Draco studied the table in front of him while Potter gathered the ingredients without word. Being this close to Potter caused problems for him. Damn Severus.

"Malfoy are you alright?" came a soft voice as a hand laid on his shoulder.

Draco snapped and his vision blurred. A second later he realized he had been restrained. Draco shook his head to clear his vision and he saw Granger looking at him with a mixture of terror and pity. He snarled,

"Do NOT touch me."

She nodded weakly, her curls bouncing as she did so.

"What just happened Harry?" Weasley asked, holding Granger's hand.

Draco turned to look at his captor and froze. Stilling all movement he then relaxed all his weight surprising Potter, but Potter kept his hold as he started to drag Malfoy out of the classroom.

"Ron, we'll talk later."

Draco looked at Pansy and the rest of the slytherins, but it seemed like time had frozen. No one glanced their way or acknowledge him. He then realized, with a hint of awe, that Potter had cast the time spell on everyone but his sidekicks and them. The last wizard to that had been the master of the philosopher's stone: Nicholas Flammel.

As soon as he could Draco elbowed Potter and stumbled out of the other's arms. He hit the wall of the corridor and turned around,

"How dare you!"

Potter tilted his head in confusion. Draco drew his wand, "I swear if you ever touch me again, I will give you cause to regret it."

Potter shook his head in amusement and ran a hand through his dark locks, "Really?" he drawled.

Draco narrowed his grey eyes, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Potter raised an eyebrow, "Pardon?"

"Do not play innocent with me Potter."

Potter simply kept an eyebrow raised.

"You sat by me Potter! You touched me and talked to me? Why?" yelled Draco. Everything in the past half hour seemed almost unreal. Potter must have ulterior motive. After all, his father did trust him with valuable information. But why play start games with him? It was better that he ended whatever Potter had planned now.

"You ignored me."

Draco's mouth dropped, "What?"

Potter came closer trapping him against the wall with his body.

Draco's arm shook as he lowered his wand and his eyes, "What do you want?"

"You know what I want."

"I do not understand."

"Draco look at me."

Draco shook his head staring to the side. Studying the hallway to his right, he feigned interest in the pattern of the stones.

"Look at me."

Again Draco shook his head, refusing to look.

"I said look at me Draco."

Draco felt a pull to look. Potter was commanding him with magic; manipulating his will. He felt

Potter caress him with his magic, trying to coerce him to look. Draco shivered.

"Draco, please…"

Potter's soft voice rolled over him and Draco had to look. He had to.

Draco hadn't realized how close Potter stood to him until their lips almost brushed as he turned his head. He felt Potter's warm breath on his face and found himself unable to move as his eyes met green.

"Good, Draco. Very good," purred Potter as he brought one hand to trail Draco's face gently before resting on his neck and squeezing.

Draco's head hit the wall and he gasped.

"I don't appreciate being ignored Draco, nor do I appreciate you attacking my friends," Potter nuzzled Draco's neck before licking, "it took me forever to convince them to give you a chance..."

Draco couldn't breathe. He stood completely lost. Potter was angry with him for not giving him attention, but he distinctly recalled being told by Potter to leave him alone just before summer began.

"Stop that," whispered Potter in his ear. When Draco didn't answer he then realized his hand still held Draco captive with its squeeze. He released it and lifted Draco's chin and traced the plump bottom lip with his thumb.

"Stop thinking."

Draco gasped for air. He was confused. Why was Potter's presence so intimidating? Why did he want to bow down and kiss Potter's robes? That thought stilled him and brought him to his senses as he cast stupefy silently. He watched as Potter almost hit the wall on the other side of the corridor, only to see Potter flip in midair at the last possible second and push against the wall with his legs and coming back towards Draco with unbelievable speed.

Draco dropped to the floor as Potters hands smashed into the wall and rocks pelted down on him.

Draco quickly got up and began to run as fast as he could, his mind and his heart racing with a mixture of fear and adrenaline. As he turned the corner he ran into someone and felt himself fall and hit his head with a sickening crack on the hallway floor. As Draco felt unconsciousness fall over him he saw Potter looking down at him with a mixture of anger and worry.

When Draco awoke he heard voices. He couldn't move or open his eyes, but from the clean smell he knew he lay in the hospital wing.

"Hermione what have I done?"

Draco almost started when he heard Potter's voice, but managed to keep himself still. His mother taught him how to play unconscious well. She often used the technique to fool the Dark Lord after a grueling session of the cruciatus curse. He didn't know how she got away with doing that with one of the most powerful wizards Draco had come to know, but like his mother he was determined to fool another powerful wizard too.

"What exactly happened Harry?" came Granger's voice from his left.

"Yeah Harry, you rushed out of Potions so quickly with Malfoy while breaking your promise to Dumbledore," said Weasley.

Draco felt rather than saw Potter's glare.

