Chapter 30

A month later

Alcazars- Graduation day

"Come join us" said Lorenzo as she enter the dining room. "You know once you are off to Pine Valley and this is your last breakfast here" said Diego as she smile and they hug. "I will be back for Christmas" said Kaylie as they sit down to eat. "Ready to leave high school for good?" said Skye as they all laugh. "I am and ready for college" said Kaylie as they spend the day until they had to leave for her graduation.

K- I can't believe we are graduating today- Kristina

K- Me too and I am nervous about getting ready to go to PVU- Kaylie

K- You have me, Dean, Sam and Ryan there with you plus Mike and Jake your old bodyguards- Kristina

K- True- Kaylie


"Kristina here's your dress for the party" said Sam as she stop by with the dress for Kristina. "Thanks. Metro Court at seven?" said Kristina as she smile and went to get dress. "Yes. Ethan's here" said Sam as she call her and smile at Ethan. "Come in" said Kristina as she came to the door and let him in.

"You look beautiful" said Ethan as Kristina smile while they look at each other. "I will see you two there" said Sam as she left. "This is for you" said Ethan as he show her a jewelry box. "What is it?" said Kristina as she look at the box. "Open it" said Ethan as Kristina open it and smile.

"Heart necklace I love it thank you Ethan" said Kristina as they hug and he put the necklace on her. "You are welcome" said Ethan as they kiss. "I need to lock Rose up before we go" said Kristina as they left after putting Rose in the cage.


"I can't believe my daughter is graduating from High School already when it seem like you were little girl yesterday" said Jacilyn as they hug after she and her family arrive at PCHS. "I wish Pete would be here" said Kaylie as they look at each other. "He is here in spirit and it's your day" said Patrick as she smile at him and they hug.

"Thanks" said Kaylie as she smile at him. "Kaylie" said Lorenzo as he call her to come to him. "Dad" said Kaylie as she went to him and they smile. "I have knew you since you were eight and my daughter. One of my girls who grew up then ready to go out into the world and I am proud of you" said Lorenzo as they hug.

"Thanks dad" said Kaylie as she heard Kristina calling for her. "It's time" said Kristina as Kaylie nod then they went to join the class and they graduated. "Want to go back?" said Diego as he smile at her while they were hugging each other in excitement.

"No way I am done and this is what I have been waiting for. We can't forget Hallie" said Kaylie as they laugh and she get her four months old niece into her arms for other picture.

"Once a high school girl and now a college girl" said Ethan as he smile at Kristina. "We went through alot growing up toward this day and I am ready to step out into the world" said Kristina as she smile and look up to him.

"Right now? I mean are you sure?" said Ethan as he smile and she laugh after he stop her from leaving. "Not until August anyway" said Kristina as she smile and they hug. "Then it's goodbye Port Charles and hello Pine Valley" said Ethan as she look around them.

"Now I know how Kaylie felt earlier" said Kristina as Alexis join them. "Sweetie I am proud of you" said Alexis as they hug. "Thanks mom but you have Molly to put through high school next" said Kristina as she smile when Alexis agreed.

"Yes but you went through alot growing up and I want you to be safe" said Alexis as she smile at Kristina. "Mom I will be living with Kaylie, Dean, Sam and Ryan once Kaylie get the house ready for us by the campus. Her old guards will be there watching after us girls" said Kristina as Alexis nod while looking at her.

"The guards will be in a apartment above the garage. The house will have cameras outside around the house and inside are private. It will be hook up in the apartment that way they can see who is coming and going. They are taking their dogs with them" said Ethan as he look at them.

"If Lorenzo got the house protected for the girls then I am fine" said Alexis as he smile at them. "Mom" said Kristina as she smile while looking at them. "Let's go to Metro Court for dinner" said Alexis as they all left.

Metro Court

Graduation party

"That's two Doberman Pinscher, one Pitbull and Rottwelier" said Kristina as Ethan look at her after they have walk into the lobby. "Seriously?" said Ethan as she nod at him while smiling.

