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Ciel was in his bedroom. Sebastian tucked him in hours ago, and he can hear the grand clock, it's timed ticks resonated throughout the room as the sounds echoed across the walls. The raven tried hard to focus on the sound in efforts to lull himself to sleep, but it was in vain. Time after time his mind drifted back to that damned blonde.

Alois Trancy.

The Phantomhive groaned and tossed to his side once again and buried his face in a pillow, making a mess of the sheets. Everything would have been fine if he didn't meet that son of a bitch with the golden hair and blue eyes.

He met Alois during a masquerade that really hosted hoards of business men trying to get a deal with either the Phantomhive or Trancy household. He had only went as a formality, not thinking much about it and was ready for a boring night. But that quickly changed when he saw a blonde fluttering his way through the crowd.

That blonde with the flamboyant purple suit and crystal eyes.

Ciel turned away as soon as he caught a glimpse of Alois. Feeling his heart suddenly speed up and his face turning red, the raven was not ready to make a fool out of himself with a room full of potential business partners. Although that did not stop his wondering mind from trying.

Throughout the night Ciel could not keep his focus and often found his eyes unconsciously drifting across the polished ballroom, un-admittingly trying to get another look at this mysterious boy that caught his attention.

Finally, having gone through most of the people and not finding the blonde, Ciel admitted defeat and headed out to the balcony, hoping that something there will distract him and pass the time.

"Bored?" Ciel's scowl froze when he turned to see who it was behind him. His mouth opened slightly, trying to say something, but he could only manage a sort of 'ah' sound. Thoroughly embarrassed Ciel tried to pass it off as a cough, and started again.

"You could say that. I just spent the better half of my night meeting with several people who didn't have the slightest funds that can become a partner with Futom."

The blonde's eyes lit up, "You're the head of the Phantomhive company right? Claude told me about you and your company." The taller boy took off his mask and held out his hand, "I'm Alois Trancy. I look forward to perhaps doing business with you in the future."

Ciel nodded slowly, the majority of his mind still very much focused on Alois's now unmasked face. As the blonde turned and waltzed away, soon swallowed by the crowd of people, Ciel remained motionless on the balcony. The music in the ballroom was loud, so was the rustling of the trees by the midnight breeze, but the deafening sound of Ciel's beating heart drowned out everything.

"Alois Trancy." He said, voice barely above a whisper. "I look forward to it."

"Fuck." Ciel couldn't deny it even if he wanted too. Two whole weeks he spent rejecting the possibility, reasoning with himself that Alois was the head of the rival company, that it wouldn't look good in front of the media, that he had Elizabeth. But Ciel couldn't deny the truth that he might be a little smitten with Alois.

Maybe a lot.

The pounding in his chest didn't do anything to comfort Ciel.

I don't even know anything about him.

Ciel huffed and turned to his stomach, his mind hazily wondered if going unconscious from suffocation could count as sleeping when he felt something touch the back of his neck. The Phantomhive boy froze, body tense and arm ready to lash out at whoever or whatever was on top of him.

"Ciel, glad to see that you're already ready and in bed for me." A voice that Ciel instantly recognized purred beside his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.

"A-Alois?" Ciel said in a hushed whisper, the room was too dark for him to see, and the sudden weight on top of his back made in nearly impossible to turn around.

"Shh... you'll enjoy this." Suddenly, Ciel's mind went into a vertigo, the walls and bed sheets and everything spinning together, until his eyes refocused and Ciel realized that he was pressed up against the headboard, taking it from behind.

Ciel jerked awake. He was sweating and panting heavily.

It was only a dream... but why did he want it to be real so bad? Did he really want to be fucked by Alois? The rival of the Phantomhive company?

He was going to call Sebastian, but he felt something wet in between his legs.

"Oh bloody hell." he swore under his breath. He came. A lot. And it was merely a dream.

He couldn't let Sebastian see this. Oh no, the last thing thing he wanted was for that damn sly butler to know. The slightest thought of the butler knowing sent his brain spiraling into hell.

All the fucking ways the butler would taunt him...

Ciel was cleaning up the mess when the Sebastian came in.

"Bocchan? What are you doing?" the butler questioned

"N-nothing!" the lord immediately sat down to cover any 'evidence', "Why didn't you knock before you came in? From now on, don't come into my room without first asking!" Ciel snapped. The last word came out as a squeak, and he gritted his teeth at how weak and pathetic he sounded. Any affection for Alois dissolved into thin air in mere seconds, and the embarrassment made his mind turn bitter. He would not go through this all for some blond bastard that makes dressing like a slut his daily achievement.

"Understood. Would you like me to dress you?"

"No, that won't be necessary."

"Very well, tea is ready and I shall await you at the main floor," and with a curt nod and bow, the butler walked out Ciel's room without a sound.

Alois was bored. The blonde took a rest from reading the daily reports that Claude has written and reclined back onto the plush velvet chair. Throwing his feet up onto the mahogany table and looking outside the window. All he did in the last month was business, although he got what he wanted about thirty minuets into the conference every time. He batted his eyelashes in a sarcastic manner, the poor fellows would do anything for a little show.

