That Beautiful Day

Gilbert opened his eyes from falling asleep in his garden. Bees and hummingbirds floated around him. In the distance, he saw a familiar Canadian jogging happily towards him. Sure, he was friends with Matthew, but he felt this sort of love towards him. The albino leaned back on the garden bench and smiled at him. Matthew sat down next to Gilbert and they spoke for a bit, talking of the birds, and the flowers, and the clear skies. Then a brief moment of silence fell over them.

"I don't know how to say this, Matt," the albino said, uncomfortably, "but I think I like you…" Matthew glanced at him for a moment, noticed he was blushing profusely, and looked away.

"Well, uhh, I think I like you, too," he replied, only slightly over a whisper. Gilbert smiled and closed his eyes. He finally told the violet-eyed nation. He told him his feelings. This was unusual to the albino, he usually only told his brother how he felt. It felt good to get that off my chest, Gilbert thought. Matthew sat in silence for a bit, probably thinking everything over. He seemed a bit embarrassed even though there wasn't a single soul around to see them. Gil thought he could make it less awkward for him.

He turned toward the quiet one. He reached his hand up to his face and caressed it. Matthew's face was on fire, but he couldn't help but to smile. Gil softly kissed him. He wanted to be gentle with him. Though, the quiet country wanted the exact opposite. He didn't want Gil to try and be delicate. He actually wanted it rough. With that, he crashed his lips onto the older man's. Gil was caught off guard and kind of sat there, dumbfounded. He finally caught on and parted Matthew's lips with his tongue and pushed through for dominance. Matthew obliged and let him explore his mouth. Gil had his arms wrapped around the smaller nation's waist.

Gil pulled him into his lap, mouths still locked together. Matthew wrapped his legs around Gil's waist and clasped his hands around his face. The older nation rubbed his tongue on the top of Matthew's mouth. He earned small moans from the shy country. Matthew finally pulled away, realizing they were in a garden and this was no place to do anything too drastic. Gilbert seemed to understand and let him off of his lap. The violet-eyed nation glanced at his watch.

"I'm so sorry," he practically whispered, "I need to go, I was supposed to meet up with Alfred." Gilbert looked disappointed, but understood. He nodded and with a quick kiss on the cheek, Matthew was already sprinting away.

Why did that moment have to end? The albino thought. I-I'll see him tomorrow… hopefully. With that, Gilbert got up and walked slowly toward his house, taking in the beautiful memories of the day.