MERREH CHRISTMAS! I am so sorry for not writing for so long! ;~; I hate myself... no jus kidding :D Anyway, I have finished the whole story! Oh, I'm so proud of myself. This chapter is my Christmas present to all of my readers! I love you all and heeeeere you go! (btw, this chapter's ending words are Lithuanian!) I really hope you all like this one. Warning: This is the chapter with the hardcore yaoi. ;u;

Matthew was finally exploring Gilbert's house one day after a few days, and found an extra room; complete with a bed and other bedroom accessories as though someone lived in there. Eh, probably a guest room, he nonchalantly stated in his mind. He loved walking through Gilbert's garden. It was beautiful and, of course, he couldn't forget that it was where the couple had started dating. Matthew felt as though he explored had enough and went back into the kitchen where his boyfriend was making him breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and who could forget the maple syrup? Matthew sat down at the table as Gilbert set a plate in front of him.

"Are you gonna eat?" Matthew asked, concerned. "Nah, I had some bacon, eat as much as you want though, Birdie," the albino replied with a wink. The violet-eyed nation blushed and nodded. Gilbert sat down in his study and started on some paperwork. His lover finished his food quickly and peeked into the room. "Since when do you do work?" Matthew asked with a playful smile. Gilbert sarcastically laughed and told him that he was so far behind that he decided he would try and catch up. "Alright, I'll be in your room, watching T.V.," the blonde country said and reluctantly left the room.

He sighed as he laid down on the bed and turned the television on. News, he thought, the only thing that's on. Matthew decided to take a nap. He had just woken up, but he stayed up late last night, so he figured he should get some more rest. The quiet nation dozed off, dreaming of polar bears and their dilemma of global warming. He woke up to the sound of Gilbert rustling around in the bathroom. "Gil, what are you doing?" He called in the direction of the restroom. "Uhh, can you get me some toilet paper, babe?" Matthew snorted with a laugh, got him a roll, and tossed it into the bathroom.

Gilbert walked into the bedroom after he was finished and grinned at Matthew. "What?" The Canadian nation asked. Gilbert laid on the bed and kissed his lover softly. "You know what," he stated, winking. Matthew blushed, but kissed him back, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's neck. Gilbert climbed on top of him and ran his fingers up the quiet country's side, deepening the kiss with his tongue. Matthew smirked. He had been waiting for this and had been thinking about it so much. Meanwhile, Gilbert was slowly removing his lover's clothes, nipping at his neck. Matthew moaned quietly and started taking off Gilbert's dark grey dress shirt.

The ex-nation's touches made Matthew go into a trance. He ignored everything around him until he heard a click of the front door opening. "G-Gil," he whispered, "is there s-someone here?" Gilbert, still kissing and licking at Matthew's body, glanced in the direction of the door. Just then, a man walked into the bedroom and stopped, stunned. This man had bright blonde hair with blue eyes. His name: Ludwig. He was the brother of Gilbert. "O-Oh, uhh, sorry," Ludwig sputtered, "I didn't know you had a guest." Matthew was scrambling for his clothes when his lover stopped him. "You don't have to get dressed yet, Birdie," he winked and walked out of the bedroom dragging Ludwig with him.

"Hey, Lud, I thought you weren't gonna be back for a few more days," he said quickly, obviously wanting to continue what he had started. "Ja¹, well the trip ended quicker than I expected because Feliciano wanted to go home," Ludwig replied. Gilbert rolled his eyes and sighed. "I'll try to explain all this later, okay?" He asked his brother with pleading eyes, "he's just my, uhh, boyfriend…" The blonde brother chuckled and patted Gilbert on the back. He turned around and started in the direction of the room Matthew had thought was a guest room. The ex-country sighed in relief and went back to his bedroom.

Matthew looked at him, confused. "That was my bruder²; h-he was on a trip…" Gilbert stuttered, failing at explaining, "I kinda forgot to tell you how he lived here, babe, sorry." His lover blinked. He wasn't sure if he understood fully, but nodded anyway, knowing he would get a better explanation later. "Well, time to continue…" Gilbert said, climbing back onto the bed again. He kissed Matthew roughly, pushing his tongue through his lover's lips. Matthew smiled, letting him have dominance. Gilbert took off his own pants, revealing the bulge showing under his boxers. The quiet nation blushed then slid off the boxers.

Gilbert smirked and licked his lips, making his lover blush even more. He sank down on top of Matthew, kissing him quickly on the lips, trailing down his chest. The ex-nation pushed three fingers into Matthew's mouth. The blonde nation sucked on the fingers slowly, making Gilbert groan quietly. The albino pulled his fingers out and slowly inserted two of them into the blonde country's entrance. Matthew moaned loudly, trying to keep quiet because he was embarrassed that someone else was in the house. Gilbert added a third finger. "G-Gil," Matthew gasped and clutched his boyfriend's hair. The albino removed his fingers and repositioned himself so his member was in front of Matthew's entrance.

"You ready, Birdie?" He asked, lust in his voice. "Mhm," Matthew nodded, biting his lip. Gilbert pushed in slowly, causing his lover to gasp and tug on his hair more. He pushed in further until Matthew moaned loudly. "Found your spot," he said, winking. The violet-eyed country blushed as he quietly groaned from the slight pain. Gilbert started a slow rhythm, groaning as his member grew a little bit. "Y-You can g-go faster," Matthew gasped between breaths, "if you w-want to." Gilbert smirked and fastened his pace. The quiet nation clawed at his lover's back, moaning louder, causing Gilbert to groan quietly. "G-Gil, I-I'm—" Matthew breathed. "I know," Gilbert interrupted, now pushing harder. The red-eyed nation groaned loudly as he came inside his lover, who soon followed, spraying his on Gilbert's stomach.

Gilbert carefully pulled out of his lover and collapsed beside him, panting. Matthew blushed and apologized for getting his mess all over his bed. "It's alright, babe," the ex-country chuckled. The quiet nation smiled and kissed Gilbert softly. "I should probably go explain all this to my bruder," he said, glancing at the door. Matthew nodded and suggested, "Shouldn't you get a shower first?" Gilbert laughed and agreed.

He took a quick shower and headed toward his brother's room. Matthew also decided to get a shower, realizing that he, too, was covered in their mess. Gilbert knocked on Ludwig's door and walked in. Ludwig was at his desk filling out papers. He glanced up at his brother. "Ja, what do you want?" He asked, obviously annoyed that he had to abandon his work with pointless shenanigans. "I gotta explain all of this to you," Gilbert stated apologetically, "Matthew Williams is my boyfriend and, uhh, he got hurt in a car wreck so I let him stay here." Ludwig rolled his eyes. "He is obviously better, isn't he?" The albino glared at him, "So? Maybe I just wanted him to stay longer!" The blue-eyed brother sighed and shook his head. "I was kidding, bruder," he said, getting more annoyed, and shooed his brother out of his room.

Gilbert, still glaring at Ludwig, left and went back to his room. Matthew was asleep on the bed, clearly exhausted from the events of the day. The red-eyed nation realized he was dead tired also and decided to sleep. I guess I'll explain to him tomorrow, he thought, smiling.


Ja¹: "Yes" or "Yeah" in German

bruder²: "Brother" in German