Altered minds

This is a first look at my new fic.. incomplete first chapter draft- let me know what you think.

Summary - After the final battle Harry finds himself plagued with dreams and memories that are not his own… Forced to seek help from two ex-slytherins.. while searching for a cure, Harry begins to realize that these newly discovered desires are tempting him to take a new path.

Warnings - will eventually contain hp/ss/? (Please check out the poll on my profile page to cast your vote thanks )

BDSM, torture, breath play, blood play, sounding, numerous kinks!

Warm hands touched his skin, Harry let out a contented sigh. Mind abruptly engaging at the unfamiliar scent that filled his nostrils, body struggling to catch up with his awakened brain.

Ginny doesn't smell like this

A spicy masculine fragrance wafting over him, an agile tongue licked along his jugular. His breath caught as his cock appearing to enjoy the attention, perked up firming and filling. Sure and steady fingers tracing along the underside of his shaft, the vein throbbing with the attention bestowed upon it. His hips bucked up at the sensation of sudden warm breath on the tip, brain wide awake.

Ginny never goes down on me, she doesn't like it

Willing his body to fully awaken, a scream stuck inside his sleeping body as a hot mouth engulfed the head of his length. Wet, constantly moving and swirling around him, tongue dipping into the slit, pushing inside him. Harry wanted to scream but had no voice, he could hear someone murmuring in a low tone, a male voice filled with excitement.

"Mmm that's its, swallow me down," Harry felt his hips thrust forward, the sensation of someone gagging around the head of his shaft, the muscle contracting felt amazing, "Fuck yes, more."

The man's voice echoing his sentiment, Harry's body slowly returned to itself, the sleep induced haze wearing off. Stunned, a scream lodged in his throat as he opened his eyes to view a male stranger between his legs, his cock down their throat. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out, Harry panicked and tried to push the man away. His arms and hands not responding to his command, heart hammering.

I can't move I'm paralysed!

Fascinated, he watched his hand reach up and instead of pushing the man away. He wrapped his fingers tightly in the mans' hair, tugging his head down, pushing up and choking him. Harry whimpering at the feeling of the saliva spilling from the man and dripping down his length, realization dawning that his hand looked different. He followed his gaze, taking in the rest of his body.

What's happening?

This is not my body!

The blond haired man pulled off with a slick pop, eyes watering as he looked at Harry, a lust filled smile on his face. Blue eyes regarded him, Harry noticed that while he had never looked at a man that way he had to admit that this man was attractive. Young, probably about his age, about nineteen maybe a bit younger. From what he could see as Harry's vision was limited due to not being able to move, the man was lithe and toned. A strong hand wrapped around his cock, the strokes back and forth, slow and firm. The drips of pre-come spilling freely from his excited slit, a rivulet running down his engorged cock, the blond stranger chasing the spill with a eager tongue.

Oh fuck

The pleasure spiking, his moans trapped inside his head, the breathy moans of the body he was trapped in were also loud and lusty. The combined sensation of his and someone else's pleasure making it hard for Harry to even think let alone analyse what was happening.

I must be dreaming.. Fuck I've never had a dream this good!

Shit, I should care it's a man.. Merlin, I don't care!

The blond moved to straddle Harry or whoever he was, his cock twitched at the idea of being inside the tight heat. His body talking, his voice deep, almost familiar to him, the thought forgotten as the words filtered into Harry's foggy brain.

"Slide yourself on to my cock, I want to be deep in you!" the slow slide into the tight moist heat pushing Harry closer to the edge. A twitching band of muscle clenching the base of his cock tightly, his balls ached for release. The effort of the person he was inside also struggling not to come adding to the need to climax.

"Harry?" a disembodied voice whispered, trying to ignore the voice, Harry concentrated on the slow rocking of the man on top, his cock sliding out and in as the blond lifted then dropped into his lap. The sound of skin on skin filling Harry's head, hips bucking up and burying his cock deeper inside, the rhythmic clenching forcing Harry's balls to tighten, his release imminent.

His body began shaking, the voice becoming louder.


The room coming back to him, the feel of his bed beneath him, lifting his hand and shocked that he could move it, Harry opened his eyes. Ginny looked down at him with concern, her warm body pressed against his just as it had been when they'd gone to bed.

"Harry, are you ok?" she stroked his cheek, Harry, instead of finding it comforting suddenly found it annoying, "You were whimpering."

"I'm fine." he lied, telling her to go back to sleep and got up to get some water. Looking down at himself with surprise to see his cock straining against the inside of his pyjama bottoms. Tempted for a moment to turn and share the good news with Ginny, then changing his mind. The walk to the bathroom giving him time to think, it had been three weeks since the final battle, three weeks since he had destroyed Voldemort but also three weeks since he had been able to get an erection. At first they had both assumed it was tiredness from everything that happened, they even laughed it off. The laughing soon stopped when they tried again and with the same results, Harry knew that the next thing she would suggest would be St Mungo's. He could hear the words that she would say.

It must be medical, Harry.. Lets just let the doctor check.

Looking down now at the still rigid length twitching to be set free, he began to think that it wasn't medical. Shutting the bathroom door behind him, the remnants of the dream surfacing as he freed his dripping cock. Biting his lip to suppress a moan, part of him shocked and sickened that the memory of the sensation of being inside the strange blond was already pushing him to the edge. Fingers trembling with need as he firmly grasped himself, two strokes and he erupted, gasping as he spilled vast amounts of hot, ropey come. Splashing the floor beneath his feet and coating his hand. Staggering back to lean against the cool wall, heart pounding and mouth dry at the intensity. A smile on his face as he banished the mess from the floor, walking over to the sink to wash his hands and face. The water refreshing on his heated skin, looking up to stare at his reflection, his scream echoing in the silent bathroom. The sound of feet running to the room alerting him to Ginny'S presence, she pushed open the door, her face stunned at the vision of Harry sitting on the floor, pale and shaking.

"Harry, what's wrong?" she knelt down beside him, he pointed at the mirror, stunned that his hand was shaking. With a look of confusion she looked at the mirror, eyes bewildered as she turned back to him.


"Reflection," his voice strained with emotion, he cleared his throat, "It wasn't mine!"

Shaking her head, she patted his arm and reached out her hand, encouraging him to get up. Reluctantly, Harry stood on unsteady legs, gaze lowered, her fingers cool and gentle on his chin, lifting his eyes to view the mirror. Tired eyes stared back, Harry noticed how pale he looked, the dark circles under his eyes standing out vividly in the harsh light. His green eyes drawn to the concerned face of Ginny behind him, worrying her lip with her teeth, nervous. He gave her a shaky smile and shook his head, trying to laugh it off.

"Must have been half asleep," he kissed her on the cheek, she sighed, "Go back to bed, I'll be there in a minute." assurance in his tone that everything was fine, she smiled but Harry noted it did not meet her eyes.

Leaving him staring at his reflection, a shiver travelling down his spine, sure of what he had seen. Bile rising in his throat, his eyes feverish and he ran a hand through his hair, trying to stop the tremors in his body. Heart and mind raging against each other but knowing he hadn't been half asleep, staring back at him had been the reflection of Tom Riddle.