"I see your point Sebastian." Madame Red nodded, her eyes cold and calculating. It was rare for the butler to come to her on his own, seeing as Sebastian might as well be a lap dog to Ciel.

The Phantomhive butler bowed politely, "Thank you for your considerations Madame. I assure you that Ciel is very much still interested in Elizabeth, but this is merely a precaution. As the young master's butler, I could not help but notice that he has recently been swayed by a frivolous...maiden of sorts."

Madame Red snorted and returned to her cup of Darjeeling tea, "Oh please, that's what arranged marriages are here for my dear. Don't worry, everything will go exactly as planned. Now, off you go, I'm going to have a very important meeting with the Milford family after to discuss this."

Sebastian nodded and headed for the door, his smirk prominent on his face that was turned away from Madame Red.

"Sebastian," She called behind him, "Do watch Ciel for me. I wouldn't want him getting any girl pregnant before the big wedding. Kids these days..." She went on, rambling about some childhood memory under her breath as she faced the window.

"Ofcourse." Sebastian said, more to himself than anyone as he headed down the streets of London.

Ciel was just about to sit down and write a letter addressing to the deal with him and another toy making company when he heard a knock on the door. To his surprise, it was Alois that called him.

"Hello." The Futom boy said flatly, a force of habit he developed while negotiating with the seemingly endless amounts of business calls. Ciel was getting the ink for his pen when Mey-Rin politely knocked on his door, glasses fogged and hair wild. She didn't need to say anything for Ciel to know that she had somehow managed to break even more China. Shaking his head at the utter ignorance of the people around him without Sebastian, Ciel answered the phone, feeling a strange gratification at the mention of Alois's name.

"How's it going with Elizabeth. Did Sebastian and Claude make a move on her yet?"Alois's voice came pouring in from the other end of the phone, tone slightly more shrill due to the excitement he had.

"No." Ciel answered, but couldn't resist to make another snide comment, "though I bet your horny ass would be all over it when it does happen."

"Ha!" Alois laughed, the sound was irritatingly refreshing to Ciel's ear, and he silently swore under his breath, his mind already starting to re-build the defensive walls he had. "Maybe for your sexy beast of a butler, though Claude is not bad looking himself."

"Alois, I would highly appreciate it if you didn't try to get into Sebastian's pants." The raven haired boy rolled his eyes, seeing as this conversation was getting nowhere.

The Trancy boy's voice suddenly dropped to a lower, sultry tone, "I bet you would like that wouldn't you Ciel. I bet you would like watching Sebastian and I doing naughty things."

Ciel's jaw dropped at Alois's comment, "You sick son of a bitch. That's fucking disgusting. Why would you ever want to do that?" He exclaimed, before remembering that there were other people in the mansion. He quickly switched to a rushed whisper.

"Why would you ever want to do that? With Sebastian none the less. Do it to your own butler or something. I still need mine to take care of things, unlike yours who's probably just there for your own disgusting needs."

"No, but Claude doesn't do anything when I talk dirty to him. He just does on about how he cannot accept this and how it's wrong to say that when I'm the head of the Trancy household." Alois complained, though his voice was the same as before. "Maybe you don't like watching then," Ciel sensed that Alois was starting again, and desperately tried to stop Alois from going any further, but the blonde wasn't ready to give up.

"Maybe your jealous that Sebastian is getting all the attention."

Ciel's eyes widened in shock, "What the hell did you just say, how the fuck am I jealous - "

"Maybe you want me to do that to you. Would you like that?"

"No I would not." Ciel said bitterly, trying to make his voice sound as indifferent as possible, but he could feel his cheeks heating up already.

"Mm..." Alois hummed through the phone, the sound sending shivers down Ciel's spine, "Imagine me licking down your neck, nice and slow. I would bite down sometimes, you know it wouldn't draw blood - or maybe you would like that too - but enough to have you know who you belong to."

"Alois, stop. I need to talk to you about Elizabeth and the plan - "

"I would push you down roughly, being the little closet masochist you would probably moan from that, but you would try to contain it by biting your bottom lip wouldn't you? I would slide my hand in your shirt, my fingers going around and around on your chest, but never quite touching your nipples. You always make the best sounds when I tease you. My other hand would go to undo your pants, but you'll probably be hard already. Little slut."

Ciel's breath was coming in shallow pants now that filled the empty room, he knew it was wrong to keep on listening but his shaking hands just couldn't seem to put the phone back down.

"Alois, don't..." Ciel manages to say, his breath hitches as he couldn't help but visualize what the blonde was describing to him now.

"We both know that you don't really mean that Ciel," Alois's voice was laced with lust, "But it would be all the more satisfying when you're screaming. Your lip is probably bleeding by now right? You were always so sensitive with things like this." Ciel could hear Alois's breath getting heavier now, the deep inhales and exhales from the other end of the phone was creating a soft static in his ear.

