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Chapter 47: Eden

So Candy followed Albert's lead without reserve, and she soon lost herself in the passion as they started kissing and necking. With his mouth capturing hers, his hands roamed around her voluptuous curves, sending chills down her spine and making her knees weak. Then, after taking off her silk gloves, his hands traveled to her upper back to unbutton her wedding gown, and he urged her, "Do it to me too, Candy."

Without any delay, she complied with his request. As he was busy with her buttons, she went ahead to remove his sporran, his plaid brooch, and the fly plaid. When she finished unbuttoning his doublet, she slid it over his broad shoulders and untucked his shirt thereafter. At present, he fondly rubbed her shoulders before parting the gown away from her body. When the bodice went past her waist, he crouched down and further brought the white gown down her legs. After hours of wearing her wedding gown, he finally got her out of it. The sight of his young wife in layers of underwear inflamed him further, and as he literally swept her off her feet and laid her down on their bed, she couldn't help trembling.

"Relax, my love," he suggested in a soft tone before covering her body with his and kissed her with ardor. She loved having him on top of her, feeling his hands exploring her body with passions. As liquid heat spread between her thighs, she moaned with pleasure, and all she could manage was holding onto him tight, encouraging his every move. Before long, he gently pulled her up to a sitting position and resumed undressing her. Then he felt her fingers fumbling with the buttons of his shirt too. He was delirious with joy that she was less passive now, and she went with her instinct, seemingly letting her desire take her.

She could feel him tugging and pulling as he worked hard to undo the long set of laces on her corset. Lucky for her, his shirt was much easier to be removed, and she simply pulled his undershirt up and over his head. Feeling a rising wave of passion, she let her gaze wander his athletic physique. His strong arms and shoulders were toned but not overly defined, his sinewy chest rock solid, and his abdomen rigid with muscles. She lost count of how many times she had visualized touching him, and right now, she could feel his sculpted torso using her hands without any hesitation.

When her fingers were lightly tracing the scars left by the ferocious lion, darts of excitement pierced his skin. His breath quickened even more, his heart thumped behind his ribs and his mind whirled like crazy. Unfortunately, his fingers couldn't move as swiftly as he wished. About half a minute later, he finally undid all the lacing after what felt like an agonising long time, including the ones that held her petticoat in place. He hoisted her up and let her stand on her feet. Then he first let the petticoat drop from around her waist down to the floor before he unleashed her from the corset. For a moment, he stood frozen in front of her, aware that he was only steps away from seeing her in her full glory. She wore nothing more than her silk chemise and frilly drawers, and under the candlelight, he could see her nipples protruding the thin cloth of her underwear.

The admiration in his steadfast gaze sent more flames up her arms, flowing all the way to her cheeks. She knew she must be blushing profusely now, and she could hardly meet his eyes. Therefore, she knelt down to take off his shoes and his long socks for him. As she straightened up after that, her hand accidentally touched his erection under his kilt. Immediately, she pulled her hand back in a haste like it had just touched a baking stove, and at the same time, hot blood coursed through his veins like fire in a dry forest. A low, guttural sound then escaped his mouth as he beseeched her, "Undress me… completely, Candy!"

She nervously obliged with his plea, her poor heart beating hard against her chest like rolling thunder. The night breeze did little to cool the heat in her groin, now intensified because she had just touched his private part. With tremulous fingers, she strived to unbuckle his kilt. When she got to unwrap the kilt around his tapered waist, she nearly fainted, her eyes widening at the sight of his manhood straining against the fabric of his undershorts. She was about to see his body for the first time in her life, and she couldn't help feeling timid and abashed. Thus, she looked away and bit her lip before kneeling on her knees and sliding the last piece of his clothing down his long legs.

