Feelings Deep as Oceans

Peach Girl: The Final Love Storm

It has been 4 years since Momo and Kiley got back together at Shiranami Beach. It has been 1 year since they made their final breakup. Kiley left the college with Momo and now lives somewhere in Shirinami. Momo is finishing up her last year in college. She only has a few weeks until graduation. This is where our story begins.

Momo is studying late at night for her final exam. She is trying to stay up with a pajama party in the next room. Sae finally graduated high school and is a junior to Momo's senior. Sadly though, she is Momo's roommate. {kill the bitch in her sleep Mo kidding}

Momo: [yelling angrily] How am I supposed to study when I have a test on Friday.

Sae without knocking bursts in Momo's room half drunk and very happy.

Sae: Come on, Momo. Stop studying like a nerd and party with us.

Momo: No, Sae unlike some of us. I want to graduate the first time around. And I can't do it with all this damn noise.

Sae: Well, atleast I'm living life happily. I mean how does that hot boyfriend of yours deal with you. You're such a studyholic.

Momo: We balance each other out.

Momo says stubbornly while blushing.

Sae: Yeah, I guess. Maybe I should steal him and get the fire back in those fists again. Like back when there was the Toji, Kil-

Momo: Shut up Sae. I don't want to talk about the past. Now get outta my room and I want those idiots out of here in 10 minutes or you'll feel my fire directly Sae.

Sae: Gotcha. Admitting defeat.

Momo: You don't want to make Kanji mad do you? He is your boyfriend now. Laughs hysterically.

Sae(blushing): Bite me, Momo. 10 minutes I promise. And you go to bed you look like shit run over twice.

Momo lays in bed after looking in the mirror and gasping in horror at how right Sae was.

Momo starts thinking about what she's going to do after college. She already has a job waiting for her as a pediatrician. Her boyfriend Keisuke's dad is a doctor and owns his own chain of hospitals. Momo knows she has a safe life with Keisuke and knows he just adores her.

Momo's POV from here on-

I know Keisuke loves me and I love him too. But I still think about…


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