"Sam have red Doberman Pinscher, Kaylie have pitbull and Ryan have Rottwelier. Her brother Diego have two Pitbulls and his female pit is sister to her pit" said Kristina as she went to text Kaylie while they were going up to the party.

K- I think I am in love- Kristina

K- Slow down you have time until you leave- Kaylie

"Congratulations" said Jax as he hug both Kaylie and Kristina. "Thanks and we are leaving in two months" said Kristina as he agreed and they join the party.

"College bound" said Ethan as he appear by Kristina when he found them talking and laughing. "He's yours Kris" said Kaylie as she walk away to find Dean.

"Dean how do you feel now?" said Kaylie as he smile and hold her in his arms. "Happy to be out but sad to leave for Pine Valley in two months" said Dean as they hug. "I am just glad we can get out of here and we will be together" said Kaylie as he kiss her and went to dance.

"Three years and Half" said Dean as they smile then Kristina and Ethan join them. "Holidays is when we will be home" said Kaylie as Kristina tell her to look over to somewhere. "Two cakes?" said Ethan as they laugh and got up to go closer.

"There's my girls. I want to say congratulations and I will miss you two once August pass by" said Mike as they laugh and the girls hug him. "Thanks grandpa. Johnny you came" said Kristina as she smile when she saw that Johnny show up.

"Hey Johnny" said Kaylie as she laugh then the whole room just smile at the girls. "About time you got here" said Ethan as he smile when Johnny came over to him. "I wouldn't let them down" said Johnny as Ethan agreed about himself.

"I want to thank everyone for coming and last four years have been a long ride. Four years ago my family and I came back into the country in time for me to start high school. Everything fell in place and we went on with life. I had Kristina, met a best boyfriend I ever had and awesome friends.

My little brothers how much you two would drive me crazy and I loved you two anyway. Emma and Peter my cousins. The loss of Pete and Cooper. Matt Hunter my other uncle. My brother's wedding and my niece Hallie. My life was always around my family and it's time for me to go where I will be with my friends.

I love you all for being there and part of my life from the moment I came here almost ten years ago. From that day I met my dad and I spent five years living with my dad, Skye, Diego, Abby and Lila Rae in South America. I look up to my mom the most along with Aidan, Diego, Dad, Skye and Pete you all was my role models" said Kaylie as she smile then they clap.

"I want to thank everyone for coming and I don't know what I want to say. I want to thank my mom and big sister Sam for letting me grow up and be with Ethan. Molly my little sister I will miss our late night talks but if you need to talk to me you can call me anytime. I had awesome friends and special someone" said Kristina as they all laugh and she smile at Ethan who smirk at her then they blew out the candles.

"Who is your special someone?" said Ethan as he hold Kristina in his arms and look at her. "You" said Kristina as they kiss and the whole room got quiet then they look at everyone. "We are allowed" said Ethan as he kiss her again and she laugh.

"Kristina" said Dante as he walk over to them with Lulu and Peter. Kristina turn around to look at him. "Peter" said Kristina as she smile then got Peter from Lulu. "Have you taught him some words?" said Lulu as they look at her. "To tell my name and only thing he does was said hi" said Kristina as they laugh and she smile at Peter then let Ethan have him. "He's learning word by word every day and he's turning two in August" said Lulu as they smile.

"How old is Molly?" said Ethan as he look at Kristina and she laugh. "Eleven. Our birthday is in November" said Kristina as he smile at her and she kiss him. "I am going to miss you once I leave" said Kristina as she look at him. "You are not leaving for next two months" said Johnny as he join them at the table. "For us to get our things together and all in order" said Kristina as they laugh and she smile at them.

"Have you heard about your dad?" said Ethan as she look at him. "He and Jason are getting out in two weeks on parole" said Kristina as she is nervous about that and her leaving town in two months. "You worried that he could blow it up and end back in prison?" said Johnny as she nod and Ethan put a arm around her then kiss her head. "I hope he will see what my world is like, what they are like. This is my world and I am happy" said Kristina as they look around the room.

"We will miss you for Halloween" said AJ as Skyler agreed and they look at her sadly. "Me too. Once I am done with college in four years and we will have all Halloween nights to us siblings" said Kaylie as she smile and hug them.