In response, he groaned in relief. Only after she hastily tossed his shorts away, she peeked at him through half-open eyelids. Right then, her breath hitched in her throat, and her legs turned jello. The next thing she knew she covered her mouth as if to muffle her own scream. Despite herself, she couldn't stop staring at his magnificent masculine frame in fascination. In addition, his enormity between his chiseled thighs made her anxious again. Oh God… how could that possibly fit… inside me?

Noting her worried frown, he crouched down to pull her up from the floor. At his touch, more than electricity hummed through her limbs, and yet she deliberately took few deep breaths to calm her nerves. Once she gathered herself together, she stood facing him, barely able to meet his eyes. Then he invited, "Candy, want to touch?"

His voice was throaty, his normally blue eyes darkened by the blazing fire that consumed him, and she perceived that was what he wanted her to do. Now that the angst subsided, her initial shock had been replaced by something approaching curiosity. Yet, recalling the electrifying moment just now as though she got struck by lightning, she hesitated a bit. Nevertheless, driven by her wish to please him, she held her breath for an instant and reached out to touch him intimately. Instantaneously, he jerked and moaned, and she felt sparks shoot up her spine, giving her goosebumps and shudders. Even her nerves tingled, but she found the sensations thrilling actually. Hence, she went on stroking along his length and exploring his hardness, believing that would gratify him. She was unaware that her caress was enough to give him a delicious shiver, sending spikes of pleasure through his body. As he groaned in satisfaction with his eyes closed, she relished making him happy, and gradually she sped up her strokes. Suddenly, he stopped her hand and said with difficulty, "Enough for now, sweetheart."

Before she could ask him why, he stooped and tugged her moist underpants off. After that, he tenderly unfastened her chemise, lifted it over her head and allowed it to float to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. At last, the lovers could behold each other's stark nakedness with no shame. Without a doubt, he was mesmerized by her beauty, in particular her full breasts and luscious thighs, which were creamy white, unblemished and firm. It was well worth the wait, and he felt exceedingly proud and honored to be the only man to look and taste her flawless, feminine body.

"My God… you're so beautiful, Candy," he remarked, adoration evident in his tone and expression.

Never had she felt more attractive in her life, and the way he drank her in with his gaze indulged her, as if he wanted to imprint this moment in his mind forever. She just hoped her face wasn't as crimson as the rose petals on the bed. At this point, he affectionately brushed her turbulent curls away from her face before he kissed her full on the mouth, his hands massaging her svelte waist before petting her all over. Her porcelain skin was just as soft and silky as he had expected. Meanwhile, he could feel her pink nipples harden when they rubbed his skin. The feel of her lush breasts pressed against his solid chest was indescribable, and the pure delight made his pulse race a hundred miles per hour. Yet, he resolved to kiss her senseless till breathing became necessary, and her body seemed to melt against his as though she had troubles to stay upright.

As his large hands traveled from her slick hips to her round breasts, amorously fondling them, she gasped in his mouth, and her knees instantly weakened. Hence, he slipped his hands under her buttocks to lift her up. When she secured herself by circling her legs around his hips and dangling her arms around his neck, he sank his face into her fragrance, his nose nuzzling her soft bosom and his arms holding her captive. The combination of her floral scent and fresh sweat was more than intoxicating, and he took her back to bed to lay her down. He remained standing however, once again marveling at how delectable she was. She finally dared to hold his gaze, her eyes glistening with yearning. He sucked in his breath before he lowered himself on to her, lavishing his love on her.

Rubbing flesh against flesh, they moaned and groaned when their hands freely exploring the paths of their boiling desires. He was completely enamored with her in every way, and he savored her entire body with his hands, parted lips and wet tongue, leaving a trail of hot, damp kisses from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes. She arched up against him, yielding herself totally to his sensuality. While being drowned in his ardent kisses and ravenous touch, she wasn't aware that he had slipped his left arm under her head, acting as her pillow, until his lips were devouring hers again. Simultaneously, the fingers of his free hand started stroking her inner thighs tantalizingly. Just when she felt the heat in her crotch had become unbearable, he gently parted her legs and teased her swollen mound with his dexterous fingers. She whimpered initially, but as his fingers continued to stimulate her, mind-boggling tension was building up inside her. She writhed and squirmed in pleasure, her moans getting louder and louder. In between her gasping breaths, she begged, "Please… slow down… I can't stand this… anymore…"

"Just give me more time."

