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Ichika felt at peace as he watches Harmonic one give Harmonic two a noogie while Harmonic three reads a book. He was the leader of this bunch and they would succeed. With a clear mind, Ichika smiled.

"Guard skill. Harmonics."


Ichika harmonic number four carries a suitcase down the hall. Ichika wasn't a smart as Three, or overconfident as Four, but he was sure he would succeed. He is the closest one to the original Ichika after all. Ichika smiles. The plan will work. Ichika and Chifuyu-nee pass Laura Bodewig in the hall. Laura was the German cadet, a Lieutenant in the German army, and Ichika's target. Ichika pretends to take no notice of her and casually remarks.

"Thank you again for giving me my own private room, Chifuyu-nee."


Ichika fell over, pretty sure Chifuyu-nee's clipboard just game him a concussion.

"It's Orimura-sensei."

She barked.

"Ye-yes Orimura-sensei."

Ichika twitches on the ground. He forgot about that.

They reach Ichika's new room without further incidents.

"Here's your room key." Chifuyu-nee hands Ichika a key and says more softly,"Good luck."

Ichika smiled and puts something over his eyes. He blinks and the crimson irises turn the same color of brown as the original Ichikas' eyes.

"Don't worry. I'll wake up on time and I'll even remember to brush my teeth."

Chifuyu-nee smiles.

"I'm sure you will."

She leaves, closing the door behind her. Ichika strips down to his boxers and climbs into bed. Tomorrow starts the operation and Ichika was going to meet it head on. With that thought, he dazed into a light sleep.


Ichika wakes up reluctantly. He likes his bed and he doesn't want to leave. It's comfortable, warm, soft a little squishy... and is that silk?

Ichika blinks and looks down to see Laura snuggling up next to him in only silk bra and panties. Ichika blinks a few more times, then smiles.

"Looks like I was right."

He mutters to himself and wraps his arms around the silver haired German, quickly falling back asleep.


Ichika wakes up again and looks at the clock. Ten o'clock. Wow. Why did he sleep so late?

Ichika hears a murmur and feels a body shift against his.

Oh. That's why.

Ichika looks down at Laura and she looks up, her non-eye patched eye blinking.

"Morning Ichika."

"L-laura... What's with the... er..."

Ichika gestures to her black silk undergarments.

"You said you like elegant girls. Cecilia showed me hers so I ordered some that matches me."

"...errr...I did say that, didn't I."

She nods and Ichika sighs.

Of course, the little Ichika inside his head is laughing like a maniac, knowing his plan is working.

Laura perks up.

"So does that mean you'll be my wife?"

"Errr... That's not the proper word but yes. I'll be your spouse."

Laura crashes into him, kissing him.

By the time they got dressed and presentable, it was eleven o'clock. It was too late for breakfast(not that either of them complained about missing it), so they decided to go get an early lunch.


The two walk down the mall to find a good restaurant. Suddenly, Laura stops, Ichika almost crashing into her.

"Hey. What's up?"

"That." Laura points at a window with mangas on display. "Those are what my superior read to learn about Japanese culture. Maybe I should try."

Ichika face-palmed.

"You realize that these aren't real right? It is just for enjoyment of others."

"So one normally doesn't challenge others to duels because they are insulted?"

"No... Cecilia dueled me for the position of class representative."

"Oh. I probably should warn our other operatives then."


"Yes. We recently tried it out too. We wondered why Tanya was expelled."

Ichika face-palmed again. It is kind of sad that your countries culture is mistaken with manga.

"Let's just go get lunch."


They arrive at a nice restaurant called Feliciano's Pasta. The couple are greeted by an energetic Italian guy who happily guides them to a table.

"Ve! We have the best pasta around but we also serve many other things! I am Feliciano and I will bring your food today!"

The man happily said. This guy is so cheerful, it's almost scary.

"May I get your drinks?"

Feliciano smiles.

"Errr yeah... We'll take two strawberry smoothies."

