Author Notice: This fic is currently in the process of being revised/rewritten.

Title: Love and Alcohol
Pairing(s): Thiefshipping and Puzzleshipping
WARNING: Contains yaoi, graphic language, and use of drugs

There I was, face planted into a smooth, wooden surface and an empty shot glass in my hand. I had my head buried into the crook of my arm, face hidden away from view. Loud music played in the background, and I suddenly remembered where I was: at a nightclub. Not wanting to think about, or even bother remembering why I was here again in the first place, I continued to lie there, a hiccup escaping my mouth as I exhaled.

"Hey, buddy, you don't look so good." I heard one of the bartenders say. "Are you ok?"
I almost laughed. "You don't know the half of it."
I heard them wiping the area around me with a towel. "So, who dumped ya? Wife leave you?"
"Oh please." I hiccuped. "I'm too good to be dumped. I guess you could say there's someone I really hate!" I tried to lift my head up to face them, but my neck was weak from the amount of alcohol in my system and I dropped back down pathetically.
"So, this person you hate," they asked, "What they do to ya to make you look like this?"
I chuckled under my breath. "Lets just say its complicated."
"Suit yourself." the man grabbed the glass out of my hand and walked to the back. I heard him yell something to one of the employees, but that was about it.

I was completely spent. My breath reeked of alcohol, I smelled like smoke due to the atmosphere, and my body was numb. I just wanted to sit there and rot til I died. So, why exactly was I like this? Before you say that I'm head-over-heels in love, no, thats not the case. Actually, its the other way around. Yeah, thats right: someone was in love with me! Me of all people! I hiccuped again. The numbness in my body started to wear off, and a pounding headache coursed through my skull. I had to get out of this nightmare before I actually did die!

Struggling to sit up, I arched my back to stretch and was rewarded faintly with a welcoming shudder of relief as my muscles flexed and joints cracked. I rubbed my eyes, which were probably bloodshot-red from the amount of alcohol I consumed; not to mention I had been lying there for a good thirty minutes, so drowsiness was another factor. My legs still felt stiff, but I forced myself to stand. Big mistake. I tumbled to the floor like a toddler attempting to take its first steps. No one seemed to notice though, or care if I was alright, except for maybe the bartender who gave me an amusing look. I grabbed the side of the bar and used it to guide my way out; I needed sleep badly.

Once I found my way outside, everything felt clearer. But I was still a hopeless, drunken mess. Straightening my posture, I began to look around; over my shoulder, across the street, behind my back, everywhere. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, rather it was someone. Someone whom I was desperately trying to avoid. Once I deemed the area all clear, I staggered my way across the street to my car. So what if I was drunk? I can still drive. Besides, it was late anyway. Who would be out or even care to stop me? I reached in my pocket to grab my keys; my hands were still shaky. Vision blurry, I struggled to find the right key, only to end up dropping the entire set in the process. "Fuck!" Groaning as I picked them back up, it donned on me that I could just simply hit the unlock button on the control pad. So I pressed the button, only to have the trunk pop open. Oops. I hit the one next to it, and the alarm sounded off. "Shit!" I growled, clenching the sides of my head. The last thing I needed was a blaring, repetitive car horn going off to further irritate my already aching migraine.

"Can't even get in and out of your own car!" I heard a voice from behind me say. I gritted my teeth. The only thing more annoying than a car alarm at this point was him. I turned around to face him, frowning when I saw a smirk across his face. He must have sensed my irritation with his presence because he then folded his arms across his chest, to give me a mocking look. I balled my fist.

"Get lost."
"Hmph. Whats wrong? Having a bad night?"
I narrowed my eyes. "It was perfectly fine until you showed up."
"Tch." he flicked a strand of hair out of his face. "You already know I tend to do that often."

And he was right. Literally, there was no escaping this kid; I swear, he was everywhere! He was like air, always surrounding me no matter where I went. And he pissed me off; especially the way he dressed. Purple hoodie showing his mid-stomach, khaki pants, blonde hair, lavender eyes, and gold jewelry. I couldn't tell what I disliked more: his fashion sense or his personality. Who was this kid, you ask? Marik motherfucking Ishtar. I scowled as I saw him grin. I must not have gotten my point across clearly enough.

"I'll say it again nicely: Get lost."

However, he simply ignored my words and took the keys from me, pressing the right button so that my car could unlock. He opened the door and waited for me to get in. I snatched the keys from him and got inside, slamming the door shut. As I started the ignition, he tapped on the window and I looked at him. He smirked and whispered four words that made me hit the gas pedal. And yes, you heard right; he muttered four words, not three. So don't go thinking he said 'I love you' or some shit like that!

Driving down the highway at more than ten miles over the normal speed limit, I turned on the radio. Nothing but static greeted my ears as there was nothing playing or in reception at the moment. It didn't matter anyway; I should be home soon enough to where I can get more than three hours of sleep this time.

Nope. I made it home at 4:37 a.m.; my job started at 6:15. Well, at least I earned myself a personal record by not coming home with a speeding ticket... or getting pulled over for drunk driving because I was sure that I hit a stop sign along the way. I walked in through the door of my apartment, tossing the keys aside to wherever they landed as I flicked the light switch. Only, the lights didn't come on. Must be a power outage. Kicking the door closed, I made my way into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator; hopefully I had a beer that was still cold. Nothing but an open bottle of vodka that was a corner full. It would have to work for now. I shut the refrigerator door and made my way to the bedroom. Throwing the now empty vodka bottle down on the floor to add to the collection of other alcohol and beverage cans I neglected to pick up, I lied down on my bed. Lazily I reached on my nightstand to grab the already prepared bottle of aspirin, and popped a few in my mouth. Then rolled over and let the welcoming, much invited feeling of sleep take over. The darkness was so thick around me, I couldn't tell if I was actually awake or asleep by then. I must have been asleep, because I woke up to the sound of a cellphone ringing followed by blinding sunlight. What time was it? I yawned and stretched, wanting to throw up from the effects of my hangover. Finally deciding to pick up the annoying mobile device, I answered with a slur only to have a raging voice respond back to me.

My eyes widened and I looked at my watch. "Shit!"
"Get your ass over here!" the person shouted and they hung up the phone.

Normally, I would be awakened by the sound of my alarm clock, but it looked like the power was still off. Realizing I didn't have much time, well hell, I didn't have any time, I swished my mouth with mouthwash and grabbed a pack of mint gum, hoping to kill the odor of alcohol on my breath. After putting on my shoes, I hurried out the door. Looks like I'll be wearing the same clothes I wore to work yesterday.