"Touch yourself," Alois commands, his voice demanding and Ciel tries to say no, but it's as if the tightness in his pants and the dizziness in his head paired with Alois's voice was hypnotic to Ciel, his hand started down his body. Hesitantly at first but then growing in speed, he clumsily unzipped his shorts with one hand while keeping the phone beside his ear with the other. The raven hissed when his fingers first came in contact with his erection, and he gave in involuntary moan.

"Mm, just like that. Rub your finger over the head. Is it wet already?"

Ciel obeyed, and sure enough, there was a small pearl of stickiness there. He squirmed in his chair as his fingers came back down to the base of his shaft, his hand now starting a slow, pumping rhythm.

"So naughty," The blonde whispers on the other end, "Wipe it off and lick it. Suck on your fingers like you did with mine."

Ciel brought his hand up to his mouth. His tongue tentatively licked the tips of them first, before a rush of heat went to his cock and the raven put three fingers into his mouth, tiny mewls spilling out in between slurps.

"I can hear that. So naughty indeed. Once you get them nice and slicked up, put one in you."

Ciel's whole body was trembling now, but he couldn't stop himself. It felt too good. His hand reached down behind his cock to his entrance, his finger pressing and rubbing a few times before entering.

"Nhh...ahh!" Ciel didn't have his hand to cover his mouth, and an accidental moan came out, "Alois..." He started, but then trailed off as his finger pumped in and out.

"Good, now put another in."

Ciel did as he was told, moaning once again at the added thickness.

"Hey Ciel," The voice coming from Ciel's phone was a deep purr, "I'm touching myself now."

"What the fuck, don't ahh... tell me tha- ah... that now you pervert." Ciel barely had the energy left to curse at Alois, he was too distracted at the pleasure that he was feeling now. Still, he couldn't help but picture what Alois would look like now. His slender fingers going and up and down the length of his shaft, from the base to the head. His hair sprawled out so only a few piece of it was there to frame his face, his clothes wrinkled and tossed carelessly onto his bed, his chair, or his floor.

"Where..." Ciel rasped out, "Where are you right now?"

"At my desk," The blonde was breathing heavily, "I was looking at the picture of you on the newspaper after we were attacked by that guy."

"That one?" Ciel's eyebrows knitted together, "How can you get horny from looking at that? They took it right after Sebastian carried out of there. I had cuts and bruises everywhere."

"Yeah, but it was a picture of your face, and your hair was messy and your eyes were hooded and it kind of reminded me of how sexy you looked when we have sex."

Ciel couldn't help but blush at the comment, "Sh-shut up. That's still perverted as hell."

"Oh yeah? Who has their fingers up their ass right now?" Ciel's fingers automatically twitched at the mention, and the Phantomhive boy let out another moan, his back arching up to accompany it.

"That's right, do it hard. Stroke yourself with your other hand. Can you do that?"

Ciel nodded, not caring that Alois won't actually see it. He put the phone between his ear and the crook of his neck, leaving his left hand free to pleasure himself even more. He started at a fast pace, his body already squirming and bucking up as his brain was sent into overdrive by the dual sensations. His mind was a blank, and a slew of profanities left his lips as he stroked and pumped himself desperately.

"Fuck, you sound so hot right now, you know that Ciel. I got so fucking hard because of your little moans. You're close aren't you? I can hear your voice getting louder."

"Fuck... Alois." Ciel groaned as he found his prostate when he crocked his fingers. He readjusted, so that he was hitting that spot every time. On a particularly hard thrust, Ciel threw his head back and a short scream shot out his mouth. His hips bucked frantically as he writhed and panted into the phone.

"Keep moaning. Just pretend that the lights are off and no one can see or hear you. I just, fuck, I just need to hear you." Alois said, his voice strained with a bit of desperation. Ciel could hear the pants coming from the other end.

"Haa... I can't... Alois I -Ah!"

"Come, come for me."

"Mm... hah, ah-Aghhh!" Ciel couldn't hold it in anymore. With one, two, three more stroked, he came, wetting his hands with liquid, his whole body shuddered in response to the violent orgasm.

"Nnghh, fuck.. Ciel!" The blonde shouted over the phone, Ciel shook as he heard Alois climax as well. His body tensed, then relaxed as the raven slumped back onto the chair, his breath still coming in mewls and moans of the waves of pleasure still washing over him. He pulled out his fingers from his ass, shivering as they slid out, feeling that his fingers were equally as wet.

"Fuck Ciel, I'm coming straight over tomorrow to pound into that tight little ass of yours."

"No, you're definitely not doing that..." Ciel was still catching his breath, "We have to hide somewhere so Elizabeth will be alone with Claude and Sebastian."

"Exactly, so we'll fuck while they try to seduce Elizabeth. You sounded so fucking hot today."

"I..." Ciel searched for something to say as a rebuttal, but couldn't come up with anything in his current state.

"Or we can just do it over the phone like we did just now. Either way works for me." Ciel could practically hear Alois's smirk through the phone.

"Wh-what? We did NOT do it over the ph-phone!" Ciel shouted, but there was only a low buzz on the other end.

"Fuck." Ciel put the phone down and started searching for a handkerchief to wipe off the mess.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

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