But, money was getting old fast.

He wanted something fun. That's when his mind thought of Ciel. The Trancy boy's lips curved up at the Futom boy's face.

He twirled the pen in his hand and stared down on a blank piece of letter paper. The blond smirked. He was bored, Ciel must be bored too.

Alois scribbled To Ciel on the soon to be filled canvas. Yes, they were going to have a lot of fun tomorrow, whether Ciel liked it or not.

Lots of fun.

To Ciel,

I am very interested after we had out little talk two weeks ago after the masquerade, and would like to know more about you and your company. After much consideration I truly think that our companies would be a great match for each other.

Come and have some tea with me tomorrow at four in my garden.

I trust that you will be there.

We can even play a game of chess, I heard that it is favorited by you. I look forward to you playing this game with you.

An eye twitch was made by the Phantomhive owner and Ciel frowned at Alois's indirect insult towards chess.

Chess isn't just a game. Ciel reasoned stubbornly, and why not go and see what the Trancy had to offer? Ciel's eyes shifted to the pen. The longer the earl thought about it, the more reasonable it was. He wasn't doing anything particular today. It couldn't hurt right?

And just like that, he was at the Trancy mansion's front door, waiting for Alois to answer.

"Ciel!" Alois beamed and skipped to greet the Phantomhive boy

"Come, your going to have a wonderful time."

"Alois, this isn't the way to your garden."

"I know."

"Then where are we going?"

"Let's play hide and seek, you be it."

As soon as he said that, Alois ran off, leaving Ciel alone the empty huge mansion.

Ciel was a bit annoyed. Alois wasn't what Ciel thought he would be, though he should've already taken a hint at the letter he sent the raven. But he still ran off after Alois. The noirette was weak, and he lost Alois after a minute, he can only rely on the noise of the boots Alois had pounding on the ground.

The younger male was going to turn right when he saw a flash of purple. He raced after it. Only to find himself in someone's bedroom.

He heard the door click behind him, and a blow to the stomach forced all the air out of him. Ciel collapsed onto the floor. Unconscious.

Ciel's head was spinning ans he struggled to open him eyes. He found himself on the bed, and his hands were... tied onto the bedpost by a ripped piece of silk.

"Looks like you found me~" a voice purred into Ciel's ear

"A-Alois! What the bloody hell are you doing! Untie me at once!" A million thoughts were in Ciel head, and each and every one of them hissed and cursed at the blonde. The dread slowly started to rise in Ciel's mind, the Futom boy soon had fear prominent in his eyes. What if Alois's real intention was to kill him so he could get rid of the rival company? The raven panicked at the thought and trashed around desperately trying to remove his eye patch to summon Sebastian.

"Nuh-uh-uh~" Alois wagged a finger in Ciel's face.

"You found me all by yourself, so you get a reward. A special treatment."

Ciel couldn't help but feel a shiver going up his spine. He was going to get the blonde back for this.

Alois chuckled as he licked Ciel's slender neck. Making sure that he took his time. Ciel jumped, but the silk held him down. He felt a low moan, and rushed to surpass it. Alois repeated his actions, this time lightly sucking on the junction where Ciel's shoulder and neck connected. He bit down suddenly, but only to have his tongue draw lazy circles over the wound to sooth it moments after. Ciel trembled from the sensation of Alois's tongue on his skin and his hot breath on his neck. He involuntarily released a tiny moan and turned his head away from Alois, giving Alois an even bigger playground while covering his face from him. The Trancy smirked into Ciel's neck and bit down harshly, a drop of blood soon bloomed on the pale skin.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Ciel squirmed as best as he could from underneath the Trancy boy, "What are you going to do next, tell me that you're a vampire?"

The moment of pride Ciel felt was short lived when he felt a hand ghost down to his more private regions. Ciel tried desperately to turn his body away from Alois, but the blonde wasn't letting go. Alois used his body weight to push Ciel back down onto the bed, and with their bodies pressed together he rolled his hips and ground hard once on Ciel.

"Haa..." Ciel moaned into the bed sheets, eyes fluttering in the shock waves of pleasure that flooded to his cock. Seeing a reaction he liked, Alois rolled his hips again, this time pressing Ciel into the mattress.

"Getting hard so soon?" the blond chuckled, his hand snaking its way down to the noirette's crotch, squeezing Ciel's member through the fabric of his pants.

Un-use to the sensation, Ciel's eyes snapped open and cowered into the corner of the king-sized bed as best as he could with his arms tied.

"Hmm~ why did you leave?" Alois smirked, "Could it be that Ciel's scared because little Ciel is a virgin?"

Hearing that, Ciel's face flushed deep red and he scowled best he could. Still, he was weak from the punch to his stomach, and his head was turning because of the suddenly deprived pleasure. Alois moved closer to Ciel, and he wanted to get away, but the strain in his pants made his body falter, currently only focusing on getting release at the moment.

