Washington Medical Center
Washington DC


"So, how is she?" Morgan asked.

It had been an unholy mess. There was going to be a stack of paperwork waiting for them at the BAU. Hotch was going to Have A Long Talk with them both. But it was worth it. The hit team was stopped. And the one man they captured had already confessed to the crime. And the important thing… "She's going to be fine." Spencer told him. They were in a hallway in the hospital. They were keeping Helena overnight for observation, just for safety's sake. "A few lacerations…cuts…internally, a lot of bruising. Those two didn't have any real medical training; they didn't know what they were doing. It's painful but nothing that won't heal completely in a few weeks. They just want to be sure she's not starting an infection before they let her go."

"So we got there before…"

"They impregnated her? Just, there was a cup on the tray."

"Is that what that was?" Morgan shuddered. "I'm glad the, uh, apple tree told you."

"So am I. Granted that means we may get visits from that side of her family now."

"Do I want to know?"

Spencer smiled. "No. Trust me."

"So other than that what happens now?" Morgan asked.

"Well, Garcia has a number of data taps in place. If they try to come after her again we'll have advancing warning and can tell them to knock it off."

"Tell them?"

Spencer nodded. "I've been reading Father Paul's journals, I finally cracked the code. They had passed along an oral history, father to son-in-law, for nearly two thousand years. He was the first to write it all down. For most of history they ran and hid from the church and the various factions that did its dirty work."


"The only ones who ever stood up to the Church were Galahad and Percival. They had this odd idea that the Grail was a woman who deserved freedom and love and peace at last." Spencer looked at the quiet, sleeping figure in the bed behind him and smiled. "We all deserve that, I think."

"I can get with that. So we're making a stand then?"

"Yes, Helena wants to finish college, do living history work. And I'm not leaving the BAU to go into hiding." Spencer looked back. He was standing a little straighter these days, his feet set a little more centered upon the earth. I know what I am now, he thought, I know why I'm here. "Mother always said a Grail Knight had to be both chivalrous and courageous. I intend to be." For love, he thought, for love.

Morgan just grinned. "Amen."


Notes: Once again, all thanks and praise goes to my Beta Reader, the wonderful REIDFANATIC. Without her I would never be able to stay on cannon and get these done.

My apologies for this one falling apart in the middle. It didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, so I'm reserving the right to tell more stories about Helena and her mysterious family in the future. There are many more stories to tell about her.

Right now I have another story starting up, in a very different vein. I hope you all enjoy that one as well.

Thanks for listening.