"I can't keep it. There is no bloody way I can stay away from him."

"You have to Harry!" yelled Granger, "Or else something like this will happen again. Do want that to happen?"


"Then you must give him space at least! He is damaged."

Granger took a deep breath, "and Harry there is something else you need to know about him…"

"You don't understand Hermione! I can smell him everywhere I go, and now that I have had a glimpse of what he tastes like I cannot stop. He is a walking temptation!"

"You're right Harry, I do not understand," Granger said sadly. Draco was suddenly reminded of how his mother talked to Father before she proved a valuable point.


"Wouldn't you want him to come to you willingly Harry?"

"Yes, but…"

"There is no but! You either control yourself or you don't!"

"I am in control!" Potter snapped.

"No you are not Harry. You are ignoring the fact that he knows nothing of your new heritage as well as the fact that you are the one who landed him in here."

"He ran from me!"

"Exactly Harry. He ran from you!"

He heard Potter's intake of breath, "I was trying to figure out what part of him smells wrong. I guess I was a little rough."

"A little rough?" Granger asked incredulously, "He could have died had you not mostly protected his head from the impact of the floor and judging from the bruises on his neck; you partially strangled him a bit too!"

"Fine! I lost control for a moment, but he…"

"Do not blame this on him Harry!"

"Hermione's right Harry," interjected Weasley, "as much as I still loathe Malfoy, you confused him Harry. You and he never interact without blows or curses, and when you sat down next to him in Potions…"

Draco almost started again; who knew the weasel could be so observant.

"What are you trying to say?" asked Potter.

"I think you need to woo the bastard Harry!" snapped Weasley, "you need to be friends at least somewhat before you try anything or you'll lose him Harry."

"And at the same time maintaining your distance to find out what is wrong with his scent," Granger told him.

"And you need to remember that he is still the son of a Death Eater…"

He heard an animalistic growl emerge from Potter and Draco flinched visibly.

"He is not…"

Weasley noticed his rousing and tried to divert Potter's attention from him,

"Harry! Hermione! Malfoy's waking up!"

Draco opened his eyes with a practiced flutter and groaned. He felt a hand fall on his and tried to pull it away.

"Malfoy are you alright?" interjected Granger as Potter opened his mouth.

"What do you want Granger?"

He heard her laugh and Potter's hand tighten on his.

"Let me go Potter."


Draco sat up quickly angrily and fell back down with a gasp as his head spun. Looking over at Potter's hand covering his, Draco felt strange and immediately wanted to withdraw.

"Potter let go of my hand."

He watched as Potter's hair fell into face as he shook his head, "We need to talk."

"I have nothing to say to you Potter."

Potter's hand tightened unbearably before it relaxed, "Fine. I'll talk you listen."

Draco kept a stony expression on his face despite the amusement he felt at Potter's statement.

"You're my mate."

Draco already knew that due to the conversation he overheard, "What are you?"

"I am a vampyre."

Draco quickly schooled his expression to neutral even though he felt like hitting his head. A veela, incubus, or even werewolf was preferable to a vampyre. Being a mate to a vampyre meant that he had to release his father's spell on him. He knew exactly why he smelt wrong to Potter, but fixing himself fell to near to impossible to fix without his father removing it himself. Seeing as that was not an option, the wrongness would never go away. Even in death his father's curse would hold.

"We cannot mate."

Potter's bewitching green eyes tightened and Draco took a deep breath, "The development you spoke to me of in potions…"

"Yes, you getting away with not receiving the mark was remarkable."

Draco snorted, "I had that argument planned long before the issue of the marking arose. No this is something else."

"The curse your father put on you; you became aware of other implications didn't you?" said Granger.

Draco's grey eyes narrowed at her.

"Luna said something last year that confused me about you."

"What Hermione?" asked Potter, while Draco and Ron looked at her incredulously.

"Loony Luna?"

Granger glared at the both of them before turning back to Draco, "Luna said Draco Malfoy nefas somes, panton est nefas. Sit torque per infectus animus," Granger paused thoughtfully for a moment before she continued,"or maybe it was infractus animus."

Draco's eyes widened. Impossible...

Granger smiled wryly as she continued, "Even though I can admit she is strange, she usually is right. Also, I think Luna is descended from a prominent line of old witches."

"And?" asked Potter somewhat impatiently.

Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry. She wasn't planning on going into textbook mode.

"She has a sight similar to Professor Moody's eye is the best way I can explain it to you dunderheads."

Weasley thought of that uncontrolled eye and shuddered, "Ugh."

Shaken, Draco sat up slowly while Potter and Weasley gave Granger their undivided attention.

"What does it mean?" asked Potter, his green eyes troubled.

"What she said?" asked Granger.


"Oh, it means Draco Malfoy wrong body, everything is wrong. He is tormented with incomplete soul," seeing their blank stares Granger rolled her eyes.