"Relax Ciel, I'll be gentle okay?"The blond cooed into Ciel's ear.

"Yes, I can relax and entrust my virginity to a sex crazed beast."

"Why thank you."

Ciel's eyes widened, "That was not a fucking compliment."

Seizing the opportunity of Ciel distracted, Alois literally pounced on Ciel.

"Alois?" Ciel yelped as he was pushed against the headboard, a feeling of deja-vu came to his mind.

Alois on the other hand paid no attention as he ripped the Phantomhive boy's clothes of and flipped him onto his belly. He then reached for a small bottle of lotion that was on top of the nightstand. A strong scent of vanilla filled the room as Alois dribbled a generous amount onto Ciel's rear.

Aroused by the smell, Ciel's knees started to buckle and he collapsed under Alois. The Trancy boy chuckled and undid his pants, revealing an already erect member.

"I haven't even touched you and yet your already getting wet." Alois shook his head as Ciel growled. A slender finger snaked its way up and circled the puckered hole, feeling it twitch at the action. Prodding and pressing, Alois took his time until Ciel was visibly shivering before pushing a finger into Ciel.

"Ngghh..." Ciel mewled at the intrusion, but the sensation wasn't bad. In fact, the pleasure increased at each thrust of Alois's finger, and Ciel moaned again, louder this time when he felt Alois added another finger.

"Mmm, look at you, swallowing them right up like a little slut." Alois purred beside Ciel's ear before gently nibbling on them, adding to the already electric sensations that Ciel is feeling.

Suddenly, Alois removed his fingers, and Ciel bucked back against Alois's hand, feeling empty at the loss of contact. Alois laughed and Ciel felt shame creep up on his face and was about to bite back a response when he felt Alois rubbing his length between Ciel's ass. The raven ground back, his own member dripping with precome and begging for release. Alois, seeing Ciel struggle, decided that it was enough teasing.

He entered Ciel roughly, sliding the entirety of his length in one fluid motion into Ciel's entrance.


The noirette balled his fists and grabbed the sheets. The pain was unbearable, but the last thing he wanted was to cry in front of his-if not before, but definitely now - enemy. He laid his head down onto one of the many pillows Alois had arranged. The coolness and softness of the fabric being his only comfort.

His shout was music to the older boy's eyes as he continued to move in and out of the younger one. Each time going in deeper.

Ciel's head was pounding, and he wasn't focused at all. All he could think about was that Alois was fucking him senselessly, he could feel him slamming into his body.

Waves of pain were quickly taken over by pleasure, and Ciel began to meet Alois at each trust.

Finally, Alois seem to have grazed Ciel's prostate. The noirette moaned loudly and thrust himself harder again at the same spot.

Alois smirked and picked up the pace, enjoying every bit of the dominance he had over Ciel, and every bit of Ciel's humiliation.

But Alois still wasn't satisfied. He wanted Ciel to say dirty things. He wanted Ciel to beg.

So he stopped.

Ciel couldn't help but let out a small whimper at the loss.

"Alois..." he whined


"Tsk!" Ciel hated how Alois was simply teasing him. Maybe it was the scent in the room, or the silk that burned his wrist was adding a masochism edge to it. Was he even a masochist?

Ciel groaned, maybe Alois forcefully fed a bottle of alcohol to him before he regained consciousness, because he had a spitting headache. But he wanted it badly. So badly that he ignored his ego.

"Alois, just do it. I would rather you fuck me than sit here humiliating me."

Alois stared at Ciel, a smile creeping up his face as he thrusted again into Ciel, making sure he hit his prostate dead on each time.

"Admit it, you love it."

While doing that, Alois's other hand began to massage Ciel's dripping member.

The noirette couldn't take so much pleasure all at once. Alois could feel the walls of Ciel's hole tighten as he continued to pound into the boy with renewed vigor, hitting the spot that made Ciel's vision fade to black everytime. The blonde could feel that Ciel was close to release and he thurst, once, twice before the two boys came together. The blond spilling his cum all over the Phantomhive boy's insides.

Alois lied down beside Ciel. His baby blue eyes met Ciel's midnight blue ones.

"Don't fucking look at me you scum."

Hissing defensively Ciel curled up into a ball. Regretting that he had ever had any thoughts of liking the blonde. He finally saw how rotten he really was.

"Turing back into a bitter earl are we now? You weren't like this three minutes ago when my cock was up your ass."

"Just... don't tell anyone. Please Alois."

"I won't... for the time being."

Ciel opened his mouth, but Alois quickly closed it by kissing Ciel. He then hugged Ciel in an awkward spoon position, burying his head into the crook of the uke's neck.

Ciel wanted to push the blond off, but he was so tired he just let him be. Silently praying that the Trancy boy won't try anything on him when he was asleep.

Long after Ciel was asleep, Alois got up, and collected all their clothing. Smirking when he saw the way Ciel sleeps with one arm hugging the pillow.

Today was fun. The Trancy thought long after the noirette was asleep. I should do this again...

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