She wasn't sure why he didn't listen to her, but she was greatly astounded when he suddenly left her side and went down on his knees, kissing her there with his tongue. She had never heard of such an intimate gesture, but before she could register what was happening, she was enthralled by wondrous delights, and moments after that, she helplessly cried out in raptures when ecstasy blew her mind in a way she had never dreamed of before. She was only grateful that her husband had insisted, or else she wouldn't have known this was possible.

Panting and shuddering, she simply lay there defenselessly, and he surmised it was time for respite. Thus, he cradled her in his arms in a protective manner. As she responded by folding her arms around him, his hoarse voice came to her ear, "I want you to enjoy all this before you feel the pain, Candy, which is inevitable. This is your first time after all."

She could feel his heart beating as fast as hers, and she replied breathlessly, "I know… I love you… Prince on the Hill."

"I love you too," he uttered softly. Then he nibbled her lips, tasting her with tenderness. When she sighed in contentment, snuggling up to him, he traced her lips with the tip of his tongue before deepening the kiss. It didn't take her long to regain the strength, and she tightened her arms around his neck and kissed him back with abandon like she couldn't get enough of him.

Later, he shifted his body and began to graze her skin, starting from her belly button along her flat stomach until his mouth reached her soft mounds. He spent a very long time feasting on her breasts after that, like they were the most delicious desserts he had ever tasted in his life, which made her feel so cherished. All the while she heaved with insatiable appetite, moaning and murmuring loving words to her prince in between. She threaded her fingers through his wavy hair, pulling him even closer to her and calling his name again and again. She appreciated that he savored her entire bosom, starting from the sides traveling upwards to the peaks. Also, he consciously give each side equal attention. When he focused on one, the other already hungered for his lapping tongue and his sucking mouth. As though he knew that, he quenched its thirst by using his hand in the meantime, not wanting to neglect its need.

Presently, her groin throbbed with a passionate craving. Her need for him to fill her was so profound that it was almost painful, so she fondled his length. He gasped and abruptly ceased his movement, regarding his young wife. He could tell by the look on her face that she was ripe for him, but just to be sure, he said in a shuddering breath, "You want me?"

She gave him a smile of reassurance and whispered, "Yes."

Little did she know he had yearned to become one with her, so he climbed on top of her and kissed her again before spreading her legs and easing himself into her mysterious core. He held perfectly still when he heard her sharp intake of air. Despite being well prepared, the searing pain made her grimace. When a single teardrop trickled down her cheek, he rained kisses on her face and tenderly said, "I'm sorry… I can't help it."

Nodding with an understanding look, she braced herself and let her husband carry on. Unable to hold back any longer, he slid himself into the depths of her moist channel. He released a groan of pleasure when he felt her silken furnace tightly sheathing his extremely hot member. When he started moving rhythmically atop her, she twined her fingers in his soft hair, her pain soon forgotten, now replaced by sweet tension coiling in her abdomen. Feeling the stretching and fullness inside her, the intensity of the experience took her breath away. It was like he had filled the void she hadn't known existed, and she felt truly complete. On its own volition, her body danced with her husband's in harmony. It was a perfect union of body and soul, forming a connection on a very deep level. Just as the bible said, 'the two shall be one flesh'.

As waves after waves of wonderful sensations washed over her, she reveled in the process with her eyes closed and mouth agape. When she finally convulsed in ecstasy later, she arched her back and screamed her satisfaction, "M-m-myyy p-p-priiiiince!"