"Michael, Karla" said Kristina as she smile and Michael hug her. "My sister's done with high school then off to PVU" said Michael as she smile at him. "You are done with PCU" said Kristina as he nod in agreement. "I have other year to go" said Karla as they smile at her. "Riley have other year at PCHS. He and Jamie may join us at PVU if Jamie want to leave PCU by the time Riley finish high school" said Kristina as they smile and they move on to talk to other people.

"Peter" said Kaylie as she got Peter in her arms. "He will miss you once you go" said Lulu as they sit down. "I will miss him too. He had Kris and I to love him" said Kaylie as they smile at Peter who was eating off the plate that Lulu put food on for him. "No I don't want your baby food" said Kaylie as they laugh and he smile. "He can get anyone with his charm and adorable look" said Lulu as they clean him up.

"Lulu are you and Dante together?" said Kaylie as she look at her. "We have been together for few months and he understand that Peter came first in my life. He love Peter which is great" said Lulu as they laugh. "Pete may have sent him to you" said Kaylie as Lulu smile. "You are your father's daughter and sister to Diego" said Lulu as Kaylie smile then Peter cry and Lulu gave him a bottle of grape juice.

"True" said Kaylie then they have some cake to eat and the night passed by. Aidan, Jacilyn, Kaylie and AJ flew to Pine valley a week later.

Pine Valley

A month later


"Casey go lay down" said Kaylie as she came back inside with her dog after being outside for awhile.

"Marissa called and she got the papers ready for you to sign. You can go see her after you meet with Bianca at the boarding house" said Jacilyn as they were getting into things Kaylie have to take care of about her boarding house that she was entrusted with after she became of age.

"I will call her after I finish at the boarding house" said Kaylie as she have been working on the paperwork with Bianca and Marissa since she got to Pine Valley. "I am going to see Zach and talk to him" said Jacilyn as they smile at each other. "Give him my love" said Kaylie as they laugh then left to go do things.

Boarding House

"I became the owner of this house when Myrtle passed away and her will was announced. I was out of the town when she passed away and I left the country for five years. We returned five years later. When I came to Pine Valley at age fourteen with my mom and Aidan. I learned all those things I was left to by Myrtle and she named Bianca to be the one to run the boarding house and to keep the beach house safe for me.

I in turn gave her the right to run the place for me until I turned eighteen and she had done great job. I am letting her run the house for long as she wanted. Marissa handle the rest for me so I don't have to worry about it until I finished high school. I am here now to help out with the place when I can while attending PVU" said Kaylie as she talk to the staff working at the boarding house along with Bianca.

"All of you can go back to work" said Bianca as she dismiss the staff and look at Kaylie. "Now we got that out of way. We got all the meetings done and Marissa got your papers to finalize things" said Bianca as they went outside and walk to Kaylie's car.

"I am meeting with her next then go over to my new house by the campus to meet the movers to get the house ready" said Kaylie as they smile and they were working hard to get things done with the boarding house. "Then after that we will go through the barn" said Bianca as Kaylie agreed and left to meet Marissa while Bianca went back inside.


"Marissa" said Kaylie as she smile at her and sit at her table. "Here" said Marissa as she give Kaylie the paperwork for her to sign. "Everything is what I agreed to and this is final paperwork?" said Kaylie as she look at Marissa who nod and Kaylie sign the paperwork.

"Bianca now run the boarding house, handle the business decisions and finances on the boarding house. You are sole owner and have full rights to the beach house" said Marissa as Kaylie nod in agreement after giving her the paperwork and Marissa smile at her while they went over it once again for the last time.

"Bianca have control on the accounts link to only the boarding house and we have gone over this many times" said Kaylie as they laugh and Marissa agreed. "She does and we just want to make sure both parties are on the same agreement" said Marissa as Kaylie nod while they talk about it then she left to go to the house get it ready by August.


"I am almost done with all of them" said Kaylie as she finally arrive home in time for dinner and lay on the couch. "It's middle of July and you have took care of things so well. We told Zach everything we talked about and he agreed" said Jacilyn as she watch her daughter on the couch.

