It must have been fate that had brought him to the red brick building downtown, in the Chicago bronx.

Fate that had caused him to find out that Carbine was fucking several other people behind his back. Fate that had made him a heir to a long lost royal bloodline. Making him a prince among his own people. Fate that had helped him finally pull himself together again so that he could once again try to find himself a mate and take the plunge.

It wasn't that he actually was ready to risk his heart again, no nothing like that. It was more like everyone (Stoker, Modo, Vinny, Rimfire, Charlie) had gotten into the habit of annoying him by reminding him that as the last of the Thornboy's- and the last of a long lost royal blood line- it was his duty to find a nice girl and settle down.

Frankly he'd be happier if they'd back off and leave him the hell alone. Still he knew that they sort of had a point.

I mean, Modo and Vinny were settling down. So it was only natural that they would want him to settle down too. Especially since he had been formally crowned prince of their planet almost six months ago after spending close to five years rebuilding their civilazation.

Fate that had caused Stoker to come barging into the home the earth government had given to him and his guards as an act of good will, and demanded that he get out of the house and go do something aside from sitting behind his desk all day pouring over laws, bills of legislation, and files with pictures of young women that his martian appointed government had deemed fit to continue his royal blood line.

Fate that had deemed that he'd sat inside for far too long, alone and needed to get out smell the roses and unwind. He'd spent the better part of his day just walking around, ignoring the fact that some of the people on the streets knew his face and who he was.

He'd had a few school kids run up to him and introduce themselves, and had stopped long enough to talk to them. Finding their youthful enthusiasm at meeting him, adorable before he'd said bye to them and walked on.

He'd been walking for hours, enjoying the fresh air, the sunlight warming his fur. He enjoyed being able to stretch his legs and move about freely. And though these things were highly enjoyable to him it also gave him time to think about what he needed to do.

The others were right, he needed to settle down. He was twenty six, single, still health. Still fairly whole aside from his eyes. He had a lot to offer a woman didn't he? He'd once thought so, but now wasn't so sure.

It was Carbines fault of course. He'd offered her everything and she had all but spit on him. He didn't know what to do. He'd never felt so uncertain before. He sighed and ran his fingers through his long mid back length brown hair and turned his attention back to the building that he'd been standing in front of for the better part of thirty minutes.

He'd heard rumors that this building was one of the best places to come when you had an itch of some kind and wanted to blow off a little bit of steam. He didn't particularly have an itch...but it had been a while since he'd last had a warm willing body.

So maybe resorting to coming to such a place wouldn't be so bad. As long as the people inside could keep their mouths shut and not go blabbing to the tabloids about his visit that is.