"I loooove yooouuu-!" A cry of euphoria soon exploded from his lips as his body launched into a series of convulsions. After that, he collapsed on to her, giving her a peck on her cheek before burrowing his face in the crook of her neck. There were beads of perspiration on their foreheads, and the sound of heavy, satisfied breathing was clear when they clung together in bed, waiting for their galloping hearts to slow down. It was the very first time he had taken pleasure in her body, and she welcomed his weight on her. The way he panted in her ear made her feel so privileged to be his wife, and she believed she would remember her prince this way forever.

They stayed tangled like that until their pulse became normal and their sweat evaporated. Then he shifted and propped himself up on his elbow. That was when he noted the blood stains on the bed sheet, so he kissed her tenderly. After that, he murmured to her ear, his warm breath fanning her skin, "It must be painful. Are you alright now?"

She nodded at once, hoping that her firm response would reassure him. "It wasn't that bad after all," she uttered, sounding far from being distressed. He regarded her with his searching blue eyes, his fingers stroking her jaw. "To me, it was incredible… so incredible that I couldn't ask for more, my dearest wife," he remarked in his deep voice.

"Is that true?" she asked with doubts in her voice but quickly added, "I mean it was stupendous… but I felt I didn't do enough-"

"You surprised me. You were amazing," he reassured her, his eyes unwavering.

Hearing his forthright answer, her heart swelled with elation. Then he laid her head down on the pillow and pulled the bedsheet over them both. It was getting chilly now. She cuddled up with him, resting her head against his shoulder and wrapping her arm and leg around his body, and said to him, "Actually, I've never thought it could be this… heavenly!"

He chuckled, a smug smile gracing his lips. "Thanks, my honor to be at your service," he teased her, winking. She shot him a mock scowl before she snuggled up further to his warm body. When her fingers stroked across his muscular chest lazily, he kissed her forehead and said, "Believe it or not, this was my first time too."

"Really?" she drawled her question, pushing herself up slightly so that she could see his eyes. Her face showed nothing but astonishment.

He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and replied, "Yes."

Since he looked a little embarrassed, she remarked honestly, "But you were so good!"

Her prince sighed his relief. She smiled and rested her head on the pillow, lying on her side facing him. As her fingertips were tracing his jawline, he placed his arm around her frame and explained, "My aunt saw to it that I was protected as a teenager, but I was essentially imprisoned. Before I went to London for college, she reminded me more than once how to hide my real identity from people, especially women who were looking for wealthy prospects. Besides, every male in the direct line had to make a vow of chastity, so I was no exception. My aunt reasoned that having any illegitimate child in the family would only complicate things. Not to mention that I got at least one bodyguard with me most of the time, either staying in my proximity or watching me from a distance, even in Africa."

Candy recalled the conversation with Aunt Elroy in the hospital just after Albert's accident, but she decided not to mention it now. Back then, Aunt Elroy had been desperate, and she had likely hoped that Albert had lost his memory and thus his vow. Anyway, Albert's confession meant that Candy was his first woman, and with all her heart she hoped she would be his only one. Not that she thought he would be unfaithful to her, but she wanted to grow old with him.

Neither said anything for a while after that. Other than the sound of the stream, crickets and frogs, it was very quiet and peaceful. Then he dispersed their amiable silence, "Candy, did you know that you called me 'Prince on the Hill' at least a few times?"

She stuck her tongue out at him and mumbled, "Yes... I know you feel uneasy with it, but I couldn't stop myself. The words just came out of my mouth."

"Tell you what," he began, fondly stroking the tip of her nose. "I don't mind it as much now."

