Disclaimer: This is complete and total FICTION. That means it never happened and is completely untrue. In fact, this is so far from the truth that it isn't even in the same country as the truth. I don't own anybody, and I make no money off of this. I am not in any way implying said characters' sexual identities.

Clarry's Kogan fic ("All Better Now") inspired me to write this one. It's also based on the dirt bike races I went to yesterday (10/16) as a medic. Fortunately, there was only one minor incident, and it didn't require medical attention.

Kendall had picked Katie up at the airport, and snuck her into the apartment. He made breakfast and hollered at Logan that it was ready. A mumble of "whatever" was what he got, but Logan came out of his room.

When he saw Katie there, Logan looked at Kendall and spat, "I don't need to talk to a fucking shrink Kendall!"

"Kendall didn't know I was coming." Katie lied. Kendall owed her.

"Sorry Katie. I don't want to talk."

"I'm not saying you have to." She said, "But I will listen if you ever feel like it."

"Thanks." Logan grabbed his plate and went back to his room. The only two places he went were the hospital and his room. Kendall was starting to get worried.

"I'm going shopping; I'll be back in awhile." Kendall yelled down the hall. "Katie's going to stay here."


Kendall had been gone about a half-hour when Logan came out. "Katie?"


"Can I talk to you?"

"Sure Logan. Here, have a seat."

"Thanks. I don't know what you know about everything." Logan told her the whole story, including the part where he had the feeling something was going to happen. "It's my fault."

"No it's not Logan. It happened. Sure, if he wasn't racing, it probably wouldn't have happened, but something else might have. It was just his time."

"Why? Why an 8-year-old?" And just like that, the dam broke; Logan sobbed against Katie's shoulder.

"I don't know." Katie said, holding him tightly." What I do know is that you have people around you who love you."

Logan pulled back. "Not Kendall. I blamed him and we haven't really spoken since."

"Well, you could try talking to him. I'm sure he'd listen."

"Right." Logan snarked.

"He's worried about you. I'll be your mediator. When he gets home, you two will talk."

Kendall came home, and Katie told him to come sit on the couch. "Ok, you two. Let's talk about what happened." First, it was mostly accusations flung back and forth, but then it turned to I miss him,and Well, I guess it really wasn't your fault. It could've happened anywhere and at any time. By the end of the conversation, they were at least on speaking terms, and Katie said, "I'm going out tonight, but before I leave in the morning, I want to talk to you two again."

"Ok." Katie left, and Logan spoke first. "I'm sorry."

"Me too." They spent some time looking at pictures of TJ and them, and then Kendall said, "What do you think about moving to a new place, to stop the memories. Not saying to forget, just not be reminded of them everyday?"

"Sure." Kendall knew they were both going to have to help each other out to get over this terrible loss (as best as they could), but if anyone could do it, they could.

Katie left the next morning and Kendall texted her thanks. I owe you.

Later. hope it all works out.

It will. Kendall thought. Tie would help them. There was a long road ahead, but him and Logan would go down it together.