Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that I have started writing Catching Fireflies. SPOILERS: Below are some parts that I kinda changed or added onto to show you some of the characters. Main characters are at the bottom. Hope you continue reading I love hearing from you.


Rose looked out the window watching her boys play. Strong hands gripped her hips. She squealed and laughed a little looking over her shoulder and catching her husband's green eyes from under her lashes.

"Youu scared me" she said sticking out her tongue.

"I am very sorry" he grinned and turned her around bringing her to his hips.

"No you're not" she whispered and pushed herself up to kiss him.

"You're right- you caught me- I'm not" he laughed slightly kissing her back

"Get a room" groaned Robin and covered his eyes. Eden walked over and clasped his son's shoulder.

"Someday Rob you will find a girl and she'll be your everything"

"I highly doubt it Dad"

"Whatever you say"

Rose walked into the house and threw her bag on the floor before collapsing on the couch with a heavy sigh.

"Another boy" she whispered and leaned back resting her hands on her stomach

"Breath" Eden said running his hands down her arms and brushing her cheek with caution, "you'll get your little girl"

"Ed… we have 5 boys now"

"We do" the father said proudly but sobered at the short crushing look on his wife's face

"I love them all. Even thought they drive me crazy" she said with a smile, "I just wish I could braid a girl's hair and buy pink things"

"You could braid Robin's hair" Eden said with a bright smile and wide innocent eyes

"That boy needs a haircut" Rose said sternly, "sheep dog does not look good on him" The couple broke into a fit of giggles and went off to find the next generation of Odair's

"Mousey- don't you know that you should wear dresses in the forest? Honestly it's an insult" James said not bothering to cover up his amusement at her red and white polka-dotted dress and red hair band stuck into her short hair. Alice bristled at the comment and stuck up her button nose. The others emerged from the forest looking similar in dresses and girly clothes.

"Someday James you'll see that dresses and make-up make a girl beautiful"

"Is someday now? Because you're taking my breath away" he winked

"Grow up"

The New Generation in Catching Fireflies

Kendall Odair, Felicity Gregory, Grayson Turner, Tillie Daly, Paul Astor, Natalie Gregory, James Zander, Alice Parker, Robin Odair, Violet Hattory, Freddy (Elfie) Graham, Paige Landry, Cameron Gregory , Jessie Roberts ,Wyatt Odair, Carrie Odair, Charlie Odair, Ever Odair, Landon Odair, Clair Hawthorne, Patter Hawthorne come meet them yourself. ;)

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