"Huh?" questioned Weasley.

"Stop it. Stop talking…" Draco grabbed his throat as it closed, leaving him unable to talk. They watched as Draco struggled to breathe helplessly and Potter rushed over to him placing his hand on Draco's while his other hand rubbed Draco's back. The room breathed relief when Draco regain his breath.

Draco, clenched his hands in frustration.

"An unbreakable curse," whispered Granger as she recognized the symptoms Draco displayed. Then her expression changed to one of horror, "but that would mean you consented to this!"

Draco sneered, "That's none of your business Mudblood."

"How old?" demanded Potter as he visibly restrained Carrot-top while Hermione simply looked at Draco with pity.

Draco said nothing and glared at Potter. It's not like he could say anything about it no matter how much Potter demanded.

Granger looked like a lightbulb went off,

"It had to have been prior to your coming here and both of your parents would have to know…" then as if surprised Granger looked Draco straight in the eyes, "But, you would have to understand the implications, everything that the vow entails means that you had complete knowledge of the actions and consequences," Granger said.

Draco sighed he did not want to talk about it. Here the Golden Trio stood playing 'friends' with him and trying to help him, but he wasn't sure he wanted to accept.

A choice lay in front of him: stay or run. Draco felt uneasy and twiddled with his fingers – a habit he had broken when he was five; a habit that his father noticed after the unbreakable oath. He made up his mind. He had promised himself to rule his own life without the influence of his parents.

"Who watched over the ceremony?"

"Doesn't matter."

The three gasped.

"Did your mother allowed this?" whispered Granger.

Draco snarled, "Don't you dare bring my mother into this!"

Potter let go of Weasley as Draco tried to get up only to be gently down by Potter. Draco grunted in frustration as his body unwillingly obeyed.

"So what does this curse do?" asked a much calmer Weasley.

Granger cleared her throat, "It means that this is not Malfoy's original body, and because of that he lives a sort of half-life."

Draco scoffed.

"Humph, you could be a girl and I'd still know you," Weasley said casually.

Draco nearly choked.

"Draco…" Potter softly whispered removing his hand from the hand it lay atop of and cradled Draco's face gently, "Let me break it."

Draco shook his head and leaned away from Potter's touch. Draco's face was recaptured quickly and Potter brought his face closer and leaned his forehead against Draco's.


Draco felt Potter's magic envelop him gently. Silently coercing him to allow Potter in. Gathering his strength Draco pushed him away.


Potter's lips tightened before he threw his head back and laughed, "So stubborn!"

"You're one to talk Potter. Now leave me in peace," demanded Draco impatiently as he watched Potter step back from his hospital bed. Even though he glared fiercely at Potter, Draco's eyes remained glued onto the tall form of Potter. He took Potter in like a starved animal.

"Harry. It's Harry to you Draco," said Granger smiling.

Draco's head snapped away from observations of Potter and Hermione wished she hadn't spoke. Gathering the last of his strength, Draco slowly slid off the bed, refusing Harry's help and walked over to where Weasley and Granger stood.

"If you know what's good for you. You best leave me in peace," Draco whispered to Granger and Weasley before turning to Potter,

"If you want hope of life, do not seek after me."

An enraged and confused Potter took a large step towards him just as the main doors to the infirmary opened.

"Mr. Malfoy! You're awake! My alarm did not go off!" bellowed Madame Pomfrey. As she bustled over to him quickly pushing Weasley and Granger apart to get towards him.

"I'm quite alright," Draco tried to assure her just as he nearly collapsed before Madame Pomfrey grasped him by the waist. It surprised Draco how easily she maneuvered him towards the bed.

She ignored Draco and gave him a pointed look as she hustled him back onto the bed, "Nonsense! There is something wrong with you."

Draco snorted, "You don't say."

"Now, now, I fetched the Headmaster and he will be down shortly."

Upon hearing that panic filled Draco tried to get up from the bed. Potter grasped his shoulders and pushed him down restraining his ability to move. Draco continued to thrash.

"Calm down Malfoy!"

"Madame Pomfrey! What's going on? Wait Harry stop!"

"Oh bloody hell…."

Draco's surroundings faded as memories surfaced. Things he would rather forget. Things the Dark Lord had shown him.

"Let me go!" yelled Draco at Potter. Potter glared right back at him and frowned.

"Draco, what's wrong?"

Draco's breathing became irregular and just as he was about to give Potter a piece of his mind...

"Hello Mr. Malfoy."

Draco froze, and turned his head towards the doors and watched as Professor Dumbledore proceeded over to the side of his bed. He shielded his mind before he met the old man's eyes.

God, how Draco hated that twinkle…

"When Madame Pomfrey told me to come immediately I expected the worst." Dumbledore told him before he look at Harry frowning.

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