"The house is almost ready. About time he agreed that it had nothing to do with him I know Bianca is his sister in law and Marissa is her partner but this is my business" said Kaylie as Jacilyn agreed and Aidan call for them that it is time to eat.

"We should go to the beach house again before you start at PVU" said Aidan as they were talking and eating dinner. "We should do that" said Kaylie as she agreed with him. "Awesome" said AJ as they smile at him then finish dinner and Kaylie went to her room while they clean up.

"How is Dean?" said Kaylie as she call Kristina and lay on her bed. She hadn't heard from Dean for two weeks when he found out she was staying in Pine Valley for the summer. "He's still mad but faithful to you" said Kristina as she yawn and went to lay on her bed. "I have been calling and texting him but he never answer back" said Kaylie as she had missed talking to him and she had good reason why she didn't tell him until she left Port Charles. "I know and let me tell you about my day" said Kristina as she start to tell her about her day in Port Charles.

"That was Lulu she need me to take Peter for the day" said Kristina as she told her mom and Molly decide to go with her. "Let's go get him then we go to the park" said Molly as she knew they was going shopping beforehand. "Then shopping" said Kristina as they left to get Peter and to the Park.


"Peter be careful" said Kristina as she and Molly were at the playgound with Peter, Skyler and Lila Rae who took Skyler to the park. "It's hard to keep track of them" said Molly as they smile at her. "It is but Peter's two and Skyler's three. Peter's Lulu's only baby in the world and a carbon copy of Pete" said Kristina as they keep watching the boys.

"Pete's looking over them and making sure they are safe but they are kids and will get hurt as they grow up" said Lila Rae as she smile at them. "Hey want to go shopping?" said Kristina as she and Molly smile at the boys. "Ok" said Skyler as the boys got down and they left to go shopping.


"Pens, pencils, papers, notebook, folders, binders, file box, post its, markers" said Kristina as Ethan look at her after he met them at the store. "Why don't you just put it in the cart?" said Ethan as she look at him and pout. "I am not ready" said Kristina as Ethan went to hug her. "Dante said school make you smarter" said Peter as he look at them.

"He's right but I finished high school a month ago same for Kaylie, Dean and our friends" said Kristina as Ethan start putting things she need in the cart. "I am going to help" said Ethan as she smile and turn around to look down to Skyler. "Here" said Skyler as he give her alot of papers and one notebook. "Aw thanks with those I can last all year" said Kristina as she put them in the cart and hug him.

"What's next?" said Ethan as he look at Kristina while she look at the markers and pens. "Do you need glue?" said Skyler as he look at Kristina, Molly and Lila Rae while helping them. "No" said Kristina as she look at her list while Lila Rae and Molly agreed with her.

"I wonder if Kaylie and the boys are all ready to go" said Kristina as she wonder about them. "I think I got everything but we can always get more later" said Molly as Peter protest about no backpacks. "He got a point" said Ethan as they went to get their backpack then paid for them and left.

"The boys finished getting things? I am going to do mine next week" said Kaylie as they yawn while she listen to Kristina tell her about her day. "They did last week" said Kristina as they hang up to go to sleep.

Few weeks later

Next day


"I got my bags packed to leave" said Kaylie as she look at them. "You will be living by the campus" said Aidan as they hug and Jacilyn came in the room. "Mom" said Kaylie as they hug and AJ ran over to her.

"We are proud of you right Aidan are we?" said Jacilyn as Aidan agreed and they smile at Kaylie. "Can I have your Where The Wild Things Are book and get me the dvd" said AJ as he smile at her while hugging the book in his arms. "As long as you take good care of the book" said Kaylie as he smile and hug her. Then she left with Casey to move in her new home by the campus with her friends.

Kristina, Dean, Sam and Ryan left to attend PVU for next four years while Kaylie is in Pine Valley waiting for them to join her for their college years.

Jamie stay in town to attend PCU while Riley begin his senior year at PCHS.

The end

Sequel to the story called Looking Toward The Future take place at Pine Valley University.