She stared at him quizzically, waiting for him to elaborate. He chuckled, his lips curling up into an amorous smile. When his fingers started drawing circles across the area right above the curve of her buttocks, he said, "It was flattering... especially when I saw your face flushed with love and your eyes filled with adoration… combined with your facial expressions when I was kissing you… here…"

His voice trailed off when he ran his fingers across her soft bosom in a languid manner as if he missed them already. All of a sudden, she closed in and kissed him, full of tenderness. He readily reciprocated her kisses and commenced his exploration of her feminine curves. Likewise, her hands started roaming his upper body, down his spine, over his hips, and up his sides. They were fondling each other with affection, their kisses deepening every second, like they wanted to relive the awesome moments that they had shared earlier. They were both exhausted after the eventful day, but they were way too excited to sleep. It turned out that they began to make love again, but they intentionally took it slow. Knowing what to expect, Candy was able to relax even more this time, and Albert taught her how else she could please him.

Feeling totally drained but sated afterwards, she fell asleep in his arms as he breathed in her fragrance with a sense of fulfillment and bliss, their wedding replaying in his mind. Albert thanked God again for returning the ability to him such that he could consummate his love with the girl of his dreams, and he swore to God that he meant every word in his wedding vow to her. Then he wrapped his arm around his beautiful wife before he succumbed to his drowsiness and fell asleep.


Oh once in your life you find someone

Who will turn your world around

Bring you up when you're feelin' down

Yeah nothin' can change what you mean to me

Oh there's lots that I could say

But just hold me now

'Cause our love will light the way


And Baby you're all that I want

When you're lyin' here in my arms

I'm findin' it hard to believe

We're in heaven

And love is all that I need

And I found it there in your heart

It isn't too hard to see

We're in heaven


I've been waitin' for so long

For somethin' to arrive

For love to come along

Now our dreams are comin' true

Through the good times and the bad

I'll be standin' there by you, oh!

… [1]

Next morning, when streaks of sunlight seeped through the thick curtains of the room, Candy woke up to the sounds of frogs and birds. Feeling a bit groggy, she turned around with her eyes half-closed, trying to find her prince using her arms. But after some searching, she found nobody beside her. "Al-Albert?" she mumbled, and then her eyes fluttered open. "Albert?" she shouted, sitting up in bed.

Apparently, her prince wasn't with her, which upset her. She missed his presence and his body warmth very much, and she wondered where he had gone. Though she wanted to find him, the pile of clothes on the floor was gone. Thinking that he must have cleaned that up, she wasn't comfortable with the idea of walking around naked. When she was at a loss of what to do, she felt the urge to go to the bathroom, but she suddenly remembered there wasn't a bathroom in this house. At this moment, she heard her prince crooning as he was walking down the stairs towards their room. He was topless, wearing his pajama pants only.

"Good morning, beautiful!" he greeted her from the staircase, carrying a breakfast tray in his hands. Then he sped up and ran down the flight of stairs.

"Albert!" she cried out in her eager voice, swinging her legs around the bed. Just when she was about to stand up, he quickly put the tray down on the floor and opened his arms for her. She remained sitting and hugged him with all her might, placing both her hands on his firm buttocks. He was startled, and they stumbled onto the bed together, their mouths clinging to each other and their hands running along each other's bodies.

Oblivious to her, he had actually wanted her again as soon as he had opened his eyes this morning, but the protest of his stomach had prevailed. Plus, he wanted to take her around the island soon. Otherwise, when it got dark they couldn't do much around the place anymore. The lanterns were useless by now.

However, her nudity was so alluring that he had to exert all his willpower not to give in to the sensations of her soft curves and legs around him. While he was having an inner debate with himself, her stomach let out a hunger rumble, so he made up his mind. He gently loosened her tight grip on him, saying, "You must be very hungry. I woke up famished too!"

She was left with a twinge of disappointment, but he was right; her growling tummy couldn't wait any longer. Thus, she acknowledged by nodding, and he rummaged in the bureau to find a morning robe for her. After gently putting it on her, he sat down and kissed her cheek before they devoured the scrumptious breakfast like starving people.

"Hmmmm… it's so delicious… Thanks for pampering me, Prince on the Hill!"

He bantered with a wink, "Can you reserve that only when I'm on top of you?"

When she could only blink, he chortled. "Just kidding, Candy!"

