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"Oh please" She laughs.

"What? It's true" His eye brows furrow with frustration.

"Uh huh" She rolls her eyes.

"You don't believe me?" He demands

"Not really" She shrugs

"Why not?" His lips turn down into a frown.

"I doubt you had time for that" She states

"I did" He retorts

"You did not" She sighs

"I made it!" He yells

"Where is it then?" She looks around her

"Here… in the woods" He says looking behind him.

"Where in the woods?" She wonders.

"In the big tree by the lake" His thumb points down the path.

"How do you get up?" She laughs

"Ladder" He says nudging her with his nose.

"I still don't believe you" Rose crossed her arms over her stomach and continued glaring at her boyfriend.

"Come on Rosie" Eden whined. He leaned down to kiss her but she turned her face away.

"You didn't have time to build it! You JUST got off the train like two days ago"

"I built it before I left; you obviously haven't been in the woods since then" Rose doesn't answer for a while. She keeps her eyes trained on the unmoving bark of a tree.

"It was bad… when you left" she finally whispers "You're right…" she clears her voice. "I haven't been in here" Eden's arms still pin her to the ground and his breath still hits her face at an even pace.

"I'm sorry" The pity is strong in his voice and she can't stand to be close to him. She doesn't want him to see her cry. "Don't cry" he whispers pulling her blond curls from her face. "I'm here" Knuckles brush over her pink cheek when she turns her head back to him. "Just- come see" He stands, kicking his legs to throw the dirt off his knees. She quickly joins him. They lace their fingers and smile.

"Sure… I'll see your imaginary tree house"

"It's not imaginary" he mutters.

"What was that?"

"It's not imaginary, Rose"

"Oh of course not" This makes the young man brighten a little, "It's invisible" his face slackens.

"Be kind" He says poking her in her side. She makes a small yelp.


"For me?" his eyes widen and he tries to hold an even face, but he fails letting a smirk fall onto his lips.

"Especially not for you" she grins.

"Humph" His hand falls and he points. "What did I tell you?" Following his finger up, is a tree house. It's beautifully painted with primary colors. The small porch around is secured to the tree, holding it in place. Eden jumps onto the first step of the spiral staircase climbing around the tree like a vine. "Coming?" Rose's face is heating up with embarrassment or pure joy. The tree house itself is two levels. First, on the base of the branches where the tree breaks off into different directions, and the second on the thick middle branches covered with coloring leaves. Eden takes two steps at a time until he is able to slide open the door and sneak into his creation. Rose stays on the ground walking around the tall tree for a minute before looking up. "There is a nice view from up here" Eden calls from a hammock on the top branches"

"You're going to fall"

"Oh no, I'm fine- this is perfectly safe" She cocks an eye brow. "Well- until it isn't" he smiles down at her.

"Eden Odair" She calls, "I do believe you out did yourself" She cautiously climbs the steps, watching the forest floor fly away from her. The motion makes her dizzy and she can feel her hands become clammy. She had never climbed a tree this size before. "Are you sure this is safe?" she almost whispers.

"Doubting me?" His voice asks by her ear. She jumps and shy's away from him.

"No… I just wanted to make sure" she gulps and looks at the ground. He laughs.

"Rose I think you're afraid of heights"

"What? No" she growls and finishes the last two steps. She crawls onto the landing, holding onto the fence around the edge.

"That might break off" Her hands jump off it and she squeals pushing herself toward the house.

"Afraid of heights" He chants.

"Shut up Eden. I am not" Eden rolls his eyes and slides the door open. Instead of standing up, Rose continues to crawl. Inside she looks around. There is a small window at the back of the room and large pillows thrown around messily. A low coffee table sits in the middle with a lantern on it. "It's nice" then she spots them, stairs. "I think it's almost time for dinner- we should go back"

"You have to see the second floor"

"I'll see it tomorrow"

"Ha. Afraid of heights"

"Stop- I am not afraid" He walks up the stairs. She draws herself inward and climbs the stairs. Up on the second floor there is a large floor to ceiling window and two twin mattresses.

"What do you think of that view? You get a good view of the forest. Also if you lean against the window, its even better- feels like your flying" He leans against the window.

"I believe you" she smiles and turns around.

"Come see" he takes her hand and pulls her to the window. Trapped between him and the view, Rose closes her eyes. "Nice eye lids" he breaths into her ear. He picks her up and pushes open the door she must have missed.

"Put me down!" She looks around her. Air hits her face and she looks around. Together they are on two boards of wood and a ladder is built onto the tree branch leading onto to the rooftop. He puts her down. The boards creak. The small noise alone pulls Rose over the edge. "FINE FINE!" she screams. "I'm afraid!" The next thing she knows she's on the roof and the sun is setting over the forest. "It's really pretty up here" She sighs. "Nice view"

"I know…"

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