Withering Pain

"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret between the shadows and the soul."

Love can be told through short or long words, happiness or sadness. But even love has its tragedies with a happy ending.


Erase the memories that are sealed away in your jar of hearts and cast aside your fears. Open up your golden eyes and stare inside of mine as you walk closer into my embrace. Let me hold you in my arms until eternity's end and wash away the worries you hold deep inside. Release the emotions that dwell upon your very soul and let me understand you, for I know your pain.

Your cries.

Your screams.

Your conflicting memories.

Omit those from your life and open up to me. I want to see that pretty smile of yours shine brighter than moonlight. To be able to see your giggles and laughter break through from an everlasting fight of darkness. You're a shining jewel among the creatures of the dark.

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret between the shadows and the soul. I love you from my own hidden world, in which you'll never discover on your own. I love you from the depths of the sea to the sun's shining light.

Let me give you a decent ending to your story, for no one truly receives a happy ending. Escape from reality as I silently hold your hand and feel your pain, watching your tears cascade down to a never-ending pool. Embracing your tears, let my lips kiss them clean and away from your sadness. Your pain can become my pain and we'll become lovers as one.

Let us forget our past and what they did to us. Forget the cruel touch of his fingers upon you as your screams were mumbled by his large hand. Forget his husky voice as he threatened to take you away from here. And I will forget her obnoxious voice and her piercing, agonizing words that tried to paralyze me inside and out. Their love for us never existed, only squeezing our hearts until crimson blood spills out.

That chapter ends today, the physical pain has set us free and into the night sky. Don't be afraid to risk this chance, your emotions are swept away and healed. We're nothing but two stars glistening in the sky now.

Take my hand and let us descend to the bright light in the sky, to rest in eternal peace - together.