia love. Because I will always love you." He whispered in her hair. She smiled happily as they fell asleep in each others embrace.