It had been a difficult first few days back for Starscream.

Shortly after Megatron's confession, he convinced the Seeker to move into his quarters. Not only because his chambers were larger than Starscream's but also because he wanted to keep his family close.

The move was easy enough; however, Starscream didn't miss several disapproving looks from his fellow Decepticons. But, if Megatron caught sight of it, all it took was a glare and snarl from him to get them to move along.

Once the move was complete, the Decepticon Lord chose to inform his mate that he would no longer be leaving the ship for any reason whatsoever until the sparking was born. However, Starscream made a small compromise. Until he was unable to any longer, Megatron would accompany him on his morning and evening flights.

The sparkling wasn't making life any easier.

The first month in the carrying process was always the worst, Knock Out had informed. The carrier's body was busy preparing the reproductive chamber, forming materials for the construction of the sparkling, and the body was siphoning energon and power then sending most of it to the new spark.

The Decepticon medic's solution to this problem was a bit shocking.

Starscream howled in ecstasy and arched his back up toward Megatron as he overloaded and the warlord followed shortly afterward. The Decepticon Lord covered his Seeker's lithe form with his massive one.

As Starscream came down from the haze, he reached down and grabbed the blanket around Megatron's waist and pulled it over their forms. Megatron propped himself up on his forearms and looked to the side, where his and Starscream's armor lay scattered on the ground, then down into his exhausted mate's eyes.

He smirked and stated, "Remind me to thank Knock Out for telling you interfacing helped with the first month of carrying."

Starscream scoffed and thumped Megatron on the back of his head. The tyrant chuckled then leaned down and kissed his mate on his forehead. Starscream smiled and touched his forehead to Megatron's.



"How much longer will the little one remain in your spark-chamber?"

"A few days maybe. Why?"

"…I…want to see it before it leaves your chamber. Can I?"

Starscream chuckled amusedly before answering, "Of course."

Megatron looked at the Seeker's chest as he heard it click open. When Starscream's chest was fully opened, Megatron saw his mate's deep purple spark.

And there it was, nestled comfortably beside Starscream's spark. His sparkling's spark was a bright and beautiful violet. A contrast to the Seeker's darker, but equally beautiful soul.

It was stunning…and so very small.

The tiny soul flared and retreated to the back of the Seeker's spark chamber as it caught sight of Megatron. Starscream laughed at the ticklish sensation and the warlord couldn't stop smiling.

"Beautiful," was the only ward to pass Megatron's lips.

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