Let's start off with a summary

At the beginning of the story. Garth woken up, miles away from Jasper. And were greeted by two strangers, One with busy blonde hair, who called himself Troy (based on my cousin/best friend, with the same name). And the other was Connor. Yes he was based on me again, and he has the same fur, and stuff, as he does in 'Captured again'. Garth explains he has to return home to Jasper. The other two, volunteer to assist him, but mentions they have to move fast, because the place is currently being subject, of a zombie apocalypse. "Not again" Garth groans.

Suddenly the building gets ambushed hundreds of zombies. Having Connor, Troy, and Garth, needing to fight their way through. Connor uses an axe, Troy finds a shotgun, and Garth finds a pistol… he probably couldn't find anything else. After intense fighting, the three of them eventually reach an elevator.

While in the elevator, Garth is asked how he ended up here. He admits, remembering being in a car crash, while driving to Lily's. But how he ended up here, in Ottawa, is never realized.

After the elevator opens, it only leads to another intense battle. Eventually the three of them reach a safe house.

In the safe Connor he and Troy winded up her. Having being at Papa's lake house, zombies randomly invade the place, as they strangely start coming out of the water. Connor and Troy, along with Connor's younger brother Cole, Troys older brother Shane, Austin, who isn't the, who is only the, cousin, of the other four, and is the groups youngest. The five of them escape using Shane's car. As he drives off. But joining the escape, Troy and Connor, fell out, and that's how they ended up with Garth.

Eventually after lots of fighting, Garth, and his new friends, gear up in gun store. And defend themselves. Till Shane and the others, appear. And complete their way, of bring Garth home.

That's it for the summary, the story will start off, with a direct repeat of the original stories ending.

Troy and Connor, came with Garth, as he returned, they interested in seeing, what his life would be like. Lilly saw him, and ran over and hugged him, "Where the hell have you been" She cried. Garth told the whole story. Including, why Connor and Troy where there, and all they have done, since they met him. "It was nothing" Connor and Troy said together. Lilly was so happy, she thanked them by kissing their cheeks. With made both of them blush. She began leaving. "Aren't you coming sweaty?" She asked Garth. "Go on, I'll come in a bit" Garth said. Lilly nodded and left. "Isn't she adorable?" Garth asked them with a smile. They both agreed with a nod. "I figured you guys would think so" Garth said still smiling. "You guys, want to stay?" Garth asked. "Well, I don't know" Troy said. "Just for a bit" Garth insisted. "Sorry dude, we have a lot to do" Connor said. "Oh, but if change your mind, come on over" Garth said and left.

But before the did. Troy turned around. "Oh and Garth, do mind, if we could have those two Uzi's, were need them?" He asked. "Sure, pal" Garth said passing them over. "Can I keep the red headband, I'm beginning to like it?" Garth asked. "Sure, why not" Troy said with a smile.


Troy and Connor linked up with the other three. "Well?" Shane asked. "He's home, I even got his two uzi's" Troy said. "Pass one two Austy, and me" Cole said. Troy did just that. Shane was given Connor's AK47. Connor didn't mind, he'll enjoy using the axe again. And Troy of course, still had his shotgun, as he always did. "Everyone loaded, and got enough ammo, to last you a while now?" Shane asked. Everyone else nodded. There was awkward silence between everyone. Austin sneezed. "WHAT DID YOU SAAAY!" Connor suddenly screamed out, playfully.

Everyone got in Shanes car. "Now what?" Austin asked. "YOU'RE FACE! THAT'S WHAT!" Connor cried. "Quite, you" Austin you. "Well, the main thing, to do, is safe Ottawa from the invasion… We have to stop it" Shane said. "But I'm tired of fighting zombies" Austin admitted. "You will fight zombies and you will LIKE IT!" Connor cried. Austin didn't reply.

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