"Albert!" she grumbled aloud, scowling, but soon she narrowed her eyes in a playful glare and came up with a riposte, "Perhaps I should call you Little Bert instead when I straddle you."

He laughed out loud, shaking his head in resignation. Then he changed the topic by suggesting, "Do you want to go for a swim now?"

"Swim?" she repeated.

He sensed her discomfort, so he said, "Don't worry. I've packed our bathing suits, your gift for me earlier this year remember?"

Then she told him about her need to go, and he explained that she had to pretend she was a savage for one day.

"You can't be serious," she responded, half-laughing.

But he meant it. "Forget about etiquette today. Tomorrow we will embark on our honeymoon, and you can act like a lady again."

She had no other choice, and he took her behind the bushes to let her relieve herself. Then they got dressed and spent hours exploring the island, riding on Ebony. It was another nice sunny day. Candy recognized the place where the swan boat had drifted to on her birthday, and she remembered that she had wanted to explore the place with Albert, so in a sense he had granted her wish without knowing. Albert then suggested they have picnic right there. When they were done, they curled up on the soft grass together and took a long afternoon nap in the shade. It was indeed an idyllic retreat to them both, so carefree and rejuvenating. After months of gruelling wedding planning, this was exactly what they needed.

The island wasn't very big. They finished their adventure in the late afternoon, and they returned to the treehouse. This time, Albert let Ebony run free. His reason was that the horse knew his way back here. Then the lovers trekked the area in silence, the only sounds being the running stream, the birds chirping above their heads and their shoes rustling the leaves on their path. Albert then told Candy that he had always found this place enchanting, but George hadn't had much time to take him here. Therefore, one day he had gathered the logs and made a raft himself. "You did? I'm impressed!"

"Not the one we used last night, Candy. It was much smaller, but good enough for my size."

Except for George, nobody had known that he had come on his own once. Even his aunt had assumed George had been with him. It was his personal nirvana, the only place where he could be himself. "Unfortunately, since Rosemary was gone, my aunt became much stricter, so I hadn't been back here again."

At this point, he felt like dipping himself in the water, so he invited her to swim with him. This time she eagerly agreed, so he went back into their room and got the bathing suit for her. When she wanted to change, she paused and asked, "How about you?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "If you don't count Ebony, it's just me and you here, so I don't really need mine. Take your time, honey. I'll be there waiting for you."

So he stripped himself and ran naked down the steps from the veranda, splashing into the water and waving at her down there in a cheery mood. She found solace to see him swimming like a fish again, and their first encounter by the waterfall resurfaced in her memory. As soon as she had put on her bathing suit, she jumped in and swam with him. She wasn't a capable swimmer like her prince, but they were having loads of fun chasing each other in the water with the sun hanging low in the pink sky. Moments later, she broached the subject, "Remember the day when I was almost drowned?"

"How will I forget that? But why?" His arms stopped splashing water at her as he stood up.

She then reminded him that while he had been amnesiac, he had felt so guilty about changing her after the rescue. "Oh, yes!" he exclaimed. Then he pretended his feelings were hurt, asking her with a frown, "So Candy, do you think I'm a pedophile?"

"Of course not!" she snapped, firmly shaking her head. Then she followed up, her voice much subdued this time, "However, what really happened?"

He appeared placid and explained in a matter-of-fact tone, "You were so drenched and cold, trembling non-stop, even after lying down by the fireplace for some time. Hence, I made the call to change you into my old shirt and cover you with a warm blanket. You needed to dry your clothes anyway."

"Did you look?" she questioned, half serious and half amused.

"I didn't look closely," he replied, smiling rather dryly. Then he gently ran his fingers through her damp tresses and appended, "You were just a girl… not much had developed then."

