Random Disclaimer (I don't own "Bones". Or the characters involved with this disclaimer. Sadly, I do not own Angel/Seeley Booth.)

Me: ::sighs:: "I really need to find my soulmate."

Angel: "Sorry, I already have one."

Me: "ANGEL!" ::runs over and hugs him::

Angel: "Do I know you?"

Me: ::blushing:: "Sorry...no. I'm Riona Gallagher!"

Angel: "Gallagher was my last name."

Me: "I know. This is my fanfiction, so I'm your wife."

Booth: "Bones, where are you?"

Me: "Oh, crap. I forgot I took her place for this story." ::waves:: "Over here!"

Booth: "Hey. What's Angel doing here?"

Angel: "Why do you look like me?"

Me: "This is a dream come true! Angel, this is my partner, Seeley Booth. Booth, Angel. My fictional-vampire-with-a-soul-boyfriend."

Angel: "She scares me."

Booth: "You have no idea."

Still think I own "Bones"?

"Come on, Bones! We're going to do something fun for your birthday!" Booth says, pulling me into the SUV.

"What are we doing, Booth? Where are you taking me?"

"It's a surprise."

"I swear, if you don't tell me, I'll yell 'kidnap' out the window."

"No, you won't. Your curious side is coming out, and you want to know. If you yell 'kidnap', you won't ever find out," I sigh as he says this, hating when he could out logic me.

"Is it just me, or have you learned to know exactly what to say to win arguments between us?"

He grins at me, eyes twinkling. "I'm just trying to make things up. I know I haven't been the best friend since we got back."

"Don't say that. You're in a new relationship, and that takes time away from us being able to hang out like we used to."

"Don't try to make me not feel guilty. Besides, this is your birthday. Hence, us doing something together, without Hannah."

"Hmm, so we're going to this mystery place, and then after that will we go back to my apartment and have a 'Buffy' marathon like we used to?"

"If that's what you want to do. We can even get some Thai food," he uses his charm smile on me, and I can't help but smile back.

We sit there, reminiscing about old times. He remembers the time that the blind scientist had been hitting on me, and I blush. I bring up the time that I broke into his house, and he has to mention that I walked in and became a blushing, stammering mess upon seeing him in the bathtub.

"Yes, thank you for bringing that up," I say, blushing even more.

"You're the one who mentioned breaking into my house."

"Yes, but I needed to talk to you, and you didn't answer the door."

He chuckles. "Close your eyes, Bones. We're nearly there."

"Fine," I sigh, doing as he says.

He helps me out of the SUV, covering my eyes with his hands. "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Bones. Happy birthday to you," he says into my ear.

"Doofus," I tell him affectionately.

"You know that you like it."

"So?" I giggle, and he takes his hands off my eyes.


"You're having me sing again?"I ask him, amused.

"Hey, I'm singing, too. I'm going to sing 'Mandy' for you."

"Really?" my eyes light up, and I can't help but start grinning. "You're going to sing 'Mandy'? Like Angel?"

"Yes. Just for you on your birthday."

"You are the most amazing best friend that a 'Buffy' obsessed girl could ask for!"

He laughs and grins back at me. "Just don't laugh at me, okay?"

"I promise."

So, I sit there listening to him sing "Mandy". I didn't laugh, as promised, but I was dancing and grinning, and wishing that Hannah wasn't in the picture, because I wanted to kiss him so badly when he got offstage.

"So, how'd I do?" he asks, coming to where I was sitting.

"You were amazing!" I say, hugging him instead of the kiss that I wished to give him.

"I think you're biased," he teases, holding me tight.

"Maybe I am, but I don't think that you were as bad as Angel was."

He chuckles. "What are you going to sing?"

"Only my favorite song. 'Things I'll Never Say', of course."

"Of course. I shouldn't have even asked."


I get up there and start singing. He's dancing in his seat, again. I grin at him, and then I see him stand up. I know what's going to happen before it does, and sure enough, I hear the gun shot, see Booth's right shoulder jerk back. Again, I watch him fall, and I see a figure in all black run out the door before the de-ja-vou gets any worse.

"Seeley, no, no! You need to make it, Booth. You are going to make it though this, okay? I'm not giving you a choice. You have to. Booth! Stay with me!" I hear the ambulance sirens, and I'm glad to know that someone had called one, 'cause I sure wasn't going to be able to.

"Miss, what happened?" the EMT's ask as they get Booth on a stretcher, and hurry him into the ambulance.

"It-it was just like three years ago. I was brought here for my birthday, and I was singing. He was watching me, dancing in his seat. Someone walked in, and a gun was pointed at me. I didn't see the gun, but I saw him stand up, and then the gun went off. Whoever shot him ran out the door," I explain, climbing into the ambulance. "Please, just save him. I can't go through this again. I can't," I trail off, tearfully clutching his left hand in my two blood covered ones.

"Bones," I hear, and I look down at the man I love.

"Don't talk, Booth. Please, just relax. You're going to make it; you have to make it. I'm so not giving you a choice in this."

"Stay with me?" he coughs.

"Yes. I'll be right here; I promise," I tell him, squeezing his hand as his eyes close, and he sinks back into unconsciousness.