Ichika orders.

"Ve! I'll be right back!"

The Italian walked away.



"Well that was interesting."

Laura comments.


Ichika replies back. They look at their menus.

"They sell wurst here!"

Laura exclaimed.

"Interesting. They sell Italian, German, and Japanese food here."

Feliciano came back, putting the smoothies in front of the couple.

"Alright! Are you ready to order?"

"Yes. I'll have your pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs."

Ichika orders.

"I'll take the Wurst."

Laura says in a stern voice.

"Ve. You're scary. You remind me of my friend Ludewig. I'll be back with your food!"

He rushes away quickly.

"Definitely an odd person."

Ichika says and Laura nods.

"Where did you hear about this place from?"

"Chifuyu-nee. She told me it was a good place for dates. You're the first girl I've dated so I decided to take her word for it."

"The instructor always knows best."

Laura replies.

A large man with a blond military cut, blue eyes, and a German accent walked up.

"Since one of you, I'm assuming the girl in the eye-patch, scared Feliciano, I came to give you your food. I am Ludewig and I hope you will forgive the waiter change."

Ludewig placed the food in front of the couple.

"Will that be all?"

"Yes. Thank you."

Ichika replied.


Laura said.

The German gave her a smile and walked away.


Ichika and Laura walk out of the restaurant.

"Why did it sound like the German waiter was acting like we were about to die?"

Ichika asked Laura. She shrugs.

"That's what they normally do. Why?"

"Because it's creepy!"

Ichika exclaims as they head towards the mall theater.

"Which one do you want to see?"

Ichika asks as they stand in front of the movie posters. Laura points at a poster with a girl walking forward, her legs fading, while the bottom was taken up by soldiers in a war scene.

"You sure?"

Ichika asks.

Laura nods.

"I heard that it's a good movie."

"Alright." Ichika fishes out some money to pay. It was in the horror section but really. How bad could it be?


Ichika walks out of the theater, an arm around Laura, eyes wide.

"That was the creepiest movie I've ever seen."

Laura looks up at him.

"It was alright."

"You're not even phased by it?"

"No. The firefights were accurate so I knew what to expect."

"A ghost tore the flesh off of people! This has nothing to do with those scenes."

"Oh that? Is my wife afraid of ghosts?"

"If there are ghosts, I will be."

"Don't worry. If a ghost attacks, I'll protect you." She smirks.

"Ha ha. Let's just go to the water park."

Laura snickers. "Alright."

Ichika sighs. Sometimes it's almost as if he was the wife.


Ichika and Laura arrive at the water park. Laura hadn't been to the water park before so Ichika decided that it was his duty to introduce her to them. Ichika smiles as he decides to show her the parks pride and joy. The tornado.

It's a tower leading to a giant funnel that you ride down in a tube. Chifuyu-nee took Original there when they were both smaller. Ichika now holds Laura's hand in his own and carries a large blow-up tube in the other hand. As they climb higher, Ichika notices that she clings on tighter. Ichika looks at her curiously, taking in her skimpy black bikini. Suddenly it hits him and Ichika laughs.

"Wha-what's so funny?" Laura blushes, her arms wrapped around his.

"You're afraid of heights, aren't you."

"D-don't be ridiculous."

"Why else would you be pressed against me like this with that nervous look in your eye? But how? You fly this high in your IS."

"That's different."

"Don't worry. If you fall, I'll catch you and carry you to safety."

They reach the top and get on the tube. The life guard pushes it and they're off. The wind rushes through Ochoa's hair as a wide-eyed Laura screams at the wild tumble. She clings on to anything in reach, which included, Ichika. Every twisting pause, Ichika laughed at Laura's look of terror, finding it funny that the German super soldier would be this way about such a simple thing. They finally get to the bottom and Laura crashes into Ichika.

"Laura! Are you okay?"

She looks up at him, her red eye shining.

"Ichika! Can we do it again?"

Ichika laughs and kisses her.

"Of course we can."

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