She gave a sheepish smile, her face singed with embarrassment. She wasn't aware that he found her desirable again. Her emerald eyes sparkled in the evening sun, and her tousled hair hung down her delicate shoulders, dripping water down her sleek arms. Hence, he brought her face to his and took her lips tenderly, his hands rubbing up and down her back. A long while later, he broke the kiss and murmured, running short of breath, "Unlike now… you're a gorgeous woman, Candy… and I just adore your curves."

As if to prove his words, he moulded her breasts in his palms, but she flinched and managed to escape, giggling. "Catch me if you can, Albert!"

Her blithe spirit made his love for her swell, and he dove deep into the water and glided towards her legs, pulling her down with him. Before their bodies floated back up to the surface, he held her close and kissed her on the mouth. After they came up for air above the water, they resumed kissing with their arms locking each other in a tight embrace and her legs folding around his waist. The buoyancy in the water made it so much easier for him to lift her up, so he kissed her breasts one after the other through the soaked fabric.

He hadn't been intimate with her since last night, and now, feeling his eager mouth on her breasts once again made her realize she had pined for his voracious touch and sensual kisses. She felt his hardness poking her, which sent shivers all through her body. Therefore, she slowly drew herself away from him and stood facing him. His moist skin was glistening with water, and she reached out to caress him, her fingers tracing the scars on his bare chest, swirling around his nipples, and stroking his pectoral muscles. Deep inside, she felt so ready for him, at least emotionally. While frolicking with him in the water, she had been watching how his chest muscles and his biceps had moved and flexed, and she had felt like touching his body sensually again.

How could he resist her seductive touch? He knew in a heartbeat that their feelings were mutual, so he gently spun her around, flattening his warm chest against her back. Then he brushed her hair aside and trailed kisses along her sensitive neck down her shoulder then her upper back; his hands sneaked under her bathing suit, cupping and kneading her supple breasts, to which he was rewarded with a loud moan of approval from her mouth.

She could feel his body harden even more, and she could hardly wait to feel his flesh against her own. Thus, when his hands floundered to remove her wet bathing suit, she took off the suit herself. He was slightly taken aback, but only for a moment. Then without any more delay he showered her with fervent kisses, and she melted into him more than willingly, cuddling his erection and pressing her soft breasts against the solid wall of his chest. She longed to feel him inside her again, and she told herself other than the small animals running around the place, she was sharing this paradise with her prince from now on, like their own Garden of Eden. Meanwhile, they didn't even notice that rain clouds had gathered above their heads, and light rain was coming down. They got nothing planned for the rest of the evening anyway, except to relish connubial bliss with no interruption. Therefore, right there in the stream the lovebirds drowned themselves in ecstasy, their unadulterated moans and groans of elation muffled by the sounds of water crashing the banks. They rested afterwards with their bodies half immersed in the water and didn't return until they heard Ebony's neighing voice.

They went straight to bed after the late dinner long after dusk, cuddling with each other but nothing else happened. She woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling of being watched, and she was right. Her prince had been studying her face with a handsome smile, and he remarked, "I never get tired watching you sleep, my Sweet Candy. I'm the happiest man on earth indeed. Please tell me that I'm not dreaming."

While lying comfortably in her prince's arms, they began talking about their future together, about having kids and raising them with love and patience, and all that. Then she named the island Eden, and they would bring their children only occasionally because she would want to keep the island exclusive to them both at least for the next few years. He liked her idea a lot, and soon, they sought the oblivion of sleep, getting ready for a long day ahead.


Author's note:

Early Scottish immigrants in North America were known to be very religious. I'm not saying that all of them were, but as a Christian myself, I'd like both Albert and Candy in my story to stay pure before their wedding. I find it very romantic for both of them to lose their virginity to each other, but of course you don't have to agree with me.

In any case, I believe the physical relationship between a man and his wife can be very beautiful, especially if they are deeply in love and fully devoted to each other. God has designed sex in marriage not just for reproduction but also for the man and his wife to express their unconditional love for each other by putting the other's needs before his or her own.


[1] Lyrics extracted from "Heaven" by Bryan Adams.